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  1. I'm glad he didn't. I hope he stays the hell away from our program and never comes back. The guy always acted like it was a bother to be here and never seemed happy or grateful for the chance we gave him.
  2. I know when a game is starting to get out of hand, they have to try and keep viewers interested, but at halftime, you would have thought Gonzaga was up by 10 instead of down by 10. They acted like being down 10 at the half was some kind of accomplishment.
  3. The funniest thing to me in all of this, after watching Baylor wax an unbeaten Gonzaga team, is that there are people, living, breathing, fully functioning people, who thought Purdue could beat Baylor in a Sweet 16 matchup that ended up coming nowhere close to even happening.
  4. I've always felt refs know how many fouls key players have. These refs know Suggs has two, and none of them want to be the guy that calls #3 in the first half.
  5. Very tragic, but I think it's ridiculous they're trying to contact trace anyone who may have been near him. Just seems like an overreaction and a waste of time.
  6. I'd love to know why this rule exists and why anyone would think it's a good rule.
  7. Arizona just beat UConn 69-59. Wow.
  8. Well, my county has joined Blackford as the only orange counties in the state this week. Naturally, the town council voted to do away with masks in all businesses.
  9. How long has he been there? Milehiiu (R.I.P.) had a source who worked in the athletic department, would tell him what recruits were going to commit and when, and was never wrong with any of them. Occasionally mile would share some of those tidbits with me. It's a shame he's gone now. I wonder if that was his source.
  10. Iowa State had them beat and gagged it away in the last 20 seconds. Obviously means nothing if we don't beat NC State, though.
  11. I noticed Blackford county is the only orange county this week. They were blue a couple weeks ago. I have to think it's because of Blackford basketball fans attending the regional and semi-state games.
  12. I'm actually finding it a bit refreshing not having a coach, temporarily. Arguing why Tom Crean and Archie Miller needed to go takes its toll after awhile, I guess.
  13. Pretty sure we've had players leave during the summer months, so I'd guess no.
  14. Always check the number of followers on a Twitter account. Pretty clear someone just created this recently.
  15. Shorthanded Villanova working North Texas. I think this makes it even more obvious Purdue was seeded too high.
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