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  1. I just saw that. Coming off some injuries, but he was highly regarded coming out of high school. He will be a nice addition somewhere for sure. Interested to see if we get involved.
  2. And the deck continues to shuffle...
  3. Same thought. Really like Brunk though.
  4. Kent Sterling talks some about Josh Nickelberry. http://kentsterling.com/2021/04/13/indiana-basketball-iubb-looking-at-nickelberry-booing-former-pacers-paul-george-acceptable-boilerupwilliams-in-draft/
  5. Does this have any impact on Jabari Smith or vice versa?
  6. Thanks. I couldn’t find any info about who might be on him, and that surprised me for sure.
  7. I thought the same when I saw that. Enjoyed watching him play.
  8. Saw something on Twitter about contact or interest in Matt Bradley from Cal. Anyone have any info on that? Seems like he would be a nice addition.
  9. Wonder if he and Nickleberry trade places? 🤔
  10. I agree with all of this. I think sometimes the frustration happens when someone seems to be more disagreeable than to just be in disagreement. That’s true in anything though; just seems heightened on emotional message boards. 🤓
  11. Watching everything play out I have one thought - it seems that IU basketball is important again within the administration. There seems to be a commitment to make it important again beyond that. I may or may not agree with every decision being made, but that is not the point because the decisions are not mine. Honestly I’m just glad to see movement toward relevance.
  12. I live in Robinson, on the eastern side. We were visiting friends in Collinsville.
  13. Definitely a sign then if two of us were by it today.
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