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  1. Check out some of Stuart McGill's research on low back pain and exercises. He has published hundreds of papers on the topic. His big 3 exercises are foundational for many low back exercise programs.
  2. From reading various articles, it seems Fife is more of a defensive specialist, and Lewis is an offensive specialist. If we're running the program like Bama football now, bring them both and let them each focus on their specialty. Let Hunter lead recruiting with Lewis and Fife assisting based on relationships and area. Love it.
  3. Trendon Watford's former high school coach used similar analytics to employ similar offensive principals. Our school never sniffed the state finals, then won 5 in a 7 year span. The coaches enforced strict adherence to their philosophy. The bottom line is we won; a lot.
  4. I recall the same message. Just a theory, but let's say the deal with BS is still in the works, but Boston wanted the insider flow of information and social media chatter to stop. Whether the reason for that is related to potential trades at the deadline, or trying to keep the team engaged until the Celtics decide on leadership moving forward, who knows. Once again, just a fun theory since nobody knows anything concrete anyway.
  5. Could've used him with one of our open scholarships this season. If we strike out on other top targets, and had an unused scholarship, why not? If nothing else, he would be a confident practice player. Hopefully, though, our new coach will have a better path for team construction.
  6. That was sad to hear the team being booed at the end of the game after missing free throws. But it's painfully clear between recruiting, developing, and motivating, Archie just can't get the job done. There's no way Dolson could be tone deaf enough to let this continue.
  7. Absolutely agree, but he's gotta be gassed. Young has been in his jock full court all game. Not to mention Young has been barking loud the entire time.
  8. Great answer. Keep pushing the pace!
  9. If they don't get some energy back, we will be
  10. Let's see how they come out. Have to start the second half like we did the first. Stay aggressive and push the pace. Make them pay for overplaying on D.
  11. Gotta close out the half with a run and regain momentum.
  12. Aggressive Rob pushing the pace. Keeps this up!
  13. Rob looking aggressive. Good sign.
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