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  1. 11. Anderson finds the stroke from the 3 that he was recruited for, and gets better on D.
  2. Durham will be the key, he was the only one who brought some energy and attitude. Isn't his dad a coach? I often saw Al talking during breaks. I think he becomes our "coach on the floor", and gets in some faces.
  3. Durham will be a starter, he brings energy, intelligence and leadership. He and Davis will be the leaders, predicting those two as captains.
  4. You are correct, there were zero details about who was involved and what the issues were! The unconfirmed rumors I heard, never mentioned Morgan tho! Any info on that incident would be appreciated
  5. As a senior captain, Morgan should have expressed these thoughts while it was happening. We rarely saw any accountability from the bench and even less from the players.
  6. Should Morgan play in the NIT or go the route that many college football players are going, and prepare for the combine? What is he going to show or prove in the NIT, that he hasn't shown in 4 years? Any injury to Morgan would most likely drop him in the draft, is it worth the risk? Romeo could be asking himself the same question, but he has the opportunity to play more college ball, so a slightly different scenario. A ton of posters talk about how important the money and an NBA contract is, when talking about leaving school early. Where does playing in the NIT tournament fall in terms of priority?
  7. I agree, De'Ron has turned into our tough guy. That's a couple games now where he has squared off with an opponent.
  8. Since IU is a state school and the land is designated a certain way, there may be laws that need to be followed. I'm retired military and was involved three times with trying to get a building, street or entrance named for fallen soldiers. It's extremely complicated and needs approval from family or the estate. Maybe one of the many legal people on here, can chime in, I was dealing with the federal issues and not state laws.
  9. OK, we all have theories on what it will take for our Hoosiers to make "The Dance". My question is, when we beat Illinois, Rutgers and then win the BIG tournament, where would IU be seeded? With the horrible stretch we had, I think 7 or 8 might be our ceiling, what say you?
  10. That call is made on the defense every time!
  11. Defense and quickness clearly go to Jordan, and I know you don't see it that way.
  12. Whose to say Morgan is not a part of the issue? He seems disinterested way to often in my opinion. I am wondering if he is jealous because he thinks he should be in the NBA with his best bud OG and is pouting his senior year away.
  13. To me, it's about the soft, lazy, rainbow passes we continually throw. These horrible passes do 2 things, disrupts the rhythm of the shooter, and it allows the defense that split second to recover. It certainly looks like we pass on shots because we think we can't get it off before the defense closes. This also plays into the lazy way we run back on defense, or the lazy way we back off the player we're guarding. The blocks Smith got at the end of MSU game really were lucky, he was in horrible position and made an amazing recovery. He didn't recover at all for the OSU debacle.
  14. WE need to pass with much more authority!! This might be the worst IU team I've seen in 45 years concerning passing the ball. The soft or rainbow passes have got to stop. There have been very few times I've gotten excited about a good pass!! There have been some terrific looks and good assists, but almost all of those were still lacking in a good "crisp" or "hard" pass!
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