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  1. Romeo Langford

    Mile I just want to say that ive been following you for a while.. From the last site to here and you really make such a positive outlook which is awesome these days.. All the doom and gloom pay sites are really annoying!!! From Deron Davis to Romeo.. You are one of the bright spots in my Hoosier heart!! Just want to say thank you for all your input and info. Hoosiernation appreciates everything you do! I went to McCutcheon high school and have a buddy who worked with RP and I personally watched him drain 84 of 100 3's last summer. A backcourt of RP and RL would really create something special!
  2. Romeo Langford

    Thank you for confirmation. I really see everything lining up in our favor on this situation!
  3. Romeo Langford

    I heard that RL girlfriend is going to IU.. Anybody know if that's true? If so that really helps our chances I believe. Also his "brand" if he becomes a NBA star and goes to IU would be something our generation hasn't seen. A home state player who choose IU and became a star. Every kid ,adult,and fan of our program would buy his shoes, gear, and that's the big difference to me. Its a business decision and that's not even a decision if that's what he wants to be!
  4. Darius Garland

    If that's the case I hope Newkirk and company can handle playing smothering man with pushing the tempo.. One thing that must change is the sloppy turnovers that plagued last years team.
  5. Darius Garland

    The most disappointing defect of Crean's coaching in my opinion was the absurd turnover issues along with poor defensive habits. Those are the two areas where Archie thrives in his philosophy. The improvements in those areas, will determine if we go dancing or another unacceptable NIT invite. Also, will this team look more like a Bo Ryan grind it out classic wiscy squad? Or similar to last years team? Probably it will be some were in the middle of both is what I expect.Finally its that time of year were we can get serious about our Hoosiers and Assembly Hall wipes the dust off for another year.. Hoosier hysteria this year is the most anticipated I can remember since Eric Gordon and D Rose visited. I'm pumped to get this season underway needless to say.
  6. Darius Garland

    Thank you mile and I've been reading everything cream and crimson on here for a few years. Getting the early edge on my Hoosier knowledge ahead of my friends. We are all so excited about Archie and his staff... We are all in belief that he will be our Nick Saban, (awake the sleeping giant) Eventually placing Indiana basketball back amongst basketball blue blood were this program belongs.. This 2018 recruiting class is the domino that needs to fall our way! GO BIG RED
  7. Darius Garland

    Garland court vison and passing skills at this point are more polished than Zekes were. Also watch his tape Garland makes passes some NBA point guards can't make.. Point is you can't teach the no look pass , court vison to a extent. Zeke is the better scorer as of right now. Garland has the making for a terrific "true point". Pair that with the talent we will have and throw Romeo in there with defense being the standard not the exception as past seasons have shown, we might be looking at a team some fans haven't seen in their whole life!!! Fingers crossed till then. If this does happen I see the floodgates opening in our state. Is Archie going to build " the wall" around Indiana?
  8. Darius Garland

    If Garland does commit, would he be the best pure passer in I U history? From what I've seen his passing skills are unlike any Hoosier I can remember..