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  1. Hey Drroogh! We will have to compare notes! I've been in pharma, medical device and specialty labs...from rep to national sales director...from start-ups to GSK. Recently I was the national sales director for the largest private purchaser of vaccines in the U.S. and the largest travel medicine company in the U.S. We would have weekly meetings about disease outbreaks. The company had this on their radar I believe around Christmas. Also totally agree about streamlining the FDA. I could come up with the silver bullet cure for all cancers and it would still take 7 years to get it to market with 2 10,000 patient studies and that is if I paid to have it fast tracked. The FDA does not know how to work fast.
  2. Yes, we can see when the last visit was for any member. He probably missed this one as it was on the second or third page.
  3. He was here yesterday morning. So that's a good thing.
  4. Sorry for your loss. He was well respected and known in the Hoosier community.
  5. Any of the Redbreast are excellent. Much smoother than Jameson. IMHO.
  6. Someone needs to start a post game thrrad. We are going to beat Maryland!
  7. We should probably compare that to a real game thread. 😁😁
  8. That's it! Great game Hoosiers! On to the next one!
  9. What's everyone drinking tonight? I just opened my third Jehovah's witness IPA brown rice beer. Hmmmm.
  10. Try the dideburner app. It works great if you use a Android safari system with an Apple computer. Download it from Russian app sites.
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