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  1. Your opinion makes sense for sure. Romeo came with the team coming off a sub-par season. Obviously he was in-state and I get what you're saying. If we can get a couple nice players, which I think we have, maybe it paves the way for those top out of state guys to come.
  2. care to elaborate? Sorry if I missed it somewhere.
  3. And this is why TDH is a bookmark for me. Quality story as usual. I think this kid (along with Lander) really solidify the future of #iubb
  4. Yeah...just from what I’ve read and seen, Kaufman reminds me of Jared Jeffries. I think he could get to that level. Just my opinion/preference. Either one would be great, not knocking Furst at all.
  5. Not sure how alone I am in this thought...I think this kid is the biggest recruit for CAM...obviously getting Romeo was huge and what not, but this kid should be a minimum 3 year player who's upside is tremendous.
  6. This is most likely scenario in my opinion
  7. Announcing sept 14, we are not in the running
  8. This is fine. He’s got experience playing in big 10 and in coaching. God we could get the best of all time and some people would still gripe. What a time
  9. I think Furst ends up at Purdue or Michigan State. I'm willing to bet he won't be a Hoosier. Kaufmann will be a Hoosier at some point, IMO. It's attractive for good hs players to play at IU again (Leal, Galloway, Franklin, TJD, etc.) Lander will be the ultimate domino.
  10. My job as a college coach would be to put my program in the best position to win. That’s what I’m paid to do. That’s my job. Not advance people to the NBA. That’s on them. 60 people get drafted a year. Plus some undrafted free agents. Provide a work environment where one can improve their own stock.
  11. I've watched him quite a bit...not just because he's lefty, but he reminds me of Mike Conley...
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