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  1. Didnt he say UNC was a dream school of his? This was over when they offered I think
  2. I wouldn't worry much about SS. He doesnt take too much from the entitled crowd, before he tells them to piss off.
  3. Looks like Franklin will be ready to contribute a good # of minutes
  4. Hmmmm... that sounds a lot like us 😂 We definitely have no problem, eating our own!
  5. Im my mind we have only missed on one player, and is Brooks. Everyone else is just recruiting... we cant and wont get everyone. Archie and staff have done an excellent job of building his team.
  6. If Hunter is 100% this is definitely our best lineup. Brunk will spell Davis pretty quickly though
  7. Well, if hes that big of a fan, we may be sol on this one. I would think playing for an Icon at your favorite school, is going to be tough for Archie to overcome
  8. I hope hes here 4 yrs! But if he meets expectations and is big 10 freshman of the year, we will probably see him on the mock draft boards
  9. Zero chance this kid doesnt start. I hope we can keep him more than one year
  10. None taken! Maybe im wrong but dont the recruits get to sit through practice and get some court time with the players?? I've set through a ton of practices as a parent, shiz gets pretty boring after a bit. I dont think putting on a snooze fest, in front of your prized recruits is the brightest thing to do.
  11. It needs to be short and sweet. Keep the event flowing and the excitement up... Recruits come to hang out and have a good time, not watch ball handling drills.
  12. The guys look like they are having good time.
  13. My guess is the recruiting obligation is for the guys there today.
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