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  1. Must listen for anyone still on the fence regarding Woodson as the right choice for head coach
  2. Guys, college basketball is no longer about landing 5 and 4 star OADs. The new paradigm, like it or not, is recruit the transfer portal for nearly ready NBA prospects. We are in the sweet spot!! IU Basketball Inc.
  3. This is the right guy. I'm betting he convinces the portal entrants with the exception of Geronimo to stay. I'm 100% on board.
  4. Must read if you're interested in buying into the Mike Woodson hire: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.si.com/college/indiana/.amp/basketball/tom-brew-indiana-home-run-hire-with-mike-woodson-but-lots-work-to-be-done
  5. Even Cal has said Musselman is an offensive mastermind.
  6. Musselman is the guy I want. We shall see.
  7. Thanks Bob. My hangout for the last 15 years has been Milanos on Brown Street in Dayton adjacent to the UD campus. I was dead wrong on Archie at Indiana. He was out of his element and I didn't realize it until this year when he began to whiff on recruits. Then he totally lost the team the last 3 games and after the Rutgers game and taking non stop flak at Milanos, I said he had to go. However, I believe he will be very successful at a smaller school. He did more with less at UD than any coach I've seen anywhere. As far as the odds go, like badger vol said, Vegas has no inside in
  8. In my 30 years of following odds this kind of move is unprecedented. Line don't lie is my take.
  9. This thread is a cesspool of misinformation. So sad to see IU basketball where it is. Come on here to catch up and have to put up with this BS. Then there's the 2500 posts on fire Archie thread along with the new coach thread. What a counter productive cesspool.
  10. No way Archie is gone after this year. Pay him $10 mil to leave and then expect a high level coach to come in knowing he only has 4 years to produce? Preposterous.
  11. Not necessarily, I was just refuting your point that teams frequently have letdowns after big wins and aren't sharp the next game.
  12. Unfortunately, Archie will be back next year which doesn't bother me like it does you. If he has a bad season then on to the next 5 year gamble
  13. Minnesota slammed Michigan by 18 last week and came back yesterday losing by 14 to Maryland at home
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