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  1. Yes, but times can change dramatically at small schools. I just like that they identified the problem and have a solution... they didn't just up scrap the whole season.
  2. Small school I actually think this a good thing and very smart.
  3. Players going pro is a good thing. I expected Scott to leave after this year and fully understand if he leaves now. RBs just flat out don't have a shelf life. He needs to get paid. Any RB does.
  4. My dad and I said the same thing. I remember it was down by the goal line wasn't it? It was like he was shot out of cannon. I knew the name because of recruiting, but certainly wasn't expecting anything.
  5. They will. They did all that with the spring. Going to make for some interestingly big baseball rosters, but so be it. haha
  6. I think we already have that TE in Steinfeldt (spelling)... 1B on a very good baseball team as a SO, 11p 7r on a good basketball team, and was split out as a WR a lot in his highlights.
  7. I don't think at top 200 recruit will shy away from that, but I do understand your point, for sure.
  8. Are you talking about when they're juniors in college? Why would Cooper and Jaquez submit paperwork now? and how could that effect IU in a negative way? You literally have REALLY good information... if you would just elaborate more often, it would GREATLY help these conversations. I am being a tick hypocritical here because I should explain myself better sometimes, but man, you make it hard to follow at times because it's like we have to pry answers out of you. I am not trying to sound rude in any sort of way. I am saying this to make convos go smoother later on. I hope I did a decent job in explaining myself.
  9. What do you mean choose to be evaluated? I don't understand. They choose to be evaluated by and then what happens?
  10. @The Daily Hoosier can you confirm any sort of number for the class?
  11. Depart early? Cooper and Jaquez? I understand people transfer. You didn't really answer the question.
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