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  1. I’m not sure what is considered ‘breakthrough’ infection. 2 family members both among the first age groups to be vaccinated had a diagnosis of Covid in July. As for Ivermectin, a lady in town was among the first hospitalized with COVID-19 in this area. Was on vent for a month and in hospital for 45 days. Family was told 2% chance of recovery. Ivermectin, Zink regimen and yes Hydroxychloroquine was given to her. This was all before the jab was introduced. She’s been fine for over a year now. Family members 88yo grandpa passed away recently. Death certificate says COVID-19 which is a complete lie. Sickening. Friend in NC lost spouse in an accident. Death certificate says COVID-19. He called and asked for it to be changed and was asked to leave it in exchange for compensation. He took the check straight to a lawyer. Last I heard an out of court settlement was the offer. Sickening. I hate this thread. I’m more than disgusted with all things Covid and when I hear the name Fauci I want to vomit. This country is a terrible place for children right now and that Ps me off the most. End of rant. Thanks for the ear.
  2. Love seeing the people get out and enjoy this game!
  3. Netflix already has the original “The Dirt” maybe they can do an original on the U of L program and call it “The Filth”.
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