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  1. True! Prillers Twitter was vanilla prilla too
  2. I thought priller was the vanilla gorilla
  3. Jack, show him what he’s won.... bingo
  4. I think he does a solid job as an analyst. Pretty honest assessments and not a homer for anything but good hoops. That’s where I stop... if it were Alford in Btown Instead of CAM after year 3, he’d be sniffing his coin purse (sack) and praising how greatly they’ve improved over the past 3 seasons. The dude searches his own name on Twitter.
  5. Per TDH UNC offered. Invisible physics 101 perhaps?
  6. I’m intrigued by all the PG offers for this class. IF we have a season (successful) I wonder if anyone would pop early? Like this school year. PS I’m all in on Leland Walker and Braden Smith. Just a personal opinion.
  7. Perhaps BSU didn’t want him that badly? Happy for him. He will have the chance to thrive. And Florida? Slightly better winters than Indiana
  8. Also have 3 years and 2 victories. Glad to see Hartford City alive and well. Reminds me of radiator springs on cars. Bc we’ve watched it 277 times during the pandemic with our 2 year old
  9. I’d like to see numbers on how many kids stay within driving distance when committing for next season. I see a lot of high impact players staying local (hint, like a couple of our kids too!)
  10. As evidenced by recent success, no doubt!
  11. Listen...I’d take both. I’m biased towards Indiana kids. Guarantee both can play both guard spots by the time they would arrive in Bloomington. I’ve been high on walker since last summer.
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