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  1. Quality of competition needs to be taken into consideration here, Colts wise, as well... We might have played the best two teams in the NFC.
  2. Dallas blue is by far my favorite. I like Chargers though.
  3. Ok.. and I'd essentially bet against any team with their backup in. What team would you not bet against if they had their backup.in?
  4. Marriotta was under contract already. I don't see any reason to sign a marginally better backup. I think Eason is easily an upper tier backup.
  5. What site? And what are they basing that on?
  6. I know more about football than you do. A lot more. I belittle no one.. you are sensitive and then you throw that "insult" around because you're being defensive. I have no idea about the rest of the board.. see how personal you've made this? That has nothing to do with your Eason opinion.. he was really good in the pre season. So again.. for the 3rd time.. who should we have on our roster that's better? I'm willing to bet Eason is a top 6-8 backup.
  7. Wait.. I disagree with people that disagree with me? I think thats why we're here.. for conversation. Shew. Lost. You see everything in a vaccum.. just knee jerk reaction, after knee jerk reaction. .... what vet QB should we have signed that's better than Eason who's already spent a year in system?
  8. There's a lag between it hitting zero and when the flag is thrown. I have no clue if that occurred here or not, obviously.
  9. My coaching has nothing to do with you not.knowing what you're talking about. Exactly what back up is Jacob Eason not better than? Scott you flat out do not know what you're talking about on a consistent basis and you let your emotions cloud your judgment. Eason can play. For a back up he's more than solid. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean you need to act like a child and make it personal. You have thrown that insult around multiple times and it was as ridiculous then, as it is now.
  10. Also.. really intrigued from what I've seen from Wentz the first two weeks. INT for sure wasn't his fault. Dang. Much better than last week, still not enough though.
  11. But Kent Sterling isn't qualified to make that statement lol
  12. Correct. And Fisher wasn't in that series and Rams had 3 TOs.. absolutely couldn't allow them to have another possession. They had 3 TOs.
  13. Nice drive by the Colts to grab points.
  14. They've been incredibly efficient? When did they waste time?
  15. It's bad. Doyle also completely botched the hole he was suppose to go through.
  16. Listen.. you want to complain about play calling, Frank Reich would be a prime candidate.
  17. Before our AA MLBer was kicked out we had held them to 34 yards on 24 plays. But yeah we suck, we'll never win another game.
  18. What is the obsession with constantly trying to figure out the future? Same with player comparisons. Waste of time
  19. None of the teams you mentioned are immortal.
  20. Anybody counting any game as an automatic loss needs to watch more football.
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