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  1. Luke Brown - The next Damon Bailey?

    Where would they go? Hoover was turned down from other jobs because of his age.
  2. Coaches on the "Hot Seat" 2018

    "That moment when your opponent switches to 2-3 zone..."
  3. Purdue

    The committee won't stack their region like they did with ours. Nobody outside this state gives a crap about Purdue. The last two years they've been in probably the easiest region.
  4. Purdue

    Ok. Thanks for the lecture. Purdue sucks.
  5. Around the B1G/NCAA

    Same as last year. The Big Ten has to protect them since the league is so awful now.
  6. Around the B1G/NCAA

    Purdue getting calls at the end of a tight game? Shocker.

    Our triple OT game caused Purdue fans to miss the entire first half of their game. I wasn't sure how to feel afterward because I wanted Crean gone and each win was a step in the wrong direction, but I decided to enjoy it because it angered Purdue fans.
  8. MSU Loses, So the Big Ten is Bad?

    I did about a year ago when this came up, on a different site. You couldn't refute anything I wrote, so your response mirrored your last two sentences. I'm not going to predict a massive downfall, but I guarantee no Purdue fan thought they would drop as far as they did post-Robbie Hummell. And just about every Purdue fan said the same things you're saying now.
  9. MSU Loses, So the Big Ten is Bad?

    The Big Ten stinks right now. OSU, IU and Illinois are rebuilding with new coaches (though the Buckeyes are ahead of schedule), Wisconsin is a shell of what they were, and to be honest, their days as a contender might be over; Minnesota and Northwestern have underachieved, while Michigan and Maryland have dropped off a bit in recent years too. I'm not sure about Illinois, but I think IU and OSU are definitely set up pretty well moving forward. Our resurgence will be part of the league's next natural up-cycle that will send Purdue back to around fifth/sixth place in the coming years, which is where they would normally reside when the league is strong.
  10. Purdue

    You could always find a Purdue board to spread your Purdue fandom instead of regularly reminding us how good they are while our team struggles.
  11. Purdue

    The year for what? You sure seem pretty pumped about their recent success.
  12. 2018 IU Football Schedule( subject to change?)

    Are we actually going to play Purdue next year, or is that game going to be called off once God (a.k.a. Jeff Brohm) enters the stadium?
  13. 2017 College Football Thread.

    Lol, it's in another thread. He was on this board at 2:30 in the morning getting hot and bothered by my opinion like always.
  14. 2018 IU Football Schedule( subject to change?)

    Yeah, I'm gonna say that's false. You can't do much beyond walking with a torn ACL, and there's a very high risk of causing further damage to the knee by trying to play through it. Finishing a game after tearing it is one thing, but there's no way he played through that for 3 games spanning over a month. He probably tore his meniscus and they said ACL to make it out to be more heroic.
  15. 2018 IU Football Schedule( subject to change?)

    Gee, imagine that. A season full of lucky breaks ending with another one.