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  1. Thank God. And, good for the people of Middletown. Nice to meet you, pal.
  2. Dude, former Dayton guy here. Grew up in the city, Five Oaks then over near Dunbar, moved to Kettering for high school. You got a bit of a hike for work, eh? How long you been a Daytonian?
  3. Thanks for the clarification. After I typed that I wondered if an increase across the board had gone into play. Either way, I live in a larger market and have never minded playing the extra ten bucks a month for the locals. I lived in an area I couldn’t get them with an OTA antenna. As far as Viacom channels not being part of the deal, when they went away I was a little bummed, but frankly haven’t missed them at all. Its still great value. I’d imagine Sony knows they’re absolutely up against it and can’t really afford to bump prices and lose channels anymore.
  4. Yes. $45 a month if you live in a market with local channels, $35 if not. Mainly these locals are in larger markets. Regardless, most states aren’t seeing a sales tax being charged for Vue service. Also, you aren’t paying equipment rental or add on service fees. Vue is far from buggy. It’s a generally clean experience. If you have a good, solid internet connection with low lag and good general speed coupled with a powerful enough device (Vue tends to perform best on a FireTV <not a Fire Stick>, AppleTV fourth generation or better, or a PlayStation). Another standard feature that enhances Vue’s value is the 28-day unlimited cloud-based DVR. It is, simply, the best, most comprehensive affordable alternative to cable television at current. Hands down.
  5. Vue is, far and away, the best bang for your buck.
  6. If assistants and sneaker associates flip on the head coaches and the stories jive and corroborate, we could certainly see some heads roll, even before a proper court proceeding ever began. The court of public opinion fueled by the legitimacy of the details of a legitimate FBI investigation will pack some significant cache. KoB, you could totally be right, though I hope you aren’t. I hope this hunt yields dramatic findings and results. People say this is bad for the sport. On the contrary, ‘tis the best thing that ever could happen for this sport.
  7. "Perhaps the most revealing part of the past 48 hours came from numerous conversations with coaches and assistants throughout the sport. There’s a near-universal admission that they had no sense that the activities of coaches, agents and sneaker company reps were against the law. (The NCAA’s impotent enforcement department had been incapable of policing the grassroots underworld for decades.) The culture of the activities described in the federal court documents – buying players, steering players and brokering deals for kickbacks – has become such an engrained part of the sport’s culture that there was widespread shock that it was raised to federal government implications. The activities the feds are investigating, to many in college basketball, were considered business as usual." https://sports.yahoo.com/feds-decided-college-basketballs-corruption-worth-time-171833684.html This sentiment drives me absolutely crazy. Let me say this, at the outset, I do believe significant reform is in order, something along the lines of compensating players on some level moving forward. However, up until now, with the rules in place as we know and understand them, these guys either had their heads so far up one direction or so far down in the sand, it's baffling. Not thinking something's illegal is not a viable defense, ever, for anyone. Besides, these guys knew it was at least against the rules of their sanctioning body, but apparently they've long since given any thought to that. "We knew were breaking the NCAA rules, no worries, but if we'd known our actions constituted widespread, (illegal) fraud, we surely wouldn't have done it." Good, decent people, unfortunately, are also the victims here. The fallout isn't just limited to a handful of recruits, their schools, their families, and their sneaker companies. Fans and a majority of boosters, even students, dutifully bought tickets, merchandise, made contributions, sat through commercials of sponsors of the games they were interested in watching. They did all of these things with rightful hope and expectation that the sport was being conducted on the up-and-up, that the seedy underbelly that we have all suspected, was just that: the underside of the sport. Nobody wanted to believe or had any necessary reason to suspect basketball was this fraught with corruption. Does eighty years seem like a long time for one of these guys to spend in prison? Yeah. But, consider the full mathematical fallout in the situation. How many 100's of thousands of fans were bilked out of a cumulative tens, perhaps hundreds, of millions of their hard-earned dollars? Money they spent because they had honest hope that the outcome of this game could go either way, more easily than it has. In short, to those in and around the periphery of the sport, that had knowledge of and were involved in ushering in this heinous activity: Eff you.
  8. Oh, I have no trouble believing this. Blue Chips may have been a train wreck of a movie, but it wasn't simply fabricated. We've known since *at least* 1994 that there was scandal in college basketball in almost the same exact manner, on the highest levels. What is amazing to me is that the NCAA apparently thought they could simply keep on putting band aids on this. Did they really think the house cards could stand forever?
  9. I'm certainly no jurist, but I'd imagine there's a morality clause kicking around in there somewhere.
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