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  1. Omg it’s year three. Glass sucks. Miller sucks. All seats have burnt to the ground. Yep, the author is clearly genius.
  2. No worries. I have some Artesian friends and they are complete airheads. I told one of them that his mom and my mom went to different schools together and he still to this day doesn’t understand it’s a joke.
  3. Cream always rises to the top. I’m looking forward to big contributions from Rob, Trace, Arman & Hunter - if he is cleared to play. I’m curious to see if Brunk can contribute in B1G play. The size is there but I know nothing about this kid. I know we will get max effort from Al and I expect to see his game elevate even more as the offense becomes more fluid. I predict Davis to have his most efficient season yet since he finally has help/size on the post. Especially if the guys are able to knock down jumpers and keep the opposing defense from clogging the paint. I don’t see Davis as a player that will turn ESPN talking heads, but I do see him as a strong post player with good size and a decent eye that can and has been a difference maker. As for Green & Smith. I guess we will see. They will have every opportunity to contribute their worth just as they have had in previous seasons. I’m not going for the popular opinion award here but I expect we will see the same inconsistencies from these two.
  4. I am completely lost as to why Garland is predicted to go 4th in a couple mock scenarios. Blind leading the blind here or what? I don’t see NBA caliber potential in this kid even 5 years from now yet some of the “pro” scouts see him as a lottery pick? Whats you alls thoughts? I see him as an obvious bust NBA wise and see him setting sail over seas.
  5. Frank’s Buffalo Sauce for me
  6. Grocery shopping with the wife. Me: why you only getting two bars of soap and 4 rolls of toilet paper? Her: I’m saving money Me: oh ok. I thought maybe you was broke or planning on not wiping or washing your ass at some point in the very near future. Her: I’ve got coupons smartass. Plus, I hate grocery shopping. It takes too much time and cost me over $200 every time. Me: so you might save $3.00 today at a store that’s 25 miles from the house. Just so you can come back at the end of the week and do it again. Gotcha. Good thing your paying attention.
  7. People that text you and expect an instant reply. 1:30pm: blah blah blah 1:30pm: hello 1:31pm: HELLO!? 1:32pm phone rings and they first thing they say is “uh did you not get my text?” Its not just my wife that does this. Friends as well as some customers do this just as much if not more than she does.
  8. Also have a small Blackstone for traveling/camping. Works great! The green tomatoes - decent hunk of coconut oil on griddle. Flour and salt the tomatoes. We like to use green tomatoes as an appetizer. I eat them plain. I’ve seen some prefer a zesty type ranch sauce or even a honey mustard sauce for dipping.
  9. They could use it to pay recruits instead of relying on shoe companies which we now know have a hard time covering their tracks. Then we could self report followed by self impose and bury the the Athletic Dept completely which would eliminate the issues caused by the $ in question as it would no longer be flowing in. Just a complete implosion only leaving behind a handful of book smart nerds in its wake to genetically modify a newer, yet better version of.. ahh, I got nothing. If only I had an imagination.
  10. Had friends over for the evening for a pool party cookout. Sirloin strips, parmesan potatoes, shrimp, asparagus, green tomatoes, peppers onions and mushrooms, garlic - all on the Razor griddle. Steaks last of course but the rest was cooked all at the same time. I love my outdoor griddle. We use it almost daily during the summer months. Breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s really nice to be able to do pancakes, eggs, bacon ham or sausage all at the same time on one cooking surface. The Razor is similar to a Blackstone I guess. When I was a kid, I remember my uncle had a pit in the ground on the family farm in Springville. He would stoke it up with wood and lay some kind of wire (maybe fencing material?) over the top. I’m a city kid if you can’t tell. Anyway, he would cook lamb chops on that setup. Best I’ve ever had. He and grandpa had stories about how that technique was the norm back in the day. Behind the old farmhouse, which was built in 1812 if I remember correctly, there is two large smoke houses. Couldn’t tell you how they work. I just know they are there and that is what they were used for. That old farm is such a neat place. Uriah Ari Armstrong. However many great great greater grandpa to me built the place.
  11. Hoosierfan1215, a couple organizations I’m involved with through my sons sport will be in Ohio this weekend for a USAC/Midwest Thunder race. Several hundred people from all over the country including the Hoosier state that travel to these regional events are bringing food, water & various supplies to donate.
  12. Agree with having Calbert back in Bloomington. It’s too bad that Creans ego clouded his thought process. Calbert wasn’t exactly stolen from the IU staff. Crean is the reason he left which is one strike I have against not only Crean but Glass also. Sugar coated for the listening ears, the separation was “mutual”. Calbert was invaluable to the program My go to guys filled me in about his involvement and how Crean happily took credit for a lot of what Calbert brought to the table. I was hopeful he would get a look after Crean was fired. I got some backlash for even suggesting it. On original topic, how is this recruitment going? I’m out of town a lot lately and haven’t been able to keep up.
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