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  1. Here’s more imaginary straws for the imaginary success that is the new acceptance. Kinda funny to me, I’m purchasing a new coach today. It’s a motor coach but I’m sure the wife and I are gonna have pun fun and the salesman is going to be like wtf...
  2. Rob no doubt about it. His shots were falling. Definitely a difference maker.
  3. Oh I’m with you but Crean did the same thing. When your body of work is subpar then you squeeze out that one win and show a glimpse of what could be, is that enough to buy you more time? It was for Crean for much too long. Recruiting has already fallen off. There is more to the job than just one win or one loss. I’m not saying fire him now, I’m just more wide eyed than I used to be. Time is not on the side of this program.
  4. It’s really not. Winning one game on the road wasn’t the terms of his hiring. He has yet to achieve anything worthy of his job other than baby steps. Like you, I would like to see this guy put it together. Think about where this program would be if CAM can get something going and then the North Carolina’s and Dukes are on a coaching search because of retirement. Or Kentucky because they SUCK! I’ve been behind this coach since his hiring. But, his body of work is taking shape. I like the intensity that he shows glimpses of. I’ve heard good things by those close to the program. B
  5. Phinisee has great lift in his jump shot. I’ve described it before as being textbook and it really is. Leals shot is great also and to me resembles Jordys form and release. Phinisee is really getting up there on his jumpers
  6. it’s not real. Your dreaming and about to piss the bed
  7. Hey I want the team to win and if they do that’s fantastic but that doesn’t earn some kind of pass for what’s already been the norm
  8. Is the clock even moving? I swear it’s said 1:00 to go for at least 8-9 minutes now
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