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  1. The Native American in me says its time to hire Chief recruits a lot. I understand the current state of the world, but I hope we go after the best coach regardless of color.
  2. This guy is going to be special. Cliff has him big 10 ready right now
  3. Congratulations buddy, there is nothing better than a grandchild. Hopefully the dad wakes up. but if not, your daughter will be fine. Prayers to you my friend
  4. Northern Michigan and Canadian lakes and rivers for me
  5. Pizza King on Winona Ave is definitely a local favorite
  6. Jon Jones greatest MMA fighter to ever step in the ring. Complete donkey outside of it
  7. Happy Father's day boys! Hope you all have a great one!
  8. If you lasted all day, she wouldn't have let ya go the first time! 🤣🤣🤣 jk
  9. If Jordan brings an aggressive attacking mentality. We absolutely stole him in this class
  10. Geronimo Galloway Leal That order
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