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  1. And went undefeated state champ his SR year in 4A.
  2. You couldn't pay me enough money to draft LaMelo Ball.
  3. Oak Hill was hugeeeee and played 2A. I didnt see the game, but it was the third time they had to play Batesville in the season. Rivalry game. (I know they are some Gburg dudes on here and I AM NOT talking poorly of them by any means absolutely love Stacy Meyer)
  4. I have not.. and I am by no means saying Carmel will be weak. Just saying they wont be as good as they were this past year.
  5. Delta is for sure deep. Greensburg went 6'7, 6'6, 6'5, 6'3 6'1 in their starting lineup and brought 6'6 off the bench. Theres a reason he hasnt gotten more looks than he has by now with his absurd stats.
  6. Btw.. the kid pitching for UM.. IU shelled him for 7ERs in 4.2 innings up in Ann Arbor.
  7. Truthfully I do not care about your bet. Delta is a good team and they're well coached. Top 4 in 3A last year was SC, CA, Attucks, and Marion. Greensburg might have been better than Marion, but they were upset in the sectional, so I'll give the nod to them. Delta and HH I'll say a tie for 6th.
  8. We've had multiple people that are in the know that have stated he isnt going to the B1G. Delta beat them by 29 points. Blackfords schedule is ranked 331 out of 410. That's bad. They were the 50th ranked team in 3A.. there are lots of kids who can shoot.
  9. One thing that's worth mentioning is that Trey will be playing 4A this year (Culver is up for success factor). Carmel graduated a ton, CG has a completely new roster, BD lost a lot... LC lost some, but still have a lot back. Tre Coleman (I heard is going to prep school unconfirmed at this point).. NA will be very good, if Coleman leaves they should win that sectional. Bloom S lost a little, but bring back a lot. Basically.. 4A is WIDE open and it wouldnt shock me if it were BS vs CA in the 4A state championship next year. Would be cool if both were committed to IU.. winner gets a ring and Mr. Basketball.
  10. I had watched Sabonis probably 20 times in college and I knew when we made the trade it was a steal. He avged 14 and 9 last year and only played 24mins, stud.
  11. And Bothwell and Dunkelberger will be RS FR and they both have FANTASTIC NUMBERS in summer league.
  12. Vecrumba. He starts day one in CF... out of need and out of his talent.
  13. Our lineup is solid. Outfield is basically set, 2nd and 3rd are set. DH and 1B are probably going to Skrine and Fucci. SS (Walker, Houston, and Trinkle will battle for it) and then catcher (Voth, Combs, and Holtz battle it out). Nathan Stahl, Sharp, Steele, and Jack Walker have a chance to throw a lot as FR.
  14. Reese Sharp coming to IU let's go!!!!!!! Huge news. Hugeeee. To refresh the kid was drafted in the 28th rd by the Giants.
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