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  1. call it a draw! it is always interesting how both guys talk in such absolutes. leave absolutely no room to consider someone else could have a good point or just might actually be right. clash of the titans!
  2. it is fascinating to watch 2 guys i never agree with argue. i'm curious to see who falls asleep first. otherwise this one is going the distance!
  3. i'm going to go ahead and admit it... I have agreed with some of Scott's comments.
  4. i can't imagine why TJD would need a break right now. kid is in prime condition.
  5. Thanks Mr. Obvious! I'd love to be wrong about this and win bc of him and X.
  6. how are Stewart and Johnson helping us more than Rob and Trey again?
  7. i don't believe in whining about calls and i'll say that was a tackle on X.
  8. i like it. definitely in a good position to win an important road game. not into worrying about the calls or anything else. we just gotta win.
  9. i do not like when Race shoots the 3
  10. really like TJD and Race together
  11. wow! we had a poster predict this one.
  12. thank God for X and Stewart! they have been so much better than Rob and Galloway so far!
  13. so nice to see Galloway hit from outside. he would be really good if he's a threat out there!
  14. this is when he started looking not so great last season
  15. got it. thanks for setting me straight!
  16. thanks Mr. Obvious! i understand 2 starters being out could cost any team the game. just saying i still think we could have been fine. the inconsistent play of X and the fact that Stewart pretty much only contributes with 3 point shots set up by someone else can be replaced in a given game if others step up. doesn't matter though. sounds like all are dressed.
  17. Go RP, Leal, Kopp, Race, TJD. Galloway instead of Leal? Fine. Either way play those 6 and Geronimo heavy minutes. Play Bates and Durr limited minutes. Play Lander when absolutely necessary. That's plenty.
  18. i know this won't be popular, but... i don't think it's all that big of a deal to give Rob, Leal, Galloway, and even Lander more time instead of X and Stewart.
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