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  1. I noted the same. My whiskey lineup tonight: 1. Lazy River 2. Buffalo Trace 3. High West Double Rye 4. Eagle Rare
  2. How can you say that with certainty? One recruit decided not to come here and that equates to our entire recruiting mechanism falling off the rails? I’m skeptical. It’s easy, in a time like this, to mix emotions. The last 3-4 weeks have been a true rollercoaster for IU fans. First, we’re dead to rights in terms of making the dance, then, improbably, we play ourselves back into the conversation, only to lay an egg, yet again, in the B10 tournament, against a team we should have beaten. The following day we lose on a recruit. There’s little to nothing to truly celebrate right now, but, this is not an indictment on the entirety of the program nor it’s direction. I like to think that this year’s squad underachieved, but, at teams for very good reason. I wish it hadn’t coincided with the one year (likely) we’ll have Langford’s play. But, you can’t control injuries, and because of the injuries it was tough to ever battle test, set, and harden the roles of various players on the team. Likely leadership squabbles and indecisiveness took a toll here, too. None of what has transpired, however, has shaken my confidence in the trajectory of the program. Archie has done more with less, once it’s an entire locker room full of his guys, once he has fully deployed his culture, top to bottom, I’ll expect objective, top end results.
  3. Why, pray tell? Looking at their schedule I’m not sure what the case is for them being in. Do they have a single quad one win?
  4. Likely means they believe the conference to have been overhyped this year. Not a good look for us.
  5. What I do know about Langford and his personality, this is the response and the outcome I would expect.
  6. Yeah, this is where I am. I don’t get the feeling we make it, but, much has been made about the selection committee valuing to a greater degree quantity of quality wins versus bad quality losses this season. If that truly is something that adds greater to the discussion than in years past, one would have to assume a team like IU should be looked at as more deserving than a bulk of mid majors with 20+ wins devoid of quality. If if that is weighted heavily enough AND the plethora of injuries we had to endure are discussed enough, it’s tough to tell what the outcome could be.
  7. In what regard? Having a beer with? Chatting politics and society?
  8. I suspect the numbers would support this, yes.
  9. At this point, the “experts” are making picks because time dictates they do so, not because they necessarily have any information.
  10. Here we go: come where you will truly be loved and appreciated...don’t deny your roots! Let’s go, KBJ!!
  11. Fine, we’d almost certainly be NIT tourney bound without the opportunity to win one more. Anyone wanna take action that we’ll still get in should we lose to OSU? Edit: Ew, forget I even typed all that. Sorry for even having the thoughts.
  12. Well, without the B10 Tourney we’d certainly be NIT bound.
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