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  1. Uh wut? Just curious, how much $ was just one roll? Was it the thin nearly translucent stuff that’s in most commercial stalls?
  2. Yep Coach Mo Moriarity. I was offered a full ride to Franklin that I passed on through my internship at Odle McGuire Shook.
  3. Man I had completely forgotten about how much phones have changed haha
  4. Solid country GOLD in fact
  5. Earliest IUBB National Championship in my lifetime was ‘87. Was kicked off the high school basketball team for an earring in class not on the court. Myself and one other. That might land a coach in hot water these days. Maybe not. Played football for Coach Mo. As for the White Castle comparison, cheapest I remember is maybe 30 cents. Pretended to be Joe Montana and Jerry Rice as a kid. 49ers have won 5 championships in my lifetime.
  6. -DJ Carton I’m thinking Auburn. Minnesota and Nebraska sure could use him but I see him as wanting more stability program wise.
  7. My wife has threatened to put my name in as well
  8. One confirmed case in Monroe County. I honestly wonder if this virus hasn’t been here for a couple months already and people just treated it as a cold or flu. Similar symptoms for most healthy folk right?
  9. https://www.forbes.com/sites/zackfriedman/2020/03/19/trump-coronavirus-sick-leave/#17bb93b2f0ac
  10. I’ve reached my limit already seeing double
  11. We start virtual classes (3rd grade) next Monday with our child. We had a practice run with it last week. The school sent iPads home but there was an issue with the software. So far, that’s all I have. I am curious though about how this changes the required 3rd grade testing that was scheduled for the week after spring break.
  12. 💯 with you on this. Strange and unbelievable.
  13. For the Indiana folk..
  14. Wonder who is more excited. The Iona players or the local hookers
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