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  1. graduated a lot.. couple close losses. Hope they improve, I haven't spoken to him since late Oct.
  2. All correct.... maybe player A didn't have a practice week that was worth a F*** and Archie doesn't trust him. Maybe that kid mouthed off about coming out the first time. Maybe the coach just made a mistake. lol
  3. This is the county I grew up in. Brownstown grad. Pretty sure BNL wants those students. One of my best friends was the coach at Medora for 3 years, he is now the head coach at Springs Valley. He won 8 games at Medora then 7 games in his 2nd year. Honestly pretty impressive.
  4. As a fan you should never view a game as a negative if your team wins. Also.. complaining about substitution patterns is lame and played out, we should have dumped that complaint when Crean left. Archie knows his guys and we don't really want to read the complaints on here.
  5. Playing without the ball is taught as much as playing with the ball at these young ages. Especially how to read screens and where to fill when someone drives or there is a post entry.
  6. I always tell my teams... above anything else, what I want to be is tough. And this IU team is absolutely tough. We aren't perfect, but we are tough. As you said.. defense travels and so does toughness.
  7. I don't coach basketball there, just football. I used to though. It's probably 75% coach setting/25% scrimmage. In June it's all coach setting. I'm talking about early in the school year and in the spring with the 75/25.
  8. June is literally dedicated to HS teams lol... before school in the spring/before and after school in the fall if they dont play a fall sport. What's confusing?
  9. I was astonished when I showed up at some 7th and 8th grade practices. So much more skill work than when I went through. I'm only 28, so it wasn't THAT long ago. Everyone is asked to handle it, everyone is asked to pass it, everyone is asked to defend on the perimeter, everyone is asked to shoot it. Position less.
  10. And have been doing two ball handling drills since they came out of the womb 😂😂
  11. Probably the most untrue statement posted on this board. The youth skill development is wayyyyyy better than it's ever been.
  12. Also.. main reason we struggled offensively... UCONNs defense.
  13. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story
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