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  1. It’s just ridiculous to tell a talented kid who, regardless of initial destination, want to bring their talents to the program, that they are no longer wanted out of spite. Its petulant. It’s petty. Besides all that, it’s a bad look for the program.
  2. Second round ceiling. NCAA Tourney second round.
  3. And they're likely to be ranked #2 in the nation. That just felt crazy typing...my hometown team doing it right.
  4. Slight sidebar: are regional assignments arbitrary? Really hoping I can see our boys in Tampa for a couple games.
  5. Agreed. Race and Trayce will no doubt have starring roles down the stretch, but Deron and Joey still have their own contributions coming. And, we’ll need every bit of it.
  6. What’s “substantive” about arguing Archie punching a clipboard means he’s being “childish?” What reasonable bearing does THAT have on anything?
  7. THIS year’s team would have been a lot different, too.
  8. I’m really liking this Devonte Green. A lot. That was a stressful last four minutes. Because of Al’s brain...and lackluster free throw shooting. The refereeing was...uneven, to put it nicely. Ryan Phillips on Assembly Call has seen the emergence of a Race coming. The dude is a player. Starting to see Phinisee creeping back to form. TJD even better than advertised. His development has been rapid. A well balanced hook shot is fine. Fading a way? Not so much. We miss every point blank look when we don’t go straight up. Just some scattered random thoughts.
  9. I was gonna add that Franklin doesn’t have a large enough body of work to judge. I just don’t how you could even begin to determine that Franklin is an upgrade over anyone. I like the kid, and where I think he’s headed, but, better than Al? I’m not so sure about that.
  10. Your perspective is well founded and has some merit, but there are two significant items that you don’t appear to be considering: 1.) The lack of talent being offset by player development. Players should develop and get better. That is, the level of play we have experienced from players won’t remain static. 2.) The very real possibility that the uneven play of this year’s squad has an enormous amount to do with upperclassmen effort and attitude. And before we go down the rabbit hole about coach needs to sit or dismiss guys if they are such a problem, I’ll stipulate that he has done better using the bench as a tool, but, there is such enormous pressure he likely feels he needs to play the guys that can get the team wins. Coach Miller very successfully helmed a much less significant program at UD. Player development and motivation weren’t hinderances there. He will, and should, get longer than 3 or even 4 years to fully get his people, system, and culture completely in place. As disappointed as we find ourselves from time to time, changing coaches every 4 years is an absolute recipe for perpetual ineptitude.
  11. I mean, I was commenting on him not being boring. But, hey, I guess you’ll preach that thinking to anyone you think will listen. I’m not in your camp and I don’t agree with you. I also don’t subscribe to your prediction of how things are going to go.
  12. Do you watch games much? I do. And, I see plenty of hysterics and theatrics from coach. I know it's subjective, but I can't imagine Archie Miller is either boring or bland.
  13. Right. Plus some degree of winning difficult matches and avoiding bad losses. Those three things don’t convolute things too much.
  14. This team should be looking for payback against any team they have already been beaten by...I’d love to see something like a chip on their collective shoulder.
  15. Nah, I don’t like it. We’re in the middle of a tourney run and this is just bad juju.
  16. Let’s just let this thread die, shall we?
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