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  1. Yes. Can’t wait around forever and not keep tabs/offer other suitable players. You’re absolutely right!
  2. Thank you sir, ditto to you. I check this board several times daily, best there is.
  3. Vijay barely played at St. Francis in Fort Wayne...he will not make a difference on our team. Not trying to sound negative, but academics and practice will be his best contributions.
  4. Thanks for this link...I know it's LSU's article, but the word Indiana isn't even in it lol.
  5. This. We coach against him, as I’ve discussed before. Not sure if he doesn’t guard hard bc he has to stay in the game, but the 2-3 last year didn’t help his cause. 2 years to go though...and I’m a fan. Fellas handles and eyes for passing are top shelf.
  6. Proof that things change quickly, especially regarding high school kids. Your original guess was correct sir...I have a feeling CAM found out this wasn't going to go his way, and moved on? Heard anything on the Indiana boys?
  7. Guys I’m 36....was just sharing an opinion bc I’m a middle/high school teacher. I’m not saying anyone in particular, but many people want answers immediately, and I was just simply stating it’s more difficult than some think. The playing field seems to have leveled a lot in the past few years. I’m all for arch and being successful. The first game I ever watched start to finish was Syracuse in ‘87...been kinda hooked since!
  8. This generation has more opportunities for instant gratification than in the past. Likes/views on social media are instant. That's all I'm saying. I get what you're saying as well, and agree.
  9. As it should be in my opinion. Give him a cycle of his own recruits to develop and establish a system. This generation of people want instant results for everything, and it just doesn't work that way. Not gonna beat that dead horse again!
  10. Thanks for the reply. I’m guessing grades are better since he got in tt and CSU. No idea though, though worth discussing
  11. Not a world beater but serviceable in my opinion. Also I should note above, my varsity coach helped with jr all stars, we attended practice and games.
  12. Is transferring from Colorado State, immediate grad transfer...former coach recruited him slightly...has nwi roots being from east Chicago. Helped coach Indiana junior all stars a few years ago. Kid could play but struggled academically...let’s give him a look! sorry haven’t looked up stats from past season...will shortly
  13. Is he also a high volume scorer from the early 90’s? 🤪
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