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  1. From everything I’ve read he can shoot it from mid range very well, and is working on stretching it out to the 3pt line consistently. He just didn’t get a chance to showcase his range very much during high school, since they had to play him in the post.
  2. IMO, TJD is going to start and fill Morgan’s spot from the get go. He will bring rebounding, rim protection, another low post scorer and good mid range shooting. I could see him starting over Smith rather easily, especially if Smith doesn’t develop an outside shot.
  3. Yes, they’re all over on the Rivals board.
  4. I turned it off after his dad said, “ You don’t know how much this means to ME.” I think you can get an idea of who was pushing for UK based off of that. Anyways, good luck to KBJ. Time to move on.
  5. It's close to the announcement, and nothing has come out yet. I doubt it will, so nothing too concerning here.
  6. In an attempt to find any other interesting information, I scoured TJD's twitter page and came across this. Seems like KBJ's mom is all for TJD being there....
  7. Figured I'd give it one last shake on announcement day.
  8. Exactly. He’s already being recruited over @ UK.
  9. I would think that since it’s a business, he probably runs everything through whom ever he’s tweeting about. If he were to say something that wasn’t approved, it would be bad for business.
  10. In my best Donnie Baker voice, "One time, I swear to God"
  11. Well the 'ole magic 8 ball has stayed consistent throughout.......RELAX
  12. I just want to see Izzo’s postgame press conference if we get to play and beat them again. He looked like someone killed his dog the last two press conferences, so I’d like to see how his demeanor would be a third time.
  13. Except Roy is known for playing older guys, and making the younger guys ride the pine early. Look at Little’s stock this past season. He was ranked #6 on ESPN, and I’ve seen mocks of him going in the late 20’s. Doesn’t seem like a good move if the NBA is all he cares about.
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