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  1. Makes sense to me. I scout for our high school team on a regular basis, but don´t do a lot of in game coaching. Just suggestions here and there to head coach. It´s my role. Ostrom is fine doing his role. I believe you hit it on the head!
  2. I like the roster construction. A lot of tweener players who can fill multiple roles. I’m glad we finally have 2 viable point guard options! losing Smith hurts frontcourt defense as well as perimeter defense. Like others have mentioned, Hunter and Franklin can step up. I also think Geronimo will flourish more than people think.
  3. When people quit something, they no longer do it. Your opinion is he quit on the team. That’s fine. Most others’ are that he is graduating and pursuing other opportunities.
  4. Iubb twitter announces he’s a grad transfer
  5. I would like to know the entire Gary Harris story...all of it. Anyone willing to share? PM me if so
  6. I’ll say this...TK is no one and done. I personally think he’s a 3-4 year (earn a degree, academics) player. I don’t think UK’s pitch would be even be that impactful for a player of his mold. I doubt his goal is to get to the league as quickly as possible. Just my opinion. I’d be more wary of Louisville here.
  7. It gives every peon an opinion, myself included. I’ve never, never tweeted, messaged, or downgraded a player directly. Have I bitched about em during a game? Guilty! Part of 2020, but after reading Colin Hartmans interview on ITH, it put in perspective. since I am a teacher and high school assistant, I will improve in the future. Not that I’m bad. But I just want #iubb to be back!
  8. I like where we stand, plus with RTZ posts.
  9. Is it known if he has a commitment timetable?
  10. Well, look at Sampson’s last team. Probably the most talented team top to bottom that underachieved bc they were dumbasses off the court. Besides Gordon and DJ, they were all morons who couldn’t care less. Several pro players resided on that roster. Imagine that team with social media available today...geesh
  11. He may be a completely different personality. If he blossoms like big bro did, CAM will act as he deems necessary. Perhaps KB experience at Kentucky isn’t something the family will want to happen again? He’s what, 2023? Lotta time to go. No reason not to get in early? There’s already an established relationship there. How well it is, many or all of us may never know? Indiana kids are already starting to want to go to IU again. Couple successful campaigns will make an IU offer even sexier!
  12. Offered by Maryland today
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