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  1. Colonialcrester

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Sorry Jerry, I enjoy your posts but like everyone here you have the ability to not read Mile if you don't like his posts...also if you have a problem just pm him. Traditionally that is what I would do here but I want to publicly defend Mile. You knew this might not be well accepted so I'm not telling you anything you don't know.
  2. Colonialcrester

    Old T-shirt

    I got my dad the hat.
  3. Colonialcrester

    Expectations for Next Year

    Race is my under estimated player also...I think he can put in significant minutes. It may be a year too early but Phinisee is going to be a scorer. He has something to prove.
  4. Colonialcrester

    Big Bold Prediction

    THERE is TOO mucH PaRody(on this board!!!!) Let alone! In college BASKETBALL (inclUding PeeYew!) VBG!!!!!!!!! Smaall PaRodies!!! ToO!!!!! HTD Sorry I couldn't help myself.
  5. Colonialcrester

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Not enough capitalization.
  6. Colonialcrester

    18-19 Roster Depth

    Welcome to the forum! Glad that you jumped on board.
  7. Colonialcrester

    18-19 Lineup(just for fun)

    That's what I have been wondering. I have no idea how Race has been improving. I am hoping for good things from him.
  8. Colonialcrester

    Evan Fitzner Commits to IU

    Love that place. I invited them to advertise free on HSN 1.0 but it never worked out...I was hoping for some free food!
  9. Colonialcrester

    New IU Fan here.

    Welcome to the board. It is always nice to have new people sign up!
  10. Colonialcrester

    Romeo Live stream

    I'll be recovering from the dentist...so can't drink too much with Vicodin. Only 4-5 drinks.😀
  11. Colonialcrester

    Romeo Langford

    Yeap! Bought it at a gas station/ casino in South Dakota about 20 years ago! It was stuffed on a top shelf. They were hoping someone won and would buy it...here's the real kicker... I bought 2 and they gave me 10 percent off. Red bag and all! I bought 6 bottles of the 12 year old in East Dubuque Iowa for $46 a piece. They were trying to get rid of them because they wouldn't sell! That was 8-9 years ago. I have 2 left.
  12. Colonialcrester

    Romeo Langford

    The 10 year is pretty good. I have an unopened 20 year in the back that puts me in a dilemma...I bought it for $99 bucks but now that the price has gone crazy I don't want to drink it! I have a couple of 12 year van winkles that I might have to drink if we get another good pick this week.
  13. Colonialcrester

    Romeo Langford

    The Four Roses distillery has been making some good stuff the last 10 years. Good choice. I think I am going to have a glass of Eagle Rare 17 year.
  14. Colonialcrester

    Romeo Langford

    Looks like I'll have to break out one of my whiskeys. Decisions, decisions.
  15. Colonialcrester

    Romeo Langford

    I'm seeing Todd on May 27th.