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  1. But you admit it is senseless and lame the way some act on Twitter? Correct? Those aren't real fans.
  2. I just hate the "what have you done for me lately" BS. Different discussion, different time.
  3. There is a sector of awful fans of Twitter in every fan base. Twitter is like the wild west. Lol
  4. I still don't understand the "it's not us part" that you said. Not a big deal, I was just confused. Happens easily.
  5. If he can't shoot.. I don't think we should be interested.
  6. I would assume it applies to all of Kentuckiana. haha
  7. I can't disagree with anything to what you said. But.. what team that loses their best player is not in trouble? The last good team we had.. if we lose Yogi off of it, we're screwed. Just saying there is a reason those guys are so important.
  8. Idk anything about the rest of those schools' facilities. But Kokomo has a great gym, football field is INCREDIBLY nice, and I'm willing to bet they have the nicest HS softball stadium in the Midwest.
  9. I think the two FR guards will move ahead of Chloe.
  10. We beat them in summer ball game there.
  11. Benton Central has a really nice gym. As does Marion. Kokomo has some SERIOUS facilities.
  12. I bet we don't know our final roster for another 4 weeks. I assume they want it finalized by June.
  13. I just think at 6'6 or 6'7 he has a VERYYYY unique skill set.
  14. zero problem with this. I didn't see how he was going to get minutes.
  15. Wiltfong with a 7. He's like 90% on over 3K picks.
  16. Weather calling for 48-50 degree temps. 30% chance of rain on Sunday. Northwestern has some serious power, so maybe the cold weather will help us? I have no idea. I think high pitch counts is going to be an X factor this weekend. I am not sure how deep NWs pitching staff is.. run the starter out early and wait for mistakes by the relief pitchers. Also.. wouldn't surprise me at all if we switch our Friday and Sunday guys around. Sommer hasn't been overly sharp in his last two starts and Bierman was awesome in his start against OSU. We need to look sharp this weekend and dominate. 3-
  17. Simply because I want to pronounce his name correctly.... "Day-uh" is that how you say it?
  18. Connersville is awesome. Love it. "Dedicated Owl fans" lol Seymour hasn't filled that thing in years. The fact the Hatchet House isn't on there is a crime.
  19. Benson wouldn't have practiced at all this spring though right? so maybe they could be waiting to see if he's healthy enough?
  20. Ultimately I think a lot of us agree that if we go 8-4 the rest of our lives' in football we will never complain lol but... We were absolutely better than "8-4" this year and we should be better than that this year. Sustaining that is incredibly difficult though.. especially for us. OL play is the most underrated and least talked about aspect in all of sports, when you factor in it's importance imo. I don't really think anything compares.... only thing would be big time pitching (but that isn't exactly underrated lol) Anyways.. for us to consistently expect an 8-4 season or for us to eve
  21. Kids running in the 4.4s now. Incredible speed. No telling how fast he could be by the time he shows up on a college campus. 6'1 165lbs right now. He will be 6'1 175lbs and running a 4.45 when he steps on a college campus next June. Absurd.
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