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  1. Pujols going back to St. Louis for his final season and actually hitting again is the most St. Louis Cardinals thing ever.
  2. I always thought it was oddly coincidental how MLB expanded the playoffs immediately following the Red Sox going 7-20 in the month of September and missing the playoffs in 2011. While we're on the subject of collapsing, the Tigers being 3 games up on the Twins with 4 to play in 2009 and losing a tiebreaker game a few days later is one that still bugs me when I think about it. God, I hated those Twins teams in the 2000's. They'd do nothing for 4 months, then go berserk after the trade deadline and steal a division title just to get swept in the playoffs.
  3. Are you being serious? The Yankees are 11-22 in their last 33 games. Not good, but they were 61-23 before that. That pace wasn't sustainable for an entire season. They probably aren't as good as their first 84 games but not as bad as their last 33. If they played at a .333 pace the rest of the way, they'd finish with 87 wins. More likely, they'll finish somewhere in the low to mid-90's. The Rays would have to play at a .750 pace to catch them, and that's just for the division. Zero chance all of the wild card teams pass them too.
  4. I know sketchy when I see it. These people had the vibe of the older boy having to go to Kindergarten Countdown this summer, the teachers telling mom that she should probably try and do this thing called "reading" to him every so often, and suggested she go to this place called the li-berry to check out some books. A thousand books before kindergarten probably wasn't happening for this little tyke, but they may have had enough time to make a run at 10 or so. Sorry, my community's literacy rate (or lack thereof) pisses me off sometimes.
  5. Flipping his hair? So he's the Matt Haarms of pitchers? As far as Human Rain Delay, that title belongs to Rafael Betancourt, who pitched for the Indians back in the 2000's. Dude was the slowest pitcher I've ever seen.
  6. A few weeks ago, I held a door at the library for a woman who was carrying a baby and had two small boys behind her. She never even acknowledged me, but made sure to tell the dawdling boys 3 times to stay with her.
  7. I found a Reddit discussion from a year ago where someone posted a screenshot of the AL Central leading White Sox having a 1% chance to make the playoffs, the last place Royals having a 6.5% chance, and the three teams between them all at 0%.
  8. I have no idea how they calculate these, but I would imagine remaining schedule is probably the biggest factor. In this case, a number that low means someone probably screwed up the calculation.
  9. "They say all good things must come to an end." "What's that got to do with this game?"
  10. This has recently become a much bigger pet peeve for me, and I'm not sure why: preseason rankings and all the banter and bickering that comes with them. I've purposely avoided looking at any college football polls or articles talking about them. Recently, MaxPreps published a ranking of what it feels are the top 25 teams in Indiana. My social media world is now full of people crapping their pants about how northeast Indiana didn't have a single team on the list, how their team doesn't get the respect it deserves, etc. It's just gotten annoying and tiresome. I have a pretty good idea of which teams will be good and which teams won't be; I don't need to see multi-page threads or comment sections a mile long full of people arguing about everything under the sun to try and prove a meaningless point concerning a number (or lack thereof) next to their team's name. And also, it's freaking MaxPreps. They still have dudes in their 20's listed on high school rosters.
  11. Don't tell Chris Ilitch, please. It's always good to know that a fired GM may have blown two #1 picks on ineffective players, especially with #1 picks no longer being guaranteed due to the newly implemented draft lottery.
  12. Ok, I just looked at the rest of the article. Brian Waddell is one of the "impact" freshmen? Did I miss something? He only had 3 other offers besides Purdue and they were all mid-majors.
  13. He couldn't get off the bench on a bad Utah team last season. This is his 4th school in 5 years. Rothstein either thinks Painter is a sorcerer, or is drinking some serious gold and black koolaid if he thinks that starting lineup out-performs a lineup that had an NBA lottery pick and two other seniors in it.
  14. Meanwhile, the Tigers fired GM Al Avila today. Good riddance.
  15. It's been kind of amusing watching Yankees fans deal with the existential crisis of going from 40 games over .500 to just 30 games over, and seeing their lead over second place in the AL East dwindle down to single digits. The Mets now have a better record than them, too.
  16. The AL Central has to be the least exciting 3 team race I've ever seen.
  17. Can't wait to see the scorecard for the home plate umpire from the Cardinals-Yankees game today. I think somebody had a little too much fun last night.
  18. 10 days without rain again. Brown grass and cracked dirt making a comeback.
  19. Calipari wants so badly to be remembered as a pioneer who helped turn college basketball into an NBA farm system.
  20. I'm probably going to pull for the teams who have never won a World Series (Rays, Padres, Brewers and Mariners). Those are four of the six who have never won it all (Rangers and Rockies are the other two). The Mariners are the only team to never win a pennant. As a fan of the Fort Wayne Tincaps, for years I've wanted them to change affiliations like the other teams in the league do every so often. But for more than 25 years, the Tincaps have let the Padres fast-track players through their farm system, usually leaving Fort Wayne with a poor roster. The Padres threw them a bone in 2009 and gave them a loaded team when they had a new stadium, but most of the time it's been promote, promote, promote anytime a guy gets hot for a week. But I wouldn't mind seeing the Padres win it all, because I like seeing small fanbases get rewarded for their loyalty. Unfortunately for them and the others I mentioned, this isn't a good year to be a team not named the Dodgers, Yankees or Astros.
  21. It just blows my mind that coaches are still letting him do this after a whole decade. I know Gonzaga really needs the non-con schedule boost, but seriously. When Utah did this "home and not your home" shindig with them several years ago, Utah's coach acted like he was completely at Calipari's mercy when it came to deciding where the games would be played. When are coaches finally going to grow a backbone and stop letting him throw his weight around?
  22. If I'm Gonzaga, I tell them they agreed to this, they need to play the game at Gonzaga. Let Calipari squirm and try to talk his way out of it. It's honestly amazing what this guy gets away with.
  23. The dry weather is starting to get annoying again. No rain for the past week. Huge line of storms in north central Indiana this evening completely vanished when it reached I-69.
  24. The Brewers really like blowing 3-0 leads.
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