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  1. Best of luck to him. Glad we don’t have to see him twice a year! But man is he going to me mad when he realizes that BYU making it to the finals in the Fox Fan Poll doesn’t mean he can say he beat IU in the final four.
  2. It’s not a tournament game, but I guess ESPN2 is playing the Wat Shot game tonight at midnight. I’ll be recording and having my kids watch tomorrow. “Watford for the win!”
  3. Ahh! Thanks Mike. I knew I recognized the name, maybe that’s why. If you see this Tony, I loved it! Thanks so much for putting it together and sharing a little basketball joy.
  4. I saw this and had to share. There may not be a bracket or any more games to watch but this was pretty awesome! I might have to watch it a few more times.... https://youtu.be/BqDmLpLUMRg
  5. This is great! I only wish I’d seen it sooner. Is there going to be a game thread for our game against Purdue today? It’s a shame they advanced to Saturday but glad we get an opportunity to beat them this year.
  6. CBS is playing old Big Ten championship games this weekend. Too bad we aren’t in any of them. (Doubt they go back to 2001) I’m hoping maybe next week CBS and the other channels that broadcast march madness will show some March madness classics. With no live sports and a lot of people stuck at home they’d probably have great ratings.
  7. I agree. Plus you might have one team with 5 seniors and another with zero. Are those 5 additional scholarships for next year? If not are you kicking recruits or current players/recruits off? It's a nice sentiment but it would be a nightmare to try to make it fair across teams.
  8. MLB jumping on the bandwagon. Spring training games cancelled and opening day to be delayed at least 2 weeks
  9. And next is the big dance I'm guessing. In terms of other leagues I thought I heard MLS play is suspended too. I don't follow soccer but is this even in season yet? ETA... duh. Other conferences not other sporting leagues. Maybe I have coronavirus and it's eating my brain.
  10. This has been such a weird 24 hours I really think this could be a situation where Penn State starts really slowly and a game under our belts could really help. As long as we don't have a big drought and give up a lead 😉
  11. You'd think they'd have to quarantine our guys too, right? Ugh. I feel like this escalated quickly today in the last 3 hours.
  12. Certainly sounded like it could be based on Archie's presser... no Nebraska players or coaches at all. Originally had 3 names for IU up there and decided not to have them talk. Maybe Hoiberg has something different but certainly seems like they are acting as if he does have coronavirus to be safe if nothing else.
  13. If this was the last game of the year does that mean we are national champions? hahaha. What a weird night.
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