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  1. Gosh dang it. I hadn't seen your post yet lol Furthermore.. when I was playing QB... idk how many times my WRs/OL told me to stfu when I called them out on crap they had done wrong. Its family, but families dont always get along.. but they always root for each other.
  2. Three years of him playing great defense? Good grief you're reaching. What are you even arguing? That he's a bad teammate?
  3. Yeah terrible teammate. 🙄🤦‍♂️ 20200220_094006.mp4
  4. So you think Archie would allow it? You have no inside info, or none you've mentioned. Pretty odd stance you're taking. Cancers dont play the defense Smith plays. Cancers dont rebound as well as Smith rebounds.
  5. Absurd you think Archie would allow a cancer to be on the team this long. Absurd.
  6. It's quite possible that they all REALLY tease TJD because hes the FR, grew up privileged, and is REALLY GOOD lol Truthfully this could be the exact OPPOSITE of what everyone else is thinking as far as chemistry goes.
  7. Please squash this. This is a complete non issue.
  8. Now hold on. I saw that live... I've competed at a pretty high level before, and I coach at a pretty high level now. This stuff gets said and MOST of the time its absolutely NOTHING to it. I'm willing to bet he was frustrated with himself. This sort of talk is nothing new. Absurd how lame Twitter is..
  9. Never understood a fanbase that makes fun of a coach for clapping.
  10. Two of the last three games Thompsons vastly outplayed him numbers wise. Thompson is also just now getting truly healthy with his conditioning. Starting is completely irrelevant.
  11. He literally is though lol.. Race played 25, Brunk 8. The role is working. Do not change it.
  12. Pepper, or on a cracker, or with peaches, pineapple, or tomato... or just plain. Cottage Cheese is fantastic.
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