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  1. Hate to lose a senior. That's the downside.
  2. I live a mile from Belmont high school. Haven't seen him play but will do so this winter.
  3. Not me. Our depth came in handy. Entire Minnesota team was absolutely gassed in the last 4 minutes. Rob is rounding into form. Team had only 3 turnovers in second half. I gotta feeling we smack Wisconsin.
  4. 36 in updated KenPom. Minnesota #33. Say it ain't so Joe. Rated # 12 in B1G ahead of only NW and Neb.
  5. For the last 24 hours I've been trying to confirm age and date of birth for Lander. Does any one know?? .
  6. When does Lander turn 18?? Googled the heck out of it but no dice.
  7. The historical evidence as presented in that link suggests otherwise and contrary to what TheWatShot posted. Archie can elevate the level of play. I live in Dayton and was witness to that season. Like I've always said. He can coach but you have to give him a chance. Incidentally, Jordan Siebert mentioned in that linked story was the only top 100 recruit Archie ever had at Dayton. #84.
  8. Ain't no way any of the above 3 wind up at IU. Archie will be here for 5 years. No one knows what will happen the last 6 games or next year or whom we recruit in 2021. Totally unproductive thread that is just another cover for a fire Archie thread
  9. Trey Galloway hangs 37 as #10 Culver comes back from a 14 point deficit at half to beat #5 Attucks on their home court in Indianapolis 64-61. He took over the game in the third quarter with 16 points outscoring the entire Attucks team. Kid can ball. Nuff said.
  10. The dude can fill it up. Watched him against Culver. Scoring machine.
  11. Did Wesley light it up last night?
  12. I agree with your statement Scott. I was directing that comment to the guys who think Archie is a bust. And they're entitled to think that.
  13. There are no senior or junior leaders on this team. If people wanna lay that on Archie, ok. If they think he should be gone after this year or next, that's ok. I watched Archie here in Dayton and he can coach and lead. Continue to bash him. He will prove them wrong.
  14. This thread has gone from non productive to counter productive, from somewhat positive to totally negative. Recruits read these boards, why do we continue this?
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