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  1. Thanks man. Free throws hurt us all year statistically, got away with it too often.
  2. Gritty guards win games for sure. Give me Tom and Fife all day
  3. Tom was also a bruiser, a guy that would fight you in a second. Again it will come to competition level and how he grows and develops over next 2 years.
  4. Got ya. Saw Irving too, so makes sense. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if it’s us.
  5. He posted a pic of T Mac. T Mac was Kentucky bound before declaring for the draft if I’m not mistaken.
  6. We're not at risk at all. We lost in the sectional final last year
  7. Well they won a sectional and nearly beat us in the county finals and at our place without him. He was a terrific player but they definitely came together without him...and their junior class is solid. Thanks for the well wishes, we're hoping to get there too. Big test this weekend against Dakich's alma mater Andrean
  8. Alexandria beat them this year and return 4 starters next year...won’t be a walk...oak hill is moving to 3a, so that’s the likely path if I were to guess
  9. And we get them next Saturday at Lafayette Jeff!!!
  10. He set a date per rabbys twitter but I can’t see it lol
  11. We (Frankton) won sectional 40 last night.
  12. LOL at the guy in the white t shirt flipping the bird, and his buddy next to him giving a suggestive gesture to his mouth...tools.
  13. Everybody put their internet penises away! There’s no winning an online argument!
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