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  1. FBI Arrests Coaches in Corruption Scandal

    Gary Parrish reporting Pitinto fired. Along with London's Daily Mail! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4926014/Louisville-FIRES-men-s-basketball-head-coach-Rick-Pitino.html
  2. FBI Arrests Coaches in Corruption Scandal

    Pitino fired. Official from numerous places.
  3. FBI Arrests Coaches in Corruption Scandal

    Welcome to the forum.
  4. FBI Arrests Coaches in Corruption Scandal

    That's the second crack you have made about the site. If you are unhappy here and do not trust the information that other provide, why are you here?
  5. FBI Arrests Coaches in Corruption Scandal

    The next tweet says Kansas has all but locked it down. :-(
  6. FBI Arrests Coaches in Corruption Scandal

    I think this is the number one reason the FBI didn't say anything to the NCAA. Leaks and incompetence.
  7. FBI Arrests Coaches in Corruption Scandal

    I don't know...lots of money involved.
  8. Article on IU tailgating

    http://www.hardwareretailing.com/10-things-didnt-expect-see-ius-tailgate/ So what is the best tailgating items you have seen?
  9. IU hosts #1 ND, Tuesday on BTN

    Go Hoosiers! This is a big one!
  10. A flash from the past...

    An article about Todd Jadlow...it looks like his life after IU didn't go as well as hoped. http://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/post-tribune/sports/ct-ptb-mike-hutton-column-st-0924-20170922-story.html
  11. Grant Gelon

    Has found a spot at Missouri State...good for him and I wish him all the luck. http://www.news-leader.com/story/sports/college/msu/2017/09/23/report-missouri-state-basketball-lands-former-indiana-hoosier/697421001/
  12. Darius Garland

    He is...they are one and the same out there.
  13. Are you banned from Dan Dakich's twitter account?

    Wait, did you say you've never paid for premium information on HSN? You get the heck outta here you cheap dog!!! GO! You're the reason HooaierHoopster has to drive a crappy Mercedes AMG 63 and not a Ferrari which he truly deserves! 😎 Poor Blue can barely buy his cousin a wedding ring! The whole moderating team feels let down. :-(
  14. OT: Some good news to share about our founder, CC.

    Hoosierfaithful and I are already talking about getting together for the games so maybe we need to activate the alumni group in Phoenix. I used to live in Phoenix and forget out there most every year so I know the valley pretty well. I am staying at the family condo in Scottsdale (Miller and McDowell) until I get a place. I think Faithful lives in downtown Phoenix. So if you don't have an IU bar then maybe we can turna bar into one!