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  1. Am I the only one who still can't get over home teams wearing dark uniforms?
  2. In one of the basketball threads, a few posters mentioned repeatedly having dreams that they're in school again and either can't find the classroom or don't know what's going on. Last night, I had a dream I was in 7th grade again and had just remembered a research paper that was due the next day. The teacher had assigned it a month ago and never mentioned it again. I didn't have a prayer of finishing it in one day and hoped it wouldn't wreck my grade. The next day in class, just two minutes before the bell, the teacher asked everyone to turn in the paper that was assigned last month. Everyone produced lengthy typed stacks of papers except me. I quickly left the room and went to my locker, which wouldn't open because I couldn't remember the combination. I somehow got it open, only to find the stuff inside wasn't mine. It was lunch time, so I went to the lunch room and thought it was strange that there was no line. The dream finally ended there. What are some of the strangest, scariest or craziest dreams you've had?
  3. I wonder if Hunter needs any help removing himself from the portal? He sure was in there long enough.
  4. So apparently there were a few tornadoes elsewhere in the state yesterday. Where I live, we haven't had a tornado warning in over 5 years now. I feel like as a kid, a tornado warning with the sirens going off happened about once or twice a year on average, even though it always ended up being no different than any other storm. Now we go years at a time without having one. I sure do miss the adrenaline rush of hearing the sirens and trying to watch the storm roll in while my mom yelled at me to get in the basement, while my dad half-heartedly agreed with her while also trying to watch with me.
  5. Whenever I see stuff like this, it reminds me of all the "true fans" who tell people to go root for a different team if they don't think the coach is doing a good job.
  6. A family in my community had a "Special Needs Child" sign stolen from their neighborhood. They have a special needs child and wanted anyone driving through the area to be aware of that if they saw children out playing. I wonder what the thief did with the sign? Maybe he/she just wanted it for their own special needs child? 😔
  7. In the pre-division era of Big Ten football, there were years we didn't play MSU. Each team had two protected rivals. Ours were Purdue and Illinois. If we get different protected rivals this time around, it will likely be due to there being more teams in the league now.
  8. Purdue and Illinois as protected rivals would make the most sense, geographically speaking. Watch the Big Ten giggle and give us Michigan and OSU instead.
  9. I might have given the NBA playoffs a look this year if the Finals had given us something new or unusual, like Phoenix or Memphis playing for a title. Instead, Golden State is going to be there again. Yawn.
  10. We can thank the Padres for selling the farm this past offseason.
  11. I'm curious if there's a minor league baseball team with a worse offense than the Fort Wayne Tincaps. They got shut out for the 10th time this season today.
  12. I used to go to one in Fort Wayne that was near where my grandma lived. About 5 years ago, she had to be moved to a care facility and I've only been there like twice since then. The last time I was there, it was a mess. 4 p.m. on a Tuesday and I had to wait almost an hour for a carryout order. Then when they finally had my order ready, it was wrong, so I spent another 20 minutes waiting for them to fix it.
  13. Perhaps even more annoying is when the only cashier working has 8 people lined up and the Walmart manager claims the lack of cashiers is because they're under-staffed...meanwhile, 3 employees are standing behind the customer service desk all staring at their phones.
  14. Is Purdue trying to cheat their way in? They won't take the tarp off their field even though there's no rain within 3 counties of West Lafayette. If my math is correct they'd finish 8th if they don't play today.
  15. I have 2-3 dreams each week that I'm back in school, a huge project/essay that was assigned weeks ago is due in a few days and I haven't even started. I've been out of school for a decade now.
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