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  1. Been a bit of a shortage lately (like everything else in our lives), but it's on the way back. Skipped the second half today and didn't feel bad about it.
  2. No idea how the Rams still managed to win, but a Super Bowl without Tom Brady will be almost as refreshing as finally beating Purdue again.
  3. I mean, I guess if you play 20+ years you're bound to get some crazy breaks here and there, but this is just silly.
  4. You literally cannot script this. Rams fumble on their own 30 yard line with 2:25 to play. Incredible.
  5. LMAO, Brady's golden horseshoe just pulsed again. LA ends the half by fumbling on the 1-yard line. Not disputing his greatness by any means, but this guy has gotten some ridiculously good breaks throughout his career.
  6. When I finally found something that wasn't behind a paywall, it said Ivey has a hip flexor, and he injured it before the IU game. That means he'd probably be playing if they absolutely needed him, and Northwestern at home was the perfect opportunity to rest him.
  7. Well, Iowa under Fran McCaffery probably isn't too far off.
  8. Really hoping we can finally win at Maryland this year. They aren't good and their crowds have been pitiful.
  9. It was kind of cute last March when he said he packed a suitcase with a month's worth of clothes for the tournament and then proceeded to lose the first game.
  10. It was 2,161 days since we had last beaten Purdue. By Sunday, it will have been 2,182 days since we've beaten Michigan. It's amazing how Purdue gets one-upped somehow on literally everything.
  11. Quoting myself because my instinct was right on the money. Holmes had knee surgery and is expected to be out at least a month, possibly the rest of the season.
  12. The -15 line was from the football game. It amazes me how so many people on the Internet can't read.
  13. Breaking news: Indiana has cancelled snow this year:
  14. You don't live in Indiana, right? Winter lasts until April around here lately. We had some freezing rain yesterday, not a ton, but enough to make driving a little bit difficult. Schools were in session in spite of the weather. Today, roads are clear, no rain or snow, but everything was closed. I have a feeling the administrators got an earful from some over-protective parents yesterday and gave them today off to make up for it.
  15. If Ivey is available when the Pacers pick, it's a pretty safe bet they'd take him. They were last in the league in attendance last I checked and drafting a local player might get some Purdue fans back in the arena.
  16. It's a knee injury. No structural damage, but I'm a bit concerned that there's no timetable for her return. I hate it when people are vague and cryptic when it comes to injuries.
  17. I kept waiting for us to give up the lead. The good news is we didn't, but we didn't exactly finish strong either. The last 5 years have made it really tough to "enjoy" a game where we're never up by more than 10, the officials are calling too many fouls and our guards keep throwing it away down the stretch.
  18. Hoosiertildeath. Thought about him yesterday after the women's game.
  19. 6 turnovers in the last 6 minutes, 5 of them from our guards. Glad the mental block of winning a road game is gone, but I still have a hard time seeing this team in the tourney. Our guard play just stinks.
  20. Classic Big Ten officiating. Even Nebraska gets home cooking in this league.
  21. He's been in the 5-8 range all season, depending on the site. Some of them have him going to the Pacers.
  22. Not sure I've ever seen a team shooting one and one's with under a minute left in double OT. But I always forget Purdue has their own version of defense that Big Ten refs are used to seeing.
  23. What do you mean? I wasn't trying to take a shot at the men's program, if that's how you interpreted it. We've won 9 of the last 10 against Purdue, and many of the previous 8 were games that weren't particularly close or carried much significance. We were missing our leading scorer and starting point guard, who account for nearly 30 points per game for us. Throw in Ali Patberg having a terrible game, in a fairly hostile environment, down by 8 with 3 minutes left, and this was a gutsy win. This also could have been a huge, program-changing win for Purdue and we stole it from them. This is the kind of game you win when your program has a strong culture, something I've been craving to see from the men's program for years, but by no means was I trying to take a swipe at them.
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