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  1. Gorski did end up getting promoted, as well.
  2. I get all that. But, if he is straight enough to tweet about... pretty well opens the flood gates.
  3. I just don't have a problem with people being upset. I don't think Parker was a good influence on our team.
  4. Don't let the door hit ya on the way out, fellas.
  5. As a Colts fan, we should rest easy knowing we have Ballard. Unbelievable the talent he's acquired this off season. Irsay didn't lie honestly. They're absolutely all in. Ryan, Foles, Gillmore, Yannick, both draft classes, McCleod, SPT guys left and right. I'm pumped. Dennis Kelly, Phillip Lindsay.
  6. Outside of XJ, TJD (I agree 100% with what 5fouls said about RT).... I think TG will be on the court a lot in the last 5 mins.
  7. Yeah, I like Popeyes sammies better, but I'll save that for the chicken war thread lol 5 guys and Red Robin really do have good food.
  8. I like Kiosk ordering, but not as a universal thing. I like it at McDonald's, I would not like it at all at Steak N Shake. Steak N Shake patty melt was ungodly legit, or at least at 2AM on a Fri or Sat night it used to be pretty good. It's hard for me to go anywhere but Chick Fila if one is close. Or McAlisters. It's at least clean, and at least good service.
  9. I'm confused by this. It seems our roster is more then set. I don't really see anyone transferring now, they wouldn't even get immediate eligibility, plus.... there is no min crunch for our Top 9. Sorry, but JG future is at the 4. He needs to be playing 14-16 mpg and developing, he is the only one I could see transferring... and he has already said he is back. He needs to watch Grant Williams.
  10. The rest of our class should be arriving next week, sometime, I would assume.
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