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  1. Our team behaved like losers so the committee treated them as such. Our SOS showed that this team just doesn't care. So neither do I.
  2. Well I hear the floor needs to be mopped, so we may be looking at another away game.
  3. Its annoying everybody probably assumed kbj was coming here so we missed out on guys like brandon newman.
  4. If the fbi probe wouldn't have happened, uk would have been able to continue to pay higher 5 stars, and not have to "settle" for kbj. Funny how that ended up screwing us. Too bad he wasn't able to see that 3 months ago they didn't care about him. I wish him luck but hope Cal gets kicked out of the ncaa.
  5. I really didn't think this game was on archie. Our team was straight passing it to the other team, and smith turned back into a soft player. Green made me mad early but he really killed it towards the end. Really wonder if we would have been better off getting him more looks all season. Unfortunately this team missed wide open 3s repeatedly early. We need shooters. No offense can function like this.
  6. I'm sure he is a nice guy and reffing is a tough job, but there are a lot of tough jobs, and he sucks at it. Also he didnt call the charge, so I'll give him that.
  7. We got boroski sooo many games this year. It was awful to watch
  8. He went under him, it was close but obvious. Not a call they ever make in that situation.
  9. Ridiculous charge call to kill our momentum. Typical
  10. I noticed that too. Like we just ruined one of his last seasons.
  11. This may have been covered, but at what point does izzo get called out on his low class postgame interviews? At halftime and postgame he complained about smith, then made excuses about injuries and his team being tired lol. We just played a double OT game and have had more injuries than anyone lol. Last game he complained about the refs. I'll be glad when he's gone, he's a dirtbag.
  12. At this point, no news is probably good news lol.
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