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  1. The timeline is atrocious for basketball. Not sure they can do anything about it though.
  2. Seeing Ryan Fineman will be released by the Rays. Solid college catcher.
  3. Sorry. I didnt realize we already had a general music thread.
  4. I hope he does stay at Jeff. It does make it interesting though.
  5. Gotcha. Makes sense, unfortunately.
  6. There's still going to be a lot more of the officers past come out, then what we know now. (All the infractions he has are already a really bad start) Past= text messages, conversations, likes/retweets on social media, etc. Are alllll going to be combed through millions of times. This is either going to be very bad for the officer or somewhat good. I have no clue.
  7. Better Together is just flat out amazing.
  8. We've went 25 pages with no Boiler now you chumps bring up Purdue 3 times in the same page... He's going to appear like the damn tooth fairy. 😆😆😆
  9. Check out, Sinners Like Me, Chief, and Carolina. Those are first 3 albums. Listen to the songs that weren't on the radio, you might enjoy him a little more. Worth your time in my opinion.
  10. Believe you'll enjoy him. He and Chris Young are probably two of my favorites, love their strong voices.
  11. He and Eric Church are far and away #1 and #2 for me.
  12. I'm with you. Love it. Houston We Got a Problem is way up there for me.
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