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  1. Any fantasy platform that's not ESPN or Yahoo should be abolished. I quit a big money league because I was paying $10 a year to use this site.. https://www.rtsports.com/ It's like going to the store to pay extra to buy off brand Pop Tarts.
  2. I'm talking about THIS offseason... You said didn't address them, he did address them. Now.. if that draft pick doesn't work out, I mean that's the game. That's why he wants pick after pick after pick. It's how many darts you get to throw at the board. It looks like he hit on Paye. He seems adequate. He has too many holes to fix. Fixed LT, fixed QB... and it appears he fixed one of the two DE's. Pretty darn good off season. If you can't see those holes were addressed, I can't help you. The OL not performing in the running game and not allowing us to shorten the games have been the biggest reason for our 0-2 start. If we are going to be any good, our running game has to be top 3-4 in the league. Hines only getting two touches in an entire game is ridiculous. Rhodes injury has hurt (most people struggle without their best corner). Kenny Moore also sucked the other day.
  3. He drafted a T. He didn't neglect DE. He didn't need to address to corner, he will this off season. Obviously didn't neglect QB.
  4. NFL to LT should be all.you need to.know. maybe IU will hire him.
  5. Fisher? There aren't exactly many DE/CB/Elite speed guys/T in FA that we want. Look what he has had to replace recently. QB, LT, and address DE in the same off season shew. Corner postion is fine when healthy. Not sure where we go next off season though.
  6. Jackson Bowl this Friday. Brownstown Central/Seymour. There'll be an easy 4K there. Excellent atmosphere for the kids. More than sectional like. Hoping no major injuries. Seymours QBs dad was my speech teacher in HS(I went to BC). Great family. Clash of styles. We're going to run Shotgun wing T.. they'll be in spread. Last year there were 21pts scored in the final minute or something like that. We hit a 55 yard bomb to win with like 6 seconds left.
  7. Thank you Aaron Jones. Need 23 in my non ppr money and he goes for 34 shew. Wouldn't have been close if T Hill did anything.
  8. 3 from Penix 2nd pick 7 from KOR 7 from their last drive that started inside the 10 7 on the drive where they got the ball back from MM getting KO So.. yeah 10 legit points.
  9. Folded? They gave up what.. 10 legitimate points?
  10. No idea who Chris is lol But.. honestly.. none of us have a problem with you leaving. Gooooo
  11. Byeeeee You make trolling threads, you are going to be treated accordingly.
  12. heck we made so many outcome altering mistakes, you forgot #3 😆
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