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  1. They really weren't that good this year until something that had about a 1% chance of happening miraculously happened over the last few weeks. This is why I laugh at people who say "you can't fire the coach when he just won such and such." Of course you can.
  2. Fans of private schools humble-bragging are among the most annoying type of person I've encountered on the Internet. (No one here has done that, but it's why I like to rag on private schools.)
  3. I've noticed this for years. I've never quite figured out if it's because defenses are just worn out by that stage of the game, offenses just stay on the field longer because they have 4 chances to get a first down instead of 3, or if offenses are just making plays. Then you have the timely pass interference calls that always seem to come when certain QB's need them.
  4. Among other things, the Colts need a new kicker. Blankenship just isn't good enough.
  5. Season's done if the Colts blow this game. You just can't keep leaving points on the field like they do every week and expect to survive in this league.
  6. Does anyone on this defense actually know how to cover a receiver?
  7. It would still be a 2 score game if Blankenship hadn't missed that PAT earlier.
  8. I hate that a 43 yard field goal attempt is considered "an adventure" for an NFL kicker.
  9. The Colts have to be leading the NFL in red zone possessions resulting in no points.
  10. I wonder if they added a second exhibition game so he'd be back sooner? Crean did that one year when like half the team got suspended for failed drug tests over the summer so he'd have everyone back in the lineup for that big-time showdown with top 25 SMU.
  11. Oh, I've never tried to post. I gave up trying to register after 3 attempts and hearing nothing from the administrators. Might need to break out the WD-40. That sh*t can fix anything.
  12. Working now. Looks like they found some bubble gum and duct tape to patch up the leaks.
  13. I think pitch counts and passes thrown less than 5 yards are the bane of Scott's existence.
  14. It's always fun when you're in line at the McDonald's drive thru, you see a grumpy old man in front of you hand back the food he was given, then you realize they gave him your food by mistake. Including a straw when I ordered oatmeal was a nice touch as well.
  15. Remember when the Colts lost to the Jags to open last season? The Jags still haven't won since then.
  16. There's nothing embarrassing about beating the #4 team in the country, regardless of their QB status. Can't believe how much some of you are sh*tting on Iowa. I know we have a PSU fan in here, but damn.
  17. ESPN already gushing about how the Buckeyes are back. Amazing what beating up on Maryland and Rutgers will do.
  18. IU fan guide to next week's game, pending MSU's result today: A) MSU wins: "Oh no! They're unbeaten and ranked in the top 10! We're screwed!" B) MSU loses: "Oh no! They're coming off a loss, which means they'll be pissed! We're screwed!"
  19. I'm not sure what's been in the water in Adams County the last few years, but Adams Central and South Adams have had phenomenal talent for 1A schools. South Adams has still had a pretty good year after graduating a once every generation type of class. A lot of 1A schools would struggle mightily after losing as much talent as they did, yet they're 6-2 this season and still putting up impressive numbers. Adams Central is just incredible. Saw it firsthand tonight as they trounced my alma mater 56-0. Just amazing speed and athleticism for a 1A team. They fly all over the field and just drill people. We had a receiver get the wind knocked out of him after catching a pass when he got hit from behind. The kid who hit him was listed at 5'6", 135. No idea what these kids do to become this good, but I sure wish we could do it here.
  20. Call me when MLB starts giving out trophies for consistency.
  21. I guess that's one way to look at it. Another way is that even though the Cardinals played .800 ball over the last month, they won the same number of playoff games as the Arizona Diamondbacks.
  22. And just like that, the Cardinals' winning streak is nothing but an answer to a trivia question.
  23. I think we'd be ranked around 10-12. If we had beaten Iowa and Penn State (lol, that felt silly to type), they wouldn't be anywhere near the top 5 because a loss to IU is still considered a bad loss to some of the people who do these rankings. I just don't think they'd feel comfortable ranking us any higher. I mean, we got up to what, #12 last year, and people were acting like the sun was rising in the southwest. Ok, back to present day IU football and hoping we don't see a run up the middle on first down.
  24. "No Fun League" is trending on Twitter. Apparently someone on the Raiders spiked the ball and got flagged for taunting. It's just amazing how football officials are being trained to over-think, over-analyze and try to see things that aren't there.
  25. I'm hoping that the Big Ten will add a couple teams from the Big 12 when it finally kicks the bucket and Purdue will get moved into the East with us.
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