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  1. IU mens basketball program.... If Archie and him were chummy, do you think he would be leaving?
  2. If you really want to get up and down the floor, thats the lineup I would use.
  3. In my opinion, absolutely. But I'm not the coach and my opinion doesn't matter My first thought when I heard Smith was transferring "Thank god, Archie finally told the kid he was only playing the 4"
  4. OK, maybe I was sugar coating it. Personally I think we will be way better off without him. I've thought that for the last two seasons... one of my least favorite players to ever put on the uni.
  5. Pretty sure the players are all home with their families, working out on their own
  6. Hopefully things are pretty close to being back to normal. I think having sports back on tv will help a lot of people mentally
  7. One thing we have to remember. Due to covid, how big of a jump any will our returning players see? Workouts and court time have been extremely limited. Conditioning and rust may play a big part in who is seeing the floor in the first part of season
  8. I honestly like what Franklin brings to the table. If he gets some confidence, I like him with Lander as both really push the ball. And its definitely an upgrade in athleticism
  9. 3 burger boys in 3 classes possibly. Recruiting isn't an issue at all
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