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  1. hoosier_exotics

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Archie is definitely not perfect, nobody is... hes young and still learning, as is the team. They will all make mistakes! Arch isnt above criticism. but the the fact is there is nobody on this board that knows more or is a better coach.. if they did, they would be coaching IU or another blue blood program... Once a consistent outside shooter emerges, all this chatter about x's and o's will go away... the offense opens up at that point, and we arent so easy to defend anymore... I know everything falls on CAM's shoulders as head coach.. but Ed is responsible for player development, and i think we all, for the most part agree that we cant and wont do better than that.
  2. hoosier_exotics

    Anthony Leal

  3. hoosier_exotics

    Anthony Leal

    How is his defense? We obviously need shooters, but if his D isn't what Archie desires, he will be buried on the bench. and we will be complaining about him getting zero playing time.
  4. hoosier_exotics

    Indiana-Butler Game thread

    Getting looks, just have to hit them!
  5. hoosier_exotics

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Lets be honest! There are very few fellas on here, who wouldnt wear her clothes... just saying!
  6. hoosier_exotics

    MVP for the Louisville game?

    Archie... no shooters, cant hit FT's and still beat Mack and the ville for the 1st time since '02
  7. hoosier_exotics

    Louisville Game Thread

    Our guards are hunting the paint, which i like.. . The refs have swallowed their whistles which I'm ok with, but we gotta hit our shots on the kick out.. 4 missed FT's...
  8. hoosier_exotics

    Louisville Game Thread

    We just have to hit some shots.. definitely getting good looks!
  9. hoosier_exotics

    Penn St. Post game

    He has to want the ball! He played very passive in the 2nd half
  10. hoosier_exotics

    Penn State Game Thread

    Goal tend
  11. hoosier_exotics

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    You take both. Brooks is more than likely one and done.. Watford is a multi year player in my opinion
  12. hoosier_exotics

    Coaching Question

    In my opinion FT have little to do with coaching. Other than the obvious form issues, a coach can't do much. FT are mental, or you just suck at them. How many players have you seen that look like all Stars in scrimmage, but can't do jack when it's an actual game.... And if I'm 19+ yrs old and missing ft on the regular, I am shooting a million in my own time
  13. hoosier_exotics

    Luke Brown - The next Damon Bailey?

    Coming into highschool my daughter was being recruited by high D1 schools. I had concerns about our "style" of play in highschool, as it was not what fit my kid at all... When I asked how much emphasis was put on highschool numbers. I was told by a college coach, that highschool productivity on the court was one of the last things they cared about... What they did in the summer, type of team mate, how the player fit their system, academics were all looked at more.
  14. hoosier_exotics

    Luke Brown - The next Damon Bailey?

    Some AAU programs do a great job at developing players... Others are definitely just weekly meetings to showcase your skills.. personally my daughter received way more from AAU than highschool, and it wasn't even close.
  15. hoosier_exotics

    Deron Davis- The Ghost

    😂😂 The name does raise some eyebrows, but I actually breed exotic reptiles as a hobby.... Only slightly PG