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  1. The funny thing is, I bet you don't disagree with me. Reality sucks sometimes.
  2. I personally wouldn't have minded a big season last year with tournament games that our lottery pick would have actually chosen to play in, even if it meant a small step back this season, but that's just me. This season was only considered an improvement because last year was such an epic failure.
  3. If men's basketball ever gets back to being successful again, Dolson's name will rarely be mentioned. Fred Glass took as much heat as he did because the men's basketball program was an abject failure for much of his tenure. His legacy will mostly be remembered as unnecessarily extending Crean in 2012, which played a part in his decision to not fire him in 2015, then declining to host an NIT game and using spring break as an excuse. If men's basketball wins, Dolson wins. It's that simple.
  4. Went back and watched some games from the Zeller teams. Even the UK loss in the tourney, our offense looked light years better than what we've seen recently. It was actually quite staggering.
  5. This team is incapable of blowing anyone out. Just not in their nature.
  6. Nebraska hasn't even tried guarding him tonight.
  7. Lol, we give up 8-0 runs all the time and Archie doesn't bat an eye. We start the second half with a 6-2 run and he calls timeout. Ok...
  8. And there's the textbook foul on Deron Davis that no one could see except the official who was 30 feet away from the play.
  9. I thought the same thing a year ago at this time. And I'll probably be thinking the same thing a year from now. It's a broken program and Archie's not fixing it.
  10. Archie Miller's 3rd season and we're getting out-worked by the last place team in a game we really need to win. But it's idiotic to think he's anywhere near the hot seat, right?
  11. No, it won't. Archie Miller has racked up some ugly, embarrassing losses in his time at IU, and this would most definitely add to the list. People haven't forgotten the blowouts to ISU and IPFW, losing at Illinois when they were 0-9 in conference, losing to Rutgers in the BTT when they were the 14 seed...the list goes on, and would include this game, should we lose it. This fanbase doesn't forget bad losses. People haven't forgotten that Texas Pan-American beat us in 1980, for crying out loud.
  12. He may not be coaching for his job, but his next 8 months won't be fun if he loses this game.
  13. Chatman from Michigan 4 years ago (he traveled on the game-winning shot).
  14. I remember watching that game as a 10 year old and wondering how we could be getting worked by a team with such a funny name.
  15. LOL, Seth Davis still thinks Purdue deserves a bid. Amazing.
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