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  1. When I was younger (half my current age) I was working in Trenton New Jersey and made a late night stop at a White Castle drive through for a six sack. After I got back on the road I bit into a slider at promptly spit it out. They had put Ketchup on them. Turned around to took them back . They though I was odd for wanting them without ketchup and gave me grief about it. At my current age I only have them about once every six months. Love'em but can't process them like I used too.
  2. sharpening steel, ice saw and horse whip?
  3. I was in grade school in the late 70's. we played indoors in the gym when the weather was bad. We used deflated playground type kickballs. When i was in 6th grade the male teachers played with us and targeted the boys only. They did not hold back. My friend broke his arm catching a fall after a teacher hit him in the ankles while jumping to try to avoid the ball. Would have been a lawsuit in todays world.
  4. Taking summer classes so he can graduate in 3 and be a transfer next year?
  5. What takes more time, reading the articles, watching the video, or posting? Oops I haven't done two of the 3 either.
  6. Taylor Wayer Named Boys Basketball Coach Bishop Chatard alumnus and former Junior Varsity head coach Taylor Wayer ’10 has been named the head coach of the Bishop Chatard boys basketball team. Coach Wayer’s experience with the game of basketball includes playing at both Bishop Chatard and Indiana University; where he was a four-year letter winner, an Academic All-Big Ten selection, and a member of the 2013 Big Ten Championship team; followed by assistant coaching positions at Mt. Vernon and Bishop Chatard high schools. He has also served as a coach in several basketball clubs and elite-level camps, providing instruction and skill development. After being announced as the program’s new leader, Coach Wayer said his goal is to “build a high school basketball program that teaches athletes how to set goals, strive for success and effectively pursue their vision, individually and as a group, in an environment that emphasizes leadership, progress, work ethic, selflessness, communication, faith and spirituality on and off the floor.”
  7. What is a significant percentage? I seems to me that this is just the opinion of a dozen or so posters who feel the need to vent about something that they have no control over. I hope Lester is wise enough to make his own educated decision.
  8. Johnson, Stevens and now Peters, Who is the next highly rated Indiana HS QB? Will they remember this when they make a college choice.
  9. The linked article says he sat out in 2018. I thought he was eligible and played last year.
  10. So who are the favorites to be playing for this next year?
  11. Wheres Alford going to end up? Cincy?
  12. If you head north toward Purdue country there are plenty. I recommend avoiding that part of the state.
  13. I'm not sure what they are. I was just there on Thursday night to pick up my son. Sometimes I think its an all boys school. I never see any cute girls walking around campus. Depressing.
  14. I agree they are both one large corn field! Whats the difference?
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