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  1. Keion Brooks Jr.

    Thought about this last night and found it funny. In discussing Brooks and Watford, it's ironic that I was born and raised in Fort Wayne, yet have never seen Brooks play. But, because I now live in Mountain Brook, Alabama, I get the pleasure of watching Trendon play frequently. Go figure.
  2. Keion Brooks Jr.

    It will be very rare that I have inside information on a recruit, but as of now, there is a reason Archie is not putting much effort into Trendon. We are not in the running for him. Good kid, good family, but other priorities. If I hear any different, I will share. Better to focus on an elite Indiana kid where an assistant has connections, and we can build momentum within the state.
  3. Kentucky and Purdue's Chances

    Nightmares of Mouse McFadden after that game. Wonder if he has a son;)
  4. Trendon Watford Visit

    Trendon had 26 points and 11 boards and Mountain Brook won by almost 30. Hope the relationship between he and Archie builds, and Trendon eventually becomes a Hoosier. Don't think it's there yet, but I'm an optimist, and Archie is very similar to Trendon's coach Bucky McMillan.
  5. Next Season’s Expectations

    The foundation and culture will continue to be established next year. The results will depend on the roster. Romeo, transfers, and our players transferring will play a huge role in our overall record. I hate to admit it, but the unknown/anticipation might provide the most excitement for me as an IU fan over the next few months.
  6. Trendon Watford Visit

    Trendon and Mountain Brook ended up winning handily, but it started off pretty sloppy. Trendon forced some things early and the opposition played very physical, along with constantly doubling him. (One player on the other team signed to play wr at Clemson after turning down Bama) He racked up fouls on the other team, but struggled early at the foul line. He got a couple put backs, and started to settle into the flow of the game better in the second quarter. The game was close at the half. Mountain Brook came out strong in the second half, and picked up 3 straight charges on the opposition at one point. Trendon played very unselfishly and slowly began to dominate the game on both ends. He had a couple monster dunks that got he and the crowd pumped. He finished with 22 points, probably 15-18 boards, and really controlled the paint defensively. He does tend to get pretty winded, but Mountain Brook plays aggressive full court pressure defense the entire game. Per usual, he could score 30+ points every game if he wanted, but really takes most shots within the flow of the offense. One game left Saturday for yet another state title for the Spartans.
  7. Trendon Watford Visit

    Going to watch Trendon and Mountain Brook play in the state semifinals today. Should be a really good game. I'll try to post a recap afterwards.
  8. Crean Debated Leaving Year Prior to Ouster

    Think there were actually rumors of Georgia before. We shall see. Would be fun to have him beat Cal and the kitty cats in Athens!
  9. Crean Debated Leaving Year Prior to Ouster

    Wouldn't be a bad idea for both sides. Lower expectations for Crean, and an upgrade for UGA. If he can gain any traction in Atlanta recruiting, could have some success. Wonder what Trendon and the Watfords would think of that? Doubt it would make a difference, but who knows. Either way, would increase the coaching cache of the SEC with another big name former coach yet again.
  10. Crean Debated Leaving Year Prior to Ouster

    From discussions I had with some pretty connected Alabama alumni, there was definitely some mutual interest between Crean and Bama. Not sure how far it got, but it was discussed on sports radio here in Birmingham at the time.
  11. Trendon Watford Visit

    Word down here is he is interested in what Avery Johnson can build at Alabama. Colin Sexton having a big year and getting drafted high helps. Also hearing he likes Kentucky. Hope his brother shuts that option down quickly! I'll be interested to see how CAM prioritizes recruiting the position in that class. Love a legacy, but think this might be a longer shot at this point. Btw, he's playing great and his team has another really good shot at a state title.
  12. Time to start talking resumes.

    Exactly. Really wish we could get a shot at UK this year!
  13. Time to start talking resumes.

    As long as ESPN has a financial interest in the SEC and ACC, don't expect any favors. Always interesting to watch the SEC struggle in non conference, only to see their teams rise in the rankings by not losing to other crappy teams. We make a ton of cash with the BIG network, but it comes at a price. I don't know maybe it's just a BIG fan stuck in the heart of SEC country that has jaded me. But who would you rather go through this year in a conference tourney with a NCAA berth on the line, SEC or BIG?
  14. Michigan State Post Game Thread

    Great to see the confidence McRoberts is developing on the offensive end. We know what he's always going to bring in terms of defense and hustle. If he can become a consistent threat offensively, that opens things up more for everyone else. His crossover on the break yesterday was quite impressive. Love to see what he can do next year if he looks to score within the flow of the offense.
  15. Youth basketball suggestions

    Appreciate the input and kind words. Love the idea of sneaking in some conditioning with fun and competition.