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  1. Just hope he doesn’t end up in the B1G cuz you know he’ll make like 4 threes against us next year even though he’s only shooting like 20% for the season.
  2. I’ve been on record here being frustrated at people wishing Damezi would transfer. Is he ever going to be a 30 minute guy? Probably not. But he can still contribute meaningful minutes these next two years and I think it’s silly to assume all 3 of our freshman will necessarily be more prepared then he is for minutes next year.
  3. I feel like you might think a differently if guaranteed millions were awaiting you. In my mind, the decision is simple: If you’re a first round lock you should go. Your contract will be guaranteed and if you’re smart, you’ll never have to work another day in your life even if you never get another contract. If you’re not a lock it comes down to lots of things-age, family situation, chances of improving stock next year etc. That being said if it were me, and I were a future NBA a player who decided to stay another year in school I would 100% get a fat insurance policy on myself.
  4. China also has an authoritarian government and the people are collectivist in nature. Very, very different. Americans are stubborn and individualistic. Speaks to why there quarantines were so effective so quickly.
  5. Great questions. Not sure on the console, and you would probably have to reach out to whoever is running it on Reddit to see about downloading the rosters.
  6. Understandably the people who set this up didn’t have time to complete the entire rosters for each of the 68 teams, so generally only the top 10 or so guys are listed. Apparently that was just an auto generated player that somehow made it in the game. Yes, the game is from over a decade ago since the games were quit being made due to all of the legal stuff with the NCAA/players not being compensated.
  7. For what it’s worth, it was actually startlingly similar to how we played all a year. Huge runs followed by total ineptitude on offense. Tons of missed bunnies down low.
  8. Not sure if anyone here ever browses Reddit, specifically the College Basketball forum... but they have taken it upon themselves to simulate the entire 2020 NCAA tournament on EA’s NCAA College Hoops 2K8(video game). They created a bracket, created the teams with current rosters(at least most of the players), gave them ratings, and have began simulating games which are streamed on YouTube. Kind of silly, I know... but when you’re starving for March Madness it’s actually pretty fun. Earlier today an #9 seed IU beat # 8 USC on a neutral floor by 7. Jerome Hunter went off! We play the winner of Baylor and Boston University next round. Here’s a link to the game: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=N9VcP-6ub-8 For those interested in the tournament as a whole, check it out. https://www.reddit.com/r/CollegeBasketball/comments/fl2yhw/rcollegebasketball_presents_the_2020_ncaa/
  9. I really don’t get why they don’t release one. I’ve seen it mentioned that it’s not accurate because automatic qualifiers can’t be taken into consideration. This argument is unconvincing to me. Just pretend the AQ from each conference is the team that won the regular season title. Not that hard. In all actuality the bracket done this way might be one or two teams different then had things played out fully. It also gives teams and players their stake to claim in history. They may not have played in the tournament, but at least their efforts this season weren’t unrewarded.
  10. From what I’ve read winter sports, like basketball, are under discussion. Most certainly if waivers were given to players for an extra year then scholarship caps would be raised accordingly.
  11. But they generally don’t get a fifth year if they play the entire season and only miss the tournament. It just opens so many cans of worms. Who all is eligible? Seniors of teams who weren’t even going to be eligible? Or just tournament teams? Can seniors transfer for their final season? Etc. Again, I get the sentiment, and I want to agree with it, I just don’t think it’s really plausible.
  12. My heart thinks seniors being given a chance to come back is great, but my head says no way, it creates way too many problems. Not to mention I think there are a lot of seniors who would want to move on to get a start on life/making money playing basketball. It also can create some really awkward situations for coaches, which doesn’t matter really, but still.
  13. Can’t see them doing it, but man I want them to still do selection Sunday. If for nothing else then to see us picked and Purdue not.
  14. 🙄 Thanks, I’m quite familiar with how forums works, particularly this one. I guess I’m not allowed to point how silly transfer speculation is at this point and how it’s often been inaccurate? And that somehow makes me someone who was expecting rainbows and sunshine? Give me a break.
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