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  1. 100% agree. I have loved the game since I knew what it was. I have coached for 30 years. I like literally all levels less every year. Even high school ball is getting worse. Travel ball is awful. Haven't had interest in the NBA in many years. College basketball is the last to fall for me, but other than the Hoosiers, I could see me losing interest.
  2. So... I just got a pretty cool offer. When JHS is home he trains with the guy who trains my son. The trainer just texted and said he is training him Thurs if I'd like to come and help out. Now, I have never liked training. I am an old school coach who likes to run team practices and build a team to prepare for games, but I guess I would be stupid to not go and at least pass him some balls and what not, huh?
  3. man, i still think he is possibly the biggest key for just how good we will be. just because i am counting on TJD, Race, XJ, and JHS. i am counting on Geronimo and Galloway being solid in their roles. i am excited about the icing on the cake that Reneau will give us. what we get out of Bates and i guess in a way from Kopp are what i'm interested in.
  4. all right... gonna brag on my son again... he started preseason workouts at Presbyterian July 5th. he is a walk on and seems to be really fitting in and liking the team and coaches a lot. here's my brag - he hit 108 straight FTs a few days ago. also ran the fastest mile on the team. some good ways for a walk on to make an impression!
  5. Reneau and JHS don't surprise me at all. As much as I am old school, I think it is extremely old fashioned to think Woodson will hold freshmen back if they are better than upper classmen.
  6. one poster said we have literally never had a recruit ranked as high as JHS that hasn't started
  7. definitely agreed. already counting JHS as a starter though. hard to imagine anyone other than Bates having the ability to step in as a starter this season.
  8. i know it doesn't take a genius to make this observation, but i'll keep saying... if Bates is improved enough to take Kopp's starting spot,i will be really really excited about this team. the difference of him and JHS on the wings over Stewart and Kopp would be HUGE!
  9. i think Lander struggling and transferring is this message board's fault. we were too tough on him.
  10. While I don't think he'll be starting at the 3, if he is, that will mean he has improved tremendously and I would be very optimistic with that as well.
  11. I'm guessing this has already been said somewhere, but in the updated Way Too Early top 25, they have us down a spot to #15 and they project starters as XJ, JHS, Kopp, Race, and TJD. Seems likely. I'm personally good with that. Just still sticking by that if Bates improves enough to take that starting spot over Kopp, I will be really really optimistic about what this team will do.
  12. i truly cannot believe players are actually transferring to Georgetown. must be a lot of $ ?
  13. Woodson can't hate playing freshmen in 2022. It's just not a thing in college basketball. JHS will start. Reneau would start if it weren't for the unique situation of Race and TJD both coming back. I am curious how all 3 of them will be happy with their playing time though. Throw in JG, and I am really stumped.
  14. maybe we should start a Purdue/Illinois thread just for the people who like to talk about them so that people who don't care at all don't need to read about them? or maybe those schools should start their own message boards? maybe they already have one? i wouldn't know because i don't care.
  15. while living in NC for 23 years i have grown to hate Duke and UNC, but a degree from Chapel Hill is considered quite prestigious regardless of the scandal. very difficult school to get into for a non athlete.
  16. i know almost no one will agree with this, BUT... i have always thought it was ridiculous to have a flopping rule. seems awful hard to trust an official's judgment on whether a guy exaggerates a fall, etc. on the other hand, if a player does it well enough to fool an official, isn't that on the official and just a smart play by the player? like i say, i know i am by myself on this one, but just how i feel about it.
  17. i don't know, but this is hard for me to picture. like Archie was telling them they were terrible and shouldn't shoot and it scarred them? or he was telling them to miss when they shot?
  18. enjoy my man! my son graduates tomorrow morning, then we have two teacher workdays before i'm 100% there, but it is a great time of year to be a teacher!
  19. I like this a lot! Only 3 returning players who were 1st, 2nd, or 3rd team B1G and IU has 2 additional who were HM and Mich and PU have 0. @insidethehall · 27m Of the 17 players who were named first, second or third All-Big Ten team for the 2021-22 season by the coaches or media, only three are returning to the league next season: Hunter Dickinson, Michigan Trayce Jackson-Davis, Indiana Zach Edey, Purdue @insidethehall · 16m All Big Ten honorable mention players who are returning (or may return in the case of one player): Xavier Johnson, IU Race Thompson, IU Jamison Battle, Minnesota Pete Nance, Northwestern Caleb McConnell, Rutgers Paul Mulcahy, Rutgers Cliff Omoruyi, Rutgers Tyler Wahl, Wisconsin
  20. So, I know some feel this is no big deal, but this isn't good right? KevinBrockwayCNHIIndiana @KevinBrockwayG1 · 4h Latest on case involving IU PG Xavier Johnson, a pretrial conference in scheduled for June 27 in Bloomington. Johnson faces one misdemeanor count for reckless driving and one felony count for evading law enforcement #iubb
  21. i like this a lot! especially when that includes your best 3 players. still think we'll be greatly improved in the other 2 positions too.
  22. i feel like the majority on here disagreed with me when i said the way he reacted after the suspension he should be done. i stand by that. it was such an obvious sign.
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