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  1. I started making smash burgers about 5-6 months ago and haven’t looked back. GAME CHANGER!
  2. Well from here on out I’m staying in engineering and getting out of manufacturing.
  3. How stressful is it? I’m about 6 months from having three under four. Going from the man to man to the zone defense before too long. 😁 😀 🙂 😐 😢 😭
  4. Yep, but we’ve recruited pretty well so far. With Morton, we haven’t lost as he hasn’t committed anywhere yet. It’s funny how drastically emotions swing with these crystal ball picks. Even if the crystal ball picks were for IU, I wouldn’t read too much into it at this stage of the game.
  5. Has he committed? Still a long ways to go.
  6. Nothing to improve upon Mile. I just wanted to see if others had the same thought. I know you’re an old timer, so I just picture you typing in Morse code, and it makes me chuckle. It brings a little smile to this side of the internet, that is all.
  7. Not picking on you Mile, but does anyone else that reads Mile’s posts with all of the ... think he’s typing in Morse code? I get a chuckle every time. ”Now (stop) having been a huge fan of Dan since high school (stop)...” Lol
  8. Very happy for you and your family. It’s gotta be pretty special seeing your child go through this process, no matter where he goes.
  9. Please don’t try to turn this into a safe space. While some of the discussion can turn negative, it’s always done in a fairly civil manner. If you think IU is the only one who does this, please read any other major college program’s message boards. Heck UK fans have threatened the lives of their own players, and that has not affected their recruiting one bit. Everyone needs to quit being so sensitive when someone else’s opinion doesn’t line up with their own. If a kid makes a bad play or a season’s worth of bad plays, they’re not above criticism. They’re not handing out participation trophies in the NCAA.
  10. If both of them don’t know what they need to work on (especially JS), I’m afraid there is no hope.
  11. I know parents can be blinded by the love for their children, but if Ed thinks Justin is a '2', he obviously hasn't been watching the games. If that's where the disconnect is, there may be no saving the relationship, and it might be better for all parties to move on. Not saying that Justin was the issue, but we CANNOT have another season derailed by internal locker room issues.
  12. I highly doubt that they will. Obviously my post was based on pure speculation, but I doubt they take the MLB route. With the amount of exposure NCAA basketball receives, they're going to want the best kids coming in ASAP due to marketing IMO.
  13. Just because they’ve declared doesn’t mean that they’re staying in. Many of these guys will come back, but of course there will be kids who stay in who should have cake back. There’s nothing wrong with going through the process and getting feedback while reaching for their dreams. One thing that I find interesting is all of the people who clamor for the NBA to make a rule that allows kids to come straight out of high school, thinking it will end the one and done era. It won’t though. If they make that rule, there will still be quite a few freshmen leave after one year.
  14. I just hope that I have HALF of the enthusiasm as HTD has when I'm his age. Gotta respect him for that, no matter how crimson colored his glasses are.
  15. He still has the prettiest swing I've ever seen. It's a thing of beauty.
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