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  1. I want A. Can’t wait to beat a top 10 team next week
  2. OSU had a slow start to the season. I hate OSU. I know Iowa and PSU kicked our butts but watching them did you really think they were complete teams? I was not impressed with either offense. Having watched OSU play I will be surprised if they don’t win the Big Ten Championship with a more complete team. Also I cannot wait to play likely #10 MSU next week at home. Another team that has had the benefit of scheduling and is not as good as their ranking.
  3. We need to finish out this game and show up for MSU. That will make or break season.
  4. How funny. Had to explain that part of the game to my 16 year old daughter during this game. I have taught her the game over the years. She asked several times why this or that penalty was not called and I had to explain the concept you refer to.
  5. D has played well. Need Offense to step up. Tuttle looked better in one series than Penix all year.
  6. Hope Penix is OK. Tuttle is fine but obviously not long term solution. Play Tuttle and sprinkle in The freshman ?Mcaulley. Get him some time
  7. Throw the ball down the field in bounds. Give our receivers a chance. Penic
  8. Yes. They know who is supposed to win. We need to change the script
  9. Long drive. Converted fourth down. And held Anderson on TD. D playing OK. Let’s not give up yet. Offense needs to produce. Especially #3
  10. Now reviewing. Worse than McFaddens
  11. Clear targeting not called in Oregon game. Terrible
  12. Let’s see the Freshman. Is able to move around and has great arm. No reason to keep Penix in now and risk further injury.
  13. My mindset is either you are with me or against me. If you choose another school good luck but I am not happy and plan to pound you into the ground if I have the chance. Would have been another nice piece of the puzzle. Will have good personal career without any team success. That’s ok if that is what you want.
  14. Why are we still talking about This player on our recruiting page. He committed to another team. Good luck to him. Moving on.
  15. Doyel is crazy with those numbers. He was the best guard on a bad team that didn’t finish the season in the tournament.
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