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  1. I missed the announcement and am just catching up. What did he say about millions?
  2. If I remember right I think Georgia Tech was pursuing him too, but he picked Vandy and then Ga Tech settled for Pastner. I figured Tech was a better job, but Vandy had the easier conference. I wonder if he regrets that pick.
  3. I don't know that that would guarantee that the vast majority of people who would normally watch football would just flip over to it though. There are already trends of younger people being less interested in sitting down for a Saturday/Sunday afternoon to go to or watch a game. They might just do something entirely different than watch a sport in the fall. Football also overlaps a lot with basketball, hockey, and baseball. Those three could just move more into Saturday/Sunday afternoons. I don't think there are any guarantees in any direction.
  4. I don't disagree with that. I enjoy soccer quite a bit myself. I don't think it would take football's place in terms of being the most popular sport in the country. Just a guess on my part, of course, though.
  5. This. My kids aren't school age yet, but I hear stories from my friends with kids in elementary/middle school about youth coaches practically begging people to let their sons play. And U;n also in the Indy metro area where there are lots, and lots of kids who could play. If kids aren't entering the sport in their youth, it will eventually dry up. It will probably take a long time for that to happen but I think that's a realistic possibility. I think an interesting question is what replaces it if that does happen. If football loses popularity it will create a huge space for another sport. I don't think soccer will ever be popular enough itself to take that spot. Maybe baseball reclaims the America's Pass Time title.
  6. I was thinking the exact same thing when I read that.
  7. I don't know about any rules changes from the 80's to the 90's, but I think part of it was a reaction to how the game was played in the 80's as teams looked for advantages where they could get them. So, for example, when you think of a PF from the 80's you tend to think about a guy like James Worthy. He was fast, got up and down the court, and was a big time scorer, In the early 90's you saw teams counter that with players like Charles Oakley. The rules allowed a guy like Oakley to beat up on a guy like Worthy, which helped to lower scoring. It's similar, I think, to watching Tom Crean's pace heavy teams play WIsconsin. Wisconsin slows the game down, taking away that advantage we conceivably got by playing fast. That happened across the league in the 90's. Then the NBA changed a few rules, like hand checking, and put greater focus on calling fouls in the paint, and voila - PF's today are more like Worthy again and less like Oakley. That is all complete conjecture, and could be 100% wrong, but it sounds right to me.
  8. That was me! It's the only way I'll read the Star. I've been around - always more of a lurker than a poster, but I've followed the group ever since the Scout days. It can be tough when you lurk more than post. You have to look for clues when the group is moving on!
  9. To add to the 90's vs today debate, there have been rules changes that have had a huge impact on the way the game is played. Hand checking slowed Jordan down and isn't allowed today. That, along with other changes, were made to speed games up and add offense, which has made the game more popular and improved the action on the court, IMO. Jordan playing in today's game would be unstoppable. I say that as someone who despised him as a kid because I just wanted someone else, anyone else, to win.
  10. Anyone else think that Mack taking Louisville could be a sign that they won't be punished too strongly by the NCAA for FBI related stuff? It's speculation on my part, but I don't know why he would take that job if there were likely to be more significant penalties coming, even with the pay raise.
  11. And that was my first post here. Ha! I was an infrequent poster on the last HSN, and the one before, but have been around since the Scout days. Consistent lurker, I'd say.
  12. Just a heads up if you don't have an account with the Star - if you're using Google Chrome, you can open the links/articles in an "incognito" window and you'll never have to worry about hitting their cap again. In Chrome you right click on the link, and the select "open in incognito window." It works for some other pay sites too, but not all.
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