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  1. This kid is a top 12 player in the country. I mean he's obviously better than Lander who's ranked 13th 😂😂😂😇
  2. I just bought ESPN+ for the month so I could watch this game lol
  3. pretty sure recruits can't come to post season games for a visit.
  4. I have no idea. Today they were a bunch of punks
  5. Well when you throw a punch... yeah you're a punk
  6. You know absolutely zero about Romeo Langford and it shows. Truthfully you should stop commenting about this.
  7. While he should be a OAD... as far as him talking about it and ever publicly talking about it, that's simply not who he is.. he is just better than that. Always has been, always will be. Not saying KB is a bad kid by any means... but Romeo is literally as good as they come.
  8. Wow... what an obviously clueless post to what Romeo Langford is as a person. Just a quick question.. and legitimate one... do you live in the state of Indiana?
  9. Truthfully... and I said this.... as soon as he went to LaLu my interest wasnt nearly as high.
  10. Honestly... my phone corrected dbm to dumb without me knowing. I promise. I do apologize for this. I absolutely 100% did not mean to call either of them dumb.
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