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    18-19 Depth Chart

    Interesting putting Green at the 2, it reminded of reading this article awhile back that referred to him adjusting to playing PG at IU. I was surprised and didn't realize he was more of a 2 guard in HS. https://www.newsday.com/sports/college/college-basketball/long-island-s-devonte-green-still-adjusting-to-pace-of-play-at-indiana-1.16981346 " There has always been a dichotomy to Green’s game. In high school he was more of a two-guard than a one; in college he knows he’ll likely have more success if he embraces the role of playmaker. Even if that sometimes goes against his instincts. “Ever since I came to college, I’ve been adjusting to the point guard role,” Green said. “But the scoring mentality doesn’t go away. I think it comes naturally. Getting my teammates involved has definitely been a part of the growing process.”
  2. Warmups have started streaming on btn plus
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    Darius Garland

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    Darius Garland

    Been lurking for a long time, figured it was finally time to register. Based on your descriptions Garland sounds similar to D'Angelo Russell, would that be a fair comparison?