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  1. The way it was said Creighton would be considered a heavy favorite. I don’t think anyone could take it any other way. Never know it’s recruiting but I would start to wonder who else we could get. I was really hoping for Miller after TK so sucks for sure.
  2. Peegs site. Iu has a zoom call this week. Was hoping for a visits gets a zoom call instead.
  3. Sounds like a decision Wednesday. And Creighton the heavy favorite. Woof this hurts especially after missing TK. I hope we can get Aminu. If not this class has been a big disappointment. I figured we’d get Miller after TK went to Purdue.
  4. What awful news to stumble across. Condolences to his family. Wow. CC you will be missed. I don’t post as much as I would like anymore as life happens and the kids keep me busy, but this place still holds a special place in my heart as I basically grew up on this board in its different manifestations over the years. This group is as close to a family as any sports message board I have ever witnessed. A great group of people. CC and the gang have a lot to be proud of for what has been built here.
  5. It was on Peegs. I’d say this one is over.
  6. Yeah suddenly tides are turning on multiple sites. Interesting. I have to think it was Purdue putting out fake signals because I doubt Trey was going to PU the last couple days and then switched to IU. I think he’s known where for a week.
  7. Peegs is still at a 6 which is what he put in in May. The crystal ball is 100 percent IU maybe that’s what they were seeing.
  8. Football will be back mid October. There’s too much smoke here with a vote coming today or in the next couple. I think mid-October we will be watching Penix spin it.
  9. Not trying to be argumentative but it wasn’t hearsay like someone heard that he had said it. He flat out said it publicly in at least one interview. I agree obviously we should trust Archie, just imo I wouldn’t take him.
  10. Maybe I'm in the minority but I wouldn't want Wesley even if he wanted to commit....seems to want attention/seems a bit dramatic and doesn't have a good jumpshot. Sounds eerily familiar to past experiences.....pass. Would love Mohammed though.
  11. Sark is correct. TJD would get eaten up right now in the NBA. They would force him to use his right hand and shoot outside 10 feet. Morgan could use either hand near the basket and shoot farther out. I would agree TJD is a good college basketball player, but right now he has alot of things going against him to make it in the NBA if he left today. He needs to improve those two things especially.
  12. Logan Duncomb commitment is definitely a help here
  13. Me too! Really hoping my alma mater can win their first game and get their shot at Shenandoah
  14. Basically took everyone but Denison and left without a word. Apparently a couple people are saying the players showed up to lifting with it being a ghost town and nobody but Danny Friend there to help out. Took all their stuff and bolted never addressing the team or talking to anyone. Look at CTA’s twitter this morning. For him to post that after all of this happening should tell us something. https://mobile.twitter.com/CoachAllenIU/status/1235904285147377664
  15. Dave Ballou doesn’t come out looking very good in this from what I’ve read from some other places. Yikes. Quite frankly a d*** move on his part and if this is who he was then we don’t want him here anyway. I’d say we will be looking at a whole new strength staff within the next week. (Doubt Danison gets it)
  16. I’m no professional on this but possibly because tackles make more money correct? Someone with more knowledge chime in. I mean that would be one reason. I think Coy has just always played tackle so he thinks he’s a tackle and thinks he can play it at the top level. But IU had Jones and Bedford they were going to go with and evidently he wanted no part of starting at guard. (Even though that’s his most likely position in the NFL if he made it) Thing is Bedford is better. Coy probably wouldn’t want to hear that but it’s the truth.
  17. Anyone stating that LEO is just a slogan that’s empty and it’s the exact opposite behind the scenes knows ZERO about the coaches, players and program in general. That’s laughable. While the James decision is puzzling I think it has quite a bit to do with a rash decision by a young kid who just lost a strength coach he was close to. As far as Cronk the kid wanted to play OT and he wouldn’t have at IU. He had a starting guard spot and didn’t want it. So it sucks but can’t do much if he wasn’t going to budge and play guard.
  18. I don’t know that it has been said publicly but apparently it’s his job if he wants it. I was a little worried when I saw that job come open. All my buddies said I was crazy but I know Ballou is so well thought of I figured it could happen. Hopefully he opts to stay home.
  19. This would hurt. I always figured he would eventually leave because he is one of the best in the business but I was hoping it would be a few more years. I guess we will see what he decides to do. Apparently the ball is in his court
  20. A Hauser Jet huh? Conference rival of my alma mater. Love the small towns. Work in Columbus, never been a fan but I prefer the small community feel so that could be why.
  21. Not that my opinion matters but from being in the school we always saw Greensburg as a rival. North obviously was too on a larger scale. My comparison would be North was our Purdue. Greensburg was our Kentucky. But we definitely saw them as our rival. In fact, Greensburg was much more hated than North. Now, Greensburg maybe never saw it that way but the South kids did. We took much more pride in beating them than ND, probably because it didn’t happen often. It will be an entertaining one this year.
  22. Not going to mourn this loss. Good luck Coach Inge. I think we can improve with the next hire
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