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  1. CTrojan88

    IU - Arkansas game thread

    In the spirit of the referees, these announcers blow too
  2. CTrojan88

    IU - Arkansas game thread

    I think these refs are playing to the crowd a bit as well. Man, I usually don’t complain about the officiating because we get our fair share of calls....but....these guys are really bad
  3. CTrojan88

    IU - Arkansas game thread

    How is that a damn foul?????
  4. CTrojan88

    IU - Arkansas game thread

    De’ron playing some good minutes
  5. CTrojan88

    IU - Arkansas game thread

    Our talent will eventually take this game over....
  6. CTrojan88

    IU - Arkansas game thread

    Who was that foul on? Geebus !
  7. CTrojan88

    IU - Arkansas game thread

    Are these SEC officials? They aren’t very good wherever they are from
  8. CTrojan88

    IU vs Arkansas pre-game thread

    IU 87 The Fighting Duggars 72
  9. CTrojan88

    Michigan Game Thread

    Honestly....I know the guy is hurt but how is that targeting or even a penalty? It was a physical hit but 34 just lowered his shoulder because he was going to get laid out if not.....it’s football
  10. CTrojan88

    Michigan Game Thread

    Absolutely ignorant play call. We are running it down their throat and like always, try to get cute.....
  11. CTrojan88

    Michigan Game Thread

    Here we go again....
  12. CTrojan88

    Michigan Game Thread

    I thought Tom Allen’s strength is defense.....not seeing it
  13. CTrojan88

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    The passing angles and entry passes into the post last night were excellent. If it wasn’t there, it wasn’t forced like in years past. All in all, it was so refreshing to watch good basketball being played by IU. It has been a while and certainly missed by many....any recruit with IU high on their list hopefully took notice.
  14. CTrojan88

    Rob Phinesse

    Biggest bonus is he grew up in Lafayette and came to IU....he could be the second coming of Josh Newkirk and I would still be a fan simply based on his choice to screw Purdue
  15. CTrojan88


    Hunter was not there tonight....