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  1. IDK...Archie had a presser and i got several text on how good it was...thats all I got...
  2. That's what I like from you...positive thinking and gumption ...
  3. THE BRUNK...thats my choice and should be the direction of this team...
  4. We shall forever yell "Kobe!"...everytime we shoot a paper wad into a trash can...
  5. Is it me or is CBS like a bad website with popup ads everywhere...can i get a ad-blocker please...ugh...I really wanna hear more from the new commisioner though...so rivetting ..
  6. Did anyone catch that dunk by Baker?
  7. Wheres Bracey Wright when you need him....😏
  8. So i was pissed and just ffwd it...Archie got a T?
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