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  1. It hasn't been announced he is the hire yet. All this back and forth is silly! At the end of the day it doesn't matter what any of us think. Back the program or find another... we are trying to build a team for next year, and here we are with all the negativity again. It is exhausting!
  2. I don't think Woody has settled on this. He got who he wanted in my opinion. With all of his, Thad's, Dane's, Hunter's, and Brown's resources, do we really think he just grabbed someone without having a good reason? To me it's a strategic hire and shows Woody wants to be able to recruit the entire country. This staff/administration wants to win right now. F the rebuild
  3. Easy now! You know the earth is flat, and that moon walk was on a movie set 😉
  4. These guys are struggling with the entire direction of college sports. It has always been a business, it is just now starting to be run like one. From a player standpoint I am referring to...
  5. Archie shot at a good clip in college... we saw how that translated.
  6. Other site says Yasir is the guy. Finishing up the legalities currently
  7. Im a huge Franklin fan, but our backcourt will be improved significantly. If you watch some film, both stewart and x are much better handling the ball, especially in traffic. Armaan can definitely shoot, but his handles aren't the best. X and P-stew both navigate through traffic and finish very well. We haven't had that since Yogi. Franklin got tied up quite a bit when going to the basket
  8. Woody says he is looking for 2 more from the portal. Hopefully they are good enough to make the starting lineup. 4- new guys TJD I won't complain about getting better right away
  9. Depending on Lander's confidence Lander X Stewart Hunter Trayce
  10. TJD and KB are pretty much best friends. I can definitely see them wanting to play together at this point. If KB wants to come, it will be to open arms from the coaching staff and players. Franklin is also fairly close to KB. Their parents all interact often
  11. He would do well here, I hope it happens!
  12. I will take a middle of the pack big ten team that's built for the NCAA'S . This Baylor squad would curb stomp the Big...
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