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  1. Really wanted that open look in the corner to fall for Jerome. You just get this feeling that once a couple fall, he's going to really get going. Maybe that's just optimism, but he and Franklin both have good looking shots. Hopefully it's just a matter of confidence. Not sure what to think about Damezi. His defense and effort have been much better this year, but his shot is flat and very quirky. I remember a stretch where Kyle Hornsby was struggling to hit shots, but you knew with his stroke, it was just a matter of time. I don't get that same feeling with Damezi's form. Hopefully he becomes a good shooter with an ugly shot like Wayne Turner from UK back in the day.
  2. Spot on regarding Georgia. They really tanked compared to discussion of being the shoe-in second SEC school in the playoffs. Kirby has recruited well, but his coaching has been suspect. Now they have huge losses to the NFL and because of transfer. You could see a big shift with Florida, Tennessee, and Kentucky finishing above Georgia next year. If that happens, recruiting will suffer, and I don't see Kirby outcoaching teams with comparable talent.
  3. Good analysis. I know several State fans, and they would be happy to beat Ole Miss, and chant S-E-C for the rest of the season. They are very excited about Leach, and sports radio is going nuts about the future interviews and press conferences with him.
  4. He took a forearm into his spine, and retaliated with a dumb move. Probably cost us the game. He didn't appear to swing with an intent to injure. Unless it is repeated, I would think it was just a one time event. Hopefully he learned his lesson and understands his importance to the team.
  5. Agree with expecting a certain amount of bad calls, especially on the road, but critical calls that change the outcome of games are unacceptable. I like Ohio State, but can't stand Wisky; they both got screwed. Both teams had their chances to make defensive stops, but that has to mess with your head wondering how you're going to get screwed over next. Watch the Ohio State game and you'll see the db's sarcastically putting their hands up when they were 3-4 feet away in coverage. Right or wrong, they were being affected.
  6. This is a great point to be remembered when asking why Archie couldn't have the immediate success of Holtman or Mack; complete control over roster. McKinley Wright would've been a game changer for the start of the Archie era. He wasn't some far fetched dream, he was right there for the taking and wanted to play for Archie. We can all see the gaping holes we have in terms of shooting and leadership in our backcourt. So far, Archie has recruited Romeo, Rob, and AF that we have seen on the court. Romeo was Romeo, Rob has been very solid in the brief periods he was healthy, and AF shows great potential based on playing more than expected due to necessity this season. Our 2020 class looks to have a combination of shooting, leadership, and versatility. But we won't know for several seasons how that class pans out. We've had to be patient as a fanbase for the last 20 years, so we should have good practice by now.
  7. This is where Rob's injuries have really affected our success. It's obvious he still isn't 100 percent, and his conditioning doesn't allow him to play extended minutes. Just look at how short he was on both technical foul attempts as an example of no legs. We played most of the game yesterday with two guards. One a freshman who has exceeded my expectations this year, but is still a freshman. The other is Devonte. Unfortunately we got 80/20 bad to good Devonte yesterday. He just seems to play so much better off the ball. Having Al or Rob handle the ball would've been a game changer. Agree with most the guard situation now and going forward is concerning. Hope Rob can get healthy, and Archie adds a grad transfer or reclassify to the class in the spring.
  8. And we didn't lose to Evansville at home. Just win baby!
  9. Watching Dayton and Colorado. Really wish we had McKinley Wright. Last two years would've been very different with him.
  10. Great job. I wonder if the new OC will bring the possibility of new recruits we haven't been in on previously. Sounds like we may have lost some with DeBoer leaving, only makes sense to possibly gain some with a new coaching addition. Many on your list have southern ties. Love to add a playmaker if the new OC has connections we haven't visited before.
  11. If he leads my New Haven Bulldogs to a state title during his time there, I'll keep an open mind😉
  12. Understand the mixed feelings on DeBoer coaching the bowl game, but those Twitter comments are pure speculation. If Allen caught wind of ANY inappropriate discussions, things would not end well for DeBoer. I wish him nothing but luck at Fresno, and hope he is a huge success. But if he stuck around just to attempt poaching of our players or recruits, his reputation for future jobs would be destroyed. The coaching family is very tight knit. How's Roshown McLeod doing these days?
  13. Funny you mention him. I saw somebody else discussing Chip Long last week. I mentioned this to a Tennessee fan that was hosting a Christmas party Saturday, and he introduced me to Chip's brother and sister in law. Super nice people, and they weren't too happy about the way he was treated at Notre Dame. I asked about IU possibility, and they said they had no info, but that would be great. Small world.
  14. Appreciate the info. Actually pretty interesting, although with the Big Ten playing one additional conference game, stats will always be slightly skewed against us. Replace UAB or Chattanooga with an additional SEC West opponent, and stats would come down some most likely. Unless that SEC West opponent is Arkansas...
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