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  1. If we were to beat Cinci and OSU, you'd have to think it would be hard to not want to be a part of that kind of momentum. We could easily chalk Iowa up to Penix being rusty coming off ACL reconstruction. Would 1-1 in those games do it? What kind of overall record and progress would he need to see? Hard to tell with kids, but love that we are legit contenders for him. Just need to keep winning.
  2. Appreciate your analysis. Obviously the quality of opponent was much different the first two weeks, but it seems the offense added more and looked more confident. Guess we'll find out Saturday.
  3. Good points. Putting up with UK and defending them are two different things. Go Hoosiers!!
  4. Stoops has done very well, but his family ties to Ohio have definitely helped recruiting. His base is Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia. Not sure that or his personality translate to LA. My wife is a UK grad and from Kentucky, so I've been watching their games for 20 years now. Stoops has had more longevity, but Brooks was the coach that really made UK competitive. The Andre Woodson, Randall Cobb, Wesley Woodyard teams could play with anybody. They are solid now, but not sure they have the horses to take down a top ten team like they did under Brooks.
  5. I wonder if Fickell is waiting to see how long Day stays at Ohio State. That is his dream job. If the NFL comes calling, or the defense continues to struggle, the position could become available, and Fickell is the obvious choice for the Buckeyes.
  6. Great point. Hard to watch your cross-town rival gaining momentum. That has to drive USC alumni crazy. They need to make a bold hire to match what Kelley is building at UCLA, along with keeping up with Oregon. Campbell would make a big splash on the field and in the media.
  7. Campbell would seem to be a home run for both parties. Saturday had to be a huge reminder that no matter what he has at Iowa State, they'll always be little brother to Iowa. Might be time to move on to greener pastures.
  8. He had a couple throws and a run that looked like the Penix from last year. The Idaho game was perfect for confidence and reps. Time to shine this Saturday!
  9. Agree 100%. The influence they have is tough to undue through good play. ESPN wields way to much power in shaping thought on things that should be decided on the field.
  10. Exactly. They really weren't competitive with Iowa. The Hawkeyes manhandled them on both sides of the ball. With a decent qb, Iowa scores 50. Coupled with the struggle against UNI, it just goes to show polls aren't really about the best teams.
  11. Penix was rusty physically and mentally against Iowa, and Jones was atrocious at LT. A couple fluke plays made that game look more lopsided than it really was. Starting on the road in a packed house without playing in front of a crowd for two years didn't help either. But no more excuses. Time to show where we're at as a program. The fans are packing the stadium, and it will be rockin Saturday. Our boys need to show up and take it to Cinci. Penix showed signs of making throws and runs like last year. If the line can get some push to allow Carr some holes, I like our chances.
  12. Doing it at his size is the biggest factor. Not sure how big you were at the time you won, but that size isn't common. I recall Steve Hall of New Haven was a sectional champ at 6'2" 200lbs, and he was much bigger than most of his competitors. Greg Hart of Homestead was around 6'4" 240 and was very fast, but wasn't sub 11 seconds. (of course he was the national champion in discuss!)
  13. I like the fact that he at least played basketball. That should help with footwork, agility, and coordination. I completely understand if he wants to focus on building a football body instead of conditioning and maintaining a bodyweight more conducive to basketball. Sounds like an interesting prospect!
  14. Kinda figured with their program. He seems to have a Jason Spriggs build in high school. Wonder if he plays basketball or any other sports?
  15. Like his size. How does he project in college?
  16. Iowa has been our kryptonite for years. We just don't match-up well with them. There have been many years where we would have some momentum building, just to get smacked back down by Iowa. I didn't expect us to look that bad yesterday, but Iowa will always concern me until we learn to beat them.
  17. Good take. It would be nice if we could get pressure on the opposing team's qb with our front 4, instead of having that happen to us.
  18. Penix missed the deep out on the first pick six. He was wide open. Just the wrong read. Hit the same play a series or two later. He just seemed off and didn't step into some throws. Of course, he didn't have much time. Hopefully he shakes the rust off and regains his swagger.
  19. Correct. And who does the preseason rankings, and might they have a vested interest in promoting their product? It's worked in football, but ESPN has a ton of work to do if they think they can get people in SEC country(outside of UK and to a much lesser extent Arkansas) to give a rip about basketball. They don't. At all.
  20. So the guy that works in complete isolation, that is covered in sanitizer, and breathes sanitizer all day while sanitizing surfaces, tests positive. Then, people that are never around Mr. Sanitizer are forced to isolate themselves because they were never around Mr. Isolated-Sanitzer-man, but shared a common area hours later. What's not to understand? Seems pretty logical to me.🤣
  21. True. And their bye week usually falls before LSU or another pivotal game. Once again, Bama has been the dominant team in college football since Saban arrived, but the SEC knows how to protect their prized product.
  22. Tennessee being very weak has definitely helped during Bama's historic run. A Tennessee team capable of competing for the East title, combined with a 9th conference game would make the sledding much harder. Trade Florida or Georgia for a game with Mercer and tell me it doesn't make a difference on resting players and preparing for bigger games.
  23. Truth! There's a reason they chant S-E-C and not their individual schools.
  24. Bingo. One more conference game versus playing the likes of Mcneese, Mercer, Austin Peay or the like. It's not the ONE quality non-con the SEC plays(every conference does), it's the fourth absolute joke they should be penalized for when other conferences play another conference game. That's the true argument.
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