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  1. His athleticism and length on the boards is huge. He seems to never lose on a second or third jump. Hopefully his regained athleticism continues to grow. Even his misses on 3's came within the flow of the offense, and his form looks solid.
  2. He subbed at our school numerous times, and started coaching when I was in high school in Fort Wayne. Great coach and person. Congrats Coach Gooden!
  3. Glad that disruption was removed. Love this board, and we have so many great things to discuss with numerous players deciding to return. (How the hell do you wish HS football gets canceled?! Bet he hates his mom and puppies too!)
  4. True. Good problem to have. Just the difference between being satisfied and settling in terms of Sheridan. He gets all next year for sure in my book. But show me more Deboer and less DeBord. No excuses next year!
  5. With Penix! LOVE where we are headed, but completely disagree. Do you think Deboer would've changed things?
  6. Respect you, but disagree. When we could all see Tuttle was hurt and couldn't throw, we should've gone to a STRONG running emphasis. We moved the ball on the ground. Sheridan failed us.
  7. Sheridan is the weak link. Are we at the point that we recognize the weakness and make a change? I don't know.
  8. How bad does Coach Allen want to take the next step? New OC, or no change.
  9. How you don't have pressure every play is baffling. Letting him set back and scan is suicide.
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