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  1. Candystripe

    Pacers vs Cavs Series

    *than. Do you teach first grade or are you being taught in first grade? I'll call that a night. I hope some of you decide to attend IU someday, there is education that can desperately help you.
  2. Candystripe

    Pacers vs Cavs Series

    Michael Jordan wouldn't have won a single game against the modern Warriors- the best teams are better now, even if the worst teams are horrible. The degree of difficulty is not close.
  3. Candystripe

    Pacers vs Cavs Series

    False- it's too bad Indianapolis will never see a talent the level of LeBron. I'm just trying to think of which poorly-reasoned "argument" to attack, but it may not be worth the time.
  4. Candystripe

    Pacers vs Cavs Series

    Jordan played against cupcakes in the finals every season in a less-talented era with a superior supporting cast. Should we consider Robert Horry greater than Jordan if we are only comparing rings?
  5. Candystripe

    Pacers vs Cavs Series

    I have used no foul language- there are far others you should be policing before myself. I suffered with the Cavs before LeBron- I am simply celebrating what he has done and do not respect seeing posts that James is soft or a crybaby when there are numerous excessive fouls that go uncalled against him.
  6. Candystripe

    Pacers vs Cavs Series

    I'm only responding to the arrogance I see on this board.
  7. Candystripe

    Pacers vs Cavs Series

    The Pacers are the Purdue of the NBA- no banners. As for when the greatest player of all time retires, it doesn't matter who replaces him. We have a championship and a dominance over the Eastern Conference that is historic.
  8. Candystripe

    Pacers vs Cavs Series

    I'm from Cleveland and an IU graduate. I don't think all Hoosiers should be forced to be Pacer fans.
  9. Candystripe

    Pacers vs Cavs Series

    Oladipo should have had four fouls in the first half. The refs kept the Pacers in the game. LeBron gets fouled every drive. The Pacers should celebrate for making the playoffs- it's a big accomplishment for them.
  10. Candystripe

    Pacers vs Cavs Series

    LeBron outscored your entire team in the first quarter, then the Cavs went on cruise control.
  11. Candystripe

    Pacers vs Cavs Series

    Thanks to the Pacers for the wakeup call. When the Cavs try, the Cavs win. The King showed that he is better by himself than the Pacers are altogether. If the Pacers win another game, I would be disappointed. Go Cavs and Go Hoosiers!
  12. Candystripe

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Haas out for the tournament.
  13. Candystripe

    Romeo Langford

    What if we start a thread that is just personal notes to Romeo expressing what it would mean to each of us, personally, to have him become a Hoosier. We have the fanbase to overwhelm him with our love for the program. Someone could print out the thousands of messages and hand them to Romeo at an autograph signing.
  14. Candystripe

    Senior Night Game Thread

    Now we get to worry about Chuck Martin.
  15. Candystripe

    Rutgers post game thread

    I'm proud of Archie and the team tonight- it was a much more complete performance than they have had.