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  1. It's a lot easier for some people to repeat narratives than to actually think and look at numbers that say otherwise.
  2. I'm enjoying Purdue's struggles as much as I can right now, because I think they'll still end up 6-6.
  3. This is not a well-coached football team, and it will once again finish the season 5-7. But at least we were "playing well" earlier!
  4. Are you going to try and argue that 5 penalties for 60 yards in a little over 10 minutes is "playing well," or just continue with your usual pointless drivel?
  5. When we were playing well? You mean when we committed five penalties for 60 yards in the first quarter?
  6. Iowa fans are fuming on twitter. Complaining that they're only a 7 win team, offense sucks, coaches suck, etc. Whole different world over there...seven wins in this state and people start talking contract extensions.
  7. Told you Purdue could hang with Iowa. David Bell is going to abuse our secondary.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised to see Purdue mess around with them. They've had Iowa's number recently.
  9. I'm expecting a 10-14 point loss. This is a game we can definitely win, but it's the type of game we usually don't, for one reason or other.
  10. Last I heard, they were still running the bases in Atlanta. Someone might want to tell them to leave so they can make the NLCS on time.
  11. Saw a picture from the game last night where the Packers had 13 defenders on the field before a snap. Nobody was running off the field...all 13 players were facing the line of scrimmage. No flags on the play. I stopped watching non-Colts NFL games years ago, and even some Colts games are no longer must-see TV for me. The NFL is just bad football, and the officiating/replay reviews/incessant commercial breaks have made it unwatchable, among other things. College and high school are a lot more aesthetically pleasing. In high school there are bad calls, but the game goes on. The NFL needs to go back to just playing football and stop over-thinking everything.
  12. People who use the word "come" in the past tense instead of "came." Those people are an embarrassment to humanity.
  13. So another ex-Tiger is on the Nationals: Fernando Rodney. Had no idea that guy was still around.
  14. The 2004 Red Sox weren't at home for the first two in that series.
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