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  1. Agree. 6'4 290 a year and a half before he's on campus is a nice starting spot though. Also.. Louisville actually offered a day before we did.
  2. Thompson might start over Kaufman, but still. That's a tremendous 6. Franklin will give us great mins. AL, TG, JG should be fine. We will need a grad transfer big or another Fr big ready to go.
  3. Christ. You're correct. 100% my mistake. Still a westside guy, where we've been good with so far, but way different than him going to BD.
  4. I dont hear much at all about Purdue. You get Sales from BD... thatd be interesting. We will probably only take one more OL. McCulley, Sales, and Booker (if we can make it work).
  5. Morals should trump $ in this instance. EVERYTIME
  6. Might be hard to get Booker now.. not sure though. https://247sports.com/player/zen-michalski-46099941/ That's the kid from FC.
  7. Love that hes a basketball player. He won't be playing basketball here, though.
  8. They've been ahold of this s*** the whole time. They've chosen when to write their stories. They could have played a much bigger role in this stuff surfacing when it all happened. ESPN has a tendency to swoop in and pretend they're some moral crusader who only values what is righteous, when in reality it's all based on what's good for business. I cant stand them.
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