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  1. Ha! Well it all makes sense now. This car must be from the 70s
  2. Good to know there are race fans other than myself on HSN! I’m at a racetrack weekly in spring, summer & fall months. National races at warm locations during winter months.
  3. Or in the case of my 4lb Yorkie, you can have two balls and only one drop. ‘Splain that!?!? Vet wants to do surgery to remove both. I’m like, hey lady, do you have any idea what it would be like to go through your entire life without... then it hit me, she’s a Timberwolves fan. Conspiracies I tell you! True story
  4. Got this pic from twitter. This Brunk kid is a little fella
  5. Cmon Z, that’s a horrible thing to say about Donnie. Dan can hug a root. State Law!
  6. What recruits thread are y'all gonna dismantle next?
  7. Ha! Your good! Your reeeal good! But yeah, though his presence was subtle, his departure from what I know, would later prove to be the beginning of the end for the guy that ran him off. I will save more for another thread down the road. While relevant to the current swing of this thread, I also feel like I’m contributing to the derailment which ironically, annoys me. Please excuse me while I put myself in timeout for 15 minutes.
  8. We used to have an NBA guy on the staff who was also an IU alum. A key staff member that did more behind the scenes than anyone will ever hear about. A guy that most players respected more than they did the head coach.
  9. My comment was directed towards the notion that IU was in a good spot if the other school shut the door. That thought process has fit the administration well for 25 years. #success
  10. Meh.. if IU is a recruits second or third choice by a default then I have no interest. Probably an unpopular opinion but that’s just how I see it,
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