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  1. Increase in skill, IQ and motor on 2020 squad. Equally if not more important is a decrease in laziness & attitude. The difference is winners vs pretenders.
  2. I thought Tyson’s saying was ‘get hit or get bit’
  3. Yeah I seen this. Wasn’t this some kind of fireworks factory?
  4. I’m thinking mid November
  5. @Reacher yep. Exactly. I was adding to that conversation. Relative to the article @IUFLA posted, I was saying what you listed above. Sorry for the confusion.
  6. There is a lot of nonsense out there in the world of the internet. The content/information that is immediately removed poses a threat. No?
  7. Wonder what these two would do with the seeds 🤔 I see movie potential Edit: Omg.. Cheech N Chong unknowingly take on Dr. Evil! Someone get Myers on the phone.
  8. Stole this one from somewhere. Hilarious!
  9. Whoops.... done watered mine
  10. The HCQ regimen seems to ruffle many feathers abroad which is interesting.
  11. The censorship paints its own picture.
  12. Also you can search twitter for Dr. Stella Immanuel
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