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  1. Your first paragraph explained exactly why we will be in lockdown for months... its only getting worse, not better. We open it up, and the hospitals will be overwhelmed for a very long time. And many unnecessary deaths. Personally I dont see the youngest kids ever seeing what our "normal" is ever again
  2. Thats been my thought the whole time.. test and treat even if u arent showing severe symptoms? Waiting till a person has one foot in grave seems dumb as shit to me.
  3. I would rather have it locked down and kept at zero!
  4. 18 pts, 9 boards, 38% from 3... I don't have "expectations " of greatness. But as our highest rated recruit, with the most upside, I think he will contribute
  5. I dont drink so definitely not for me. But i assume most still have the ability to make some food, and so far I've seen bars and liquor stores deemed essential 🤷‍♂️
  6. Not that I don't agree with you, but the restaurant and bars will be deemed essential. Barbers and salons would not be
  7. This isn't going to change anything. People are still going to be going on as if nothing is wrong
  8. Nope! No visitors at all I dont believe. Which is fine, I want to be safe as possible. We will see him in a few weeks, after they have come home and quarantined. We are keeping the granddaughter until, that time is over
  9. Congratulations Scott! We should be welcoming a grandson into this crazy world any day now. We have an 18 month granddaughter, and there is nothing better my friend.
  10. Yup! I dont think we get oit of this week, without being shut down
  11. I have a really good friend in the UK, who has been keeping me updated. Its some pretty scary stuff, and definitely not being overblown. We are in for a world of shit and its on our door step. Stock up and lay low
  12. Boo and the the little pile of poop emoji would be nice
  13. Time to pull our heads out the sand fellas. This shits gonna get rough
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