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  1. What these games have proven overall is that you have to have at least four guys on the floor who can score, if not five for most teams. And most can shoot from three. Need to have five guys that can be capable of contributing consistently. I know this is broken record but even St Peter’s has five guys on the court who can put the ball in the basket. Not to slight them but they don’t have our resources.
  2. On TJD call. Think about it out farther on court. Would that have been call at half court? No. But moving on. when they pressed at end and pushed X out of bounds and we gave up a three. Again does not matter now but I’m always surprised at how certain some are about their opinions on this board and they call others out without even considering the alternative. go Hoosiers
  3. Because he was underneath to start. Where does TJD go? I know you like to be right but I disagree on this call. And it was big. Just to see your competency did you think Xavier got pushed out of bounds or was that a play on? And if you say you don’t remember then?
  4. Agree to disagree but not a foul. Play on. Not a foul if Murray is on offense.
  5. He was underneath him as he went up. Where is he supposed to go. That is not typically a foul if already underneath. And look at Race drive earlier with a lot more contact. Please explain.
  6. Also did you see Race drive to basket with no call and a lot more contact?
  7. He was underneath him as he went up. Where is he supposed to go
  8. Great comeback win today. Can’t remember the last time I was able to say that. And first time I have gotten to see the Hoosiers play in person twice in the tourney. Not to bring a negative to the conversation but where was Logan on the bench today? Was sitting right behind bench and happened to realize admittedly late in second half he was not there. Any info?
  9. This is a great team to watch. They play hard nose defense and get quality shots. I’ve enjoyed watching them courtside with the family the last two days and can’t wait to watch a championship tomorrow. If you are in the Indy area I recommend checking out this team tomorrow at 4pm. You can get great seat for less than $20. Hope to see you all tomorrow afternoon.
  10. Fun team to watch. Been there with the family the last two days. Will be courtside again tomorrow for a championship.
  11. Only way the Michigan State win affects us is potentially knocking Purdue out of the one seed. We are likely in the 8-9 game and if win play the one seed.
  12. Poor coaching down the stretch.
  13. Root for your team. Public or private should not matter.
  14. This is a game we typically win after bad loss. And with having guys out I think we will be even more hungry. At least we should hope the guys that sat out are more hungry.
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