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  1. The FBI is not involved now, in fact they denied the NCAA access to all the evidence they had collected and a judge upheld that decision. So now it's just the NCAA, using what testimony was made public and their very limited powers. That's all they have. Of course, they also have a much lower standard of "proof" when it comes to making judgement. Based on KU's response, this looks like a real battle that will drag out, maybe even into the courts.
  2. Interesting. You are correct, his strength on offense is driving and getting to the rim to score or get fouled (and occasionally dish to a teammate). Early in the season he was frequently out of control and forced way too many drives, getting shots blocked and turning it over. His biggest improvement was curtailing those drives and becoming much better at knowing when to attack and when to pull back. His efficiency numbers were better in conference than in non-conference which is unusual for a first year player. His outside shot does need work, but that's why he's a guy coming off the bench and not starting. If we could only combine him with DaMonte Williams, who has a pretty decent outside shot but is very reluctant to try and score....
  3. As an Illini fan, I'll say this is pretty fair and the skepticism is warranted until it's proven on the court. And I share the concern about the defense, it needs to improve from "awful" to at least "mediocre" if Illinois is going to move up in the standings. I do think we may a big jump up, but seeing predictions like Torvik at #14 is a little too much. One important guy you're missing in your analysis is Andres Feliz. Like a lot of transfers, it took him half the season to get adjusted to playing at the Big Ten level, but he was pretty good in conference play. That back court is going to be really good. Lots of interesting story lines in the league this season, Howard taking over for Beilein, can Gard get Wisconsin back on track, can Painter continue Purdue's recent trend, how long does it take the Mayor to get something going in Lincoln, etc....
  4. Yeah, me too. Solid dude. Still has the single game assist record at Illinois. Sorry, nope. But that does remind me of another memory from those HS days. I remember being in the Danville Schlarman gym during their holiday tournament. Just a 4 team tournament, the 2 Danville teams plus Luther South and Lawrenceville. So on that court I watched both Marty Simmons and Doug Novsek (sp?) and Luther had a guy named Mike Conley. That was SR, not JR of course and he'd go on to be an Olympic gold medal winning triple jumper. I think LS had another kid who went on to play college ball and Danville had a couple as well. And one kid who signed with the Yankees for baseball.
  5. Oh, I knew Bruce and those teams all too well. That's why I said it was only a little before my time. I grew up in Danville and we had pretty good teams around that era though never made it too far in the tourney. I have a vague memory of a close game against Quincy where one of our big guy made the mistake of trying to score after getting a rebound of a missed FT. Payne stuffed his shot, got the ball, was fouled and that completely turned the game. I was becoming an Illini fan at that age as well, landing Bruce along with Winters, Altenberger, etc was a pretty huge deal for Lou's program.
  6. To be honest, he was a little (not a lot, but a little! 😬) before my time. I just know he ended up as our all time leading shot blocker.
  7. Derek Holcombe did OK at Illinois. 😀
  8. I'm just an alum, not particularly "close". I have no idea what happened. They played a really, really good half of defense against NW then came out in the 2nd half and allowed 49 points to a terrible offense that hadn't been able to score much more than that in an entire game. Part of it is just that style of defense, I'm not a fan of it especially in the Big Ten where most teams tend to take care of the ball pretty well. This kind of sums it up:
  9. You guys looked good and I think you'll be dancing. On the flip side, that was the worst defense I've seen in my life and I'm pretty old. Maybe I'll check in with ya'll next fall.
  10. Not sure I get exactly what this means? Those weren't actually wins over ranked teams? Illini are definitely a better team than when we first met in early January, but have also come down a bit from the level of a few weeks ago. I don't think Frazier is 100%, he's had a couple of games where he's left with leg/ankle issues and I don't think he's all the way back from those. OTOH, Feliz has really stepped up his game recently. Should be a good one.
  11. Congrats on helping Purdue win the Big Ten! Also, ya'll storm the court after beating #6, a team you had already beaten this season? Oh my! 😄
  12. Tough match up for Giorgi against Haarms, he was pretty much a non-factor the whole game. We somehow led at the half because we made some 3 pointers and actually shot more FTs than Purdue. Unsurprisingly, neither of those 2 trends continued in the second half and Purdue just pulled away in the last 10 min.
  13. Right, talking at large teams here. There have been some auto bids with losing records.
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