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  1. This reminds me of IU vs Syracuse. TT just seems frozen in face of the zone at the top of the key. Meanwhile, UVA is getting something going.
  2. I was too. But Beard has an impressive record at almost every level. I am pulling for the Big Ten, and my son graduated from MSU Law, so, OK, MSU could win, but it is hard to pull agaist TT.
  3. Just read Coach Beard's bio. Indiana fingerprints are all over this year's final. 10 years assistant under both Knights. Kyle Guy, Indiana Mr B Ball, and Henry. Interesting.
  4. Looked like DD to me. The last foul was a good call. He was hit in the act of shooting. and former Mr B ball Indiana wins the game at the line. OK
  5. Of all that, I still long for the day when IU is relevant again.
  6. Wonder who will get the ball???
  7. Wow, what else can you say....
  8. FT seem automatic. what a nice feeling.....
  9. Guy v Edwards, Wow, fun b ball.
  10. Kyle Guy doing a nice Coverdale impression. Just put a little tape on it, it'll be fine. what a great kid, wish he could have been a Hoosier.
  11. I looked at two other scores, NC State and Clemson. Both were really tight in the first half.
  12. It was good to see the defense step up. I thought it was going to be another game to give up 80. And I love watching Morgan play. Gonna miss him. That kid is tough as nails.
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