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  1. Hoosierinbham

    Trendon Watford

    Agree with this. I would add, Trendon is bigger and has a much better post game at the same age. Trendon has also had better coaching and training. I've heard the Watford's really like Archie and his staff, but think one of the southern schools will win out in the end. I personally wonder about the effect of going to a school like Memphis that won't have much national TV exposure.
  2. Hoosierinbham

    Romeo Langford

    Just to state it again, what a great environment you have developed here. Amazing content and people, while maintaining civility and egoless sharing of information any of us may acquire. I'd like to think these are some of the best Hoosier qualities. Thank you again Mile for the effort to create and maintain this. I was in Atlanta teaching this weekend and was asked to show two gentlemen where the elevators in the hotel are. I noticed the aau program from Alabama, and thought I recognized one of the players. He just so happens to be the top 2018 player in the state, Myreon Jones. I mentioned I live in Birmingham and asked him about his recruitment. They said they have an upcoming visit to Penn State. When I started discussing the Penn State team in detail, his dad looked at me like I was crazy. I just replied I was from Indiana. His response with a big smile, "ok, that makes sense." Our passion for hoops is known nationwide.
  3. Hoosierinbham

    Trendon Watford

    Home games are attended very well by Mountain Brook. Success and a new gym have made it quite popular. Attendance by opposition fans varies greatly based on the school. Generally it's pretty weak unless it's an Over the Mountain rival. Of course, I'm from Indiana, so my attendance expectations are pretty skewed Btw, love your basketball reports. Greatly appreciated.
  4. Hoosierinbham

    Trendon Watford

    Like the theory, and I haven’t heard anything worth sharing on Trendon, but he wouldn't face much backlash. He probably catches more grief for being a "Brookie" (negative term people use for Mountain Brook residents), than he would for going to Indiana. I think most Alabama fans would understand because of being a legacy, and respect Indiana as a blue blood. Plus, quite a few kids from Mountain Brook go to IU because of KSB and a strong Jewish population. Now if he was a five star quarterback and chose to leave the state...
  5. Hoosierinbham

    Trendon Watford

    Having seen Trendon play a ton, this is a very good assessment. Saw Christian play in high school as well, and Trendon has a better shot at the same age. Keep in mind, not only does Trendon have an older brother that played for us to show him the ropes, he also has access to much better coaching and training facilities. Trendon is MUCH stronger at the same age, and has a post game Christian didn't. He has the ability to affect shot's at the rim on defense, and go baseline and dunk on the opposite side on offense. Mountain Brook pressures the ball full court defensively the entire game, and Trendon is able to stay with smaller players pretty well. He is also an able and willing passer when drives are cut off. Everyone basically has the green light from three, and Trendon is pretty unselfish for someone so talented. Haven't received any definitive news yet locally, but I'll pass on what I hear. Most folks are Bama fans and concerned only about Spring football right now, or the ones that care about basketball are pissed Trendon may go elsewhere.
  6. Hoosierinbham

    Romeo Langford

    Sorry to hear. Always look forward to your input and kindness. Hope everything is ok. Best wishes. Btw, I appreciate all that you and others with sources have shared. Not only does it not upset me that you don't share what you feel is appropriate to keep private, it just makes me respect you more. We all share a passion for Indiana basketball. Glad to share this passion with you.
  7. Hoosierinbham

    Trendon Watford

    Coach Crean spent the majority of his speech at a recent Birmingham Tip-off club event speaking very highly of Trendon and the Watford family. They were all there, and it was described to me as speakly almost directly to them. No doubt he's making an effort to be involved, just don't know how receptive they'll be. On another note, I hope my dog rests up today. He doesn't know it yet, but I'll be walking him around the neighborhood tomorrow while wearing my candystripe pants most of tomorrow when they visit Trendon. He has an Indiana Hoosiers leash, so we are ready to roll!
  8. Hoosierinbham

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Interesting stat they showed in that game was the dramatic turnaround in year 3 Ben Howland has had at his last three schools. Went from 10-15 wins the first 2 years, to mid 20's in year 3. With his emphasison defense, once the foundation is layed and the system established, there's more consistency going forward. Hope Archie has a similar, albeit faster, turnaround once he gets his system and players in place.
  9. Hoosierinbham

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Thought about this last night and found it funny. In discussing Brooks and Watford, it's ironic that I was born and raised in Fort Wayne, yet have never seen Brooks play. But, because I now live in Mountain Brook, Alabama, I get the pleasure of watching Trendon play frequently. Go figure.
  10. Hoosierinbham

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    It will be very rare that I have inside information on a recruit, but as of now, there is a reason Archie is not putting much effort into Trendon. We are not in the running for him. Good kid, good family, but other priorities. If I hear any different, I will share. Better to focus on an elite Indiana kid where an assistant has connections, and we can build momentum within the state.
  11. Hoosierinbham

    Kentucky and Purdue's Chances

    Nightmares of Mouse McFadden after that game. Wonder if he has a son;)
  12. Hoosierinbham

    Trendon Watford

    Trendon had 26 points and 11 boards and Mountain Brook won by almost 30. Hope the relationship between he and Archie builds, and Trendon eventually becomes a Hoosier. Don't think it's there yet, but I'm an optimist, and Archie is very similar to Trendon's coach Bucky McMillan.
  13. Hoosierinbham

    Next Season’s Expectations

    The foundation and culture will continue to be established next year. The results will depend on the roster. Romeo, transfers, and our players transferring will play a huge role in our overall record. I hate to admit it, but the unknown/anticipation might provide the most excitement for me as an IU fan over the next few months.
  14. Hoosierinbham

    Trendon Watford

    Trendon and Mountain Brook ended up winning handily, but it started off pretty sloppy. Trendon forced some things early and the opposition played very physical, along with constantly doubling him. (One player on the other team signed to play wr at Clemson after turning down Bama) He racked up fouls on the other team, but struggled early at the foul line. He got a couple put backs, and started to settle into the flow of the game better in the second quarter. The game was close at the half. Mountain Brook came out strong in the second half, and picked up 3 straight charges on the opposition at one point. Trendon played very unselfishly and slowly began to dominate the game on both ends. He had a couple monster dunks that got he and the crowd pumped. He finished with 22 points, probably 15-18 boards, and really controlled the paint defensively. He does tend to get pretty winded, but Mountain Brook plays aggressive full court pressure defense the entire game. Per usual, he could score 30+ points every game if he wanted, but really takes most shots within the flow of the offense. One game left Saturday for yet another state title for the Spartans.
  15. Hoosierinbham

    Trendon Watford

    Going to watch Trendon and Mountain Brook play in the state semifinals today. Should be a really good game. I'll try to post a recap afterwards.