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  1. I don't know how you can return as much talent from a national runner-up as we did and suck so bad the following year, but this team has found a way to do it. We've had maybe 2 games so far where we actually looked like a contender.
  2. Right now, I just hope he produces against WKU.
  3. My favorite was the guy who kept telling people to stay home if they didn't support Lynch because then he wouldn't have to deal with traffic after the game.
  4. Is this the first time we've ever had a night game there? It's infinitely harder to win in that stadium when the fans and students have had all day to get tanked up.
  5. So I'm guessing his weekly X-rays were negative, then?
  6. That official is like a kid who knows the answer to a teacher's question and starts to raise his hand, then thinks "Wait, I don't want to have to speak in front of the class" so he lowers it. You can't be that passive as an official. That's just unbelievable.
  7. Just saying it's crazy how we went from #18 to not a single vote in just 3 games. It's like people couldn't wait to have a reason to not vote for IU.
  8. We didn't get a single vote in the AP or Coaches' polls this week. Brutal.
  9. Reich would make a good high school coach at the 1A/2A level where teams always go for it on fourth down because they don't have a kicker.
  10. I don't think we as a program are being targeted, though I do think there are several Big Ten programs with people who would rather see us go back to standing in the corner and leaving them alone. I feel like football officials are being trained to look for penalties on plays instead of reacting to what they see. The roughing the passer call on Allen was total bullsh*t. That play happens multiple times in every NFL game each week, and there's no flag as long as the QB's name isn't Tom Brady. But officials have been conditioned to believe that big hits on the QB might be dangerous, so big hit just after the throw = flag. I also hate how broadcasters calling the game are constantly making excuses for officials over-officiating. On the targeting call yesterday, they thought the play being reviewed was incomplete pass or a fumble. They seemed to be caught off-guard by the possibility of targeting, but immediately voiced their support for the call. It's perfectly fine to disagree with the call and still be unbiased, but all you ever hear from the TV guys is how the refs are awesome, no one else could do better and how skill players need protection from the evil linebackers trying to decapitate them.
  11. I was kind of hoping Nebraska would get dusted by Oklahoma today, but they only lost by 7. Scott Frost tried to get out of playing this game earlier this year.
  12. LMAO at Nebraska being considered as part of a tough schedule. Half that list being Big Ten teams is silly, as is having Michigan and Penn State in it. They can't play themselves.
  13. If Brohm can't win 6 games with this schedule, he should take a serious pay cut.
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