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  1. Come on guys! You know exactly what to expect from HTD. It puts a big smile on my face everytime he posts. The exclamation marks, the punctuation, the capitalizations...and of course the unbelievably fun name calling. He is a character and the world doesn't have enough of them. Enjoy him while he is still here.
  2. I have done that out here...or they have asked me to find another bar that has BTN.
  3. That was me.😄 I was using reverse psychology. Good win and glad they won.
  4. I think I had a part of this win. I stopped watching when we were down by 8.
  5. Ok. I couldn't leave. But I'm not watching. Did me leaving unjinx us?
  6. *sigh* down by 8 already. I was hoping for so much more this year. I think I'll go clean the garage. Sorry for the pessimism. I hope they can pull out a win.
  7. I absolutely love them. They are Goofy and think they are big but they don't yip.
  8. It's called Aleve. I think I'll need 2 in the 1st ten minutes.
  9. Hate to say it but my optimism meter is low. I say we lose by 15. I hope I'm wrong.
  10. Those with a long memory will remember that I had 3 dachshunds. I used one to give predictions for games, recruits,etc. He died last year at the ripe old age of 17. They are great dogs.
  11. Is she adopted? Is that why she is the smart one of the family? Sorry it was just too easy.😀
  12. I need to get off here before I let out a stream of curses that will burn pixels off of our phones.
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