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  1. StLHoosier

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Seems like I've had poison ivy since April, but that's every year.
  2. StLHoosier

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    I don't read too much into him saying his recruitment is wide open. I believe that most of what these kids say are lip service to a certain extent. After all, he listed three schools that he wanted to visit, and the first school he listed was IU even though he's been here like 20 times already.
  3. StLHoosier

    Way-Too-Early Preseason Top 25!

    I wonder if these preseason 25 included Morgan coming back or not. I’m guessing the rankings didn’t include him, since there was no way of knowing if he’d stay in or return. I bet the next preseason rankings that come out have IU listed in the top 25 now that Morgan has returned.
  4. StLHoosier

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Except that one time is the only time he’s been able to speak about the kid. He’s only gave one review of Hunter, so 100% of the time he’s spoken about him, he’s said he would play some 2. He’s more of a 3 than a 2 or 4, but he’s more of a 2 than a 4.
  5. StLHoosier

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Well I don’t know about ordering it in a restaurant, but I love me some meatloaf with mashed potatoes. Especially in the winter.
  6. StLHoosier

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Is there anyone who actually doesn’t?!
  7. StLHoosier

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Have you watched any of Hunter? He’s absolutely more of a guard than Anderson. He actually handles the ball and takes people off of the dribble, all at 6’7”. CAM has even said that Hunter will play the 2. Obviously he will probably slide over to the 3 with Romeo on board, but CAM said that before Romeo’s commitment. Hunter wasn’t ranked the 49th best prospect in the nation for nothing. People are sleeping on him and I’m not sure why.
  8. StLHoosier

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Did IU Scott create a new username?
  9. StLHoosier

    Morgan withdraws from NBA draft

    One aspect of Morgan that I haven’t seen mentioned is his early injury troubles in college. His first year or two it seemed that every time he entered the game, he injured his shoulder. It seems like that is behind him now (knock on wood), but you would have to think he’s taking this into consideration. I hope he comes back and turns himself into a first round selection, but I wouldn’t blame him for trying to play overseas or in the G league.
  10. StLHoosier

    Hayes thoughts on pay for play

    I think his point was, you bringing him up as some beacon for racial injustice, when he’s not been exactly honest about his experiences and beats on the elderly.
  11. Did you watch the draft? We drafted who many believe to be the best OL prospect (not just guard) in the last decade with our first pick. We also drafted another kid who many believe will start at right guard with our second 2nd round pick. Our line is arguably set from LT to RG. I think that we've actually fixed the line. When Luck was healthy, he took a less talented roster to the playoffs year in and year out. I have no doubt he'll continue to do that with a more talented roster, assuming that he's healthy.
  12. StLHoosier

    "Who do you wish......"?

    I know, it was a joke.
  13. StLHoosier

    "Who do you wish......"?

    So....you're saying he liked to party?
  14. StLHoosier

    Armaan Franklin

    We're in on so many high profile guys in '19, that I think we'll be ok if we don't get him. After all, we're not going to get everyone we go after. I just hope we get the ones that we (CAM) really want.
  15. StLHoosier

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    AB does a great job, and they bring good information/articles to the table, but I'm not going to sit there trying to get one of their articles to load for 5 minutes, when I can get similar information somewhere else.