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  1. Maybe I don’t care about your opinion. Been around long enough To know
  2. Spit balling.... Bobby Hurley? $2.335M per year
  3. Just find it hard to believe that a tight-lipped recruitment like this was leaked via a taped podcast the night before the kid’s big announcement.
  4. Campus is about 20min from Beale Street, closer to the trendier part of Memphis.
  5. Garcia's timeline doesn't seem to fit with Memphis'. Memphis is in on a bunch of guys that are signing late (except Garcia) because of the uncertainty of who will turn pro.
  6. Lewis Jackson...? I don’t remember much about this recruitment, but we did have Bassett and Crawford on the roster with Bud Mackey (yikes) already committed. http://www.insidethehall.com/2007/08/09/lewis-jackson-heading-to-west-lafayette/
  7. Thanks Mile. I’ve been around for the other versions of HSN, but didn’t realize I hadn’t signed up for this one yet.
  8. I believe it got down to TCU & Miami (OH). As soon as TCU offered, it was a done deal. He'll be a good 4-year player for them.
  9. I went to this high school, so very familiar with the area and the school. Pumphrey is very raw and still learning how to play basketball and be 6'10, so big-time work in progress. He's 6'10 playing very low 2A basketball with a schedule of mostly 1A and charter schools. I'm sure he'll play somewhere, but he's nowhere near a major college prospect.
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