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  1. Rough around the edges yet. A bit of cherry picking with the cupcake schedule does allow time to develop some chemistry with a young squad. My solid three as of now: TJD - Phin - Durham
  2. I can only imagine the blood shed over at Rupp Rafters forum
  3. I’m seeing better load management at the moment
  4. Apple TV has the app. With the crappy commentary plus is known for, its like watching on ESPN and listening to Dakich.
  5. Maybe this will help you. There is also an IOS app https://aviewfrommyseat.com/venue/Assembly+Hall+(Bloomington)/seating-chart/
  6. Phinisee can shoot the rock. I would like to see him take more shots. Hunter will light it up once he gets past the jitters. Then there is Franklin whom I believe will bring the fire and energy this squad desperately needs to compete on the road. He creates on his own which is invaluable. TJD is, well, a beast. Am I the only one that can see a difference in player ability and attitude in the last two classes? Good things are ahead folks. Don’t expect much this year though.
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