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  1. I subscribe to Peegs, and I'm not ashamed to say so. I've always thought that the discussion here is infinitely better. There is insider info that we get here that is not discussed on Peegs. I think some of that is due to the insiders hearing directly from the player not to reveal something, and they want to preserve the relationship, so they don't share. Insiders here don't have to face any backlash from the player/family for revealing sensitive information. That being said, there's quite a bit more insider tidbits on Peegs, including giving updates on where a recruitment stands. They're not going to give you the scoop that someone is going to commit before the kid announces. While this may not have been the case in the past, they strive to give the recruits the platform to reveal their choice to the world for themselves. If you're looking to be the first person to get the scoop on where someone is committing, not worth the money. If you're a mentally unstable fan, such as myself, and hang on to every rumor, need weekly updates, etc., it's worth the money to me. They're not right 100% of the time, but darn close to it. I do get frustrated from time to time when I feel they know more than they're saying, but at the same time, I get it - they become friends with some of these families and don't want to betray their trust. There are also other times where my reaction is "wow, those are some crazy good details/stories they're giving". At the end of the day, we're talking about $10/month - I'm not exactly rolling in the dough here, but people act like this a monumental financial commitment. I do love HSN, though. If I want to talk hoops, I come here. If I want to hear 'what's goin' on with them 'cruits', I check out both sites and compare notes. To each their own.
  2. We're waiting.mp4 334.08 kB · 0 downloads One of my favorite movies. Haven’t heard anything new. Probably be the weekend before I do, if it’s true. How was your weekend? 😉
  3. I 100% think that when the X's and O's aren't working out, it's on Archie. Recruiting wise - that's on him, too. My post(s) have been more along the lines of this - there have been chemistry issues, and CAM has even admitted that. One poster said he heard from a source very close to the team that two players don't listen, aren't coachable and walk all over CAM. This seems very fixable to me - CAM doesn't want to bench them because he's screwing himself over (I used the bench as my example because that was the best motivator in that situation). So, the next time the two troublemakers ignore me or show a hint of attitude, I'd say meet Coach Marshall in the weight room tomorrow at 6 AM. Coach Marshall would then put them through the gauntlet, and it would continue until they shape up. Pat Knight just said on the Hoosier Hysterics podcast that he and Damon Bailey didn't go to class for two weeks. RMK found out and made them do the same thing, and he said they never missed another class. That's getting someone's attention. Fisch is implying that there are things CAM can't do to get the players' attention. I'm assuming that's because the Administration won't let him use those tactics. Actually, a better tactic would be to let Mike Roberts work with them one-on-one. Dude is INTENSE LOL
  4. Here's the 4th time I've heard Archie's hands are tied with the way he wants to coach. This time from a reputable source:
  5. I would be quite surprised, too, but this is the third time in the past 48 hours I've heard rumors that Archie has been limited in how he can and cannot coach. Just thought I'd see if someone who has some connections had heard anything similar.
  6. "including the way coaches are allowed to run their programs" - have you heard anything that Archie can't run the program the way he wants? I was a high school coach, and I told kids that if they had a bad attitude they wouldn't play. Some kids would call my bluff and they'd ride the pine. Parents would ask what's going on and I'd say your son's attitude sucks, and he won't play until he shapes up. That solved the attitude issue real quickly. I was no harda** coach, but negative energy was the last thing I wanted near my team. If the AD told me I can't use the bench as a motivator, I think I'd act just as resigned as Archie. Curious to hear if you've heard if his hands are tied in any way by the administration.
  7. Per Rabjohns, he led the league in 3 point shooting in '17-'18. Had an undiagnosed sports hernia last year and suffered a wrist injury that hampered his shooting ability. Only played 9 games. Per Snow, he is a long shot to ever play college basketball.
  8. It sure seems that what is keeping this from being an open and shut case is the lack of proof. I know a pretty easy way to get around it - the players and their families should be audited. They'll start singing like birds when they realize they're going to jail instead of the NBA. Despite what my username may indicate, I'm not a tax accountant, so unsure of the laws surrounding this. I do know that's how Capone finally got busted when they couldn't find hard evidence, so I would think the same would apply here.
  9. Per Peegs, IU will be having an in-home visit with Galloway Monday afternoon prior to the in-home with Leal.
  10. Not a mortgage officer or anything, but I wouldn't be shocked if Zion's parents wanted this house and the bank said, "They don't have the money for the house, but Zion is going to be the #1 pick in the draft. In a year, this house will be paid in full. Let's collect on the interest for a year with the understanding we may or may not receive any payments for a year." Plus, I'm sure that Duke has alumni relationships at the local banks to assist with getting a loan under such special circumstances.
  11. Per the other board, an in-home visit is being discussed and likely to happen this weekend. Christian will try to be in attendance for the in-home as well.
  12. I read something today, but I can't find the stupid link, where Keion said he wanted to make the announcement surrounded by family and teammates because they helped get him here. Could it be that he asked TJD to come up for it since he was a teammate that played a big role in his improvement on the AAU circuit? Hope I'm wrong It could also be that Armaan and TJD will be his teammates after he announces, so they're included in his desire to be surrounded by teammates? That may be a bit far-fetched idk lol
  13. Anyone see Doyel’s garbage article? Took quotes from players and proceeded to mock/bash what they said. Thanks for the help, Greg! I wouldn’t take a single question/interview from him if I were Archie.
  14. We all know this screams of improprieties, but given the NCAA's history of letting coaches off the hook, allow me to play devil's advocate: I didn't see anywhere where he said any buzzwords - cash, money, car, house, sponsorship, agent, etc. We all know what he was talking about, and I'm no lawyer, but isn't it difficult to prove intent? I gave him a big a$$ offer that will set up him and his mother up nicely, could mean a lot of different things. An offer that he will start immediately, mom will get tickets to whatever games she wants, he'll get to room with his best friend, etc. It reminds me of when Ostrom was connected with de Sousa and I can't remember exactly what he said in the text, but all of our reactions' were well that could've meant anything. I hope he gets the book thrown at him, but I think it will take more than those conversations to get the NCAA to do anything. Again, I only bring this up because seems in the past there's been a lot more damning evidence of improprieties than this that resulted in a slap on the wrist from the NCAA. Hope I'm wrong!
  15. Yeah, that's a good question - I don't know if logistics could have played into it. Maybe the only weekend he could spend out of town and he chose a #1 vs. #5 game. Overnights provide an opportunity for him to see what kind of "talent" the basketball team pulls in on a normal weekend if you know what I mean ;).
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