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  1. I don’t think I can speak directly to it because not quite that in tune with him, but he has been around terrific basketball minds his whole life. Also if you watch Bradley, they play some pretty basketball and Adams is apart of game planning from what I’ve read and heard so I would lead to believe that his X’s and O’s are solid, but his hand would be a little more recruiting due to his strong ties
  2. Personal opinion I think we keep Ya on staff but time will tell
  3. Well if it makes you feel better that was gonna be my guess was video department so you sounded good lol
  4. Thank you sir, I knew it was something of that nature and sounds right
  5. You would have to think so, I mean Indiana is a big step up from Bradley and he’s from Bloomington. I believe but don’t quote me that he had a previous position with an Indiana staff in the past but not as a coach so he knows the program. He was an Indiana fan growing up
  6. Adams would be a great pick up. Strong Indiana and Midwest ties. Also in reference to a comment above, Adams does have his hand in the European recruiting world. He’s a Bloomington kid and actually played AAU ball with my brother and is just a class act guy. Many people who are actually informed (not me lol) says that he would definitely be interested and I think he would be a great fit
  7. Great to see a great poster like yourself back 0708!! Curious when this phone call was made and I also saw somewhere that Duncomb was informed that he would like the new coach also, you hear anything about this?
  8. The one he threw to Fryfogle against I think MSU where he just threaded it right past the defender by inches and then fryfogle broke free for another like 10 or so yards was just absolutely beautiful!!
  9. I didn't see him live, so I trust your opinion better than mine! Either way he has a tremendous arm, just curious to see the polish of it on some of those deep routes.
  10. Haha it's funny you ask becuse in the other thread I was just talking about it for rankings, but 247 site. Also if you look on twitter Hiller and Gray just followed each other. Could be nothing other than kicking the tires apparently, but just thought it was worth sharing that I read. I agree that Gray should give us an actual look becuase he could easily start on a very good team with a great QB and defense.
  11. Absolutely, he seems to just have the winning attitude and is just an athelete. I don't think his arm is as talanted as Penix, but close.
  12. Very very true, but I think 247 hits more then it misses. It's all personal opinion, plus 247 has a lot more of scouts working for them and people searching to look at players than Rivals does. Just my opinion that I trust 247 more, but at the end of the day ranking is just a number. What they put on the field is what truly matters and either way Mcculley looks like he's going to be a great college QB
  13. Gotcha, thanks for that. I don't really trust Rivals rankings in my personal opinion which is why I was confused. Thanks
  14. Not my intel, just passing on what I have read elsewhere. He likes indiana, but there is a feeling he wants to get away for school which is why Penn State, Oregon, and other schools are in his top 8 also. Rumor is Penn State might be in the driving seat as of now, but a lot of race left to go and we are definitely on the track.
  15. An interesting name that apparently Hiller has contacted is Eric Gray RB from Tennessee. Probably a long shot, but worth a mention.
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