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  1. The one where he blows into Lebron's face?
  2. LMAO. Here's a pic of Luka laughing at Devin Booker in the 3rd quarter tonight. Look at Booker's face.
  3. Dang! Garfield really let himself go...
  4. There’s a sail boat in the top right corner if you look hard enough.
  5. Horrible news. May he Rest In Peace. Payne was an absolute monster in the paint. He put 100% into every dunk he attempted. https://youtube.com/watch?v=FRQ2EjFk7xs
  6. I went to the year 2050 and found an Indiana roster/schedule poster.
  7. Crean will do much better based on the simple fact the only thing he's been accused of is horrible in game management and drinking too much Diet Coke.
  8. I have got two more guesses left..I'm gonna go with Gene Keady's combover. The amount of work that small strand of hair had to do was akin to Mugsy Bogues guarding Shaq in the post.
  9. Am I crazy or is that man precariously close to that horse's ass?
  10. I can't imagine Scott Rolen is on the list but he was really good in the late 90s. I think he won rookie of the year maybe but I can't think of anymore right now.
  11. Ughhhhh, I don't wanna say it but I will,Glen Robinson, Shawn Kemp and Tony Stewart didn't read far enough in the thread. I can't remember his name and don't wanna look it up but there is a baseball player in the 90s from Jasper who might be on the list. Maybe someone remembers the name?
  12. We should create a “things we maybe remember that might have or might not have happened in IU basketball history” thread.
  13. When they first started the challenge back in 2003 (I think?) didn’t they base matchups on the previous season’s regular season finish? So both reg season champions played each other.
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