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  1. Agree with all of those. Barnes is way too low as well.
  2. I'd take a Robbie Hummel all day long. Injuries derailed what could've been an even better career. He wasn't going to throw down highlight reel dunks on people, but he moved very well and really understood the game.
  3. Love that Stoops called him out, and added they have won 4 straight post season games in football. Direct shot after the embarrassing St. Peters loss.
  4. That would be great! We always had some good matches with Columbia City in the early-mid 90's.
  5. Great summary. This gets me so fired up. Let's go Hoosiers!!
  6. James Hardy IV. Interesting. I have Bama fans that know I went to New Haven asking me about Mylan Graham. I was just up there a week ago, but not much to report. It will be fun to watch him progress. Hope my Bulldogs get back on the winning path. Thanks for the article!
  7. Good points. Very puzzling why the two players you mentioned left. And full disclosure, the 2 double digit loss years in conference for Wisconsin were within the last 5 years. So their trend doesn't look good. Davis saved them last year from having a rough season. Probably just bracing myself after years of letdown. I'm just sick and tired of losing to those udder tuggers!
  8. Great analysis on Iowa, and I see your point on Wisconsin. But until the B1G stops allowing rugby basketball, system schools like Wisconsin and Purdue will always be in the mix.(Wisconsin has only had 2 seasons in the last 13 years they've lost more than 6 games in conference!) They recruit specifically for their system, which doesn't require elite level recruits. Tough, defense minded shooters that are willing to wait their turn until they gain experience in the system has proven successful. It also has proven to flame out in the tournament when games are called more consistent with the rules.
  9. With a season to gain experience, strength, and perspective on life, I'm really hopeful for a big jump from him. He has all the tools to be an outstanding wing. If he puts in the work, he could be the shooter on the wing we need to make a serious run in March.
  10. Agreed. And unfortunately Wisky generally outperforms expectations on an annual basis. Illinois has some talent if they can learn to play more fluidly again without Kofi. The B1G looks down overall, and we have the most talent and experience. We just have to prove it on the court.
  11. With his strength and football mentality, you're probably right. He's not getting backed down, and would be a terrific shooter at the 4.
  12. He looks like he has good drive, pulled well, maintains his block, and wanted to pancake everyone. I like nasty o-linemen. Welcome to IU!
  13. Great point. Michigan and PSU can gear their offense/defense toward competing with O$U. Auburn and LSU have caught lightning in a bottle a couple years, while A&M or someone else takes out Bama after a bye week. Still, hard to argue the strength of the $EC top to bottom.
  14. Pains me to admit that's true. It's been O$U and Clemson versus Bama and SEC #2 for that season.
  15. You said the name out loud. Not cool. I remember EXACTLY who hit that layup!
  16. Maloley's, Roger's, Scott's, and White Swan. Good memories.
  17. Basketball and football previews and stats. Loved it. I still don't like Whitko and Steve Nicodemus because you beat my New Haven Bulldogs on a last second shot in Regionals. Heartbreaking.
  18. Yes. Journal Gazette in the morning, News Sentinel in the afternoon. Memorized national champions, Heisman trophy winners, and baseball stats leaders for years because of those sports sections. Great memories.
  19. Publicly he has been great. I was referencing some comments he made to coaches down here soon after taking the Georgia job. Think that's pretty normal to feel that way soon after a break-up. He was/is a good ambassador, and hope he appreciates his role in our history as the guy that brought us back from the ashes.
  20. So true. Davis was gifted a dream opportunity he wasn't remotely prepared for at the time. But you have to take that job. It seemed he had a major chip on his shoulder at the time, because he knew he didn't earn the job. He admits he did and said things he regrets now. Love his appreciation of the job, the school, the fans, and our history. I hope over time Crean learns to feel the same way. Both guided the program at very difficult times, and seemed to genuinely care.
  21. That's the thing with he and Malik,they're ready to go day 1 physically. They both played a national schedule and national tournament at Montverde that will have them ready for size and talent. They also practiced against other D1 players daily. Hope we keep that pipeline of talent flowing to Bloomington!
  22. Done! Although I'm not sure Nashvegas could handle us.
  23. Vandy fans are content to be the brilliant doormats of the SEC. Their gameday atmosphere is closer to UAB than the rest of the SEC or even IU. Since Wilson came to IU, I don't think they're anywhere close to us. With our new president's interest in sports, I think that gap will only get wider.
  24. I would think those schools will be "in play" at some point. If the decision is made to go to 2 mega conferences, the SEC makes sense for those schools and the SEC.
  25. The SEC will do what ESPN tells them. They're not as worried about markets because ESPN promotes their product (SEC) nationally. Seems like Fox Sports has slowly awoken to the need to function similarly. I just don't believe they have the same control over the B1G.
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