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  1. Rock bottom coming in 20 minutes if these guys don’t find some heart at halftime
  2. Justin smith needs to go...he is a problem
  3. I think Romeo is the type of kid that doesn’t want to leave unfinished business behind. I also think he wants to have a chance to play in the NCAA tournament. Money be damned, I think he comes back with a chip on his shoulder, puts this team on his back and silences any critics/doubters that he gained this year...
  4. I think it’s IU. My opinion is that he wanted his day and he wanted it to be a surprise either way. Pushing this out as long as he has and leaking conflicting information has reinstated the uncertainty and mystery that some of these kids covet. They only do it once so go big or go home.....I think the kid is all Hoosier and has been all along. I may be way off but I woke up on the positive side of the pillow this morning....🍀
  5. One question I have had all season is....with the Athletes Archie has on this team, why doesn’t he press more? Especially when things were bogged down in the half court offense. To me, it is the equivalent of going no huddle in football...it just speeds things up. It just seems like this team was decent in transition but not very good in the half court. Injuries have a role in it I am sure.....
  6. I just rewatched it and it honestly looked like a good call to me. Wesson has stopped moving and fitzner had a foot on the ground and plowed into him after taking a step. Tough call to make but not horrible. Timing of the call is what hurts. The two I don’t get are A) the obvious intentional arm hook by Jallow on Juwan and B) the 2 guys that land on Al and then OSU gets the ball....there wasn’t a foul in there somewhere? Oyyyy
  7. If his main reason is related to being a one and done then I am very happy with his decision...we need guys that are all about playing for Indiana, not for themselves.
  8. I’m as much of a homer as the next guy but how was that a bad call? That was a dumb charge by Fitzner. Should have pulled up and dumped it off, he just went in out of control and the OSU goon made a good play
  9. Along with missed free throws, turnovers, bad defense...the usual suspects
  10. OSU wants it more which is simply disgusting.
  11. We will be a tough out in the NIT. Does Romeo play or does he sit as to not risk an injury?
  12. Romeo playing like he doesn’t want to do anything to risk injury
  13. How can a team with an NCAA berth on the line be flat? Color me confused
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