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  1. I thought about liking this but it just seemed that you tried a bit too hard on this one. Wish we had an "almost liked" button. :-)
  2. Someone say third- world hookers???
  3. Received an offer this week from IU. 2021 OL. Has been getting some great reviews in St. Louis. On a side note, his dad has been a long time friend and supporter of HSN. Go Hutson and go Hoosiers!
  4. Yes, I spent the last 2 weeks with my parents, left the day before he died.😒 Glad I did I spent the time. My father in law I told a while back...he had Alzheimer's and was mentally gone s long time ago.
  5. Thanks for thinking of me Mile. So people know, I am not ill and I do have a great job...3 weeks ago my father in law passed away and last week my father died. Something that we all face but we weren't planning on both passing at the same time....started a new job in the middle week. I appreciate the thoughts and suggest everyone give their Dad a hug.
  6. I worked for Japan's largest pharmaceutical company for years...Lots of good things but they could be very frustrating to work for.
  7. I am done with the ncaa's this year Total scam. Go NIT!
  8. Duke should be ashamed. NCAA should be ashamed at this crap.
  9. BS call in Duke game. Total BS. Knew it was going to happen.
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