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  1. Yes and no.. the last couple of years, yes it's down. If you compare to before that it's actually right on course. I graduated with 120.
  2. So the school I went to and where I coach football at was in 2A for every season except for like the last 6 or 7. We've been dominate at both 2A and 3A. But 2A is WAY less crowded at the top than 3A is.. 3A(Chatard, Brebeuf, Tri West, Memorial, Andrean, WL, GC). ... we are at 534 students right now. The top of 2A has 545. I pray 1.5 years from now (next time they reclassify) we are in 2A.
  3. I know a lot of it is their AD. He made a comment before saying the crowd we bring is a big gate for them, but if they were playing more games where they would have a legitimate chance to win.. I would say they would have a lot more of their own fans their.
  4. Cost man. Kids will keep leaving. I know it's their own district. The state will give them a mandate. They want less districts.
  5. @5fouls Either way.. our conference needs to dump Pekin and Cville. 8 team conference, keep Austin to appease Scottsburg. We would get 3 out of conference football games that way.
  6. I think the school itself folds not too long after, if they do in fact give up football.
  7. The school just needs to be dissolved into Jeffersonville. They won't win a game this year. Feel bad for them, honestly.
  8. https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2019/5/31/18637421/nfl-position-rankings-tight-end-rotation-2019-team
  9. Those that have seen it are giving it rave reviews
  10. All I care about is if the players like them
  11. Apologize.. the other way around with the positions.
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