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  1. Wow, won't even ask how you managed to stumble across The Cesspool board. 🤣 The polar opposite to the Illinois Loyalty board where everything is sunshine and rainbows.
  2. BTN/Fox calling the shots here, they want "content" for Fri/Sun instead of Saturday. The price you pay for raking in that big TV $$.
  3. Frazier, Williams, Grandison, Plummer, Hutcherson.
  4. Finally something I can agree with!
  5. Just for old times sake, I guess. I used to hang out on a bunch of Big Ten boards back when there were a lot of good independent sites, i.e. Illiniboard, Peegs, BadgerManic and tRCMB. Unfortunately many of them went over to Rivals/Scout/247 and mostly behind paywalls. And most of these boards have terrible interfaces so not easy to have any kind of real discussion. I do miss those days. And believe it or not, I do appreciate the different perspective from other B1G fans.
  6. Oh I agree he needs it and think he will have it. I saw a number of his HS games where he made multiple 3s. He's capable.
  7. I don't know that the shooting is such a "big IF", he is a pretty good FT shooter which means he has the form. Turnovers should be better just be being a soph but he's always going to have some just because it's part of his game.
  8. Yes, getting all those kids to the pros has IU in fine shape, right? 🤣 Kofi knows how to defend screens, he's simply too large of a human to be able to move quickly enough. It's why he's staying in college. And honestly, why Illinois was able to land him. And he's probably going to make more money with NIL than he would going overseas, so maybe he comes back and plays a 4th season? I'm sure you'll trot this crap out again then. 🤣 Yeah, Illinois is on solid footing. Preseason top 15 team and again a B1G title contender, a nice freshman class and 2 top 100 guards committed for 2022. After losing a first team All America and soon to be first round NBA draft pick, 3 assistant coaches and another starting guard. BTW, this kind of turnover is going to become more common, so get used to it. You're awfully defensive about it. Heh. Looking forward to extending that winning streak against IU....
  9. Illinois has a guy, Austin Hutcherson. Transferred in from D3, sat out a season and then had back issues (from a car accident in HS) and missed another season. Yet there are people who insist he is a likely starter. Not sure I buy it but would be a pretty amazing story if it happened. Your pick of Curbelo is more sensible, though I also think Trent Frazier will increase his offense quite a bit with Ayo no longer around.
  10. Off season I'm out on the golf course or eating some good bar-b-que, not hanging with the fools here. 🤣 Not sure why you continue to post the draft stuff that makes you look rather foolish. Not sure on the "roster turnover" either, bringing back 9 guys is pretty good these days.
  11. Man, what a crazy off season this has been! Not sure I like this new era but Illinois seems to have come out of it in pretty good shape.
  12. Giorgi is heading home to turn pro. Hasn't seen his family in 2 years so can't blame him. Kofi will enter the draft, good chance he stays in but is a 2nd round pick at best. Small chance he returns but probably also headed overseas somewhere. Some other end of bench guys likely to transfer out. So most like we'll have Curbelo, Hawkins, Granderson back along with Hutcherson who sat out with back issues. Have added the big from Florida who is basically a Giorgi replacement. Need to get another SG, combo to back up Curbelo. Also trying to get the Mitchell kid from UMass. Just seems like a lot of these transfers end up shuffling the deck with similar players ending up replacing another guy much like themselves at a new school. Good times.
  13. Had heard rumors of this during the season but didn't think much of them, assumed they were from the Peoria crowd. Since Adam grew up there but moved to Chicago during his HS career, there were always some negative griping about him during his recruitment, assumed it was from folks bitter that he left their town. Basically he's another kid who wants the ball in his hands, of course he's too small to be a 2G in the pros so wants a PG role and he knows that's not happening at Illinois with Curbello around. So he and his mom are looking elsewhere. Disappointing since he really seemed to be "bought in", turned into a pretty good defender and seemed to accept his role while waiting for Ayo to move on. Tweeted lots of stuff about how the program was "back" after the season, then....*poof*. That's the new normal with the portal and free agency I guess. He's a good player but not irreplaceable. Illini will look a lot different next year! 😬
  14. Last time I checked it looked like this site was dead and gone, some message about needing a sysadmin. Glad to see you are all OK!
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