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  1. Attending a University is completely about business. Although sometimes sidetracked by the opposite sex and beer pong. Student athlete or not, it is all about business. Especially on the University side.
  2. ‘19 TJD-Franklin-Brunk ’20 Galloway, Leal, Geronimo The direction of the the culture shift within the program is clear. Who isn’t excited about this?! HOOSIERS!
  3. As long as the team stays healthy I think fans can expect a clear improvement in offensive consistency. The team is just built better this year. More options. By the way, don't sleep on TJD. IMO, RP-JH-TJD are an interesting trio that could be dangerous in transition as well as inside out in the half court game.
  4. Headed to Lindenwood as grad transfer. Well wishes on future endeavors. Terrific young man.
  5. Now I like that right there. 💯 truth
  6. The absolutes spoken here at times are quite comical. Proceed
  7. That’s completely fair at this point. And, your not alone. 👀 💰
  8. Absolutely love the vid! Great job! Thanks for sharing! This kid and his entire circle, from friends to family, are true Hoosiers through and through. This passion, IMO, is what this program has lacked in recent years. The coaching staff is on the right track here folks. Heart, passion, talent, kids that leave it all on the floor are key building blocks on the road to a winning culture which can translate into championships. That’s what Indiana basketball was. With kids like Anthony, Trey, Rob P, TJD, & Armaan, IUMBB is gaining traction and there is a lot to be excited for right now as alums and fans of our beloved university. Congratulations Anthony on following your dream. Congratulations to Mom and Dad as well. You have raised an outstanding young man.
  9. Fouls, you are a nut. Always a good laugh with you around.
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