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  1. Sapperin LA

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    That call is made on the defense every time!
  2. Defense and quickness clearly go to Jordan, and I know you don't see it that way.
  3. Sapperin LA

    Ohio St post game thread

    Whose to say Morgan is not a part of the issue? He seems disinterested way to often in my opinion. I am wondering if he is jealous because he thinks he should be in the NBA with his best bud OG and is pouting his senior year away.
  4. To me, it's about the soft, lazy, rainbow passes we continually throw. These horrible passes do 2 things, disrupts the rhythm of the shooter, and it allows the defense that split second to recover. It certainly looks like we pass on shots because we think we can't get it off before the defense closes. This also plays into the lazy way we run back on defense, or the lazy way we back off the player we're guarding. The blocks Smith got at the end of MSU game really were lucky, he was in horrible position and made an amazing recovery. He didn't recover at all for the OSU debacle.
  5. Sapperin LA

    Ohio State Pregame Thread

    WE need to pass with much more authority!! This might be the worst IU team I've seen in 45 years concerning passing the ball. The soft or rainbow passes have got to stop. There have been very few times I've gotten excited about a good pass!! There have been some terrific looks and good assists, but almost all of those were still lacking in a good "crisp" or "hard" pass!
  6. Sapperin LA

    Guys we missed on.

    A box of rocks had that advantage of a 50 pt IQ start tho!
  7. Sapperin LA

    Iowa was "Not Terribly Disappointing"

    I spent over a grand to drive up from South West Louisiana to watch our Hoosiers! At least I was able to witness the best game of the year!
  8. I would let em run and gun just a tad, let em play, none of that slow down and look at the bench when bringing the ball up court. I'm thinking this could help with our outside game. Would love to get back to the Hurrying Hoosiers a little more.
  9. Sapperin LA

    Purdue Post Game Thread

    No way he should have been guarding Edwards, was burned several times
  10. Sapperin LA


    I've been a big supporter of Smith when others were calling him out! His D and rebounding were pretty good, but if he is the cause of the chemistry issues, then he needs to sit! Archie needs to let Smith (and his Dad) know that nobody is more important than then the team. The bench is a great motivator, often times, the team needs to see it! If he is a cancer to the team this year, then odds are he'll be next year too! Why worry about him returning, fix the damn problem now! ATTITUDE, ATTITUDE, ATTITUDE!!!
  11. Sapperin LA

    Purdue Pregame Thread

    Great post! Score rarely matters to me, if we play the way you described, wins will take care of themselves! We need an Attitude Adjustment!
  12. Sapperin LA

    What Needs to Change to Save this Season?

    Attitude!! We have to have a fire inside!! If the players are not embarrassed by their recent effort and don't come mad as a skunk, then all the diagnosis is not going to help!
  13. Sapperin LA

    Nebraska Postgame Thread

    That was the most embarrassing display of effort and desire I've seen in 50 years as an IU fan.
  14. Sapperin LA

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Fair enough!! Morgan, played an outstanding game on offense!! I'm a BK fan thru and thru! To be honest tho, I was taught the game before Bobby was ever hired and I love the "junk yard dogs"!! Give me the guys who do the things "nobody notices"! I rarely look at the score board! I'm obsessed with the play away from the ball! On offense, I expect the ball to move, the players to move, and to be aggressive on loose balls!! We have not been good on movement of any kind this year! I honestly don't give a hoot if we win or not!! I wanna see maximum effort, I wanna see sound fundamentals, and I wanna see teamwork!! If these goals are met, then IU is my team!
  15. Sapperin LA

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Lol, I'm shocked that you of all people didn't see the whole game game JM played! Normally you see the both sides of the court! I've admitted JM had a fabulous game on offense! But his defense tonight proved why his NBA stock is questionable!