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  1. https://alumni.iu.edu/events/trustee-election/biographies/index.html Eric P FTW
  2. @GaloisGroupe The Pacers hired CC as an assistant coach/player development.
  3. Player development area I think is the focus. Maybe.
  4. After some studying and a bit of discussion, I believe Xavier to be the kind of hustle kid that can elevate a team and make those around him better and work harder. Even if it’s just a little bit, it would be so noticeable with this group. Wouldn’t it be so nice to have a half dozen of those personalities? I think so. His motor and floor vision is what I noticed at first glance. Good find Kenya Hunter.
  5. I haven’t checked who Arizona had for a big. I’m hoping there is a Kofi out there that has been overlooked
  6. Gal has the metabolism of a trained athlete. She’s been at the 120 mark since high school. Btw, the professionals hang out at ‘The Grilling and Smoking Thread’ during the off season. Back to original topic... I would like to see IU bring in a 7’ beast. Any of those in the stupid transfer portal?
  7. Cold section of Kroger. Near all the fresh veggies. Or, you can get a pack of two at Sams Club. Anyone hear anything about Johnson yet?
  8. Yeah it’s so good I baited my then future wife with it. Combine it with some Buffalo chicken and anyone can have a wife way out of their league like myself.
  9. Oh C’mon! Litehouse is the best! I hope they take this transfer portal and park it straight up their tailpipe.
  10. They weren’t offered. And, Beard did leave his current job.
  11. Good run though Bulldogs. Very good year. That said, you have to admire Baylor’s determination. Their execution was on point.
  12. One team has the clear momentum right now. My oh my is Baylor dialed in. They look like they’ve already won.
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