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  1. Tom Coverdale minus the Budweiser good? A capable shooting point guard? Who will make 37-42% of 3’s in college off the catch? I’m in.
  2. I’ve wanted him at IU since he torched us as a freshman 2 years ago. He’s good.
  3. There is absolutely no reason for him not to do this in my opinion...a free year and lots of players will do this across the country. Perfectly fine for him to weigh his options and see who we hire...at least he had the courtesy to speak with Dolson before entering.
  4. I refuse to let last week happen again, especially to myself and my mental health! Whoever it is, I´ll personally have an initial reaction, then it will be time to have their back!
  5. Thanks for replies people! That’s why I suggested “consider” porter moser. Like all of you I’m at a loss since last Thursday!
  6. Damn his teams play hard and have passion for the program! And the name!
  7. It appears we’re gearing recruiting towards the transfer portal. I have an honest question...would we ever consider asking Kyle Mangas of IWU to come play for a year? Reigning NAIA National player of the year. Would encourage you to watch his films on YouTube. if you think this is a silly path, I’m sorry 😂
  8. What is everyone’s wish? Win immediately at all costs? Developing players as they go thru a 4 year cycle? Get only Indiana kids? Recruit the east coast? Rick P likely wins soonest Beilein develops pretty well... CAM recruiting Indiana pretty well until ‘21 can we just have all 3? if Sampson hadn’t had a drug fueled program, he may still be here from 15 years ago
  9. No one under the age of 27ish knows jack squat in regards to steve Alford and IU. His hiring would satisfy 12% of the fan base (no offense, all over the age of 92) I love random numbers and flex days built into our school schedule 😂
  10. I´ll tell you what I´m going to do. No matter who it is (assuming it´s not CAM) I am going to give whoever gets the gig a fighting chance. Whether I like the hire or not, makes no difference at all. I cannot go into a new coach´s tenure with a sour taste. Only way to go is up... We all have our opinions on who we want it to be...will it happen? No clue. I just hope the fanbase will get behind whoever it is from day 1, and give them a chance, even when we lose a game we shouldn´t.
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