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  1. Colonialcrester

    Nebraska Postgame Thread

    welcome to the forum.
  2. Colonialcrester

    Nebraska Game Thread

    Well, the women's team is doing pretty good.
  3. Colonialcrester

    Nebraska Game Thread

    I'm worried that we are going to start hearing boos.
  4. Colonialcrester

    Nebraska Game Thread

    Man . This is disappointing. What has happened to this team?
  5. Colonialcrester

    IU @ Maryland Game Thread

    Move it on over to the post game thread. Leave the attacks here please. 🙂
  6. Colonialcrester

    IU @ Maryland Game Thread

    I haven't seen Hoosier1321 say anything bad. Don't take your frustrations out on him.
  7. Colonialcrester

    Indiana Maryland POST GAME

    Sorry. Started this 7 sconds early. People are complaining about Green or Fitzner but who else aer we going to play?
  8. Colonialcrester

    IU @ Maryland Game Thread

    You have "contributed" to this forum during 2 games and both games you have been consistently negative. Not in a constructive way. In fact, most on here consider you a troll and question if you are actually an IU fan.
  9. Colonialcrester

    IU @ Maryland Game Thread

    You got banned once and the other mods overturned it. Next time we won't.
  10. Colonialcrester

    IU @ Maryland Game Thread

    No personal attacks.
  11. Colonialcrester

    IU @ Maryland Game Thread

    this is frustrating.
  12. Colonialcrester

    Maryland Pregame Thread

    I'm not sure that "scientifically" that is long enough. 👨‍🔬