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  1. Now I understand why Duke only went to #2 in Kenpom with 2 loses. Overall a pretty good rating system but in some cases far from perfect. Thx.
  2. Excellent! How does NET ranking work. We barely held top 50.
  3. Hoosiers went from 41 to 40 in kenpom ratings after tonight's game. We now stand 12 in the B1G ahead of Neb and NW! Movin on down as Illinois jumped ahead of us. Say it ain't so!
  4. You might not love this as much. After today's loss PU is #17 in Kenpom rankings with a 10-8 record. OSU is #13 after today's loss with a 12-6 record. As of 6pm today.
  5. IU -5.5 at Nebraska. Give me the Hoosiers minus the points.
  6. We were #56 in NET rankings going into today's game.
  7. Just gotta give Arch a chance. He can coach
  8. Justin and Al zero points. Gotta get them involved to have a chance
  9. Agree. Not conditioned well enough at the moment.
  10. IU used a man to man press in the last 11 minutes of the NW game which seemed to keep the team more engaged and was a big factor in turning the game around. We became less passive. Hope we see more of that during today's game.
  11. Agree, but we have a half season to go. When I said give him a chance let's back off on the bashing until season end.
  12. Why not give Archie a chance with his own players? He's going to be here through next year. Bashing him now serves no productive purpose.
  13. OSU opened -2 and were immediately bet down to -1.5 over IU on the betting line.
  14. Amen brother. 6 years watching Arch in Dayton. He knows what he's doing. We gotta stop bashing him for the rest of the year. Counter productive for now because he's coming back next year. Give him a chance with his players and think before you post.
  15. I live in Dayton adjacent to UD campus, went to IU and have watched the game for many many years. Went to probably 40 games that Archie coached and watched most of the rest on TV. Archie did more with less than any coach that I know of in college basketball. In 6 years he had 2 top 100 recruits and one transferred out. Made the Sweet 16 one year and Elite 8 another. Kicked 2 players off the team that made the 16. Your friend doesn't know what he's talking about. Archie can flat out coach. This entire discussion can and will be viewed by recruits and parents of recruits. It's a disgrace and will be counter productive in our attempts to attract top players to IU.
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