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  1. CTrojan88


    This x 1,000,000. Archie knows who the whiny a$$es are but yet he still plays them. If they want to be a cancer or pout because they aren’t playing or scoring as much as they think they should, then bury them on the bench. I go to every home game and I see exactly what a poster mentioned earlier: Guys disinterested, not paying attention in the huddle during timeouts, eye rolling, etc. By not addressing these distractions, Archie is making the problem worse. Outside of recruiting, Archie has not impressed me in any other area. Hopefully he will at some point but I am beginning to doubt it...the silver lining to it all may be that Fred will be asked to go too when the time comes....
  2. CTrojan88

    Thoughts on the Slow Starts?

    I have noticed, at least in games prior to Michigan, that Romeo and to some degree Morgan, tend to ease their way into the offense and not get their first shots until the 5th, 6th, etc possession of the game. In many cases, they don’t even touch the ball (on the offensive end) until then. The first shots are typically being taken by Durham or Green. Once we get down by 4-6 points or more, Romeo will finally touch the ball and no matter what, he drives to the basket or takes a step back shot in the lane. My thought is that both Romeo and Morgan need to be more assertive on the first few possessions to get us going. That doesn’t mean that they always have to take the first shot(s) but by being more assertive, it may open things up for the other three players On the floor. Maybe run some special sets, aimed at getting one of these guys an easy shot early on. Currently, I see too much dribbling and not enuf ball movement. I also would replace Al with McBob in the starting lineup. McBob’s energy at the beginning of the game could provide the spark we seem to be missing as well. No, he isn’t a scorer but he is energetic every second he is on the floor.
  3. CTrojan88

    IU at Michigan Game Thread

    What does it matter if you’re down 15-20 points. You had a chance, with the ball, to cut into the lead
  4. CTrojan88

    IU at Michigan Game Thread

    Why not call a timeout, get Romeo and Juwan back in the game and give yourself a chance to cut further into the lead? Instead, Al dribbles in circles and Moore takes a 15 ft hook shot? That’s on Archie...again. Bash me if you’d like....the guy can certainly recruit yet his in-game coaching is suspect at this point
  5. CTrojan88

    IU at Michigan Game Thread

    For accountability purposes, sure.
  6. CTrojan88

    IU at Michigan Game Thread

    Not sure what you have been watching....he is out of position constantly and when he gets beat, he just stands there and watches with no effort to recover....
  7. CTrojan88

    IU at Michigan Game Thread

    Green acts as though he is too cool to play defense, he takes ridiculous shots and turns it over at an alarming rate, yet he plays more than anyone. I get it that Phinisee is out but I would rather see Johnny Jager than Green. Like Crean before him, Archie isn’t much for holding players accountable
  8. CTrojan88

    IU at Michigan Game Thread

    Seven minutes in and Michigan hasn’t committed a foul? I call BS
  9. CTrojan88

    New OC possibilities

    The teams on list most likely pay players too.....
  10. CTrojan88

    Matthew Hurt

    Hopefully Kansas will be on probation or worse at this time next year....NCAA has no spine so I doubt it happens but it certainly should.....
  11. Kirk Haston had a great one against Michigan State too. Keith Smart’s shot won a national championship so I have to go with that one but the Wat shot is a very close second.
  12. CTrojan88

    UofL post game

    Mike Eades
  13. CTrojan88

    UofL post game

    Mead was his name or something like that
  14. CTrojan88

    Louisville Game Thread

    Al Durham stunts progress....