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  1. btownqb

    OT IU Baseball

    OSU escapes 2-0.. top of 2
  2. btownqb

    OT IU Baseball

    Also.. if you have a Fire Stick or something like that and you download the Fox Sports to Go app you can watch all of these games.
  3. btownqb

    OT IU Baseball

    Michigan beats Iowa 2-1 in a pitchers duel. Michigan starter got hit with a line drive in the 2nd and went out. He'll be able to pitch later in the tourney though. Bottom of 1 for Purdue and OSU.. OSU is up 2-0. They forced the PU starter to throw 30 or so pitches. Purdue is threatening in the bottom half of the inning though. We are starting Stiever this evening as expected.. they are going with their Saturday starter though.. in April he went 7 innings gave up 7H 1BB and 1ER. Miller didn't play in that game and we won on an Ashley walk off HR.
  4. btownqb

    The Off-Topic Thread

    I just refrain from making fun of mannerisms. Seems so petty. Now... on the other hand.. McCaffrey is a doucheeee lol
  5. btownqb

    The Off-Topic Thread

    The fact some other fans made fun of him and literally called him "clappy"... lol I just can't. Too stupid.
  6. btownqb

    The Off-Topic Thread

    You're in the ballpark.
  7. btownqb

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Creaning is probably the stupidest term used on IU boards. It honestly speaks to lack of knowledge of the CB landscape.
  8. btownqb

    The Off-Topic Thread

    http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/23582533/nfl-owners-approve-new-national-anthem-policy It's about damn time.
  9. btownqb

    Kira Lewis Jr.

    Lol tough crowd
  10. Forgot all about Ballou.. remember that Johnson was at Avon until before his FR year... and would have attended Avon if it weren't for Brandon Peters. I don't doubt the family thinks highly of Ballou because quite honestly everyone I've met thinks highly of him.
  11. I can understand that. I coach a 6th grade aau team.. one of my guys yelled "and 1" after he made a layup and absorbed some weak contact... his a** sat for the remainder of the half.
  12. Had a guy one time try and call a charge in a pick up game.. smh
  13. Personally I don't see him wanting to compete with ES his SR year at Purdue. I think when Hunter decides on a school he will want to be the clear cut favorite as the QB his RS SO. Just my opinion.
  14. There are no FTs in pick up games!!! Lol You're taking that ball at the top and we're starting all over again! Haha