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  1. RJPaisley

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Wouldn't that be the best psych out since everyone thinks everything is pointing to UK?
  2. RJPaisley

    Hartman opens up about Archie

    Collin nailed it. He was so passionate he almost sounded close to tears when discussing certain points.
  3. RJPaisley

    Edward Smith at it again

    Wouldn't that be the job from Hell?
  4. RJPaisley

    Hartman opens up about Archie

    Collin nailed it. He was certainly passionate explaining the issues with this team..
  5. RJPaisley

    Minnesota Postgame Thread

    This team is a hot mess.
  6. RJPaisley

    OT: Prayers for Ayden

    Prayers and warm thoughts for better days.
  7. RJPaisley

    Ohio State Game Thread

  8. RJPaisley

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I hope so. I want this Hoosier in the stripes. I just get the feeling he takes pride in being a Hoosier. Isn't he the one that once spoke about wearing INDIANA across his chest? Or did I dream that?
  9. RJPaisley

    From IU Athletics

    Impressive Hoosiers. I just love Al's spirit and enthusiasm. He seems really proud to be a Hoosier.
  10. RJPaisley

    IU with BOTH Davis and Green on the Floor

    Nice read.
  11. RJPaisley

    Does One Game Change How You Feel?

    Yep, seems to for this Hoosier fan. During January I felt really sad. Today, I'm a happy Hoosier fan. Works for me.
  12. RJPaisley

    Michigan State post game

    Looked more distraught than when he held presser about team rape allegations. I have a difficult time even looking at this man anymore.
  13. RJPaisley

    Michigan State post game

    Just WOW!
  14. RJPaisley

    Romeo Langford

    Hopefully CAM gets rid of the problem whoever it might be.
  15. RJPaisley

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    That board is a scary place.