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  1. zerawkid

    What Needs to Change to Save this Season?

    Me? I keep it simple: win the next game. And then, the one after that. I know, it’s not profound, but if ever a team needed to just take it a game at a time, it’s this team and it’s right now. Everytime this team starts to find momentum and something resembling identity, there’s another damned injury. I firmly believe this most recent setback to Phin caused us some serious issues. Devonte Green running this offense is, generally, a mess. We were able to disguise the problems with wins over a couple cupcakes...but, against stiffer B10 opponents, our disjointed, listless, unorganized offensive mess was really spotlighted. Combine that with, more recently, problems on the defensive glass extending our time on defense with a short bench and tired guys. Purdue is a great chance to get things right: biggest rival, suspect quality players, suspect quality coaching...away game will make it brutal, but, and I shy away from sweeping rhetoric like this, but: this next game is as close to a “must win” as there is.
  2. zerawkid

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Enough with this. So, just because we feel a little butthurt means we don’t want top flight talent? In state, top flight talent at that? Lets get this straight, we feel put off because a recruit dots “i’s” and crosses “t’s” and decide we don’t want them? That sends a message to recruits: we are fickle and insecure and an inhospitable fan base. Attitudes like yours make places like IU seem like lousy destinations for these kids. Frankly this is a ridiculous, untenable, and petulant mindset. We are NOT holier than thou...we are in the advanced stages of rebuilding.
  3. zerawkid

    Toughen Up Buttercup

    I disagree slightly with the premise...this team needs to toughen up the first ten minutes of each game. Outside of that, I think they’re about as tough as they come.
  4. zerawkid

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I think you’re hedging. Your post was doing more than “stating a fact,” it had an edge to it. An angle. If you’re going to state facts in the future try to be a bit more academic. The inherent vitriol in the mere thought that it would somehow be a good thing if a highly regarded recruit spurned us just because it would show some members of this community wrong is WAY beyond stating a fact, man.
  5. zerawkid

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Psst, it’s more effective if it’s an exercise in introspection. At least, I would hope it would be... 😋
  6. zerawkid

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I’m calling b.s. on this post, and perhaps you, as a poster in this community. I’m sorry, but I think any of us can justly question your legitimacy as a fan of the Hoosiers if you would ever find it even mildly amusing that a recruit like Brooks would go to another program. If you’re truly not trolling us, ask yourself two questions: 1. What motivates posts like the one quoted above? 2. What do you hope to accomplish?
  7. zerawkid

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Don’t take the bait, man. On a message board petulance will rear it’s ugly head. People get amped about something, and then when made to wait, get frustrated. They forget what the primary purpose of our chosen platform is made to accommodate: conversation. It’s a silly irony when they decide to throw a tantrum and attempt to stifle others.
  8. zerawkid


    More than likely.
  9. zerawkid


    To be the best you gotta beat the best.
  10. zerawkid

    Illinois Pre-Game

    Wait, so I shouldn’t click the link in your post? 😛
  11. zerawkid

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Ten days expired milk?
  12. zerawkid

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Unless there’s a prolonged spike in rumor-driven speculation away from IU, I’m taking the under.
  13. zerawkid

    Eight Game B1G Gauntlet

    Has anyone the ability to figure out the math that has kept Purdue buoyed so high?
  14. zerawkid

    Merry Christmas!🎁

    Merry Christmas from South Florida!