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  1. The UNC game was fools gold. We were at home, UNC was banged up and they have now lost 4 in a row. IU parlayed that win into an absolute beat down at the hands of Rutgers. Time for the leaders of this team to step up as Nebraska looks better than originally thought.
  2. Bates? I have seen more from Banks and Gunn in a small amount of time.
  3. Well, Illinois isn’t very good either. Our offense is making them look better than they are
  4. Oyyy. I thought we got a new OC. Looks like a lot of the same scheme to me
  5. The officials definitely missed Juwan Howard while he was out…IU is certainly playing like crap but Michigan is getting away with everything while IU is getting eaten up with little touch fouls. Big Ten officiating is a clown show
  6. Down 15 and walking the ball up the court tells you all you need to know about this program
  7. Man, this offense stinks. A lot of standing and 1 on 1. No difference from the Crean and Archie eras
  8. Disinterested Trayce is a killer
  9. Not sure why you take Leal out of the game there. Playing sticky defense and not turning it over.
  10. I hope CMW doesn’t make wholesale subs now that we have a lead
  11. Scott looks like a short Juwan Morgan
  12. You’re right. I thought TJD had 2, Race 1 and Johnson 1. I was wrong 😳
  13. I was wondering the same thing. Another thing that makes no sense
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