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  1. We’ll win. We offer the most attractive package
  2. Virginia Tech is the only competition here
  3. Future nba player here. Love that we offered 1st. Will mean a lot down the road
  4. Does @The Daily Hoosier know something we don’t? Great interview. Always appreciate your posts
  5. I try never to judge people, especially ones I’ve never met…sorry this guy is just an ass. Like an entire one.
  6. He's ranked 62nd in most recent mock I saw. Nowhere to go but up, but he's a long, long way from being a lottery pick. A lot can change that this season though! I'm anxious to see how the NIL gives guys opportunities who are borderline draft picks.
  7. Let’s hope for 3 cancellations and 3 thanks but no thanks. This coaching staff could sell me snow in February for crying out loud
  8. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/watch-four-star-cg-jalen-hood-schifino-to-make-college-commitment-live-tuesday-on-cbs-sports-hq/ top of page. Cheers
  9. In this heat? It's hotter than 2 mice banging in a wool sock outside. Kudos to you sir
  10. or Evan Eschmeyer at NW. Dudes are still there I think
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