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  1. How would Spegal compare to Alex Smith and Brett Law? Those were two guys that were at IU when I was there, and both had very prolific high school careers. Smith obviously put up much better numbers in college and had elite speed. Seems like Law got moved to fb if I recall correctly.
  2. Wonder if some of the OSU players will rethink their decision to opt out, given what some NFL GM's have stated recently. If not, could that make OSU come back to the rest of the pack to a certain degree?
  3. Best analogy I've heard in awhile. Instead of trying to kick the ball and falling on my butt again, think I'll just kick back and have a beer!
  4. I sure do. We never played Snider, but talked with him at camps. He was solid at IU. If I recall, he was built more like your modern husky or Will lb, but was very athletic and could really pop you. One of those guys that just had a nose for the ball.
  5. Thank you for bringing this FOOTBALL information to the board. I don't get on Twitter, so B1G football related news is much appreciated!
  6. Those were some titans in the college coaching world. They played a huge part in my childhood college basketball experience growing up in the 80s and 90s.
  7. I like you're thinking. Season ticket holders are going to have some late nights if we're going to average 6 overtimes per game. Talk about getting your money's worth!
  8. Reminds me of Lynn Bowden, Jr when he was playing wr for UK. Similar build and seems to just make plays. His route running and speed in/out of breaks seems to create great separation. Love to grab him with the signal callers we will have to get the ball to him.
  9. Wow! Brutal. Our crossover games are on the road against the two best teams in the West. Time to find out how far we have improved as a program.
  10. Love his athleticism and aggressiveness, along with the ability to change pace to keep the defense off balance. Obviously a highlight film, but looked under control while probing for opportunities to attack. Thank you for the video.
  11. Instate versus national recruits may play a big role in some of the above situations. If IU had a better culture and coaching situation in place when the older Zeller brothers were being recruited, might that have made a difference? Conversely, Christian Watford had a great experience at IU, but his family had little to no interest in traveling that far to watch Trendon play. Every case and family are different, and some want to build on a legacy, while others want to blaze their own trail. I always like our chances better with an instate recruit, and like it even better if that re
  12. I'm with you. Loved the bowl game until we went conservative at the end. Watched the replay yesterday, and bad weather caused the feed to go out with us still up 13. We dominated that game until sitting back and giving up huge chunks of yards to great receivers and a horrible quarterback. That same Tennessee team is predicted to do big things this year. Our future is bright.
  13. Carson got good Devonte hot for 4 games in the tournament. 28 3's for a 35% shooter in 4 games. Great time to get white hot. However, he could have just as easily had one of his 1-10 from 3 games and shot Purdue OUT of the tournament. I'll take Yogi, but they did play different positions.
  14. Thank you for your efforts. Really enjoy this board and the IU football discussions. Keep up the good work! Where do you coach?
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