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  1. Ask him when you interview him Friday evening 😉
  2. Is how we will feel late Friday afternoon
  3. I still like where we stand. I may be wrong. Won’t be first time, nor last time. I keep going to the selected day of announcement. I just find it hard to believe he would pick PU on CAM’s birthday. I know it’s been mentioned how he may possibly know that. Personally, I just believe he does. He’s no stranger to the program since he’s been recruited for so long... takes me back to romeos announcement. The criteria that led up to it, crowd, etc. just made it scream IU. This does too. Just my opinion. If I’m wrong, oh well.
  4. As mentioned earlier, 10/30 is CAM’s birthday...what a 🎁
  5. I like our chances...a lot
  6. Yeah...I’m a shaved head fella now 😂 but I outkicked my punt coverage in the wife department! Love HSN!
  7. Actually, it has. There are folks well connected here who have shared their thoughts. IU has been in drivers seat, TK taking his time and due diligence during recruiting process. It’s a big decision. Good for him for not having a top 20 then top 18 then a top 12.
  8. Announcing a commitment on Wednesday. This thread is from May...so I doubt it’s us?
  9. Pass...might be a good player...too heavily involved guardian who sounds like he's looking for $$$. Just my opinion.
  10. Ha. I can’t type. Don’t want is what I’m gathering. Sorry for my typo!
  11. Absolutely nothing is "official" until the NLI is signed and delivered. An offer is what it is, an offer. It's not a promise. An offer can be rescinded at any time, for any reason. Like Hoosier34 mentioned above, it's typically a "mutual" decision. I think coaches also offer prospects in a given order...like for example, Trey Kaufman has a spot if he wants it. No one will overtake his scholarship offer in regards to numbers. Does that make sense? I feel like the rest of our '21 class will come together quickly after he makes his selection. Hence why I believe we don't get Wesley (and I a
  12. Get him to the Pacers! I think he'll be in Philly
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