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  1. Crean had a knack for finding talented guys who were young for their class. Probably a reason why the NBA scouts are always breathing down our necks. Crean also liked to constantly remind everyone how young his teams were.
  2. I went earlier this year after not going for 8 years. I had 7 cavities that were all between teeth. I never flossed between my molars because it was too hard to reach. My dentist recommended these: The upside was that my other teeth were clean enough, they felt I could get away with coming in once a year as long as I floss often.
  3. It didn't explain why players are still considered contagious for twice as long as coaches.
  4. I'm curious why players have to sit for 21 days when Jeff Brohm only had to isolate for 10.
  5. Gonna have to go through us first. lol
  6. There have been doctored graphs/photoshopped images circulating social media sites for months. It's hard to know what's real anymore.
  7. Unbelievable. Purdue might be playing Wisconsin's 4th string QB in a quiet stadium in a couple weeks.
  8. Wow, I actually remember CosmicKid from our old Scout site back in the 2000's, assuming it's the same guy.
  9. I think it's far more likely Painter is being vague as opposed to misleading. Saying he "feels good about it" doesn't mean he thinks he's getting Kaufman. It could mean he and his staff feel they've made their pitch to the best of their abilities and will have no regrets if he doesn't choose them.
  10. You're performing quite the mental gymnastic routine to convince yourself your guy has the right scoop.
  11. He's with Rivals, just like the Purdue insider.
  12. Probably picking up on what the Purdue guy said this weekend. I doubt someone from Florida is that plugged in to a recruitment in Indiana.
  13. I got a kick out of the comment that it was hard to tell how good Michigan looked because of how bad Minnesota looked. When you beat a ranked team on the road 49-24, I'd say that's pretty good, regardless of what the other team did or didn't do.
  14. Our last two wins at Rutgers didn't come easily. I was surprised to see the line that high.
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