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  1. I love Little Kings. I special ordered them when I lived in st. Louis. People laughed until they tried them. The perfect summer beer for me...and I don't drink beer!
  2. I think I have seen this movie before. Get that big guy into foul trouble with some pump fakes or something. jeesh.
  3. This year I listened to it carefully. Lost too many people to cancer this year and it had a bit more meaning. I rather watch this than another crappy Jerod's commercial.
  4. It is nice that Archie is taking tips form HSN experts!
  5. Who dey is from the old days when they only sold Hudepol beer at the Reds and Bengals games. The vendors would yell " get your cold hudies!" Sounded like who-dees.... hence "Who dey." That's the fun fact for the day for the youngsters.😁😁
  6. We have a couple of Facebook pages like that. I think they started the #firearchiemiller page before his first game.
  7. Welcome ot the forum...be carefull with those absolutes. 🙂
  8. Yeap. It was quite the year. I was on campus and people whined how we were going to be awful and how we were wasting the talent we had. People think that everyone loved Knight but there was always a group that didn't and just like now, they came out of the woodwork with bad losses. The bottom line is that we are going to lose this year. We are going to have a another bad loss...along with some good wins. BUT we are going to lose again this year and some people will take this opportunity to start a #firearchie or #archiesucks movement. Different generation, same mentality.
  9. Texas Pan American 1980 but we still won the national championship.
  10. December 1980. We lost to Clemson and Texas Pan American. A lot of things can change from December to March. Just sayin'.
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