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  1. My high school used to have a coach who did this many years ago. He claimed it was to reiterate to his players that they had done something well. He took a lot of heat for doing it when we were playing in a heated rivalry game and had just scored to go up by 10 late in the third. We ended up scoring 6 points the rest of the game and losing by 2.
  2. OSU made 11 shots inside the arc in the first half. They only made 6 the entire game against Purdue the other night.
  3. lol I've been joking for awhile now that the AP is trying to rank as many Big Ten teams as possible before us. I think Maryland, Penn State, Purdue and Nebraska are the only others who haven't cracked the top 25 yet. Maryland is probably on their radar after their win today.
  4. FSU is up 30 on Clemson in the second half. I can't figure out why Clemson is ranked.
  5. Thought we were saving him for next year as a way to try and prop up our feeble '21 recruiting class. At least, that's how I interpreted all the nonsense about needing to "get him into game shape."
  6. There's a better chance that Calipari retires this spring than ever coaching here.
  7. If you're going to start with a timeframe that begins with firing Knight, I'll go a step further and make the numbers say what I want them to say: we've had 5 coaches in the last 50 years, which averages out to firing a coach every 10 years.
  8. Not trying to single you out with this post, but I'm getting really sick of the narrative I've seen popping up in various IU forums that we change coaches too often. Archie Miller has had a full recruiting cycle and Crean got almost a whole decade. We're in this mess because we keep bad coaches too long, not because we change coaches too often.
  9. That would explain how there was no one within 10 feet of him when he shot it.
  10. I think everyone knew Stefanovic was going to get it at the top of the key except the five OSU players.
  11. How do you not know the shot clock is about to expire when there are less than 2 minutes left in the game?
  12. Purdue really taking it to OSU right now. I think they're gonna win this.
  13. No, the and-1 he just got on an everyday drive to the hoop and the and-1 from the foul line where he wasn't touched.
  14. Never thought I'd see Sasha Stefanovic getting star calls.
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