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  1. Fixed it sorry. Found another link on twitter. Try that one.
  2. Oh I have one better than that. This apparently was in Fayetteville NC couple nights ago. I have a couple friends in that area that are police and fire that confirmed the location.
  3. Organized protesting going on in Bloomington. Not exactly peaceful as there are videos of spray painting the BPD building. I’m impressed by the class and IQ of the chants. “F—Donald _______”. “F— the system”. “Our street”. “ F—Donald ______ and his mama”. SMH
  4. Watch the press conference. No such thing was said about peaceful protesters.
  5. Don’t draw a line, make it bold, celebrate it and then complain about the separation.
  6. https://hoosierhuddle.com/hoosier-blog/indiana-university-president-michael-mcrobbie-announces-plan-to-resume-instruction-in-the-fall/2020/5/27
  7. If you get the opportunity to be a part of your dream team then that must mean you earned it. If then that opportunity disappears, you didn’t do enough. This is big boy sports here folks. There is no room at the top for the soft, weak , coddled or lazy. That’s not being mean, that’s being real and is the very reason why some people can manage and some can’t. Gotta be able to make the big boy decisions.
  8. IUBB won’t skip a beat. I don’t get the debate. Lots of talent coming in. Three of the freshman that I feel have high chemistry which will be super valuable. There already isn’t enough minutes to go around. IU is better this year with or without Smith. Pretty clear to me.
  9. That would be a dumb move. IU will obliterate PU the next couple years. Their alums have even tried to enter the transfer portal.
  10. If there were a culture pet scan for the program, the results would now be negative. Much much better days ahead. CAM has the lead.
  11. https://247sports.com/college/indiana/Article/Kansas-Jayhawks-basketball-football-NCAA-infractions-recruiting-independent-panel-147317186/
  12. Three 2019 Indiana Elite teammates, Trace Jackson Davis, Rob Phinisee, Jerome Hunter, Jordan Geronimo. Not picking on the other guys but there is a different breed of basketball player trickling into the program. I’m stoked
  13. This guy must have been a Navy Seal...
  14. Or the local grocery...
  15. Important message from the Learning Academy...
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