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  1. And just like that we are TIED! Let’s go boys!!!!!
  2. Everyone is talking like this game is in the loss column already! It will be tough but hopefully Woody is doing whatever he did at halftime of the BTT tournament game last March. Just want it to be a fight at the end and to have a shot. Ideally a 3 for the win at the buzzer and give them a taste of their own medicine.
  3. Feels like a lot of adrenaline in the game so far. Welcome to big ten play!
  4. I feel like they might win big today after how these matchups have gone recently IU 18 146
  5. I went with Trayce -- he did a little bit of everything tonight and most importantly got buckets when we needed them. I can't argue with anyone who picked JHS, X or Trey though. This was a team win and I loved it!!
  6. TJD, with a shout-out to Gunn. Was impressed with him today and glad to see him get some minutes.
  7. TJD! X and Malik honorable mention but TJD wasn’t missing FTs at the end or getting T’d up.
  8. I’ve missed the days where it would rain 3s! I’m so excited about this team! when is the last time we had 8 3s in half? It had to be under Crean. I don’t know that we’ve often had 8 in a game over the last few years.
  9. I haven't had any trouble watching ABC on YTTV via the local RTV stream. I do have fiber internet and upgraded to 1gig prior to cutting the cord so I'm sure that helps some. Hope some of these other suggestions help.
  10. I think you found the exact thing I'm worried about -- trying to determine how well does the "may also detect" works.
  11. Thanks! I did do that -- I am nervous about possibly getting games cut off if they go past the scheduled ending time. Seems like they extend automatically but wasn't sure how well that worked on these non-marquee type games. Cancelled the BTN- yesterday... glad to be done with that for the season!!
  12. Awesome! Thanks IUFLA! I'm really liking it so far... takes a bit of getting used to but I'm really happy with the switch so far.
  13. I have a random question and I thought I'd ask here because for me I'm really only concerned with the answer when it has to do with IU basketball. I just recently cut the cord and now have YouTube TV. Back on cable I'd just always add extra time to any games manually, but it doesn't seem like there's an option to do that in YouTube. I've seen their "auto extend" functionality work pretty well with NFL games, but just wanted to see what everyone's experience with, say, a random Thursday night game on BTN (like tonight). I usually watch live, but with these late games sometimes I'm pausing and getting kids to bed, etc. in the middle of the game. Do the games get extended automatically pretty well or do you have trouble with things getting cut off before the end? Thanks in advance!
  14. For any of you fellow old timers who need a laugh here are two teenagers trying to figure out how to use a rotary phone.
  15. I was wondering this same thing if I got the monthly pass today if I'd get that Nov 7 game or if it would run out just before. I was thinking of waiting a couple of days and watching HH later this weekend, hoping they would have it available to stream later???? Just happy basketball is finally here!
  16. I still can’t believe that happened! Woohoo!!!!!
  17. Wow, this is very cool! Just read too that it's the first ever regular season primetime network game.
  18. Thanks! I'll suggest that. They will have inlaws and kids that will be with them so I think they were just hoping to walk from somewhere relatively close.
  19. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post... I thought there was a ticket marketplace type section on here but can't seem to find it. My sister bought tickets to the IU/Michgan game in a few weeks but it wouldn't let her purchase parking online. I don't suppose anyone is selling a parking pass for that game on 10/8 or has any suggestion on other options that aren't too far to walk? Thanks!
  20. We already have the Peacock premium. I got it so we could watch the 500 in May and we've kept it and probably watch it more than a lot of the other apps. They have a lot of good movies on there and my kids spent their summer break binge watching The Office for the first time. Worth it outside of just the sports in my opinion.
  21. Sounds like TJD was at the Center Grove boys basketball camp earlier today talking to the kids. Not at all surprised by this but thought I'd share.
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