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  1. Disagree. If you have an underlying condition for a long time and live with it, then get Covid and die, then Covid finished you off. My grandma smoked for over 60 years and died after a mistake in the manufacturing of the blood thinner she was on. My family and I spent the next 5 years following up on a class action lawsuit against the company that made the medicine. We didn't blame her death on cigarettes.
  2. Rondale Moore just announced he's sitting out this season to prepare for the NFL Draft.
  3. Wow. Only took him 4 minutes. Impressive, especially without a notification.
  4. Purdue fans in 2013: We finished 9th this year. Doubt we do the same/worse next year. (Purdue finishes last in 2014) Purdue fans in 2014: Doubt we do worse next year.
  5. With Garza back, I wonder how many coaches are going to use "negative recruiting" against McCaffery for not getting Garza to the pros sooner. I bet that's going to keep McCaffery up at night, wondering how he fights that perception. DWS
  6. Either on this site or BtownBanners, there is a poster who could tell stories for days about how Shoulders has spent the last 20 years royally f*cking our basketball program. He's the last remaining member of the "Revenge of the Nerds" clan that was responsible for getting rid of Knight. He approved the hiring of Adam Herbert, which led to the hiring of Sampson. He's had a hand in countless other bad decisions that have plagued our program. He needed to be gone 20 years ago, if not sooner.
  7. I already knew that. He was going to be done this year, but thanks to Covid, he's here awhile longer.
  8. It would be of great interest to me if he got the hell away from IU and never came back.
  9. Bullsh*t. Not sure what's so "small time" about a preseason top 10 ranking, which is a hell of a lot more important for Underwood than someone's perception of a player's NBA potential. Not to mention a lot higher than we'll start out.
  10. This is what I hate about Indiana, along with all the hillbillies Kentucky didn't have room for.
  11. I prefer this type of game as opposed to someone like Houston Baptist, Grand Canyon or Mississippi Valley State. Those games serve no purpose other than padding stats and dragging down our schedule ranking.
  12. Any idea why Southern Wells was dropped? I know that's not the type of game that would really jump out at anybody, but I noticed Blackford and Southern Wells aren't playing in football this year either. Just thought it was odd for that to happen in both sports at the same time. I know Blackford doesn't like that Southern Wells has poached some kids out of Montpelier in recent years.
  13. Deleted: please help us out. That was blatantly political -blue
  14. They were so tired from counting that high they needed to rest a bit today? Three-digit numbers are big to Kentuckians.
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