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  1. First car - 84 mazda rx7 Worst car- 2006 gmc yukon Denali Favorite- 2013 audi q5 s line
  2. Thats a fact. It pretty much takes their heads off. A body shot, especially the front shoulder area is catastrophic
  3. Im sure they do. I bought a marlin 17 hmr from them years ago... you would love the round. Zero kick, flat shooting, and very accurate. We've took out varmints at 200+ yds... coyotes at 75yds
  4. They have been around for 15+ yrs now. 22 mag necked down to a 17gr pill... fun little rimfire
  5. His parents have done a very good job, of putting their kids with the right development coaches. JR has seen the right things since he was just a little kid. He was always there on the floor working out hard with my Daughter's AAU squad which was top 3 in the country at the time. MBA practices under Rod Creech were always intense and 80% skill based. I havent followed JR, but I hope we offer and he accepts
  6. Multiple high d1 offers already. Recruiting services are apparently sleeping on him
  7. Super nice family! His sister and my daughter played AAU together. He was just a little fella the last time I saw him 😂
  8. Ed used to train my daughter at champions, so I am admittedly biased towards him. Super good dude, with a ton of connections. Hopefully this doesn't bite us in the arse
  9. Knows the state and was is widely considered our biggest hire
  10. Its gotta be a great hire. Hes the last guy i wanted to see leave
  11. Doesnt blow me away, handles are just ok for a pg
  12. Wasnt the flashiest, but I always liked the Gordon threw it down
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