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  1. Yes, that is a league that I am in. We are a dynasty keeper league a group of 10 buddies that take it pretty serious lol. We usually always do a role draft right after the draft as you stated. It definitely helps in times like covid lol
  2. Thanks for posting in here, couldn’t find it before I started that other one.
  3. Was there? Sorry I just couldn’t find one so thought I’d try to start one
  4. My kind of man! I had Godwin last year as well, I just traded him for a big buy back because I didn’t trust him with the weapons they have now! And yes! I love Gibson and think he is gonna be really good for many years to come!
  5. HoosierKix


    Yeah I should of known that, he was more a contact hitter than power hitter
  6. HoosierKix


    Mantle and the infamous Rose? Just trying to think of the best switch hitters I could think of
  7. @5fouls made a joke in one of the posts on football recruiting about fantasy football and made me wonder how many of you guys do fantasy football? Also what is everybody's thinking of fantasy for this upcoming year? Who you got as breakout candidates, sleepers, or overrated players? To get the ball rolling I am in a dynasty league and we just drafted our rookie draft a week ago and I was able to pick up D'Andre Swift, Cam Akers, Ke'Shawn Vaughn, Joe Burrow, and Michael Pittman (I made quite a few trades to get more picks in the draft). I really think Akers is going to be really good this year. What is your guys' take? Also I think Burrow will be a stud in the future as well as Swift. Swift will have to split snaps this year with Johnson, but I think in the future he will be really good. Just trying to get any sports chat during this time. I saw the NFL 2020 thread but was trying to start a more Fantasy Football centered chat.
  8. Same! He had a great year and I think Bridgewater is gonna take him to the next level this year lol
  9. We have 3 spots left after the Duncomb and Lander commitment say we get Kaufman and then land Mohammed (Big ifs but we can think positive here) then we have one more spot and I feel like adding a Luke Goode or Barnhizer would be great to get a 4 year shooter or Louis Lesmond. Just was curious if the staff was looking for that at all
  10. This recruitment over in the eyes of IU or we still sniffing around? I know at times there was talk we would offer is that still a possibility for those that are in the know?
  11. I 100% trust Archie's judgment, but this seems interesting to me especially with no one transferred out yet and his stats. I mean lot to play out here and maybe we're number 7 on his list, but just seems interesting.
  12. Just committed on Twitter a little bit ago, love what Allen is doing even with this harsh time right now
  13. Just offered today out of PA, he is a 6-7 wing forward that averaged 20 and 10 in his sophomore year. Fun fact, but he plays at the same school that Mike Roberts played for.
  14. Interesting because his brother is a Duke Commit for the 2021 class wonder if he transfers and sits out a year to play with his brother
  15. One point that Coach makes in his replies below this and I think makes the most sense is find a 6’7 or taller guy that has to sit one and has two or three years left that could learn this year and then be able to come in when Brunk and Justin and possibly TJD leaves. I think that would be perfect for us. I don’t see us getting a guard, the guard spot is already just so full and I don’t want to lose a single one of the young guys or the old guys because we bring in a one year rent (this is is not counting the young guy that is supposedly already out the door)
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