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  1. Great article, yet again. Thanks for your focus on IU football as well as basketball. Much appreciated.
  2. I think if we're being objective, we can agree Painter does a good job of recruiting certain types of bigs which will work in his system. They develop into their role, and he has had success in the B1G with that type of player. This started with the recruit stating Purdue develops bigs for the NBA. That doesn't seem to be the case. He obviously heard that somewhere. Not like Painter is going to tell post recruits he prefers his big men plodding and in the paint. Whether it is through choice or circumstance, Purdue hasn't had bigs that have been successful in the NBA. Wouldn't think it would be too hard for Archie or any other coach competing for a big man with NBA potential to address that fact.
  3. Great interview. Top arena he wants to win in, without hesitation, is Mackey. Why? "To silence THAT crowd." Game. On.
  4. Tried to think of the toughest case for you:) Thank you for answering with class. Btw, I don't watch the NBA either.
  5. You've set the tone for civility, and that's what makes the board great. I think we all agree, getting Anthony to add to Trey is a great thing in getting us back to where we all want to be. We need more just like them. One genuine question I would have, would you have still wanted DeRon if he had been able to come in early, in shape, and performed to a level that allowed him to be drafted in the 1st round after one year? You brought us a TON of great insight on him and his recruitment. He's had injury and weight issues that haven't allowed him to realize his potential, yet. I wouldn't trade 1 or 4 years with him. If I recall correctly, he was rated near the top of his class when we started recruiting him. Same thing with Anthony or Trey. If every possible piece fell into place, and one of them got crazy hot during the tournament (Divencenzo), AND we won it all, I wouldn't fault either for leaving early. A ton of its, but it's summer, and a good discussion with great fans.
  6. Fair question. In my scenario above, I'm discussing some hypothetical recruiting situations for the future. Can't point to what you're asking for in our recent past, because we've been down or inconsistent at best. Prior to that, the OAD wasn't a thing. We're all throwing out what we think would lead our beloved Hoosiers back to the glory land. Like most things in life, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Thus, a hybrid model where we recruit SELECT OADs seems the best way to balance culture, class size, and the best talent possible. If the state of Indiana provides, or select assistant coaches have insight that a particular national OAD meets our criteria, I think we need that kind of firepower in the tournament to get the results we all desire. Once again, just my opinion.
  7. This. Add Indiana OAD's that have the talent AND have a love for the culture and university. They may play AAU with friends that are the 4 year foundational pieces and want to spend their one year playing with them. I doubt they'll want to win any less. We can skip the UK kind of kids that don't even want to unpack their bags. We are in a unique situation in Indiana to have it both ways. Unfortunately, we have had coaches that couldn't or wouldn't capitalize on the advantages Indiana provides. Hopefully Archie can be that coach.
  8. You sir are correct. Needed my coffee. Off by a year on class, but assessment is the same. Rob needs to be the quarterback and leader. It all starts with him. Now we're adding layers of foundational pieces, much like MSU has had for the last several decades. Less reliance on one or two players. Good times ahead.
  9. Don't get me wrong, I love what Al brings to the team. He's one of those glue guys that can do many things well. I'm not sure he's one of your alpha leaders, but I don't think he needs to be. Looking forward to seeing how he shoots when totally healthy, and with another summer of practice. He's also my kids favorite player. Justin I'm not sold on yet. When he lets the game come to him, and does what the team needs, he's a talented asset. When he was trying to drive to the basket into traffic, trying to be Romeo, he was a huge liability. Then there's the question of attitude, shot selection, and consistent effort. I truly hope he answers all those questions this year. The ability is there for sure.
  10. Great points. Welcome Anthony and the Leal family! Really think the 2019 class laid the foundation, and 2020 will add to the culture and drive. Brunk adds another Hoosier leader with experience, and size. Hard not to be excited about what those teams will look like when they are upperclassmen.
  11. Love watching this kid shoot. He seems to have good footwork to create space when he shoots. His release may not be super quick, but his confidence shows zero hesitation, which doesn't waste precious time. Also love the high motor comments. He and Galloway can help solidify the program foundation. Let's hope he's a Hoosier soon!
  12. It's all about the meatloaf! Think of the recruiting advantage Mrs. Leal could give us with her world famous meatloaf. Go to UK and eat ramen, or come to IU and get home cooked meatloaf. No brainer!
  13. I don't remember that, but love the Fort Wayne history. Born in 75. Wasn't Eckrich the company that had meats? Eckrich farms maybe?
  14. Hey, easy on my adopted state man🤣Actually that's quite true though. They definitely emphasize football, and even baseball, over basketball down here. We've gotten spoiled with the basketball success in our community. Very big blessing for a Hoosier. With that said, Hoover High School is probably the only team in the state that could consistently compete in the MIC. You just don't have the population, school enrollment, and competition here.
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