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  1. I root for teams we lost close games to...Florida State loss not looking so bad at the moment
  2. We (Frankton) lost 46-42 to Blackford. Held Luke Brown to a career low 10 points. Too unselfish even though we played a triangle and 2 on him with 1 guy shadowing.
  3. Have you not been here very long? Our scale on the board stretches from potential national title contender to a bunch of dudes ages 24-??? on suicide watch!
  4. Sorry for everyone hating me for about 5 minutes!
  5. Win by 20 if we hit free throws. Awesome ass win
  6. We’re gonna shoot 10 more free throws this game
  7. Iowa is talented, tough, good shooters, etc. But they can't defend a damn vending machine...
  8. I´ll give you a clue, the name has 3 individual schools in it. I´m watching last night´s game for scouting purposes, and Blackford is up 45-27 in the 2nd. So they´re about to get run out of the gym again for the 2nd straight year?
  9. 38 here. Cool story...my dad had 4 mini season passes from 1990-2003. I’ve seen 50 or more games, and we lived 2 hours away. What I got to see and interact with is so cool to me to this day. Autographs were so awesome. Saw Calbert break all time scoring at 10 years old. Not a clue 😂
  10. Being now 2021, I often wonder how much ass coaches have to kiss in order to land someone they really want. Seems like everybody worthy has a top 5 list or in some instances top 12. With social media being so relevant, and with a lot more education being done virtually or some other non-traditional method, potential recruits and kids in general are subject to information overload. Being a high school teacher myself, I see this everyday. In terms of Archie and recruiting...man...dude could do literally little wrong the last 3 years...Romeo? check. TJD? check. Lander and a year early? check
  11. Announcing February 7. Love us here
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