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  1. Romeo Langford

    Maybe he broke it off with Self yesterday...seems respectful enough to tell him in person
  2. Trendon Watford

    Rab just posted an article on today’s visit...someone tell us what it says!
  3. Romeo Langford

    Totally agree. Gotta win a few back
  4. Romeo Langford

    We’re almost within 2 weeks! Here’s an honest question....are we ranked preseason next year if Romeo chooses the candy stripes?
  5. Armaan Franklin

    I expect him to get an offer Friday. Has he visited? I’m sure he has at some point.
  6. Romeo Langford

    7pm at new Albany high school per rab, also open to the PUBLIC... on monday 4/30 also
  7. Romeo Langford

    Yeah, this was why I mentioned it was odd timing to be doing a bunch of them at this point in his career...maybe, maybe not. Gonna be a long 19 days unless that’s incorrect too lol
  8. Romeo Langford

    I don't think a Romeo commit will hurt us with anyone, will it? Especially anyone who isn't a 2 guard. I think it could almost be Zeller-like, meaning more will come on board after he does.
  9. Romeo Langford

    This is exactly correct. If you didn’t know, then what control do you have? I’m not naive and think my guys are perfect, but wow, assistants and other personnel should be held accountable! Anywho, the floodgates are opening in Bloom, potentially anyway.
  10. Romeo Langford

    I’m a high school coach. I know college is different, and I don’t always know what my players are doing or up to. But we know everything going on within our program. I’m sure college isn’t a ton different, just saying. When it’s all said and done, Izzo will be in deep doodoo. Self? Who knows, but there’s absolutely no way, no way he didn’t know. He’s aware of everything program related, I’d almost bet the farm!
  11. Romeo Langford

    Archie is a few weeks away from like being on a “heater” at a craps table...sorry for the gambling reference...but it’s about to get wild on the recruiting scene!
  12. Romeo Langford

    I'm guessing will be somewhat quiet until after Friday's Nike Hoop Summit, correct?
  13. Romeo Langford

    I could see KBJ playing the 3-4, Watford playing the 3-4, TJD playing the 4-5 at any time, plus with others. Add one guard to that class and it's golden. Like really really golden!
  14. Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Just saw this too...rats
  15. Trayce Jackson-Davis

    I think is potentially a huge deal, as mentioned above...odd timing for an in house visit...