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  1. Rumors are that his father was very hard to deal with. Now, whether that is true, I cannot confirm. I find it weird a coach leaves a Mr. Basketball front runner to try and rebuild a depleted Richmond High School program. Shabaz Khaliq's record speaks for itself. The person I got this from is pretty close to the situation. Things that make you go hmmm!!!
  2. Great, now Kentucky won't want to play us again until he is gone. Cal hates the Watfords for good reason!!!
  3. Golden Eagles in the house! Great kid, great family! I wish nothing but the best for him, but it would be a major long shot. But, you never know what happens in two or three years with talent and hard work. Anyone who watched Desmond Bane from a young age new the kid was special. His skill and basketball growth is yet to stop so expect great things from him. It wouldn't surprise me to see Mr. Bane an All-Conference performer at TCU before he graduates. Also, keep in mind that Dominic James (who was another Richmond product like Bane) couldn't play at IU either. Sometimes kids fall through the recruiting cracks like OG did and Theron Smith that played for Buckley at Ball State years ago. Theron Smith was a stud, but was pretty unheard of out of Florida if I remember correctly.
  4. You as well. I will be sporadic on here. Kids are super busy and it is about time to chase the elusive whitetail. They are a lot harder to chase than the tail I was after in college. Maybe that is because I am more selective now.
  5. I guess it is time to sign up. I have been around for all of the Hoosier Nation sites so why not this one. Mile, Crester, and others mods great job as usual. Keep it up!
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