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  1. That's good stuff. Maybe related to Magnus Ver Magnusson? My brother in law played football with a guy named Thor Erickson. He played offensive line at Vandy. Brother's name was Leif. Thor was the smaller one. Dad was bigger than both of them. I see why the Vikings were such successful conquerors.
  2. Oregon lost to Auburn on a hail mary, on a neutral field, when Auburn was healthy. Bama is going to have to count an Auburn team, that is going to probably be in a total tailspin by the end of the regular season, as their best win. Really think this is the year Bama gets punished finally for a crap schedule. Most years I don't think IU could remotely compete with Bama. In a bowl game this year, with pro prospects sitting out, and the difference in motivation between the teams, I would like our chances.
  3. Agreed. Don't expect a victory, just can't have a beatdown to sustain momentum and confidence of players AND fans.
  4. I would still be very optimistic for our future, but extremely disappointed if we lost to Purdue. Also depends how we play against PSU and Michigan. Can't have an OSU style blowout in either.
  5. Same with Natural Ice. That stuff was 5.7%, I believe. First party we served that when it came out, we had DJ Shawn D. Nobody knew what hit them. Best. Party. Ever.
  6. That is outstanding. I drug a suitcase with 3-30 packs of Bud Dry up 11 floors at Briscoe that day. One leaked, and I had to explain to mom why some homeless guy spilled beer on my new suitcase. Memories.
  7. As was I. Went to every game I could as a student. Game really wasn't that close. Joe Pa put in subs and we scored late. Nebraska ran up the score until the very end, and passed PSU for #1. The rest is history.
  8. Great point on Cincinnati. And that's why scheduling that level of local non conference opponent serves you better than choosing Western Carolina, Wofford, or Northwestern State. Glad to see strength of schedule was acknowledged and emphasized last night. Maybe the Tide is turning!
  9. Great to hear IU discussed as a quality win for Ohio State last night. Jesse Palmer brought it up, and they were all in agreement. The national respect takes time, but we are on the cusp of turning the corner if we can finish strong. 9 wins with a bowl victory, and we might start next year top 25 with what we have coming back. Add a victory over Michigan or PSU, and we almost certainly would.
  10. That's crazy! We played UK the day I got married in Ashland, Kentucky 16 years ago. Only played once more after.
  11. Make it 4! If it happens, I'll buy you a beer.
  12. IU and UK in Nashville would be a ratings bonanza. I've been there a couple times with the wife when UK has played. The city turns blue. With our excitement over a bowl game and the way we're playing, it would be a great atmosphere. Sponsors would love it.
  13. Tough call. Penix gives you that "it" factor. Truly believe he gives us a chance to play with the big boys. Ramsey is solid, dependable, and a darn good qb. Glad I don't have to manage that situation.
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