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  1. 1. I grew up an IU fan, watching every game with my dad. I remember having a hat that said, The Lord is my Shepherd, but Bobby Knight is my Coach. 2. My favorite season was the 87 title run - the phone punch especially. As a lefty, my favorite time was watching Cheaney.
  2. We live in Robinson, IL which is definitely not far from Lawrenceville or Vincennes.
  3. Michael Lewis? Hows that for misdirection.
  4. Graham is the guy I was thinking about as well, but since I havent seen much of Gunn outside of brief highlights I didnt know if I was way off in that. Looking forward to seeing him develop.
  5. I knew what you meant. Either way you had the Double D correct.
  6. Do you mean Dexter Dennis? He tweeted this Friday.
  7. I hope TJD is back, but with all of the off-season developments, I am excited about our roster and our team either way.
  8. I had a thought about Purdue. Who am I kidding. I never think about them.
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