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  1. I agree with this.. no rush, but to me he is the perfect example of a throwback "Indiana kid"
  2. Lester has a college ready body, and shot. whats not to be excited about?
  3. Take both Davis and Morton, call it a day. No complaints here
  4. If Lester pulls the trigger for us, we will find out how much of a dream school IU is for Leal
  5. Maybe 2 offers and its first to accept, other is out?
  6. Agree with everything you said here. Landers and Furst have to be priority. .. but I think Brown will be that prototypical Indiana kid that can flat out play
  7. Very good point about his father! I hadnt thought of that, but I would say you are spot on
  8. Agreed! Ed is our ace here.. Yogi spent a lot of time back at park tudor working with Ed and April, while at IU . Also I agree, that the vast majority of improvement, lies directly on the players themselves.
  9. I agree 100% I like where we are going with Indiana kids on our roster. As long as they fit and have the talent
  10. I agree, they have done a fine job in state
  11. I dont disagree. But when the miss is a local kid, the ripple effect is felt more. I would rather be 100% sure on locals, not "well hes the best in our back yard at the time"
  12. Im not saying we do currently. Just saying with the time frame, a lot of things could happen. We have a great upcoming season, players really develop over this summer, whatever it may be. Im saying we have a lot of time before 2020. And I agree we need kids like Leal, my posts are nothing to do with him directly. Personally i think it would be silly for us to offer early, and as equally silly for him to accept.
  13. I agree, I was 100% talking about the fans. Archie is doing exactly what hes supposed to do, when running a storied program. The only 2020 kids committing right now, are ones who have been offered by their "dream" school. Or those who are afraid they may not have a spot... its too early in my opinion
  14. We will definitely disagree on this one. You cant compare Damon to Leal, its not even remotely in the same galaxy. I dont want to burn a scholly we could possibly use on an elite player... thats a blanket statement, not talking about Leal personally. I hope he ends up a Hoosier as well, but we dont have to act desperate. Which we are
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