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  1. Archie was at Vincennes University last night watching Isaiah Tisdale.
  2. Romeo has been following some of IU's women's basketball team members today on social media. Take that for what it is worth.
  3. My birthday is the 28th and nothing would be better than Romeo saying he's going to IU
  4. I have asked them same questions multiple times and the only thing I can come up with is why would he leave a place where he has it made? No real pressure from the community and has his youth program setup and going. At this point in his career I don't see him leaving
  5. Bill Self is scheduled to be in New Albany to visit Romeo
  6. How can you put much of this on Archie? He didn't recruit these players. He didn't put us in this mess of a roster. I agree that we all thought Archie would come in first year and it would all be good, but reality has set in and we are not good at all. This is the penalty we get for the roster mismanagement Crean put us in.
  7. Hurt is an interesting one to me. Minnesota is considered the front runner as of now. But I know with the relationship he has with Race, IU has to be up there as well. Kentucky just offered him as well.
  8. Since the talk has calmed down tremendously this I thought I would start a discussion. We have 2 spots open for next year, so lets assume Romeo commits. Who else would Archie look at it? Or does he bank it for 2019? Looking like we will have 2 open spots for 2019 if Romeo commits and stays past his freshman year. Jackson-Davis and Keion? That would give us Rob, Romeo, Jerome, Keion, Deron, Trayce.... That sounds like a scary group. If it all works out, which I am not holding my breath, IU could be back in the national fold.
  9. Crean offered prior to when he was fired. Thanks for the input though.
  10. Yes, I believe it came from Crean. I am not sure Archie has shown much interest but I could be wrong.
  11. Last I saw were the CB predictions had him going to UMASS. I have watched him play a handful of times and haven't been overly impressed by him. Just doesn't seem to have the go get it type attitude.
  12. I said this a week or two ago and was told that I am crazy..... But IU Scott I have heard the same thing for awhile now.
  13. Trust me, I am wanting Romeo as much as any other IU fan. I have watched Romeo many times and believe he will be the piece that will send IU to the top of the Big Ten.
  14. I am just going off what I hear from a couple sources that are from New Albany and close to the Langford's. Just giving my $0.02, my fault guys.
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