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  1. Yes it is. He offered it to me in English! $100 million dollars! I just had to send him a few thousand dollars for shipping. That sounds reasonable to me!
  2. I have been assured many times that Nigeria is a rich country. In fact just this week the honorable Mr. Jojo Kninibwe Mnbeto, the President of the Nigerian National Bank has offered me over $100 million dollars for helping him with a small matter. If he can offer me this much money just imagine how much money the native Nigerians have! And this isn't the first time I have been offered this large sum of money. The Vice President offered a larger sum last year!
  3. I am sad. For the first time ever, I went to del taco instead of taco bell. I have been eating at taco bell since 1975. I figured I have eaten at taco bell over 2000 times. Seriously. In the 1980's my favorite item was the bell burger then it got cancelled ☹️. So I went to my next favorite the big beef burrito then it got cancelled. ☹️ I then went with a chicken taco and a tostada then they got cancelled. ☹️ Then I went to the Mexican pizza and now that for cancelled.☹️ Nothing left but beef tacos so might as well try Del Taco. The new CEO is causing some waves. I hope he doesn't ru
  4. I think his name reminds me of a new fragrance from Febreeze.
  5. The story of my life. I introduce the guy to the girl and the girl forgets all about me. 😒
  6. Colors look the same on my phone...I'll look at it on my pc and see what we can do.
  7. My phone has always been a bit laggy when on HSN. Now it flies!!!!
  8. The site loads a lot faster for me is the first thing I notice.
  9. Yes, it is an upgrade. 👍 Give us some time to see what all changed and what we can do to tweak it to all of our liking.😁😁
  10. Time to check in again HTD! We are missing your enthusiasm.
  11. I met him in Bloomington during the Olympic tryouts in 1984. I still remember thinking what a big man he was! Pretty nice guy too.
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