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  1. Iowa lost to Purdue last year 24-20. That tempers my respect for how good they are against teams that are proficient at passing. Was Purdue's passing O any good last year?
  2. Worked with an guy named Hueng Ro 25+ tears ago. Still laugh about this today. I guess some people never grow up. Just imagine a heavy accented asian man introducing himself to you. Hello I'm Hung Ro.
  3. Thanks for all the advice and prayers. I am making an appointment to see a counselor and work on a few of my demons. i told her that I am doing this so we will see where this goes. I could tell she was feeling unhappy lately but attributed it to our youngest moving out of the house to start college. If she only would have told me before it was too late.
  4. Came home from a fishing trip on 9/30 to find out my wife of 22 years had moved out. Have had limited conversations with her since and am lost. She told no one that she was doing this and has not said much to anyone except that we weren't getting along so she moved out. Searched online and found articles on walk away wife syndrome which seems to fit our situation exactly. Has anyone here ever had this happen to them? Just want to sit down and talk with a professional and do what it takes to work this out but she needs some time. What does this mean? What is some time? She's in an apartment and signed a one year lease. She won't let me help her financially and I just got busted for looking into her accounts and our recent phone records. I've talked to our priest, deacon, family friends, and countless others and no one saw this coming nor can they believe that she did this. 99% confident that another man is not involved. I am ready to work on this for the next year but I am so confused. She has shown no emotion to anyone about this. She is a devout catholic and has sat next to me at mass and the past three weekends and appears to be in heavy prayer at times but who beside god knows what she is thinking.. Sorry for rambling but I am crushed and need any advice I can get. Dr. J
  5. George Mcginnis - Had his father not suffered a fatal injury the summer before his freshman season I suspect he would have stayed at IU and won a championship. Main reason he left early was to care for his family.
  6. I see where another former IU RB is averaging 7 yards per carry for Last Chance U.
  7. Yes, Ball U did the same last year vs Notre Dame. They don't play with the same intensity in the MAC as they do against in state schools. Lets see a couple more games before we decide IU's fate.
  8. The Gophers did not look too impressive last night. Could the Illini have a chance to not finish last in the West this year?
  9. I've never been there but have had at a buddy's house who lives in Carmel.
  10. If I'm going out I like - Some Guys, Goodfellas, Jockamo, Puchinis, and Baxzbeaux. If I just want a slice at lunch i do Greek Tony's, Bellas, and Napolis. I'm not a fan of Greeks, Marcos, Jets or Hot Box.
  11. Any relation between TDH and HTD?
  12. Currently down to a single lane in Martinsville. Smooth sailing south of there. Typical traffic North of there with the stop lights.
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