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  1. Sorry. We are kinda short handed this week. Always feel free to start one if you don't see it. 🙂
  2. Welcome to the forum! That's a heck of a first post. About time you made it over here.😉
  3. Yes! Sack cloth and ritual beatings! Human sacrifices! Total destruction of the campus. I think I heard that they are rioting in Dunn Meadow! Pitchforks and torches for all!
  4. Dang you are right. IU basketball is done. Close it down. Assembly Hall should be divided up and made into high end condos. And the kids to other universities and hell, just close the sports department down. But keep the cheerleaders. They can stay. I have never been so embarrassed by this loss of a recruit. Here is what we should do. We should cut off our hair and get a face tattoo that says IU players are losers. You go first.
  5. Almost time. It has been an up and down recruitment and emotions will run high so everyone please don't freak if he chooses those POS's south of us. Please freak if he chooses IU. Go Hoosiers!
  6. Shoot. I thought we had a chance here but we couldn't hit the side of a barn.
  7. The 3 doesn't like us though. Wide open misses.
  8. I have a little love/hate relationship with senior day. I had my first date with my wife 30 years ago today. But I have had some good things happen too.
  9. I keep pressing the pause bars but nothing happens. Must be my senior moment.
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