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  1. Man, I love being a Hoosier fan.
  2. According to his twitter he is signed. Didn't his father play for Temple?
  3. No Krogers here in Florida, just Publix. I shudder to think of what kind of nicknames you guys could come up with for that one.
  4. What a handsome youngun. From sunny Florida we are sending best wishes for a great show tonight.
  5. Not thinking Quinones will be at IU after the IU fan popped offabout him cancelling his visit. Made our fanbase look bad. When will people learn??
  6. Does Hammel still live in Bloomington?
  7. Our fans who want CAM fired need to read this article. Patience folks, we've got a good one. We really need to give him time to turn it around.
  8. I really like this young man. Hope he finds a good place to land .
  9. I'm a Durham fan. I look forward to his growth next yr. He seems to have a great work ethic.
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