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  1. IUalum

    IU at Michigan POST GAME

    I liked CAM's answer to the last question in the presser, "what will you work on for the next game?" His answer was, "everything." don't think he liked the question at that point. As for the slow starts, maybe he needs to install the Crean walk through. I understand they were pretty much full contact and brutal, leaving the team gasping and "ready" to play. (TIC)
  2. IUalum

    IU at Michigan POST GAME

    Was anyone else screaming "take away his right hand" for Simpson and his running hook? I had to turn the sound down as the announcers gushed all over.
  3. IUalum

    IU at Michigan POST GAME

    This team is so close to being really good. Not there yet. Maybe one solid outside shooter DG played more under control. Only one circus shot that i recall and I think he was fouled on it. Juan is just fun to watch. What a warrior. Michigan is a good team.
  4. IUalum

    Illinois Postgame Thread

    DG, Stop trying the circus shots. Stop trying the circus shots. Stop trying the circus shots. if he eliminated those 3 to 5 or whatever at the hoop, I would be happy.
  5. IUalum

    Illinois Postgame Thread

    It was interesting to watch. I am usually "tense" in close games, but watching the second half, only being up about, I was very comfortable. And it had to do with the fact that this team plays DEFENSE. It wasn't till the game got to 6 towards the end that I got "excited" again. Watching our teams in the past, games could swing from plus 10 to minus in a heart beat. I though the refs called some touch stuff, then let the game get physical. Did anyone see Morgan get nearly dragged down by the front of his jersey in the lane, Romeo get leveled on an in bounds play? And I liked Morgan's early dunk that wasn't a dunk. The ball bounced up and came back through the basket as it was still vibrating from the force as Morgan got hammered. Sunday will be very interesting. Michigan struggled last night against against Penn State, finally pulling away at the end to win by 13 at home.
  6. IUalum

    Illinois Postgame Thread

    Welcome to the 2019 Hoosiers. Just another gutty win. I hope this was just blowing off 11 days of rust. But, the D was really nice to see.
  7. IUalum

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Would love to see the camera on Victor. Wow, the Wat shot redux.....
  8. IUalum

    Penn State Game Thread

    THREES and FREES who is this team???
  9. IUalum

    UT Arlington Postgame Thread

    Get the injuries, quick turn around, weak opponent, students on break, BUT TO trend is disturbing. Too many hero, high risk passes and some that were just careless. I thought that was behind them. FT - better, but still a weakness. RL looked a lot like a freshman today on defense and some of his passes. Future is bright, it is only November, but a lot of work to do
  10. IUalum

    Arkansas post game

    Positives and negatives. down 10, in the second half, came back tough. Romeo hits a good 3 in a pressure situation. Phinisee hits a 3 in a pressure situation. The team did not quit and fought through adversity to have a great chance at winning. Take the layup every time, and and easy chance at a tip in to gain the lead with 2 seconds to go doesn't seem like they didn't know what to do. Just flat out did not execute. (missed both) In the not too recent past, the team wouldn't even get a shot, so point blank to win it is pretty good. (no moral victories) It's November. Lot's to gain from this loss. Team has a lot to learn about energy, lazy passes and tight defense. Generally, did not play good enough to win) The potential is there. A couple of players back would help (McBob was missed the most today, but no excuses, play who shows up) I am excited about the toughness of this team in crunch time on the road. Still a lot to learn. Still a fun team to watch.
  11. IUalum

    Pacers vs Cavs Series

    Vic developed a ton under Crean. As a freshman, i cringed every time he chucked up a three and looking at his stats, his soph year was worse . (31%. 21%) He only shot 26 as a freshman. Vic has always had a work ethic and he worked his tail off, and by accounts, it appears he still does. This is like "coaches lose games and players win them". Think there might be a balance in there somewhere. let's just celebrate Vic's game and feel good about it. Every time I open this site, i see 3 big red "Ls" in a row to end the season and it helps to have some alumni being successful. I was just pointing out some irony that two of Crean's players are being noticed for their defense, while most of Crean's teams were not.
  12. IUalum

    Pacers vs Cavs Series

    Where did Victor and OG learn to play defense? Vic leads the league in steals this year. He has exploded. they are double teaming him and trying to keep the ball out of his hands. 32 pts with 2 min to go. Special player
  13. IUalum

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    This is one of the most fun teams to watch. These kids bring it every play. Lucas Williamson would look great in candy stripes. He is fun to watch. A freshman at that.
  14. IUalum

    Selection show

    wow, I had to look that one up. It shows he played 7.7 min/game, but I don't remember one second of it.
  15. IUalum

    Selection show

    only 4 BIGs get in.... Former IU coaches, Samson, Davis, both in. As is Devon Davis, former IU player. I love college basketball, but it sucks when IU is not in the tourney. The past few years have been tough.