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  1. I lived in Chicago for 10 years right after college and used to always go to this game too. And yes, the 9 3s by Rod Wilmont a memorable one for sure!! I remember one year Bob Knight came out before the game and was throwing candy into the NW student section. The best was all of the IU fans though... it always felt like a home game. It was fun to scream and cheer and chant and not feel like I was the obnoxious away fan, because everyone around was in cream and crimson and doing the same. I miss those days -- and when going to NW was an automatic win. I hope they can pull it off tomor
  2. 🙋🏼‍♀️ Here’s hoping it comes down to our kicker just needing an XP
  3. The defense needs a drive like this so they can get some rest. Now go score Hoosiers!
  4. At this pint I’d be ok with the scenario where we are down 1-2 and can kick a FG to win it. Campbell is just fantastic.
  5. This just doesn’t seem like the same team we watched all year. I keep hoping they just need a big play to turn the momentum and get them going.... still waiting....
  6. As a lady I feel pretty confident in saying that the only females MississippiBOM has ever talked to are the ones he's related to.
  7. ok, now the tweet is back out there stating IU and Ole Miss
  8. WTF is happening? This day just keeps getting worse
  9. Anyone else catch that they said the Big Ten had updated their COVID protocols reducing the number of days from 21-17? So first they changed their rules to get OSU into the championship game and now changing them again to make sure OSU is at full strength for the playoff. Color me shocked... I hope Clemson destroys them.
  10. What would that mean for IU? Would NW get the bid to the Rose Bowl then because they made it to the championship game? (assuming OSU stays in the top 4) Or could that open the door for us?
  11. Noon on ESPN, but the show is 4 hours long so who really knows when we will find out about IU
  12. With every fiber of my being I hate cheering for OSU over anyone, especially Peyton Ramsey. But I'll do it for the Hoosiers...
  13. Wasn't that the team motto a few years back? Back with Zeisloft and Yogi... "All gas, no brakes" we need more of that.
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