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  1. We really are in a big time era for sports. God I pray it continues. Swimming, football, baseball, men's basketball is coming back, women's basketball, soccer. Softball has been solid. TnF has been ranked for the Men's.
  2. "We wished we did a national search for a coach" Lord those comments fired me up
  3. I think more than Mullen and Taylor are talented, and God are they talented, they flat out compete. Tick undersized, but their heart isn't. We got a lot of dudes I'd take in a bar fight.
  4. Oh yes. I'd love AT... or Darnold. There's a lot of options for us. I see us staying put though.
  5. Willis is our most consistent player. Im pretty sure they showed a stat last week that he hasn't missed a tackle all year. Those two are the guys. Truthfully I'd put those two up against any safety combo.
  6. Wait.. which safety position could the Colts upgrade at? We have easily the best safety tandem we've had since Sanders and Bethea. Blackmon and Willis are flat out studs.
  7. Id like to know what socks and shoes we're going to wear. I hope we're very uniformed in that aspect.
  8. STOP GETTING TESTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. https://www.espn.com/espnradio/playPopup?id=30198553 this is good
  10. Two weeks of sensible posts by opposing fan bases. Nice. Great post man. I'm sure you are, as we are as well, very excited about the future of your football program.
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