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  1. Having seen Luke play for DeKalb against my high school, that is high praise. Kid could ball. Cocky as hell, though. Thanks for the insight.
  2. It'll be interesting to watch his career. He seems like someone that could really thrive playing a specific role. Defense, rebound, pick and roll, and pass. Good luck Juwan!
  3. This thoughtful and genuine action could pay dividends for the next few years with recruits outside of Indiana, and for much longer with our Indiana boys. Don't underestimate the power of authentic acts with kids and their families. My kids chuckled at the suits of the UK boys, and got so excited for Romeo's "Candystripe Coordination". One question, where was the Candystripe belt Romeo?
  4. I think most recruits are knowledgeable enough to know playing in the east with a 5-7 record where you are in games against the elite, is at bare minimum, comparable to sneaking into a bowl from the west at 6-6.
  5. My kids have a new favorite Hoosier! Talked about him from Bloomington until Fort Wayne.
  6. Golf cart was out and we got to see several players and took a picture with Al Durham. Had a great tour of athletic facilities with Curt. Thanks to all that gave me Bloomington recommendations. Not sure who the recruit was, but he was as tall or taller than TJD. Furst maybe? Armaan and TJD looked like they were helping with recruiting, and Al's smile and charm were bigger than Lake Monroe. My kids saw coach Miller and shouted, "daddy, it's coach Archie!". He smiled and waved, which made their day.
  7. I'd have to check on that. I'll be in Fort Wayne for a family reunion this weekend. I can ask a Wayne grad and current South Side principal that is a big sports fan. Plus, his wife played for Al at New Haven. They should know.
  8. I know New Haven got coach Al Gooden after Harding closed. He was a sub gym teacher when I was in school, then became girls basketball coach. Had tremendous success at Harding. Came to New Haven to coach the boys team and had some success.
  9. I think that's correct. Some would have gone to Heritage and Woodlan as well, as crazy as that seems. I noticed Woodlan's football roster suddenly became much more diverse. They were all part of the East Allen County school system. I graduated just before that happened, but it had been rumored since the late 80's.
  10. Yeah, but much closer to downtown Fort Wayne than Leo or Heritage. I'm a former Bulldog.
  11. Yeah, tough to tell in an all star game. I actually thought he looked longer and more agile around the rim than what I was expecting. He also ran the court well. It was my first time to watch him play outside of videos. Reminded me of some of the agile bigs UNC has had over the last 15 years. (Seems like they're all named Johnson!)
  12. I gave my wife hell over B-rad. Just feel bad for the Z Cavaricci store and herringbone chain kiosk at the Lexington mall. They're going to lose a bundle with B-rad gone. Collateral damage.
  13. This isn't confusing, but crushing, to me. I have to watch UK games to keep mama happy. One of the few bright spots was seeing B-Rad's fly outfits when he wasn't in uniform. Now I got nothing.
  14. This is a great topic. With so much unclear for this season, and going forward, it's fun to guess on how young players will develop. Damezi definitely looked lost on defense, and the above explanation helps explain some lack of confidence on offense. My hope for him this year would be to become a role player that occasionally gets hot from deep. If Northwestern can have random people go off and beat superior teams, why can't we? It appeared he shot with more confidence early in the season, and his shot declined as his confidence with everything else decreased. Michigan had many guys during the Beilein era that started rough and really came around as upperclassmen. Michigan State and Wisky have had their share as well. Here's to hoping Damezi and a couple others can work their asses off to start that trend for Archie.
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