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  1. Right. Was just sharing. Hopefully he pops for us soon!
  2. Al. We need accountability and responsibility. Great rep for the program, hope he continues to get better, regardless of role...
  3. Nobody should be playing “travel ball” under the age of 8. I mean come on, who really cares besides the parent? PS I have a 6 year old and an almost 2 year old, I’m a 37 year old sped teacher who also coaches high school boys b-ball in central Indiana.
  4. What’s your best grill item? Mines a local seasoned pork chop with some lemon buttered asparagus!
  5. Totally agree. I was just passing along the info. The only one for us to beat here is Izzo imo but I think we’re way ahead
  6. Believe Leal had 22, saw it in a tweet forgive me but it was rab or someone connected
  7. Jim Shannon has a ton of central and southern Indiana connections. Has coached high caliber players. In my opinion, it doesn’t have to be an IU guy...kids aren’t that appealed by players who played 20+ years ago. Dak is so hellbent on it being someone like that. I’d take Fife for sure, don’t get me wrong. Or Calbert. Get someone who will be a positive difference in both strategy and recruiting.
  8. Offered by Akron and Miami OH this weekend
  9. Ahhh....so to my question...10. Lol 😂 thanks coach
  10. No, I’m asking how significant is Brian Snow putting in a crystal ball pick...? Is he usually correct and close to timing when a commit may happen? That’s what I’m asking...I don’t know?
  11. How significant is this? Scale of 1-10
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