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  1. Juwan Morgan. Wish he woulda had woody and crew for say…3 years? robert Johnson always played his ass off and had a great stroke. I love all the players mentioned in prior posts. Thomas Bryant is up there for me too
  2. I get that starting lineups matter, but who would ya'll prefer to have as the final 5, say for the last 4 minutes or so? I know it will differ on opponent, foul trouble, scoring, etc. Just curious, I think the final 5 is way more important than starting. JMO
  3. We have some serious talent. Will be fluid all season I believe who wins in practice. XJ TB/JHS can’t decide MK RT TJD bench one of above geronimo/Galloway renau banks gunn thats as deep as well go most games imo
  4. Don't be sorry....you're going to be correct
  5. Sit in a high school crowd...boys or girls...lord have mercy. I heard our own fans yelling 3 seconds while we had the ball. I can't imagine adding alcohol. I'm all for it at AH though...
  6. I’m early evening buzzing and thought I was in the wrong thread.
  7. Mike Woodson is probably training our guys like NBA players, even though 90% will never see that. A whole summer of training and working on shortcomings. On paper, we will have the talent to make it to weekend 2 in the tourney. Losing rob hurts on D, but I expect some leaps from JG, TB and others bc of my first sentence.
  8. Love love the direction this recruitment is headed
  9. I've changed my mind on this fella. There's no reason he can't be TJD with a smooth J in college. Effort won't be an issue under Woody.
  10. I'm with ya. I posted on BTB same post I put on here, and people responded to me like I'm a [email protected]$$
  11. NIL to me was players could be featured on advertisements, in commercials, or brand their own clothing, etc. They could make money off of their name, image, or likeness. I didn't see "contracts" coming, or whatever Miami gave to Pack. College basketball players are no longer "amateurs" and never will be again.
  12. Unless the officiating improves and becomes more consistent, this trend will ultimately continue
  13. I second this. Wouldn’t have agreed 2 years ago.
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