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  1. Yeah, pretty sure those folks weren’t there to protest anyhow.
  2. Yeah. There’s a fair amount of hackery in there too. Including a rumor that Smith said prior to the season he was leaving, regardless. Why base any amount of one’s perspective on a baseless rumor?
  3. I think another way to look at it is this: scholarships are awarded year-by-year. In weighing his options for next season, he determined he would seek a scholarship at another school. Add to that he’s finished his undergraduate studies at IU, it makes even more of a case that this is simply a clean break. This notion that when a player signs to play here that they are the property of the program for four years, UNLESS they leave to go pro (because somehow that’s permissible compared to what Smith is doing), seems rather unrealistic to me. I wholeheartedly agree with above posters above who have pointed out that “quitting” is up and leaving in the middle of a season. That is quitting. In this scenario we have time to look for an additional recruit to offer to come in next season.
  4. Welp, glad I had extra drinks and rocked my candy stripes last night. I think we can call this season successful. 20 wins. I’m comfortable calling it an NCAA tournament team. I am just pissed because I have been jonesing for three years for this.
  5. At this point, nothing would surprise me it terms of what the fate of the Tourney might be. I suspect, given the fact the NCAA already took the extreme step of announcing it wouldn't be permitting fans at the actual games, the tournament will go on as planned. I could see the NCAA getting through the selection process and perhaps taking another unusual step in postponing the tourney a couple weeks, to see if the spread of this thing might somehow peak before then. EDIT: And conference tourney's are cancelled.
  6. If I may, for those of us trying to catch up on who these guys are, would those with informed opinion give a quick few bullets as to who these guys are why we might want them? If this has already happened in a previous thread, I apologize. This is an opportunity to add on to your post counts. 😜
  7. Psst, he’s one of the guys awaiting his vasectomy.
  8. Okay. I mean, are there quotes or are we just assuming? If the kid made a mistake and wants to come aboard and we happen to have space, it’s the right thing to do to forgive him the transgression. He can work his way to league here and be a part of a really good Indiana team. The two aren’t exclusive of one another. Sorry to hijack, btw.
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