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  1. What is this NBA you speak of...?
  2. Kinda resembles the clubs namesake...
  3. My CC said that I reminded him of Bill Murray's character in it... prolly why it took me 5 months to get out of a 3 month boot camp....🙄
  4. And he had the WatShot...thats worth another 50 made threes itself...😀
  5. Spnarkle...Gminski...Geez i hate to be the spell checker for that team...
  6. Watch it using that name on here... you only get a warning this time...😀
  7. That makes it even funnier because we were told late at that time that the Japanese were coming....
  8. They be the pea'cock' of the block fir sure...
  9. St Peters and Peacocks ....Damn Kitties
  10. Not that they didn't play hard but they're hard isn't like some of these other teams playing hard it's just not in the same category. Not saying that they didn't try, they did , I get that ....but it's not the same level is all I'm saying.... oh and hit open shots and bunnies ... ugh 🙂
  11. Watching some of these games the last couple days.... IU would not have had a chance....everyone playing wayyy harder and just hit shots ....
  12. They going change it to a foul like they did against us?
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