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  1. That was a very good football team. Geeesh... they, Bosse, and Harrison can be incredibly "rough" at times. I remember watching Lyle in the regional and I was like absolutely no way do I want him at Indiana. Then watching Lairy's teams .... geeesh no discipline at all. We had Lairy T'ed up 6 mins into the game.
  2. you contradict yourself soooo much lol I do enjoy your posts though
  3. It doesn't mean much, but it doesn't mean nothing. That's for sure. He follows coaches from OK ST, USC, UCLA, MSU, UCF, Wisconsin, and Indiana.
  4. Penix deep out route, the timing and the strength of it.. is very, very impressive.
  5. Ehhh... I saw him throw one 52 yards on a rope against Avon this year. We'll see if his deep out route is as talented as MP.
  6. Truthfully though... if you're Eric Gray... you should absolutely take a LONG look at IU before you turn us down... with Scott going pro and who else is in that running back room. Shew. Gets me excited. Just curious.. where did you see that?
  7. I think he has Penix arm and Lewis speed/elusiveness. He is a good basketball payer too on the #1 team in 4A. He doesn't score a lot of points, but he starts does the dirty work. Obviously he wants to win. No reason for a D1 athlete in a different sport, to play basketball and be a role player, if they didn't care about winning.
  8. You trust the service that had Whop as the 199th WR in his class? Or Fryfogle the 243rd WR? Or Micah McFadden the 1986th OVERALL player in his class? I don't think any recruiting service is worth a hill of beans.
  9. https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2021/donaven-mcculley-232270
  10. One thing with the Jets.. I would be weary of trading with Ballard, he's skinned them 3 times lol
  11. But he doesn't have to be much more than meh for us to be a big contender haha
  12. Eric Gray too!?!?! Dear God. Take them bothhhhhh
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