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  1. Yeah well...shoot me. Basically saying that the people putting up the money, if in fact there are any, most likely wouldn’t do so without some input on a new coach since the last two hires have been abysmal
  2. This....I bet hiring an IU guy would be criteria for the buyout money being available. If not an IU guy, at least someone with consistent, proven success, whoever that may be. All speculation but I can’t imagine someone handing over a large sum Of money without promise of an undeniable upgrade
  3. If that’s the case, maybe we should go and re-hire Kelvin Sampson
  4. I have said for 2+ years that Archie’s infatuation with Durham will lead to his demise. At most, Durham should get 6-10 minutes a game. Good guy most likely, just not a good or smart basketball player
  5. The sad thing about all of this is that we are wasting Fisch’s later years. He is so awesome to listen to and you just know this crappy basketball is taking it’s toll on him
  6. I hope but it is way too late....Lander should have played a lot more. He couldn’t have been much worse.
  7. I am in as well. Will not renew my season tickets if this circus is still in town. Will probably drop football too just because 37 is such a mess.
  8. Unbelievable really...Archie has no feel for the game. He sucks and needs to go.
  9. Archie takes out lander for no reason...ball Will stop moving
  10. Serious question....does the IU strength program screw up these guys shots? No one can shoot from the floor or line, no one !
  11. That’s an insult to the pee wee league
  12. These officials are good awful again tonight
  13. Down 16 and walking the ball up the court ! I am appalled at the ineptness of this program and coach
  14. Why take Lander out there ??? Absolutely no reason. Kid is playing well.....dumb
  15. Trayce just standing around
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