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  1. Winners win. Champions earn it. The noise labeled both good and bad are part of it. Recent examples would be Vic, Cody, Yogi, Gordon etc. These are young adults with the best tools and opportunity before them. Pick your path. If your weak, lazy, stubborn, defiant or entitled, you will fail. This is my camp. Your either in and giving 110% or your out. At the end of the day, it’s your choice.
  2. I get what your saying but actually Rupp Rafters has a crazy eleventytwo page thread about the relevancy of IUBB. They whine about Duke, UNC, Louisville, who got who’s cousin pregnant etc. Its like Springer blog over there.
  3. Good review tape tonight. Both good and bad to point out this time
  4. Hey now. I musta fat fingered it, I know the D was there when I hit the button
  5. Hey Drroogh, what say you about the missing D? Haha
  6. Atta boy Trace. Above and beyond young fella
  7. Textbook guys. Go inside and convert or get fouled
  8. Gotta keep attacking the rim. 2pt them each possession. Fouls draw freebies and add to their frustration.
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