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  1. Dr. Jones

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Always though he would do well at Ball State or Evansville.
  2. Dr. Jones

    College Football (Not Big Ten)

    Recent transfers from IU T. Natee with 6 carries for 11 yards and touchdown today. T. Mack with 4 catches for 95 yards A. King no stats
  3. Dr. Jones

    Big Ten Football

    bush league A slang term used to describe play that is of minor league or unprofessional quality.
  4. Dr. Jones

    Big Ten Football

    Bush League?
  5. Dr. Jones

    Which Indiana HS has......

    I think North Central had 4 also but I can only remember 3 Gordon X2 Ratliff
  6. Dr. Jones

    Big Ten Football

    Was checking the PSU-Pitt box score and see that Mack is playing for Pitt. Did he get a hardship waiver?
  7. Dr. Jones

    FIU Pregame Thread

    Is it just me or is it risky to have our #1 and #2 RB's as our primary Kickoff returners? I know PSU got away having Barkley as theirs.
  8. Dr. Jones

    IU QB Dawkins Leaves IU program

    We always seem to be thin at QB as far as I can remember. Not sure the last time IU had 3 capable starters: Roberson, Sudfield, Coffman Sudfield, Covington, Diamont Lagow, Diamont, Ramsey Logow, Ramsey, Tronti Ramsey, Penix, Taylor
  9. Dr. Jones

    Challenge to HSN. Give me words that....

    ho and hoe pi and pie
  10. Dr. Jones

    Challenge to HSN. Give me words that....

    No and Know
  11. Dr. Jones

    The Off-Topic Thread

    How long was the poor fellow gone? We had one go missing for 3 months once.
  12. Dr. Jones

    Good quotes.

    "Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional." - Walt Disney
  13. Dr. Jones

    Morel Mushrooms

    Found this in Floyd County this morning
  14. Dr. Jones

    Boy Scouts of America

    As the father of two eagle scouts and a current Scout Master I have mixed feelings about this new direction. For the girls to join they have to set up a new troop and be separate from the boys. I wish we could of worked with the Girl Scouts to set up a similar outdoor/advancement programs within their organization rather than set up separate female troops in the BSA. While I feel that the BSA program is awesome there are things we could improve on. One is fundraising, Girl Scout cookies are a much better product than overpriced popcorn. My oldest son works at one of the BSA high adventure camps during the summer. They often have groups of young females attend for a week from the Girl Scouts, American Heritage, Churches, Etc. He says that they typically perform as well or better than the boys. Sorry to ramble on but after looking at this from the inside and out it sure seems that this is as much about declining enrollment than anything else.