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  1. I think a huge gain from locking old threads would be that people (like me) who don't research recruits all day, would know which new recruits to get excited about sooner. Let's be honest, some of these players add IU at the last minute to get hype and views for their commitments. I am tired of getting on for days after a commitment, and seeing all the posts going on in a guys thread we had no chance at ever getting. I personally want to be able to get on, and see conversations in the Anthony leal thread, a guy who I'm not that familiar with because I don't live in Indiana anymore, as opposed to: (Archie’s poor recruiting/coaching/millinials/today’s athletes/cheating/catsup/fishing etc) as dgambill listed above lol. I know it sounds weird that this is preventing me from looking at him, but when I log on and see "HOT Lester Quinones" thread for 3 days in a row after he went to Memphis, and no other thread with a recent update, I log right back off and move on with my day. I'm busy, and don't have time to sort through all of the "last update Wednesday" recruits. Also, I'm not sure why this is looked down upon. There is some value in locking up these threads, and it's clear almost 80% of us want it, and I have a feeling the reasoning is similar to what I just explained. Thanks for reading.
  2. Get em out of here. Usually the discussion isn't productive anyway after a certain point.
  3. Exactly, I definitely believe that we are 6, just irritated that they have allowed it, especially with the money donated by alumni.
  4. We should NOT be 6th in facilities.
  5. Everyone hop on twitter and let Lester know we want him!
  6. Every coach currently cheating isn't young whatsoever. The people running the ncaa who have let this go on aren't young.
  7. Cole Anthony to UNC, does that change things?
  8. Nobody is doing that lol. Get over yourself
  9. By criticizing people who are criticizing other people? Lol read the board and you'll see who was saying it. Don't be obnoxious.
  10. Are you really looking for a list of people? What is the purpose of this lol
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