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  1. Combining beer with a cramped indoor setting in the winter with slick roads and plenty of children (including my own) present while sharing butt cheek and elbow space with your neighbors. Yay
  2. https://www.heraldtimesonline.com/story/sports/college/indiana/2022/05/18/mike-woodson-indiana-basketball-schedule-2022-kansas-arizona-big-ten/9792852002/?fbclid=IwAR0khk3fCwkm6JljeHo6byakghqsxQyESkUZPNzcktKceg-tVuarJw6sRZI#l3blzldqvm6vpu24bqp
  3. My opinion is its possibly been a redirect issue. Redirects reduce server load. Too many could be the issue. Basically, if it loads, your getting an non-functioning image. Which is what I have been getting. I’ve not been able to log on most of the day.
  4. One of my brothers, who was once a writer for ESPN is now a writer for CNN. Both of which I personally consider perfidious garbage. I haven’t seen this write up but I’m going to assume by its origin, it’s of the same.
  5. New pets are fun. We have a 3.5 pound Yorkie which is a whole different world after having a 75lb English Bulldog. Cool bonus aside from the massive size difference, the Yorkie has hair and not fur so it doesn’t shed. Next week, my little boy is getting to pick up the kitten he picked out of a new litter several weeks back. Should be fun. Side story: brother in law had just adopted a couple older cats from local shelter. While visiting a couple months ago, my little boy was in a chair with one of the cats on his lap. First time ever being around a cat. When suddenly, he swiftly stood up sending the cat flying to the floor. Thinking the cat must have scratched him I asked what had happened. He said with a shocked look on his face “there is something wrong with it dad. It started vibrating”. 😆 too funny
  6. If it’s contagious you may be asked to enter the transfer portal.
  7. No time to put into it today but there is some bugs. Next page and similar functions work fine from desktop on home and office networks. iOS mobile has issues on the few different browsers I’ve tried on verison data connection(ip) and is locked out to the blue host page but will login through a WiFi connection. Although at that point none of the next page or similar UI functions work.
  8. Aye! we're back!! I'm sure everyone that tweets has seen this by now but ill drop it here for those who dont...
  9. Erroneous. My thoughts are you have an unreliable “source” if that’s the best intel they can provide.
  10. Which is fascinating, the hunter or the morel?
  11. Served with sausage gravy, eggs and hot sauce when we have them.
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