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  1. Per Rabjohns, he led the league in 3 point shooting in '17-'18. Had an undiagnosed sports hernia last year and suffered a wrist injury that hampered his shooting ability. Only played 9 games. Per Snow, he is a long shot to ever play college basketball.
  2. It sure seems that what is keeping this from being an open and shut case is the lack of proof. I know a pretty easy way to get around it - the players and their families should be audited. They'll start singing like birds when they realize they're going to jail instead of the NBA. Despite what my username may indicate, I'm not a tax accountant, so unsure of the laws surrounding this. I do know that's how Capone finally got busted when they couldn't find hard evidence, so I would think the same would apply here.
  3. Per Peegs, IU will be having an in-home visit with Galloway Monday afternoon prior to the in-home with Leal.
  4. Not a mortgage officer or anything, but I wouldn't be shocked if Zion's parents wanted this house and the bank said, "They don't have the money for the house, but Zion is going to be the #1 pick in the draft. In a year, this house will be paid in full. Let's collect on the interest for a year with the understanding we may or may not receive any payments for a year." Plus, I'm sure that Duke has alumni relationships at the local banks to assist with getting a loan under such special circumstances.
  5. Per the other board, an in-home visit is being discussed and likely to happen this weekend. Christian will try to be in attendance for the in-home as well.
  6. I read something today, but I can't find the stupid link, where Keion said he wanted to make the announcement surrounded by family and teammates because they helped get him here. Could it be that he asked TJD to come up for it since he was a teammate that played a big role in his improvement on the AAU circuit? Hope I'm wrong It could also be that Armaan and TJD will be his teammates after he announces, so they're included in his desire to be surrounded by teammates? That may be a bit far-fetched idk lol
  7. Anyone see Doyel’s garbage article? Took quotes from players and proceeded to mock/bash what they said. Thanks for the help, Greg! I wouldn’t take a single question/interview from him if I were Archie.
  8. We all know this screams of improprieties, but given the NCAA's history of letting coaches off the hook, allow me to play devil's advocate: I didn't see anywhere where he said any buzzwords - cash, money, car, house, sponsorship, agent, etc. We all know what he was talking about, and I'm no lawyer, but isn't it difficult to prove intent? I gave him a big a$$ offer that will set up him and his mother up nicely, could mean a lot of different things. An offer that he will start immediately, mom will get tickets to whatever games she wants, he'll get to room with his best friend, etc. It reminds me of when Ostrom was connected with de Sousa and I can't remember exactly what he said in the text, but all of our reactions' were well that could've meant anything. I hope he gets the book thrown at him, but I think it will take more than those conversations to get the NCAA to do anything. Again, I only bring this up because seems in the past there's been a lot more damning evidence of improprieties than this that resulted in a slap on the wrist from the NCAA. Hope I'm wrong!
  9. Yeah, that's a good question - I don't know if logistics could have played into it. Maybe the only weekend he could spend out of town and he chose a #1 vs. #5 game. Overnights provide an opportunity for him to see what kind of "talent" the basketball team pulls in on a normal weekend if you know what I mean ;).
  10. Here's a theory (emphasis on theory, no inside knowledge) to add to the chaos: I think I remember it going around that Keion wasn't thrilled that it was getting out that he was a lock to IU. Keion/parents are upset it's not going to be a surprise and they tell their inner circle to quit spouting off at the mouth with the lock to IU stuff. Keion wants it to be a mystery, and they want to continue to get the national attention from the writers. So everyone in the inner circle including Keion is to say "he's torn on what to do and hasn't made up his mind." "Nothing personal Peegs, Rabs, Snow, but we know you go on Monday night chat and start spilling tidbits that make everyone think he's a lock" - it's a business decision, a term we've heard quite a bit. Well, everyone is still saying he's a lock, and Keion gets an invitation to get to a UK game #1 vs. #5 and get treated like a king for a weekend. "Sure, that sounds like a ton of fun and maybe it will get everyone off of the Keion to IU is a lock train." Keion gets back from UK, and it appears to have worked - everyone is unsure, except for a few people continuing to say IU is still looking good, which of course IU fans run with. "Okay, well we need to turn up the heat and tell everyone how much we love Cal - wouldn't be the first time Cal swept a family off their feet. And whatever you do Keion, don't tell people that you've known for awhile because then everyone will see right through this." This is certainly a far-fetched theory, but I don't buy that Keion honestly believes he's OAD. He said he wants to be, but every freshman in the country wants to be a OAD. I think it's just a goal that he has, and he's not going to accomplish that having to compete for not just minutes, but offense/points with 3-4 other studs when he gets those minutes. Can't feed everybody, and history doesn't lie. That's an awfully pro-IU theory, but let's face it - even with Keion next year we're probably not a final four team. In my mind, the goal of next year's team is get the team fully integrated into Archie's style, show how much potential IU has and go all-in with the 2021 class. It doesn't require Keion to accomplish that goal in my opinion - any guard CAM recruits will work just fine.
  11. https://sports.yahoo.com/sources-arizonas-sean-miller-lsus-will-wade-notified-will-subpoenaed-federal-hoops-corruption-trial-180149786.html I would think this would scare him and TW away from LSU with rubber actually hitting the road. Maybe it changes nothing, but I wouldn't allow my son to be taught and molded as a man in the image of a guy who's being subpoenaed by the FBI, innocent or guilty.
  12. You watch - he and Dakich will be IU's biggest fans when/if they turn it around, and the moment they trip up they'll both be there to pounce. Doyel will say the worst things about players that come across as pretty personal and unprofessional, only to turn around and write the most over-the-top article about how great they are when they're doing well.
  13. We get it, Dan. You REALLLLLY want to be wanted and loved.
  14. Romeo smiled when he air balled a free throw last night, so there's the emotion we're craving, but I wasn't nearly as amused as he was
  15. CAVEAT: He jumps really high with a running start. I think De'Ron has a higher standing jump.
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