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  1. I mean, is that a bad thing? Seriously, it’s not impossible to imagine some of these kids just love playing the game more than they even love a particular team or two.
  2. Yeah, I think that was evident. A team starts off 12-2 and then tanks for the next 5-6 weeks...I mean, this season was ALMOST as maddening as Crean's final season. It was clearly locker room driven.
  3. Methinks this post needs an edit. 😋
  4. Very happy to hear the news on Brunk. Makes the prospect of our outgoing transfers a little easier to swallow. Also, we gain a player with built in, developed skills...the ones we lose, while perhaps having potential, we’re still comparatively raw. With Brunk we have a ready made contributor for a couple seasons. All in all, likely a good trade off.
  5. To be fair, all he said “in his three years at Maurer.” #bettercalldbm
  6. Yeah, not to pile on but to me this is a clear case of revisionist history. Even if you leave all of the he said, he said stuff out of the equation, the purported things Knight was up to behind the scenes, Neil showed up on the floor. As was mentioned, he played hard, well, and through injury. The kid played Hoosier basketball. If you’re basing your perspective on the fact that he transferred away because he didn’t like Knight’s disciplinary style of coaching, please keep in mind, Knight, by MANY accounts had turned a corner at that point in his career. His teams’ lack of success on the court were indicators of that, if nothing else. He was doing less with more and good luck finding another reason. There is a distinct line between playing for a disciplinarian and not wanting to spend your time being subjected to constant verbal, psychological, and perhaps, even physical abuse. If you can point to things in his play or during any interviews he gave during his time as an IU player that support your supposition that he was “soft”, then, game on, let’s discuss.
  7. “Save his job”? What do you mean?
  8. No shade at Langford, hope he miraculously returns, as a matter of fact, but this one is EJ. Hands down. Truly a dominating player. Based on his skill set and just explosiveness, I project Langford will likely struggle to produce in the NBA at the level Gordon has managed.
  9. Yeah, and say what you will about Dakich, but he pointed out, correctly, that Juwan was primarily struggling around the basket in the first half...I think I counted three missed layups in a row at one point, and they weren’t all his toughest shots by a mile. He wasn’t going up strong was the observation that Dakich made. We saw that a bit this year with JMo. So too did we see many other more problematic things, of course. The big thing is the shift of energy and how it deflates what can be a good offense. This is at least partially defined by lack of cohesion, lack of buying in, and lack of craftsmanship. The maddening thing is that if they are capable of beating a Michan State team twice, the formula should well be repeatable. If you aren’t able it’s due to poor and incomplete preparation, even if that preparation is moreso on the mental side. I wish, once a rather disappointing season reaches its conclusion, one could get a complete look at what transpired behind the locker room doors.
  10. I noted the same. My whiskey lineup tonight: 1. Lazy River 2. Buffalo Trace 3. High West Double Rye 4. Eagle Rare
  11. How can you say that with certainty? One recruit decided not to come here and that equates to our entire recruiting mechanism falling off the rails? I’m skeptical. It’s easy, in a time like this, to mix emotions. The last 3-4 weeks have been a true rollercoaster for IU fans. First, we’re dead to rights in terms of making the dance, then, improbably, we play ourselves back into the conversation, only to lay an egg, yet again, in the B10 tournament, against a team we should have beaten. The following day we lose on a recruit. There’s little to nothing to truly celebrate right now, but, this is not an indictment on the entirety of the program nor it’s direction. I like to think that this year’s squad underachieved, but, at teams for very good reason. I wish it hadn’t coincided with the one year (likely) we’ll have Langford’s play. But, you can’t control injuries, and because of the injuries it was tough to ever battle test, set, and harden the roles of various players on the team. Likely leadership squabbles and indecisiveness took a toll here, too. None of what has transpired, however, has shaken my confidence in the trajectory of the program. Archie has done more with less, once it’s an entire locker room full of his guys, once he has fully deployed his culture, top to bottom, I’ll expect objective, top end results.
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