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  1. I watched the game on laptop Saturday night. TJD was a man amongst boys. Didn't watch the first game but he had 30 points in 3 quarters. 70 points in 7 quarters on Saturday. Wonder if anyone has done that?
  2. Not to mention Archie had only 1 top 100 recruit in 6 years at Dayton. Can't even remember his name but my recollection was he was at #84.
  3. Just the naked truth: This team is not that good and it takes time to change the culture.
  4. Sorry, didn't mean to single you out, I've read all the topic posts since the OSU loss and I spoke out of place. Never post much but I might start now.
  5. You say I expect to lose by double digits. Isn't it enough to just say I think we lose? The negativity, not just by you, but many others is just getting old.
  6. Give it a rest dude. Your redundancy is wearing thin.
  7. IU went from 1 point dog last night to 2.5 favorite currently. I like our chances.
  8. Maybe Archie's fault we won? We should consider firing him. IU B1G record with Deron 4-0. Record without 0-6. Nuff said.
  9. This is what Archie inherited. Coming out of high school, 247 player rankings: 1. Deron #40. (Can't play) 2. Justin #78. 3. Juwan #117. 4. Race #134.(Can't play) 5. Clifton #151. 6. Devonte #197. (Can't play) 7. Aljami.#230 Sorry, but you'll have to wait.
  10. As did I Mile. I probably saw you at a couple of games!
  11. He once made 534 straight free throws at a park in Kokomo. That dude could ball.
  12. I was an eleven year old boy in February, 1959 living in New Castle when the Wildkats made the visit to New Castle's last game at the 1,800 seat Church Street gym and my dad scored 2 last minute tickets for the Kokomo/New Castle game from Dick Wittenbreaker a New Castle 6'2" starting guard on the 1945-46 IU basketball team. Needless to say they were first row tickets as he was a huge booster. What I witnessed that night was a fairy tale game which to this day is still considered the greatest two man shootout in the history of Indiana high school basketball if not the entire country. Keep in mind there was no 3 point line and Rayl considered one of the finest sharpshooters of all time would have probably hung 60 points had that not been the case. My most vivid recollection was Rayl consistently shooting and making from 25-30 feet. Pavy was only 5'11" but so much stockier than the 145 lb Rayl and scored mostly inside 18 feet driving to the basket for half his points. New Castle won the game 91-82 and the NCC championship, but that was merely a footnote to the main show. Sadly, that was the last game at Church Street before the Trojans moved to Chrysler Fieldhouse. All i can say is it was never the same. The memory of that game will forever be ingrained in my mind and I can only tell you that I smile every time I recall that magical night!
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