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  1. madmax

    IU Ticket Exchange Forums.....

    Anyone got 2-3 MSU tickets for Saturday they’re willing to sell?
  2. madmax

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Anytime I get the IRS scam call I try to spend as much time as possible on the phone with them, if I’m available. If everyone answered and wasted time they would have to stop Its the same idea as the Nigerian prince email scam. It weeds out 99% of everyone immediately and the scammers don’t waste time. They make their money on the 1% old or gullible enough to fall for it.
  3. JB supposedly doesn’t have an agent which would make it seem more like genuine interest than a negotiating ploy. But he’s also not a young guy, so it’s hard to believe he would really leave now. Time will tell, but I’d be surprised if he left at the end of the day.
  4. madmax

    IU hosts Marquette in 2018-19

    Isn’t relevance a silly argument though? It’s all based on the eye of the beholder.
  5. madmax

    Trendon Watford

    Anyone else feel like Brooks is probably the lowest probability?
  6. I wonder if any of the incoming freshman would be willing/are planning to redshirt. Of the five freshman obviously Romeo is going to be the only likely starter. Hunter will get good minutes as I assume as will Phinissee. The minutes for Forrester could be there, although I think he will have a tougher time seeing the floor as will Damezi. What do you all think?
  7. madmax

    Romeo Langford

    Romeo retweeted this.... I’m sure it’s nothing...
  8. madmax

    Remember when...

    He's lost 33 games total over the past 5 years at VA. 5 tourney appearances. 1 Elite 8 and 1 Sweet 16. Obviously not a lot of tournament success thus far, but I believe he'll get there eventually. IU has lost over double the amount of games over the past 5 years and missed the tournament 3 times. I'm glad we got Archie, but Tony wouldn't have been a bad hire.
  9. madmax

    Remember when...

    Yeah... Still would have been a good hire regardless of a bad loss in the first round of a tournament. One game does not a coach make.
  10. This. You have to give this kind of thing at least 4 years, assuming we don't pull a Pitt sometime in the next 3 years. Culture takes time to change.
  11. madmax

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Watching Mckinley Wright now for Colorado makes me
  12. UA press conference at 2:30pm. Sean Miller will be present. Gotta think they will be backing him.
  13. Yeah it’s important to note that Schlabach obviously hasn’t heard the wiretap himself or read a transcript. Otherwise he would’ve quoted it, which he doesn’t. Somebodys sources are lying as 247 has reports out that Sean is not in the wiretaps.
  14. Absolutely. But if it were proven that Sean Miller truly had nothing to do with this and it was completely a mistake by ESPN... he might have a chance. I still think it's more likely then not that Sean is dirty but who knows at this point.
  15. Mark Titus makes some interesting points: https://www.theringer.com/2018/2/27/17058026/fbi-investigation-college-basketball-recruiting-reports-sean-miller I've included a particularly interesting portion below. "3. The Miller wiretap report isn’t anywhere close to the smoking gun that it initially seemed. (At least not yet, anyway.) When ESPN’s Mark Schlabach first reported that the FBI had wiretapped conversations of Miller discussing payments with Dawkins, the consensus in the media was that this news was completely damning and that Miller’s judgment day was imminent. After all, a head coach at one of the 10 most prestigious programs in the country getting caught on tape discussing a six-figure recruiting scheme with a runner from an agency is about as juicy and easy a case as the NCAA—an organization whose enforcement arm has botched cases more than a few times in recent years—could possibly ask for. In the days that followed, though, what was originally depicted as an open-and-shut case has been subject to increasing skepticism. For starters, Schlabach’s story provided zero direct quotes from the wiretap, suggesting that he hasn’t listened to the recording or even seen a transcript of the call. Also, Schlabach said in a televised interview that the wiretapped call took place in the spring of 2017, which would mean that the discussion over payments to guarantee Ayton’s commitment took place after he had signed his national letter of intent in November 2016. ESPN issued a correction to its story and said that the alleged call took place in “spring of 2016,” a timeline that was later corrected yet again to read simply “2016.” But even that doesn’t completely clear up the time-frame issue when you consider that a 247Sports report from Monday includes this passage: “Sources say that the U.S. Attorney’s office notified multiple parties who had conversations with Dawkins that their phone calls had been recorded specifically during the dates of June 19, 2017 and Sept. 25, 2017.” Further complicating matters is that, as CBS Sports’ Gary Parrish pointed out on Twitter, those who closely follow recruiting seem to think that Ayton and Dawkins never had much of a relationship, casting doubt on the notion that Dawkins would have been in position to “sell” Ayton’s services in the first place. And let’s not forget that there’s likely a specific reason this piece of information about the wiretap call was leaked to the media. There are two questions surrounding Miller that keep tripping me up: Why would the head coach of Arizona handle his dirty business himself and not have an assistant serve as his fall guy, especially when the person on the other end of the purported interaction (Dawkins) was in his 20s? If the FBI had stone-cold proof that Miller offered a $100,000 bribe to land a sought-after recruit—which is what the public has been led to believe—why wasn’t Miller arrested along with the rest of the guys whom the FBI threw cuffs on in September"