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  1. Pink and Jewel can both sing their asses off.
  2. This kid will be on the floor a lot next season. Great looking shot to go with that athleticism
  3. Big difference between "practice shooters" and "game shooters ". Unfortunately we are lacking the game version! You can tweak form all you want, but practice shooters in general dont have the mental toughness to be consistent in games. Especially under pressure
  4. Iowa is pretty tough usually. Coach Bluder and Coach Jensen are really good coaches, and very nice ladies. They were the first to start recruiting my daughter, so I still wish them nothing but success.
  5. You're quick on that math Bob! 😂😜
  6. That was a horrible sequence for TJD
  7. Win or lose i hope archie chews their @$$ again. This is way better basketball 😂
  8. OSU is a very good team, loaded with talent. But my god we cant hit a FT to save our A$$
  9. I like Archie. But if we decide to replace him, I just want to win. Dont care who we hire or how we do it. Win and win big
  10. Its not whatever. I would prefer Rob over Al as well, but he hasnt shown anything to really warrant it. He was good until his concussion early last year. Im starting to wonder if this is who is , and the beginning of his freshman season was a fluke. If "losing him" means Robs pouting, then he can stay on the bench
  11. By singing his praises every chance he gets? Archie has done nothing to lose the kid
  12. What adjustment would you make? Just curious, as we havent hit from outside and missed plenty shots on the interior...
  13. Yup! Pull the damn trigger! Ive seen enough of Al and Green to do me for this season. I would rather play Rob and Franklin and call it a day
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