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  1. I am just as frustrated as the next fan, but as a high school soccer coach I know how inconsistent players can be. I saw someone say they are athletes they should know to step on their throat and end the game. I wish it was that simple but stuff is always changing. I am not giving up on Woody and company. This loss stings but I have faith they will bounce back. But I also defended Archie for about a year too long. So take that for what it is worth. Go Hoosiers!
  2. I am just forwarding what I am hearing before people start getting upset. It's coming from multiple people but I don't have the connections some of you have. I have also heard Matta.
  3. Heard an announcement could be Wednesday and that we would be, "very happy" Bennett is the name that I keep hearing.
  4. It’s my daughter’s second birthday and I know how bad she wants BS to be our next coach......
  5. Just went over 30 seconds without a foul call!
  6. 5 fouls called in less than 2 minutes
  7. Archie looks a little calmer during this game. Usually he’s way more intense.
  8. As if this game isn’t ugly enough, you got these refs.
  9. Somebody needs to check the backboard for a crack after TG brick.
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