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  1. Lewis Jackson...? I don’t remember much about this recruitment, but we did have Bassett and Crawford on the roster with Bud Mackey (yikes) already committed. http://www.insidethehall.com/2007/08/09/lewis-jackson-heading-to-west-lafayette/
  2. Thanks Mile. I’ve been around for the other versions of HSN, but didn’t realize I hadn’t signed up for this one yet.
  3. I believe it got down to TCU & Miami (OH). As soon as TCU offered, it was a done deal. He'll be a good 4-year player for them.
  4. I went to this high school, so very familiar with the area and the school. Pumphrey is very raw and still learning how to play basketball and be 6'10, so big-time work in progress. He's 6'10 playing very low 2A basketball with a schedule of mostly 1A and charter schools. I'm sure he'll play somewhere, but he's nowhere near a major college prospect.
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