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  1. That announcer is driving me nuts already. It’s not a hard name to pronounce 🤦🏼‍♀️
  2. It was nice to see them extending the lead for the most part toward the end. Garza hit some great shots, but I felt like we did our part and didn't let them get too close. Definitely needed that one, so glad we got it!
  3. Good start to the second half! Keep adding to that lead!!
  4. Holy Devonte! I saw that Danny Green is there tonight. Playing well in front of big bro! I hope he can keep it up.
  5. I did correct it 😉. I guarantee we won’t lose Saturday though!!
  6. Woohoo!! Great win boys! Do it again Saturday!!!
  7. Woohoo! Hitting FTs just at the right time. now no stupid fouls!!!! And let’s take this W!
  8. Ok up to the D! Come on guys!!!! Just please don’t give up a 3. Please please please.
  9. I don’t blame them for being overly cautious with him but man that sucks. Especially after how well he played in the first half.
  10. Wow! Al with huge shots to start and finish the half
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