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  1. Second half defense needs to be all the time defense. Free throws! Woo hoo! we are starting to find shots falling from range, thank god. Let’s get Devonte into the mix to see what we have offensively with his dynamic. Overall, this looks like the most balanced and coach able team Archie has had in Bloomington. I think the ceiling is gonna be reasonably high.
  2. Wonderful problem to have with the football team playing so well this year! Thanks for the thought!
  3. Plus, without context, regardless of his track record, it’s really tough to discern how reliable his information is. Plus, as we all know, some recruitments are WAY looser than Garcia’s has been. As others have stated, it does harken back to Zeller’s.
  4. It’s not only plausible, it’s fact. And, there are plenty of kids out there who aren’t interested in breaking the rules, too.
  5. So, the game is listed as either 12p or 4p on either BTN or BTN+. Anyone know when they make a determination on when the game is played and how it will be aired?
  6. I can attest, that is all entirely accurate.
  7. I couldn’t agree more. And, much to the dismay of the casual and hard core fan alike, speeding players back from concussions (Phinisee, last year) is dangerous and not in the best interest of anyone.
  8. Thanks for bringing the article, mile. I guess the issue I would take is that for him to be out “longer than expected,” there would need to be a contextual expectation. I don’t recall ever hearing a time frame from someone speaking in an official capacity. Things sounded dire about Phinisee prior to our exhibition game and he’s looking closer to full speed than I think most of us would have suspected. If anything, I think I like the way Archie holds the cards in regards to player health.
  9. I dunno, I’m a pretty big homer and even I gotta say our “tough” OOC games aren’t that tough.
  10. Understandable circumstances...still unfair, though.
  11. Was gonna start a thread to address this, but, this seems like a good spot: Have there been indications, one way or the other, regarding injuries to our thin backcourt?
  12. I thought maybe I’d wake up and see that Dawson is a morning person and hopped out of bed and popped for IU. Back to waiting... 😬😆
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