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  1. If they officially stop going to class, and leave school to prepare for the draft, how does that affect APR?
  2. That's the ESPN factor. Always promote and protect your product, while trashing the competition.
  3. I just hope Archie is very quick with the leash for anyone not playing all out. Just my opinion, but there had to have been a very difficult balancing act between discipline, and trying to build players up and keep them engaged. The off court issues just made that harder. We had a shot until the final game to make the tournament. Injuries had us very thin most of the season. Between practice and some hard observation, he should know who really wants to play in the NIT. Any one of us can tell within the first 3 minutes of a game which Justin we are going to get. Lazy efforts and mindless turnovers should be immediate benching. Time to set the tone going forward!
  4. It's going to be very interesting to see and hear what the committee places the most value on. If they value the most quad 1 wins, and fewest quad 3 and 4 losses, we have a chance. Strength of schedule also benefits us. If they also consider injury impact, another good sign. If they emphasize overall record, and focus on our embarrassing stretch, we're toast. Sad that we're even in this position, and our chances are slim, but we could be the darlings of the current metrics. With the conference bias of ESPN, we won't know until it is announced.
  5. Don't think I haven't heard that suggested before!
  6. Exactly! Think they'll throw big money and get a proven commodity, but not one of your top tier coaches. Be interesting to see what the Watfords decide. You know Trendon would be the first call for any new coach.
  7. Bama fans are REALLY hoping for a new coach. Although their aspirations are a bit lofty (Brad Stevens was one "potential" candidate!!), it might be worth waiting to see what happens. They could throw a ton of $ at someone.
  8. Good point. Hopefully we can slide into their prime position. Should be easy to sell a recruit that we have immediate playing time for a sharpshooter.
  9. Early 80's, but Patrick Ewing was the most dominant I can remember. 3 championship games in 4 years. One mindless Freddy Brown pass away from beating the Jordan/Worthy/Perkins UNC team in 82.
  10. That's above and beyond as a friend. Those two are the kind of teammates we want at IU. Keion and his family obviously have very different aspirations. Not what we need to build our program.
  11. I get the frustration of losing today, and we all know what our overall record is, but until the committee decides and gives explanations, we won't know for sure. When you look at the good wins and bad losses of the other bubble teams, I still think we have a shot if those teams lose today. Heck, stick us in the play-in game to prove that we deserve it.
  12. Both good points. Fitzner hit a couple big shots. His defense and lack of rebounding are always a huge liability. But once he hits his first three, agreed that he can be an asset.
  13. Yeah, would've liked to see more Race once you could see it just wasn't Justin's day. He had a very good stretch the last few games, but didn't look the same today. If not for being Boroskied, DeRon with Juwan could've been a great combo in stretches.
  14. I've seen it mentioned that Keion's dad is hoping to be viewed as developer of basketball talent. Outside of being a dad, does anyone know if he has aspirations of coaching high school, AAU, or as a college assistant? Just wondered, as Keion going to UK would seem to hurt those chances in northeast Indiana. If he held clinics or worked as a trainer, HIS brand would be hurt by junior going to UK. Where would local parents that are IU fans choose to send their kids for private training, to a guy that encouraged his son to go to UK, instead of playing at IU with his buddies? How would Trey Lyles dad do in Indy? Just a thought.
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