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  1. OT... Evansville Aces

    A sad day. I remember the headlines.
  2. Grant Gelon & Other Former IU players news UPDATES !!

    KIPP Schutz played professional baseball and is now an financial advisor.
  3. Grant Gelon & Other Former IU players news UPDATES !!

    Brett Finkelmeier is an orthodontist.
  4. Phinisee?

    We are in great shape moving forward even if we don't get Romeo. Phinisee is a great multi year player.
  5. Kodi

    Not anymore. They are getting harder to find.
  6. Elite 8 - IU will host MSU at 7p, Friday, December 1

    Iu wins!!!Go Hoosiers!!!
  7. Elite 8 - IU will host MSU at 7p, Friday, December 1

    Go Hoosiers!!!
  8. IUMS looks to advance past the Round of 16

    Go Hoosiers!
  9. Funny how I was thinking the same thing!
  10. Eastern Michigan Game Thread

    I'm surprised you don't know 5fouls. He is a long time prolific poster. Wife number 9 might be giving him a hard time.
  11. Eastern Michigan Game Thread

    Happy with the score. Up 5. Come out strong and get Eastern in foul trouble and that's the game.:-)
  12. Eastern Michigan Game Thread

    I was just saying to myself that the hell with it...put in Hartman. Man that makes our team harder to play against.
  13. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Thanks for being part of the site!
  14. IU 26 Rurtgers 23 !!

    IU 59- Rutgers 24