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  1. Around the B1G/NCAA

    Haas out for the tournament.
  2. Romeo Langford

    What if we start a thread that is just personal notes to Romeo expressing what it would mean to each of us, personally, to have him become a Hoosier. We have the fanbase to overwhelm him with our love for the program. Someone could print out the thousands of messages and hand them to Romeo at an autograph signing.
  3. Senior Night Game Thread

    Now we get to worry about Chuck Martin.
  4. Rutgers post game thread

    I'm proud of Archie and the team tonight- it was a much more complete performance than they have had.
  5. Hoosiers vs Buckeyes Game Thread

    At least we had a halftime lead over OSU in football.
  6. Hoosiers vs Buckeyes Game Thread

    I feel like if OSU had the better roster, they wouldn't have been picked to finish 11th in the Big Ten.
  7. Hoosiers vs Buckeyes Game Thread

    All the Buckeye fans I know are bragging about how they got the better coach. I'm not seeing any argument against it based on tonight.
  8. Indiana at Illinois Game Thread

    We have zero ballhandlers. Next year we will have one. We'll still be about four short of a functional offense unless the recruiting improves soon.
  9. Indiana at Illinois Game Thread

    This is how we lose Romeo Langford.
  10. Northwestern Postgame Thread

    I agree that simply chucking threes is not the answer, but rather I find it encouraging that when just one significantly-below-average part of our game becomes average, we can rise to a drastically higher level.
  11. Northwestern Postgame Thread

    Now 7-0 when we hit eight or more threes.
  12. Tennessee Tech Post Game Thread

    IU is now 5-0 when it hits eight or more threes.
  13. Tennessee Tech Post Game Thread

    Tonight was a step in the right direction. It was refreshing to see the team grab a lead then build on it until the end.
  14. IPFW post game

    Buckeye fans are gloating over Holtmann right now. I hope we prove to have the better man.
  15. IPFW post game

    I'm glad Ivy Tech isn't on the schedule.