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  1. zerawkid

    Mason Gillis

    I dunno, I sorta feel like the whole NBA coaches get summers completely off might be a bit of a misnomer. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure college coaches are far busier for more of a given year. Consider the workload on the season: NBA coach - 82 regular season games; potentially ~21 post season games NCAA coach - ~35 regular season games, potentially ~8 post season games While not recruiting during the off-season, the NBA coach’s season is far longer and there are plenty of things that need to be tended to in a professional basketball operation. I think, at the end of the day, overall balance of stress and responsibilities are probably pretty close to even. It likely comes down to which stress is preferable to the individual and, as has been alluded to, which kind of personalities the coach prefers to manage.
  2. zerawkid

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Yeah, I remember. But, here again, in the vacuum created by the story and lack of answers, is a perfect breeding ground for the conjecture and how it, at times, takes on a life all its own.
  3. zerawkid

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    All of that is fair. It’s “whispers” and “hearsay” where you lose me, though. As you intimate, I’ll trust our head coach to know more about all that and make an appropriate decision rather than grasp at stuff that can’t really be substantiated.
  4. zerawkid

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Sadly, it’s predictable sour grapes. A kid that is a really terrific get has been seemingly flirting with our program, we feel confident about landing him. Then he gets love from Kentucky (and other top flight programs) and seems to be considering multiple offers (why would any kid do this!?), and all of a sudden rumors about his “character” that abound. Lots of conjecture and parsing ensue. Some even claim they have an inside track on why the recruit in question and/or his family might be potentially caustic. Or, my personal favorite, “If a kid doesn’t know they want to be a Hoosier immediately, I don’t want him here!” As if kids don’t deserve the oppportunity to do due diligence and weigh their options. These comments and related discourse are, as I mentioned, as predictable as a cup of coffee in the morning. I don’t imagine they are exclusive to our fan base, but, nonetheless, they do persist and they are almost always ridiculously inane.
  5. zerawkid

    Trio of IU signees vs KY

    This is what I’m talking about. Longest period of time in sports, end of college basketball until beginning of the NFL.
  6. zerawkid

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Fair enough. You mentioned it, so I thought you had a feeling about it.
  7. zerawkid

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Pardon me for being a contrarian, but, first, I doubt it. I doubt the average UK fan has fear in his or her heart when considering another person wearing an IU hat or shirt. Also: who cares? Seriously, why does it matter on any level that we make another fan base scared?
  8. zerawkid

    Morgan withdraws from NBA draft

    Exactly, my friend. And then, we achieved arguably our greatest success in over two decades with the miracle championship run under Davis. I certainly don’t remember expectations being anywhere in the ballpark of the results. This program is VASTLY improved though, and we will be competing at a very high level soon. That I feel comfortable believing in.
  9. zerawkid

    Morgan withdraws from NBA draft

    As usual, I love the writing and the research. I am just always a little reticent to be overly rah-rah until I see ACTUAL translation of effect on the court. I have a really good feeling about this upcoming season and beyond, but I did so too in he past. I remain hopeful yet cautiously optimistic. I just want to be impressed, not disappointed.
  10. zerawkid

    The Renaissance

    Has a nice ring to it. And, if the team achieves according to how we are all hoping, and thinking, it might well be an apt reference.
  11. zerawkid

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    I’d just add that I hope a great number of these guys looking to generate revenue dabbling in this type of “journalism” are doing so as a side gig, not a primary source of income. For so many, if this is their bread and butter, they’re likely not doing too well financially.
  12. zerawkid

    Expectations for Next Year

    All good, my friend.
  13. zerawkid

    Expectations for Next Year

    All good, my friend.
  14. zerawkid

    Expectations for Next Year

    Ya know, in an effort to bury the hatchet here, if I have read too far into anything you've posted and overreacted in any way, I want to apologize, KoB.
  15. zerawkid

    Expectations for Next Year

    See, and I can appreciate a lot of what you’re saying here. Except, I didn’t have a “problem” with the poster in question. I suggested tempering expectations. I think that’s a far cry from having a problem with him. I am all about turnabout being fair and I can take as well as I give out. But, I want to be clear: that’s a misrepresentation of how you just handled things with me. You struck a very directly personal tone with me, my comments to the other poster were far more general. However, I do think you’re a decent guy and appreciate you (sort of) walking back your indictment of me and my character from your previous post.