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  1. I agree Bob. I hope we get Trey, but he's never felt like a program changing player to me.
  2. Not knocking Trey, but 1 on 1 with players who clearly just finished practice says nothing. Their body language says wore out
  3. I don't mind wearing a mask really. 15 -20 minutes in and out of a store, no biggie... but the reality is if its on your mask, its all over your face,hair,shirt. Masks do little to nothing to protect the wearer. I do understand its more to protect you from me, as opposed to the other way around. As long as we are keeping our distance...
  4. Romeo for reasons already given. TJD is my favorite Lander could end up being the biggest get if he sticks around and meets expectations
  5. Lander starts. Fill in around him We had this conversation when TJD came in. Lander is the best guard we have. Our backcourt couldnt feed the post last year, with the guys we are trying to put ahead of the 5 star freshman
  6. Art Linkletter... got his autograph on a 6th grade field trip to Chicago. Traded that autograph for my first real kiss on the bus ride back!
  7. In my opinion, there will be some level of destruction regardless of the verdict. People won't pass up the opportunity
  8. https://nbc25news.com/news/local/cdc-94-of-covid-19-deaths-had-underlying-medical-conditions Time to cut the shit and get on with life
  9. Thats what I figured.. we are looking at qled and oled in 82- 85"...
  10. Redoing our theater area. What is everyone's opinion on 4k vs 8k TV's? Thanks
  11. The Native American in me says its time to hire Chief recruits a lot. I understand the current state of the world, but I hope we go after the best coach regardless of color.
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