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  1. Great post. It seemed like Alabama overpaid Nick Saban because they were desperate after numerous rejections and coaching failures when he was hired. To see the difference in Alabama's campus pre Saban until now is shocking. Alabama recruits east coast kids and out-of-state tuition just like IU. Their business school reputation has increased substantially. Bama had a vision and invested in it. Granted they have a completely different history and foundation than IU, but it's a great lesson on how bold investments can pay off.
  2. Could be a new version of the Blue/Gray Bowl for the title. ESPN would have a field day with those story lines.
  3. We will also be facing Colby Jones from Mountain Brook, Al that played on the same high school team as Trendon Watford. Not sure how he wasn't scouted better when they came to watch Trendon. Great player, student, and person. Very athletic.
  4. Must be a really good student with that list of schools.
  5. Good comparison. One of those players that affects the game a ton without needing the ball. Just a MUCH better shooter.
  6. UNC was a completely different team with Manek in the game. His competitiveness really cranked up their intensity, and fired up their fans. He also looked for the big shot in big moments. Manek was also very physical and did all the small things not seen on the stat sheet. Nance has all the tools and may fill the hole, but he was a nice player on a bad team. He may or may not be a good fit. His level of impact remains to be seen.
  7. Michigan State had several years with an incredibly hard non-conf sos, and a mediocre record. They lost some games, but made the final 4. With a veteran squad, I think you can learn and build. A young squad could have their confidence crushed. Guess we'll find out.
  8. Wow. Blazing his own trail I guess. With Texas moving to the $EC, he could create quite the legacy. And his NIL money should be more than the GDP of a small third world country!
  9. IU, Duke, KU, and UK tier 1, Then everyone else.
  10. Great post. With the talent we're accumulating, and coaching staff we have in place, the fears of the rest of the league may be realized. The IU sleeping giant has been awoken.
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