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  1. We'll be having quite the send-off next summer getting rid of him and Patrick Shoulders (who unexpectedly got an extra year due to the pandemic cancelling the trustee election).
  2. This goes back to a very basic rule I learned at a young age: when you're a guest in someone else's house, you play by their rules. Don't like their rules? Don't visit their house. In this case, Costco asks its customers to wear a mask. If you want to shop at this store, then wear a f*cking mask. It's not hard. Or, shop at a different store that doesn't require masks. But in this day and age, I suppose it's much easier to make a video of yourself acting like a tough guy and trying to sound like some sort of rebel with phrases like "it's a free country" and "I'm not a sheep." Which, I agree with him, he's not a sheep; he's a mentally retarded mule.
  3. The animosity is because he couldn't sustain anything. The Big Ten title seasons were followed up with horribly disappointing and embarrassing seasons. His recruiting tanked the last couple years he was here and we still haven't recovered from it. And as frustrating as all of that is, right now we have a coach who looks like he's in over his head and will struggle to achieve even that much.
  4. The last 4-5 years? Yes. Assembly Hall doesn't intimidate officials (or visiting teams, for that matter) like it used to.
  5. Purdue and Wisconsin also get more calls at home than any teams in the league. In addition to being a league of physicality, the Big Ten has developed a reputation as a league of ridiculous home-cooking. The physical play is frustrating enough; it's 10 times worse when you're in Mackey or the Kohl Center, you get bludgeoned to death with no whistles, and you can't even hear your own teammates over the crowd noise. The best players not only want to win, they want to win because they were better than their opponent, not because of where the game was played.
  6. I'm sure everyone remembers this: It was right after we lost to Illinois in the Big Ten tourney in 2014. It turned out to be our last game. Is it true he had a panic attack after this interview and had to go to the hospital?
  7. I've always been a little dismayed that our program fell to a point where we had to appreciate what he did here. It's even worse that we've continued to slide further away from relevancy since then.
  8. Meant to post yesterday...apparently Armando Galarraga is hoping MLB will recognize his perfect game in 2010. I'd say there's about a 0% chance MLB does, even though they should. And before someone comments that blown calls happen and you can't fix them all, this was the final out of a perfect game. Not a blown call in the 7th inning of a Game 6, not a blown call that led to five more baserunners afterward...a game-ending, final out. It shouldn't be that difficult...but purists have a knack for making things 10 times harder than they need to be.
  9. Before any of this started, I always used to wonder what happened when people would abruptly disappear, like maybe they died or went to prison. I've always wondered what became of kylehornsbyrules. Probably doing 7-10 for something or other.
  10. No, I'm saying he responded to a comparison to Garza by humbly saying he's not on Garza's level...and he's not.
  11. I found that one hard to believe, assuming our players were going to class. Then again, given our APR scores toward the end of Crean's tenure, maybe they weren't. Cody Zeller is on record saying they had 4 hour practices in February the year we were ranked #1.
  12. A chance to be one of the best players in the country again. Playing on a team that could win the Big Ten and make a deep run. A chance to make the NBA scouts start noticing him. Or he could go to Europe and disappear. Jeff Goodman and Andy Katz both think he comes back. It's not as outlandish as some of our fans want to believe.
  13. I interpreted that response as him saying "I'm not THAT good," not as a reference to how long he'd be in school. On a side note, I find it hilarious how many IU fans are desperately hoping Garza doesn't come back next season.
  14. I had to go to Walmart the other day, and it was ridiculous. People everywhere in large groups having chatty conversations. I had to ask several people (as politely as I could) to please step aside so I could get what I needed off a shelf. Checkout lines were 5-6 deep, including self-checkout, with no social distancing. The youth baseball league where I live was cancelled this summer. Some of the parents were so upset, they protested and pestered the league president until he finally stepped down out of frustration. Someone else took over, and these people are trying to get the kids on the field now. Not like, later this summer, which I would fully support; they want the kids on the field now. I really, really don't want to see high school football get cancelled because we re-opened everything too soon and had an outbreak during the summer.
  15. Nope, I think we would have been in. Just not sure we'll continue to make it, let alone make any kind of run, recruiting mostly 3 star players. Purely from a coaching perspective, I'd gladly take another Sampson. He didn't need 3 years to "get his players," he just came in and started winning. No excuses, no "system" that needed to be learned, he just won. And he won 74% of his games here, a bit better than the 56% we're currently getting from Archie Miller.
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