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  1. Inequality

    Zach McRoberts / Scholarship

    You knocked it out of the park once again THD. Fantastic!
  2. Inequality

    Good news keeps coming

    Wow! brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.........
  3. Inequality

    Unofficial Big Ten Preseason Media Poll

    Carson isn’t on the same level as Romeo. Ask any NBA scout.
  4. Inequality

    2018-19 Player Preview: Rob Phinisee

    Robert plays smart basketball. His ability to read and breakdown the defense will be a welcomed attribute to this Hoosier squad. He also seems to understand fundamentals outweigh flash in terms of offensive efficiency. I really like that about him.
  5. Inequality

    2018-19 Player Preview: Romeo Langford

    Love these! Thank you TDH!
  6. Inequality

    2018-19 Player Preview: Damezi Anderson

    Nice article. Thanks!
  7. Inequality

    The Off-Topic Thread

    😂 Drink down the wrong pipe! Thanks fouls!
  8. Inequality

    Starting 5

    This is a very deep squad. The frosh class is loaded. -Forrester is going to be a beast on the block. -Phinisee will end up the true point guard we need. -Anderson is a lights out shooter & can cause problems defensively. Keep your eye on this one. -Langford’s chip so blue it’s almost purple -Hunter is very versatile. Has a nice outside shot. I’m still not willing to bet the farm on Green. So, I’m not including him in the predicted starting five. P1 Durham P2 Langford P3 Morgan P4 Smith P5 Forrester It’s going to be an exciting season!
  9. Inequality

    Hoosier Hysteria - Recruit Discussion

    Agree. Our photo pass from Disney last week captured some interesting facial expressions. I get super annoyed at people with their face buried in cell phones constantly. However, I’m guilty of it myself at times. Some photos can tell a story. Some can also be misinterpreted. When you have thousands of people dissecting a photo while searching for a recruiting lead.....yeah, you get the picture. Or do you?
  10. Inequality

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Welcome to HSN!
  11. Inequality

    Romeo Langford

    Ahh, thought this thread was lost. I found this video while scrolling through some highlight clips. Sorry if it has already been shared.
  12. Inequality

    2018-19 summer workout videos

    That shot though.... $$$