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  1. No. That’s just his initial hearing where his attorney will make an appearance or he will be assigned a public defender if he can’t afford legal representation.
  2. Here is my take: Johnson made a bad decision initially and thought he might be able to get away with it by evading the police. He quickly rethought this bad decision and pulled over and stopped. By the book, he 100% absolutely committed resisting law enforcement... but given these facts he will have an easier time trying to get his case plead down/reduced. It was a stupid decision. It was also very stupid to try to get someone else to take the fall for it. I don't know what the right answer is for how IU Athletics should handle it.
  3. I would be beyond shocked if XJ was ever convicted of a felony. Most likely he will plead guilty to the reckless driving and the F6 RLE will be dismissed/reduced. He will do some classes/probation/pay some fines etc. This is Monroe County after all, not Greene, Owen, or Lawrence. People who are charged with far more serious crimes end up not even doing prison time... Straying off topic here, but for example, a man killed his girlfriends 2 month old son in 2019 here and did a few years in jail as his case went through the process. He ended up pleading guilty to some lesser charges and will do the rest of his sentence on home detention. This is par for the course. https://www.heraldtimesonline.com/story/news/crime/2022/01/19/bloomington-infant-murder-case-charges-could-be-reduced-to-neglect-for-dakota-king/6561968001/
  4. Lot of things in this post that are blatantly false. Cops don’t hate when citizens know their rights. In fact, most cops encourage it. What cops hate is citizens who think they know their rights and actually don’t at all, which unfortunately is a large portion of society. Secondly, Police can never force someone to take a field sobriety test or breathalyze. Cops can, if a judge grants probable cause, get a search warrant for your blood which is obtained using reasonable force. But the cops can’t make you take the tests. It’s generally a good idea to submit to a chemical test though, since in Indiana we follow “implied consent” which essentially states that as a condition of operating a motor vehicle you impliedly consent to a chemical test and failure to do so will often result in a loss of your license.
  5. 100% these are coming from the same IP address
  6. Anyone care to give me the TLDR of the last 20 pages or so?
  7. A lot of ink being spilled about why this happened, and I imagine like usual some of this stuff is complete BS, some is true, and plenty isn’t even being reported. I love Fife and hope he gets a chance to come back to IU someday…
  8. Disappointing but not at all surprising result. This team was: A. Never going to probably go beyond the S16. B. Due to burn out sooner than later. This team has been living on the edge physically for a week and emotionally for probably the last month. It’s not surprising that when it all kind of fell apart it fell fast and hard. Proud of the team and of our coach.
  9. Got tickets for the game! This will be my first IU tournament game. Couldn’t be more excited!
  10. Just gave a hot team a giant chip on their shoulder and a home game in Dayton. Look out Wyoming, you’re f*****!
  11. Bracket Matrix has us in 97 of 142 brackets. I’m guessing a large number of the other 45 haven’t been updated since we won.
  12. Kind of actually respect this move by Palm. I think I’d be tempted to do the same to Purdue if I were in his spot. He’s an idiot, but at least he stands by his principles.
  13. Truly shocked by this. We're bigger underdogs to Iowa than to Illinois? We, in theory, have an answer defensively for Murray(JG, Galloway, Race) and are finally putting everything together.
  14. Iowa is very, very hot right now. Even still, I like this matchup better than either Michigan or Illinois. Also glad to be playing a team that will also be playing their third game in 3 days.
  15. If Palm says we’re out… than I’m feeling pretty good about things.
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