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  1. He’s probably going to Memphis....everyone seems to be headed there these days....oyyyy
  2. And Will Wade is such an honest fellow that he believed him???? Snake oil salesmen will tell you anything to get you to buy their product....
  3. John Groce was the media’s shiny new toy when Illinois hired him....we see how that worked out.
  4. Makes me ill that we are even in the same conversation as Memphis, let alone trailing them for a recruit (if the above is true).
  5. Because they all deny any knowledge of the shenanigans and the NCAA shifts focus to a water polo player at Central Desert State receiving an extra cookie at dinner. Nothing will come of any of this. See Kansas....they are basically daring the NCAA to investigate them by resigning a huge deal with Adidas...disgusting
  6. This team needs 1 or 2 lights out shooters at all times or the woes that currently befall us will continue. Archie needs to put all of his focus and energy on finding someone to fill this need and now. If he doesn’t, his tenure at IU will be a short one. I am not sure how this is continually overlooked....
  7. This is great BUT as we have learned the last 2 miserable seasons, we need shooters. Outside of maybe Franklin there is no one that fits that need....
  8. More like: “In response to the pay for play scandal at Duke, the NCAA has banned their men’s basketball program from appearing on television from April thru October 2019. Full television access will be re-instated Nov. 1, 2019 with the NCAA agreeing to reimburse the University for any media revenue lost during that time. Coach K denies any wrongdoing but feels, although extremely harsh, the punishment is manageable.”
  9. Really???? Wasn’t it you, just the other day, that posted ‘It’s Miller Time (to leave)?” Now you’re preaching patience? Color me confused....
  10. Patience? What do you call the last 19+ years? I would say this fan base has been fairly patient. The style of play, off the court issues, bonehead coaching moves, arrogant AD, etc have worn that patience really thin the last several years. I only see that getting worse if things don’t begin to get noticibly better starting next season.
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