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  1. We should be moving to 2A with enrollment.. we are excited about what we have coming back.
  2. Simple because we don't have soccer. We've been blessed with a lot of really good kickers for not having soccer, two of which kicked in college.
  3. Tonight was going to be awesome though. Was.
  4. I have D'Andre Swift.. also have Salton Ahmed.. also had Saquan Barkley. I can't keep a RB healthy. 🙄😔
  5. Its the other way around for me lol never been to an area so flat in my life.
  6. Hummel doesn't know how to pronounce Evansville Reitz and he's allegedly from Indiana. He can never do another one of our games, ever.
  7. Hes Reggie Wayne ish.. not the fastest, not the biggest.. but catches everything (except for one ball lol).. good route runner, tough dude.. really competes for the ball.
  8. They've only had one game get canceled?
  9. starting A Jones RB1.. But then have J Taylor, Ahmed, D Swift.. if Swift is healthy, he plays... I think I'm going to start Taylor in the flex? Ahmed has gotten a lot of touches though the last two. Obviously JT and Ahmed both start of Swift is out.
  10. No problem. It just about has to be Iowa now, especially with Minnesota on shut down. This is all assuming we take care of business in a big time game this weekend.
  11. BTCG is the same week as the crossovers. There isn't a separate week for it.
  12. Why would they be playing in back to back weeks?
  13. Wait what? OSU and NW don't play each other.. they would play in the BTCG.. we would get, more than likely, Iowa.
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