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  1. HoosierCPA

    The Bench...

    We get it, Dan. You REALLLLLY want to be wanted and loved.
  2. HoosierCPA

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Romeo smiled when he air balled a free throw last night, so there's the emotion we're craving, but I wasn't nearly as amused as he was
  3. HoosierCPA

    Romeo Langford

    CAVEAT: He jumps really high with a running start. I think De'Ron has a higher standing jump.
  4. HoosierCPA

    Rutgers Post

    I thought Damezi brought some much needed scrappiness to the floor last night. I think we're going to love this kid in a year or two. The game's a little too fast for him right now, but love the fight he showed for the loose balls. Another thing I've loved about him lately - when he fouls, he fouls HARD. If I remember correctly, he about took Haarms' head off with a foul in the Purdue game and it brought a smile to my face. I don't want him to injure anybody, but love when he shows he's not going to be bullied.
  5. One thing I've always been envious of is the Brad Stevens coaching tree (and I think a lot of others around here feel the same). For some reason, coaches from that tree seem to always have their players believing in themselves. It helps that those teams generally have good shooters, but I think it's all confidence with these guys. You can see it when they shoot - Fitzner may have the best shot on the team, but even the 3's he occasionally shoots looks like he's guiding it and not shooting it like he was earlier this season. I've been impressed with what Walter McCarty has done with Evansville this year - they were supposed to be the doormat of the country. As many of you know, he's from the Brad Stevens coaching tree, and I was reading an article about his coaching style. He said he only gets upset when players don't shoot when they're open. His players all look and play confidently. I think CAM has a death grip on this offense that only certain people are allowed to shoot, which has affected chemistry issues within the team, and in my opinion, has affected the players' self-confidence.
  6. HoosierCPA

    Nebraska Postgame Thread

    We may be on different pages here - I'm saying there's no point in saving your timeouts for the end of the game, which seems to be what CAM is doing. I agree with you that you shouldn't need to have multiple timeouts at the end of the game. I'm saying quit saving them for the end of the game when case in point last night being, there was nothing to compete for at the end of the game - it was already over. Use them when things are getting out of hand so we have something to play for at the end.
  7. HoosierCPA

    Nebraska Postgame Thread

    Is it possible that what they taught in practice is not working, though? Whatever gameplan that they came up with clearly was not working, so why do we continue to beat a dead horse and run the same stuff that the other team continues to make stops against? It worked in practice, so it should work here, right? The other team has a coach too that has studied us and has put together a game plan to stop us. Therefore.... make an adjustment! I'm not a basketball expert, but there is such a thing as momentum and calling a time-out can slow it. We see it every time we play at home - we hit 3's, fans go nuts, bench goes nuts, the other coach calls a time-out and then suddenly 30 seconds later the fans are no longer going crazy, the players now have something else to think about that coach chewed them out about like not getting back on defense and it takes them a possession or two to get back into the flow of the game. Granted, there are instances where there's nothing coach can do - if the shots aren't falling, they're not falling. It's one thing if CAM's offense is putting everyone in the right spot to get the best shot possible, but I saw a lot of crappy shots go up last night. I'm also no expert on leadership, but I know that when my teams don't do something that I instructed them, it's either my fault because I didn't communicate clearly enough or their fault for ignoring my instructions - and for that there will be repercussions - but I'll be damned if I'm going to sit back and watch it all fall apart because I'm too stubborn to either reinforce what I've already stated or thought hmm maybe there's a better way to do it that will play better to their strengths. I've never won a national championship, though, so what do I know?
  8. HoosierCPA

    Nebraska Postgame Thread

    One of my biggest gripes with CAM that dates back to last year is his use of timeouts. He took one timeout the entire game when we got down 9-0. Crean did the same thing - they hoard timeouts in the event that the game is close at the end. Timeouts can be used to stop momentum, not just for drawing up plays. Other coaches do it all the time - Miles did it as soon as we got within 6, and I don't recall it being a huge momentum swing in our favor when the timeout was called. And guess what? Nebraska got it turned around because he called the timeout before things got out of hand. Nebraska ended the game with one timeout remaining and they were in control most of the game, meanwhile IU had 3 remaining. Either CAM thinks he knows something about timeout use that every other coach in America doesn't or he simply doesn't have any answers for the team.
  9. HoosierCPA

    IU at Michigan POST GAME

    We do a great job of responding to getting punched in the mouth. Unfortunately, it seems we show up to a game expecting the other team to play nice. When they don't (it's D-1 college basketball, no one is going to play nice), some guys on the team then start to get a killer mentality. Need a mindset that we're going to dominate from tip to finish, not a mindset of we're here to have fun and play a good game until we realize the other team is playing like it's more than just a game. At the end of the day, it is just a game, but if I'm CAM, I don't want my players playing like that on the court.
  10. This has probably already been shared before, but I just checked out the notable Power 5 programs sponsored by Adidas and they are: ACC: NC State, Louisville and Miami (all implicated) Big 12: Kansas (implicated) Big Ten: IU, Nebraska and Rutgers (In my mind, Nebraska and Rutgers don't constitute high majors, despite Nebraska's recent surge) Pac 12: Arizona State (implicated) SEC: Mississippi State and Texas A&M (A&M implicated, not sure about MS State) What does this tell me other than Adidas sponsors a lot of crappy basketball teams? Being associated with Adidas means your school probably did some shady stuff. To me, the good news is that they are coming down hard on all schools they have good evidence on, and IU is not one of them. Even after all this came out this morning, I haven't seen a single headline that IU is now implicated. Not saying we haven't done anything wrong, but don't think a meltdown is warranted.
  11. HoosierCPA

    2019 DJ Jeffries decommits from Kentucky

    I've read that Hardaway was Jeffries' AAU coach, so that's the connection there. Not only could this affect Watford, I could see it also affecting Hurt, as Memphis is still on his list.
  12. HoosierCPA

    Trendon Watford

    The sentence before that quote said that he plans on cutting his list soon, so I'm thinking he meant he's making a decision soon on cutting his list.
  13. HoosierCPA

    Trendon Watford

  14. HoosierCPA

    Ryan Taylor

    About 7 years ago, Marty had lost quite a bit of weight and was looking good. Not sure what happened, as I can't imagine how much better he must have felt with the weight off. http://www.espn.com/blog/collegebasketballnation/post/_/id/17143/evansville-coach-simmons-lost-135-pounds