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  1. CrossboneIU22

    Illinois Postgame Thread

    I realize this was said sort of tongue in cheek but he is the best passer on the entire team which should be expected from your point guard. He makes some dumb plays no doubt, but I want him passing in to the post or on pick and rolls all day long.
  2. CrossboneIU22

    MSU Kick Time Announced

    I fully believe they (meaning any University or anyone setting the schedules for any sporting event) should require a posted start time (baring unforeseen circumstances) before tickets can legally be sold to the public so people can decide if the games will work with their schedule prior to purchasing tickets. I have season tickets to IU football and had been waiting in limbo for the MSU start time until they announced it because I have other commitments that day as well. From that perspective, I can see people griping about a start time if they got the tickets based on the date and then once the time was announced it ruined the plans. Start times should never be announced just 2 weeks prior to the game in my opinion. I understand the TV side of it, but I don't agree with that rule of thinking and hate that. Anyways, my rant over. Big game, I'll be there rooting like hell for IU to pull this out!
  3. CrossboneIU22

    Blind hire.

    4 5 1 2 3
  4. CrossboneIU22

    IU QB Dawkins Leaves IU program

    I kind of hope so, I loved what I saw out of him as a senior in HS! At least prevent the burning of Penix's redshirt status this year.
  5. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/college/indiana/2018/08/27/iu-football-grad-transfer-qb-brandon-dawkins-leaves-program/1088801002/
  6. CrossboneIU22

    Anyone select seats yet?

    I have never gotten through before. Has anyone selected seats yet? In my IU account it shows I owe for 2 seats and says October 1 for event date (I assume this is seat selection date?) but earlier when I tried to breakthrough the waitlist it told me I didn't get through so I am thoroughly confused if I have tickets or don't have tickets.
  7. CrossboneIU22

    Freedom of Information Act does not apply

    I see what you're say, I really do. And don't get me wrong, I wish IU would release their schedule way further in advance than they do but the lengths that HTD is going to and how big a deal he is making it, is ridiculous. Season Tickets are on such a wait list and hard to get a hold of (Non Balcony) that the B1G conference alone makes the tickets worth it that no matter who IU schedules in the non conference. It is not going to make or break anyone's decision to buy season tickets based on who the non conference opponents are because it takes so long to get tickets and then to get decent tickets after that.
  8. CrossboneIU22

    TBT on ESPN

  9. CrossboneIU22

    TBT on ESPN

    If we had an IU alumni team, who would you like to see on it? Team Name: GM: Booster(s): Coach(es): Free Players: $1000 Additional Cost (Max 15 Spots) (Optional) 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Additional Info: PER TBT Website. Link Who would make a good GM? Someone who is organized, responsible, knows a lot of players, and doesn’t mind being on TV. Daryl Morey. Who would make a good Booster? Someone with access to a lot of people through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blog, media outlet, alumni network, etc. A Booster can be a person or organization. Everyone claims to have friends in high places; now is your chance to prove it. Some examples of past Boosters: John Wall, Michael Rapaport, Matt Ryan, Coach Miller. What are the roster limits? Teams can have a max of 15 players. The first 9 on your roster are free if they’re added before 12pm (noon) ET on June 1, 2017. Teams can have an unlimited amount of Coaches and Boosters. How do we add Players to our team if we already have 9 or if it’s after June 1, 12p EST? You must pay $1,000 per player up until the tournament starts. As you advance through the tournament, you may add more players, but it will cost increasing amounts. It’s $2,000 to add a player heading into the Super 16 and $3,000 to add a player heading into the Semifinals. Any restrictions on what I can name my team? Anonymous team names don’t help us or you. It’s best to name the team after something identifiable to as many people as possible. For example, Team CP3 would be a good name for a team on which Chris Paul is Booster. If your team represents a college alumni group, think of a name that would work as a fan group during the college basketball season (e.g. Boeheim’s Army). How is the prize split up? GMs will negotiate with each team member over his/her share of the final prize. GMs/Players/Boosters/Coaches get 90% of the prize and the winning team's top 201 Fans get 10%.
  10. CrossboneIU22

    Freedom of Information Act does not apply

    So you're telling me that seeing who is on the schedule even matters when considering to buy season tickets? Hell, I've been on the wait list for season tickets for 3 years now so I could give a damn who is on the schedule, I just want to be able to get them! You want to give up your tickets I'll gladly take them!
  11. CrossboneIU22

    Freedom of Information Act does not apply

    Who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just wait until the dang schedule comes out on Aug 20th and give it rest already. You are the sole reason this site is hard for me to really get into!
  12. CrossboneIU22

    Who starts?

    I would expect to see: Green Phinisee/Durham Langford Durham/Green/Anderson/Blackmon Morgan McRoberts/Hunter/Anderson Smith Thompson/Forrester Fitzner Forrester/Davis/Moore Based on watching last years team, we lacked outside shooting at times. I think that Langford obviously helps with that. Green and Durham becoming more consistent helps with that and if we use Morgan more at the 3 this year with having other bigs down low we could be pretty good on the perimeter, but if we struggle, I would not be surprised if Blackmon sees the floor for his shooting if his shooting is anywhere near what his brothers' are. And based on watching him shoot at Hoosier Hysteria last year, he looked like a pretty good shooter from range. (Surprised to see him as a walk-on honestly, along with McRoberts. I feel our walk-on squad could probably beat any other walk-on squad around) Based on the Indiana All Star game (only one game so take it for what its worth): I'd be very disappointed in Green if AP starts. I think AP will be a great PG for IU in the future but he is still raw as far as a college point guard/leader goes as most freshman who aren't one and done's are. The good Green is far better as of right now. AP I think will get there but not this year but he should be a serviceable backup to Green if the good Green shows up this year. Also based on the Indiana/UK all star game, I'm not expecting much out of Anderson this year. I think he may become a special player for us as an upper class-man but not looking for much out of him this year. I am hoping I am actually wrong about this one because I love this kid, but based on what I saw at the all-star game, I just don't see it happening for him this year. I compare him to last year's team as in-between of Smith and Moore (not skill set but as far as playing time and effectiveness/contribution on the court) I loved what I saw from Thompson last year at Hoosier Hysteria. I wish he would have not red-shirted last year but am grateful now that he did. Really looking forward to him. I have not seen Hunter or Forrester play (and I'm not one to watch highlight tapes as they can be very misleading at times) but have heard great things from you all about them so my hopes are high but my expectations are unknown at this time.
  13. CrossboneIU22

    Crossroads Classic could be improved

    As someone else mentioned. This would only put 2 games on IU/Purdue's Schedule assuming both teams win their first round games. You could even guarantee 2 games for all top 4 schools and have the losers play each other after round 1. Also, by having the games played on campus, it would bring Revenue $$ into the top four schools that are not there now (as a part of the Crossroads Classic) due to the extra game and being played on campus. If you did guarantee the 2 games, you could have the Indiana Bracket play (losers and winners from Round 1) pon Saturday and then the same for the Purdue Bracket on Sunday. Two days, Two events, more ticket sales, more divided revenue to go around. Another point I'd like to make that some are arguing. IU and Purdue play cupcakes in their non-con schedule now. This would replace ONLY 1 non conference game (as the schedule has been the last few years), so just replace one of the "Cupcakes" with this event. At least then we are playing an in-state team with some meaning instead of Middle Wyoming School of the Blind and Deaf. Sort of off topic but still relevant: Our schedule would then look like: B1G vs ACC Challenge Gavitt Tip-Off Game Louisville Crossroad Classic - "Cupcake Game" Crossroad Classic - Championship Game Non-Con Tourney Non-Con Tourney Non-Con Tourney Cupcake or Non-Con Tourney (Depends on the size of the Non Con Tourney, if Tourney is this large, this is more than likely a lessor team anyway) Cupcake or Arizona Cupcake or Kentucky So in this scenario, you have 2-4 cupcake games. If you would rather schedule a tougher opponents (as shown above), then people are going to argue that our Non-Con schedule is too tough. But I do know one thing, I'd rather see us play Ball State, Evansville, Indiana State, IUPUI, Fort Wayne (Well maybe not them, lol) or Valpo than some cupcake that I have never heard of from 10 states away.
  14. CrossboneIU22

    Crossroads Classic could be improved

    i'd love to see this event expand to all 10 D1 teams and play out as follows: Turn it into a divided tournament. Have Indiana on one side and Purdue on the other. That way the two teams do not play each other (since we have the protected rivalry in the B10 now). Then alternate Butler and Notre Dame each year in the two brackets. Finally, by random draw or some determining factor, split and rank the remaining 6 teams into each division yearly. You will then have 1 play-in game hosted by either IU or Purdue depending on the bracket, with the winner of the game playing either IU or Purdue at IU or Purdue in the "First Round". The third ranked team in each division will play either Butler or Notre Dame at either Butler or Notre Dame in the "First Round". The two winners in the first round in each bracket will then square off at Bankers Life Fieldhouse for the division championship. As an alternate on venue, the play-in game could be played at one of the two teams home arena and then round 1 and 2 both played either at IU/Purdue or at BLF and then the championship game at BLF. (The idea of having the home games for the 4 biggest name teams would be incentive with revenue dollars at their home arenas.) Example: Indiana Bracket Indiana Butler/Notre Dame (Alternating Years) Indiana State Evansville IUPUI Game 1 (Play in Game) 4. Evansville vs IUPUI (@ Indiana) Game 2 (Round 1) 1. IU vs Winner of Game 1 (@ Indiana) Game 3 (Round 1) 2. Butler vs 3. Indiana State (@Butler) Game 4 (Championship @ BLF) Winner Game 2 vs Winner Game 3 ___________________________________________________________________ Purdue Bracket Purdue Notre Dame/Butler (Alternating) Ball State Valpo Fort Wayne Game 1 (Play in Game) 4. Valpo vs 5. Fort Wayne (@ W. Lafayette) Game 2 (Round 1) 1. Purdue vs Winner of Game 1 (@ W. Lafayette) Game 3 (Round 1) 2. Notre Dame vs 3. Ball State (@ Notre Dame) Game 4 (Championship @ BLF) Winner Game 2 vs Winner Game 3
  15. CrossboneIU22

    Rumor floating around.

    Because its a true Basketball arena (as opposed to Lucas Oil) just like the Yum center is basketball arena. It also is a neutral site location. The # of people isn't the issue, its the neutral site part where tickets could be sold 50/50. Bankerslife is Indiana's equivalent to the YUM center.