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  1. Rogermci

    Nebraska Postgame Thread

    Hey Mile, were you at the Rose Bowl in 1968 for IU game?
  2. Rogermci

    Nebraska Postgame Thread

    Was Durham pulled for an injury last night?
  3. Rogermci

    Maryland Pregame Thread

    I like our chances tomorrow Mile. Archie me thinks has gotten the point across about slow starts and we usually play well against Maryland. OT..Mile were you at the Rose Bowl in 1968?
  4. Rogermci

    Butler Pregame Thread

    Butler is now -1.5. Someone is pounding the Bulldogs. Ugh.
  5. Rogermci

    Butler Pregame Thread

    Butler now favored by 1. This has trouble written all over it. Fishing for IU money
  6. Rogermci

    ND post game thread

    Living 1 mile from UD arena, I've watched Archie at least 15 times pull a tight game out at the end. He is an absolutely brilliant crunch time coach. I mentioned this on the old forum last year when there were many doubters as to whether Archie was the right guy. Now you've seen it first hand and you will see it going forward. The man can flat out coach!