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  1. I was trying to be G rated since we are on our school computers. ALMOST just stopped in your room lol
  2. I need less restrictions, not more. I'm just over it. This is literally my favorite time of the year tailgating/IU home games/etc. Let me be mad darn it!!
  3. I'm seriously considering a kegerator then buying a Gumball Head keg. That stuff is too good.
  4. Oh I will. Just would have been nice to have a little fun one weekend.
  5. I sincerely hope we can find a spot off campus to tailgate. Be hilarious if a business or a couple opened their parking lots. God forbid anyone have a good time.
  6. IU is not allowing tailgating. So unbelievably stupid. I'm so over this covid crap I cannot see straight. Also.. Zach Osterman is tool on twitter. I sincerely hope he moves on and stops covering IU sports.
  7. I wish I had been more educated on that before I went up there. Bars there are kind of spread out. Next year I'm sure we'll go back for a game because my gf still hasn't been. We were going to go to ND/Ark this past weekend, and then well.. covid.
  8. what bar at ND!?!?!? I only found a Brothers lol I was ultra disappointed in my game day experience in South Bend last year, not going to lie. I certainly may have not been going to the right spots though.
  9. If they don't allow fans... at least one weekend we will go tailgate, then when the game starts head to a bar and then stay the night in Bloomington.
  10. Edit.. nevermind. Jumped the gun. My apologies and should have read the rest.
  11. So.. .you could play the same team twice. Smh
  12. agree... but we have a season. Lets be thankful.
  13. Then those businesses should move their bowls else where, of course I would never had them in Cali to begin with.
  14. I would think the upper 70-80% of bowls will stay in tack. Who knows though.
  15. I agree. Do we have updates on if there will be bowl games?
  16. So... we'll play OSU, UM, MSU, Maryland, Rutgers, Purdue, and Penn St.... gawwwwd I hope we get ILL as well.
  17. Wonder if Sark will post soon 😄
  18. Oh it's both. Steelers scheme/OL/QB are far superior than the Jets. But to me.. he showed up in Pittsburgh and wanted to prove himself and to me was the best or at least the most versatile RB in the league. Now... he's just trying to get paid in my eyes. OL is literally the most underrated position in sports. Hope all that made sense.
  19. He told me I wouldn't have a HS season.. it was like he enjoyed it. Very disturbing.
  20. Some, yes. Ball players don't sit out though. I wish Pouncey would have gotten a hold of him when that went down.
  21. I'm saying tonight as in when my grandparents are supper... 430 🤣🤣
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