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  1. Hoosierinbham

    New OC possibilities

    With Saban?! Negative.
  2. Hoosierinbham

    New OC possibilities

    Yeah, I would think certain OCs would have more say than others. If it's an experienced OC, or former head coach, they probably can demand a whole new staff. Someone making a step up, or going to a Bama or Clemson, have to make some concessions. Unless there's a strong philosophical difference in terms of scheme, or the coach is lacking in terms of teaching or recruiting ability, why can them just to bring in "your guy" if the current coach is superior?
  3. Hoosierinbham

    Trendon Watford

    As I've mentioned before, this is the first, and probably only, time I have inside information on recruiting. I was told very early on in Trendon's recruitment that he wouldn't be going to IU. One reason was he wanted to create his own legacy. Another was the distance for Ernest to drive to games. This recruitment is very different from Christian's, and has many more complexities. It sounds like the Watfords really like coach Miller and his staff, and the family loves IU, but barring something crazy, this one just isn't meant to be. The in home visit by Archie had me intrigued, but didn't amount to anything. Too bad, I could see him playing a Morgan type of role for us, although I don't think Trendon is quite that aggressive.
  4. Hoosierinbham

    New OC possibilities

    Great point. Continuity would really benefit us right now, assuming the program continues to trend upward.
  5. Hoosierinbham

    New OC possibilities

    Don't know the exact details, but I would think most potential OC's would love to have Hart and Heard. Both great coaches and recruiters. Obviously a new hire would want to craft the staff to their needs, but maybe it wasn't exactly, "we want you, but you have to retain our entire offensive staff."
  6. Hoosierinbham

    Indiana HS hoops

    Ousley. That's right. Ugh. Yeah, Nicodemus could ball.
  7. Hoosierinbham

    Indiana HS hoops

    Your school was there because Steve Stinkin Nicodemus and crew hit a buzzer beater in the Fort Wayne regional to beat MY team, New Haven. Beating North Side that year created a lifetime memory. Watching tiny Woodland with Lloy Ball beat the big Fort Wayne city schools a few years prior was amazing as well. Glad they waited to go to classes until I moved out of the state.
  8. Hoosierinbham

    College Football (Not Big Ten)

    Dwayne Haskins might have thrown for 400 yards against that defense. Ohio State would have given Clemson the best game. Love that the smack they talked about Notre Dame came back on them.
  9. Hoosierinbham

    College Football (Not Big Ten)

    Clemson just has the mojo tonight!
  10. Hoosierinbham

    Anthony Leal

    How does Leal compare to Kyle Guy? Would love to have a shooter like Guy on our team.
  11. Hoosierinbham

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    I hope not. I enjoyed watching them lose today, although my wife, who is a UK grad, did not. Gym was at most 70 percent full, but they did muster a brief "we want Trendon" chant with T-R-E-N-D-O-N spelled out.
  12. Hoosierinbham

    Improved recruiting

    Great info. Thank you for bringing this to the board. Hard not to be excited about the potential of this class.
  13. Hoosierinbham

    Trendon Watford

    Spoke with a guy that said LSU and Memphis are the major players now. Danny Manning is trying to get involved, but don't see that. We still have the family/sentimental factor, but still think that's a longshot. They lost a heartbreaker at the buzzer in Sioux Falls last weekend after beating IMG in Florida before Christmas.
  14. Hoosierinbham

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Figured since Wilkes and Keion are similar types of players, any possibility of a transfer could be appropriate here. Feel free to move if it isn't. For those that have seen both play, how do their games compare?
  15. Hoosierinbham

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Would Wilkes ever transfer back home? With Hunter and hopefully Keion, would we have space? Seems like 2020 is pretty weak instate.