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  1. Inequality

    Has the chatbox been disabled for you ?

    I’m not seeing the chat box. It’s been MIA for me for a short while now.
  2. Inequality

    "Drastic changes"

    I honestly believe that when the current upperclassmen are gone we will see a total transformation of the product on the court. Some of these guys are the same guys that have been unable to get the job done for a while. Remember the losses to Ft. Wayne & Indiana St? Archie is a great coach. It’s been relayed to me that he basically lives at the practice facility and is all business all the time. Which, the amount of money he is making, I think anyone would move their bed right into Cook Hall without hesitation. Also, he is super organized and strategic compared to the last coaching staff. Just extra info here for comparison.... I was told that Crean was a big spur of the moment type in that he would just randomly text the team for practices and such. Some of the players, staff, maintenance crews etc would get frustrated and annoyed.
  3. Inequality


    Unaware of what went down but how you handle yourself in making things right says a lot about your true character sir. Much respect.
  4. Inequality

    Purdue post game

    If JS hit only half of his attempts under the rim, IU wins by 8
  5. Inequality

    Purdue post game

    Report just came across the scanner... Two men apparently making an effort to chase down the Purdue bus as it was leaving the North parking lot at Assembly Hall. One on horseback, the other on a skateboard. Painter identified the two men as Edwards and Harms.
  6. Inequality

    Purdue Game Thread

    I promise I won’t be mad if someone punches that kid in the mouth. Good game though IU
  7. Inequality

    Purdue Game Thread

    Thanks Kev. Didn’t see him
  8. Inequality

    Purdue Game Thread

    Gotta love Jeffries, Bryant & OG in house to support the team
  9. Inequality

    Purdue Game Thread

    Let’s go Davis!!
  10. Inequality

    Purdue Game Thread

    Put the 40 year old back in Painter
  11. Inequality

    Purdue Game Thread

    Whoah...how many years did that guy redshirt?
  12. Inequality

    Purdue Game Thread

    Dakich is such a clown
  13. Inequality

    Purdue Game Thread

    RP has a beautiful shot
  14. Inequality

    Purdue Game Thread

    Does Edwards ride horses?
  15. Inequality

    Edward Smith at it again

    Shame on you! I’m still laughing at this and now my gut hurts and have had to remove my glasses to wipe my eyes. Celebrated with some family earlier this evening so its possible the crown found its way to my funny bone.