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  1. 2018 options

    Welcome to HSN!
  2. 14&7? Wow! You're new and IMPROVED crystal ball is really working great!
  3. Caleb Furst

    Welcome to HSN! Thanks for a good post.
  4. Iowa Game Thread

    Yeah! My trick worked!
  5. Iowa Game Thread

    Can't watch the end of this game. Time to go day drinking and find out the results later...
  6. Iowa Game Thread

  7. Iowa Game Thread

    We took the foot off the pedal.
  8. Iowa Game Thread

    Great end to the half. Down by one possession and Iowa is not going to come out shooting like they did in the first half. This is our game for the taking.
  9. Iowa Game Thread

    Not looking sharp.
  10. Around the B1G/NCAA

    I can't wait until hoosiertildeath gets on the forum!!! It should be an epic rant!!!
  11. Illinios Post Game

    Ha! the post game threads just come and go!
  12. Illinois Game Thread

    Ok DJ! Start another one! :-)
  13. Illinios Post Game

    It wasn't pretty but it was a win!
  14. Illinois Game Thread

    We made this game tougher than it should have been.
  15. Illinois Game Thread

    Mine just ignores me.