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  1. I looked at two other scores, NC State and Clemson. Both were really tight in the first half.
  2. It was good to see the defense step up. I thought it was going to be another game to give up 80. And I love watching Morgan play. Gonna miss him. That kid is tough as nails.
  3. It will be interesting to see who all tests the market. Certainly, Romeo will, Davis? Green? Smith?
  4. Well written article! Now it is up to the team to write the ending to the season. Hopefully a few more meaningful games.
  5. PSU up 9 with 5 to go.....but we shouldn't care...
  6. our free throw defense sucks, but our free throw offense is pretty good at 80%. Just keep them at arms length, get Juan a few more minutes and head into Thursday.
  7. For me, no brainer. NCAAT Who won the NIT last year and where are they today? Answer: Penn State, 12th currently in the BT. I don't see this IU team in the Big Dance, but I would love to see it happen.
  8. But don't the new uniforms look nice. if they don't play better, they should turn them in and put on t shirts with magic marker numbers on them
  9. For me, it reinforces that if Archie had the team he recruited and expected to have (i.e. no injuries, including Hunter), and could actually practice against each other, the team could be really, really, good. It's been a roller coaster year, and may the team can get some breaks and stay healthy to show what they can do.
  10. I thought we would get shutout in OT and not score a point.
  11. I always thought DD was a huge part of what the team needed. He played 25 minutes tonight. Huge. Watching Morgan have to muscle the Rutgers players on defense from the first play earlier this week, it's a wonder he had anything left in the second half. With DD and a little help from Forrester, it is a different team. Hopefully, Juan is not out for long.
  12. 21 Assists for the game. nice basketball
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