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  1. Between2Halls

    Purdue Game Thread

    Don’t like this lineup at all.
  2. Between2Halls

    Purdue Game Thread

    I like the aggressiveness from Romeo.
  3. Between2Halls

    Purdue Game Thread

    Other than turnovers I appreciate this start.
  4. Between2Halls

    Purdue Pregame Thread

    If we somehow pull this one off it might represent the greatest win in my lifetime. Lol
  5. Between2Halls

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I can live with a recruit changing direction or schools ... but to UK??? Seriously?? That makes me feel sick to my stomach. Ugh.
  6. Between2Halls

    Minnesota Pregame Thread

    I really want to be optimistic, but my pessimism keeps getting in the way. It is amazing to me how my narrative or comments about this season has changed so drastically as the year has progressed. I am sure that my wife and my son are tired of hearing my opinion. Lol i believe we can beat Minnesota, and honestly believe that we should. At this point, however, I lack the confidence to say that we will.
  7. Between2Halls

    The OFFICIAL Iowa Game Thread.

    With the great looks Iowa is getting I wonder if IU could hit shots against themselves tonight. LOL
  8. Between2Halls

    Michigan State post game

    Finally able to see another game - watched from Mississippi - and very impressed with the effort. I honestly told myself I would not watch this one at all, but I was totally engrossed by this one. So proud of the way they played. Prayers that Morgan is ok.
  9. Between2Halls

    What has happened to this team?

    The team that beat Marquette, Louisville, and Butler showed me what CAM can put together as a coach. The team we have seen of late shows me what happens with some type of implosion. I thought of the replacements movie when the owner was in the booth and said, “they’re quitting on ya.” This is about more than basketball, and in truth we may never know exactly what it is.
  10. Between2Halls

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Egg on the plate to eat a delicious meal??
  11. Between2Halls

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Wrong thread. Sorry
  12. Between2Halls

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Get the coach fired???
  13. Between2Halls

    Nebraska Game Thread

    I believe we need to speed things up in the second half.
  14. Between2Halls

    Indiana Maryland POST GAME

    The number one thing I want to see is a 40 minute game. I can see improvement, but that seems like the biggest and most obvious hurdle right now.
  15. Between2Halls

    Indiana Maryland POST GAME

    My biggest frustration was the number of tip out rebounds they chased down.