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  1. Coaching Question

    In my opinion FT have little to do with coaching. Other than the obvious form issues, a coach can't do much. FT are mental, or you just suck at them. How many players have you seen that look like all Stars in scrimmage, but can't do jack when it's an actual game.... And if I'm 19+ yrs old and missing ft on the regular, I am shooting a million in my own time
  2. Luke Brown - The next Damon Bailey?

    Coming into highschool my daughter was being recruited by high D1 schools. I had concerns about our "style" of play in highschool, as it was not what fit my kid at all... When I asked how much emphasis was put on highschool numbers. I was told by a college coach, that highschool productivity on the court was one of the last things they cared about... What they did in the summer, type of team mate, how the player fit their system, academics were all looked at more.
  3. Luke Brown - The next Damon Bailey?

    Some AAU programs do a great job at developing players... Others are definitely just weekly meetings to showcase your skills.. personally my daughter received way more from AAU than highschool, and it wasn't even close.
  4. Deron Davis- The Ghost

    😂😂 The name does raise some eyebrows, but I actually breed exotic reptiles as a hobby.... Only slightly PG
  5. Deron Davis- The Ghost

    Thank you sir!
  6. Glory Days

    Where are you from Rico? I live in Warsaw, so obviously have watched Jeff and Rick often
  7. Deron Davis- The Ghost

    Davis will be fine once he is surrounded by more athletes. Unfortunately this squad can't cover his lack of athleticism... First post! Just throwing my opinion in