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  1. Sapperin LA

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Fair enough!! Morgan, played an outstanding game on offense!! I'm a BK fan thru and thru! To be honest tho, I was taught the game before Bobby was ever hired and I love the "junk yard dogs"!! Give me the guys who do the things "nobody notices"! I rarely look at the score board! I'm obsessed with the play away from the ball! On offense, I expect the ball to move, the players to move, and to be aggressive on loose balls!! We have not been good on movement of any kind this year! I honestly don't give a hoot if we win or not!! I wanna see maximum effort, I wanna see sound fundamentals, and I wanna see teamwork!! If these goals are met, then IU is my team!
  2. Sapperin LA

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Lol, I'm shocked that you of all people didn't see the whole game game JM played! Normally you see the both sides of the court! I've admitted JM had a fabulous game on offense! But his defense tonight proved why his NBA stock is questionable!
  3. Sapperin LA

    Butler Postgame Thread

    hard to argue that line of thinking, I'm just old school and expect a "complete" game from our senior stud.
  4. Sapperin LA

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Thank you, yes I've seen em, never realized they were "so" quotable! Lol
  5. Sapperin LA

    Butler Postgame Thread

    What is Clark? What does that mean? Lol. I've got extremely thick skin and really just curious of the statement! Just watch the film to see JM get beat several times, he was not even average on D, let alone his poor effort rebounding! He was all about scoring today, but any NBA team looking at his defense will be disappointed!
  6. Sapperin LA

    Butler Postgame Thread

    He was stroking it on O! But several 3s from Butler were a result of his poor D
  7. Sapperin LA

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Very important Stat! Green was solid and played a much bigger role in this "W" than most will give him credit for!
  8. Sapperin LA

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Mile I love your passion and knowledge of all that is IU, but RP was the stud today!! Morgan did not play a complete game!! He got beat several times on defense today, he also had way to many TO's, (4, I think) and his rebound #'s were horrible, (3?, he should never have less than 6!) He was stroking on the offensive side of the court, I'll give him that, he was on another level! But his overall game was not good at all! Rob P played the toughest D that any Hoosier played tonight! His turnover to assist rate was solid again, he rebounded like he was 6'9", and he had the basketball IQ to realize on our '"last play", that Butler had it well guarded! Game ball to Robert Phinisee
  9. Sapperin LA

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Had a senior officer tell this to me when I was a young private. Those who demand the most respect, generally receive the least!
  10. Sapperin LA

    "Home Court Officiating"

    The anticipation foul has gotten out of hand. I think the refs wanting to make a "timely call" is the issue.
  11. Sapperin LA

    Penn St. Post game

    With all of our injuries, the cohesiveness on offense has struggled. I think Archie has concentrated on defense while our wounded filter back into the rotation. Smith, and Fitzner have had questionable moments on offense, but their rebounding and defense has been solid. I'm old school and believe that defense wins championships, so I'm ok with the direction we're heading. Now that our guys are getting back on the floor and can practice with each other, I think we'll see our offense start to improve. The TO rate has got to get better, but we played better by not forcing it several times. The rainbow passes drive me crazy, and are the weakest part of our game right now! I see no situation where a lazy lob pass is OK. Even on an in bounds play when there are zero defenders, we should be using the two handed chest pass with a little zip to it! This may be the 1st time that Smith has been asked to exert so much energy on defense, and it can take a toll on the other side of the ball. RoJo last year is an example of that. With several guys back in practice I predict we start to jell on offense and we see the roles better defined. IU is competing and improving, enjoy the effort and the season
  12. Sapperin LA

    Penn St. Post game

    His using the word "Awful" was a severe slap in the face! We all agree there are things for Smith, and everybody, to improve on! Not seeing the contributions he made, but only concentrating on the negative is wrong.
  13. Sapperin LA

    Penn St. Post game

    Who kept Stevens well below his scoring average, no way was he awful! Archie is making Smith guard and play D, and he is answering that bell. Look at the entire game before disrespecting him, he doesn't deserve it!
  14. Sapperin LA

    Penn St. Post game

    Awful does not pull 9 boards down! Room for improvement? Sure, but nowhere near awful!
  15. Sapperin LA


    AAU circuit is horrible, terrible and rotten in developing fundamentals! I'll give another example of poor decisions and fundamentals. How many times do we see somebody on a semi break take it to the rim against 2 or 3 defenders when they should have passed or pulled it out! The majority of college teams are all about the dribble drive penetration, with a "possible" kick out for a three. Pick and roll is the 2nd option and the roll portion has diminished to where its almost gone. People look at the Warriors and their threes without understanding how much they move without the ball, setting off ball screens, and how much they make defense work! The most "movement" we have is during the weave.