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  1. Picked up a Georgia Offer...can we beat out the National Ranked Home state and land him?
  2. I’ve read on other sites that we have the lead supposedly, but could change with the other two visits
  3. He has a solid offer list! Definitely a good option to have!
  4. Read that Nebraska pretty much wrapped this one up. Staff apparently REALLY likes Bryson Bonds from Texas though
  5. Praying for safety and strength for Ayden and your family!
  6. I go to school here in Knoxville. Not at UT but another university. Went to two games this year and have a lot of friends that are Vols Fans, including my fiance's family. I would like our chances against UT and a couple UT fans I have talked have said they wouldn't be very confident against IU in stopping our Offense.
  7. You get that from one of your ex Wives?
  8. 100% agree!! Didn’t see the reason just saw that he was transferring but if it’s due to getting kicked off then definitely pass
  9. More replies the better the thread looks right? Who was your favorite professor?😉
  10. Entered the Transfer portal, must not of liked Ewing’s style. He was a target for us...really think we should reach out
  11. Great movie! Really enjoyed it when I saw it!
  12. Is that the only problem currently is his academics and whether he is eligible?
  13. Yeah his little brother looks like a beast and I would love for IU to snag him and have a little brother rivalry going on during the bucket week, but seems like he’s leaning your guys way.
  14. Yeah we do have a lot of young talent in there and Sanguinetti I believe was are third or fourth highest recruit last year and definitely has some talent. Francois would just bolster the safety room that much more
  15. A name that Indiana football needs to be contacting for sure! A 2022 Defensive end out of Indianapolis. Plays for Brebeuf Jesuit and is a potential five star as his rating stands currently! These are kids we have to start getting some of them. We need to be trying to get a lot of these talented in state kids every year and keeping them away from Norte Dame and PU
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