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  1. Much appreciated, mile, TDH. I agree with Arch here. This is a vastly improved defensive team...and we are getting even better at turning defense into offense. I really hope we can get out of our own way with free throws...I swear we started the year shooting at a decent clip. It’s gotten abysmal. It’ll be even more important as we are gonna continue to get fouled on breaks. Either way, we’ve all been searching for identity. I think we may have identified it.
  2. I feel confident in three of those four happening. Bet you can guess which one I don’t think we’ll be doing.
  3. I agree. And, the funny thing is, I think the vast majority of fan bases, of pretty much all schools, must feel this way. The parity, certainly in our conference, and in the national landscape of basketball this year, is insanity!
  4. Yeah, no, I didn’t mean to imply you were goading. I think I meant to say “careful not to goad” them. Its gonna be a fun next few weeks!
  5. We’ve sorta discussed it before. I chalk it up to nothing more than human nature. People just generally like to talk a lot more about problems. Don’t goad folks. We aren’t gonna run the table, they’ll be plenty more opportunity to do battle with the hyper critics.
  6. Yeah, holds true or, I dare say, evens out. I would take a consistent Devonte over any other type of Devonte at this point.
  7. This. I mean, I get the OP’s thinking, but it’s unnecessarily hyperbolic. Not to mention, it makes for a ridiculous mindset to be in while sitting down to watch a game.
  8. Even though Green did not play well, Franklin assuming more point and allowing him to slide off ball was a development I was pleased to see. Also, better, more efficient and creative entry pass angles to feed the post. Players are playing better and smarter, it looks like our offense is starting to take on more exotic layers.
  9. Agreed. He generally hustles, gets to the rim, finishes well, and hits his free throws. But, he does occasionally have nights like this.
  10. Another year in school would enable him to better hone his handles, his exit passes from the post (they aren’t bad, by any means, they just aren’t productive; they are nervous and rushed), as many have opined: develop a jumper, and, finally, put on a bit more bulk. I mean, all that said, I am still a realistic guy, if he projects even close to lottery, he might be gone. He could go on a rampage the rest of the season and it could become a possibility. I doubt it, but it could.
  11. Right on. Yeah, I’m a Midwesterner than spent some time living in the city and just a different beast, temperamentally.
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