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  1. HoosierKix

    When will we get our next 2019 commit?

    Yes I agree I meant this in light of the rumor someone is possibly committing for the 2020 class and stating idk who it could be if not Morton
  2. HoosierKix

    When will we get our next 2019 commit?

    I mean is there anyone else that Archie has been on as hard as Morton in the class of 2020? The Indiana kids that we have been in contact with don't have offers yet
  3. HoosierKix

    Brandon Newman

    Purdue got an in state player...Mason Gillis
  4. HoosierKix

    Armaan Franklin Commits to IU

    Franklin commits to IU per twitter! GO HOOSIERS
  5. HoosierKix

    Armaan Franklin Commits to IU

    Talking about taking Four Official Visits to IU, Purdue, Xavier, and Clemson though he stated he might not take all four. Said he’d like to make a decision in August or September around there
  6. HoosierKix

    Kira Lewis Jr. Commits to Alabama

    He pretty much states that he wants to visit IU this summer as well as Kansas, Kentucky, and Alabama. He plans to decide before November of this year where he is going. He referenced Coach schilling which we have seen to be a great asset in our recruiting. Lastly, his mom talks about wanting to hand him over to someone that will help mold him to be a strong man someone that will be a role model for him. That is the gist of it.
  7. HoosierKix

    DE Beau Robbins Commits

    This would be a huge get for us!!
  8. HoosierKix

    DJ Carton Commits to Ohio State

    This is a great point because I still believe we need a guard in the 2019 class, but I honestly believe Green is gonna be a stud next year and really polish game and then RP will push him to even get better. Carton would be a great pick up though
  9. HoosierKix

    Eron Gordon Transferring

    Nvm I finally got it Eric Gordon's youngest brother
  10. HoosierKix

    Eron Gordon Transferring

    Maybe I'm just not processing correctly because I have finals, but who is this?
  11. HoosierKix

    Romeo Langford

    This was just cruel on so many levels
  12. HoosierKix

    Romeo Langford

    Here is a quote from Daniels from the 247 board “ As we come down the stretch of Romeo Langford's recruitment, I feel more confident than ever about my Crystal Ball pick of Indiana. I'd be surprised if it wasn't a GREAT day for Hoosier fans.”
  13. HoosierKix

    Romeo Langford

    Where did you see that?
  14. HoosierKix

    Romeo Langford

    Was reading the peegs board and find it funny how Rabjohns is literally saying "Im hearing IU strongly, but just not enough to make a prediction. Kansas is kansas so they're still in it" (paraphrased a little but the basic comment) he's just trying to do what I think Mile said a few pages back of just making sure he isn't wrong one way or the other
  15. HoosierKix

    2018, 2019, 2020 Recruiting

    Where do you get this from? There have been many reports saying he has and experts saying he is. He just visited for the spring game