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  1. CoachSS is very open about his links and who he is. Sam Story...SS. He has been involved with basketball in Indiana for years. I value his opinions and insight. While no one is correct all the time, Sam has a pretty good record around here. He is an available and valuable member and I appreciate him giving us some insight. HSN has quite a few coaches that post or lurk here along with players and family members. I think they value the civil atmosphere and usually high quality debate. I think we get so used to it we forget that not everyone knows who these members actually are and their backgrounds. Coachv didn't know Sam's history so I understand his hesitancy to trust some guy on the interwebs. Coachv, I ask that you keep an open mind here and trust most people. You may be surprised at who you are disagreeing with. 🙂
  2. You've got to be kidding me. We are killing ourselves.
  3. 3 defensive interference calls. Not the way to win this.
  4. Crap call. We are going to load this because of penalties.
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