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  1. He's an ideal 4 for us. But unless he develops at the 3, his NBA aspirations will die off quickly. Woody needs to win obviously, but identifying and developing players at their next level positions is crucial for recruiting.
  2. Absolutely! If TB can make a jump and take that 3 spot, we will have major talent on the perimeter. All with the ability to create their own shot..
  3. If you listen to the Kenya podcast of hoosier hysterics, he pretty much says JHS will be starting g with X. To me the 3 spot is the only question mark. Bates, JG, or Kopp...
  4. X, JHS, TJD, Race, are locks. I hope it Bates at the 3, but who knows what Woody will do with Kopp
  5. Rainbow from Pere Marquette. We are heading back tomorrow evening
  6. I agree. Just saying the Leal type players won't be recruited here, if we maintain this momentum. High 4 and 5 star kids will be the norm..
  7. IF! Woody continues to recruit at the level he has been. We won't have many Indiana kids on our roster, unless they are elite. I Kentucky doesn't typically have instate talent like Indiana does, but I am pretty certain Cal could care less what the local high school coaches think. Win big, recruit big, and when the IU scholly is offered it means a lot. Leal dreamed of playing at IU. We need that dream to be on a national level, which means going toe to toe with Duke, Kansas, Carolina, KY and winning our majority share of recruits
  8. I agree. We need improvement from our athletic players at the wing spot. Kopp is what he is and in my opinion we won't take a leap forward until we have an athletic shooter in his spot. Like you mentioned JG or Bates
  9. Without major lineup changes, does anyone really see different results than last year?
  10. I agree. This is just the lineup I would like to see. Eventually we have to start playing the talent we have. Unless Kopp can come in and hit 3's at 40%+ when they actually matters, I don't want to see him. JHS has the size, speed and athletic ability to be elite in the big 10 from day one. X shot had improved by end of season. Someone was obviously working with him on his form. If he puts in the time this summer, him and JHS should be the best back court in the big by a wide margin. Bates needs to be our 3. JG can easily play the perimeter in a 4 out system, which should satisfy his wants
  11. JHS, X, Bates, JG, TJD. Would be my starting 5
  12. Personally I think X is our most important player. There were multiple games towards the end of the year, he was our best player on the floor. Woodson's job will be decided by wins and losses, not the character of the kids on the floor. I don't want bad kids, but just like NIL and some other things. I would gladly take kids in the grey area. Doing it the "right way" is over, it's past time we get with the reality of what college athletics always has been. Wins and losses fellas, nothing else matters. Give the kid the keys to this team and one of those old crean "all gas no brake shirts". Obviously he's living it
  13. Young kid with a fast car... stupid yes, uncommon... not in the slightest. In my early 20's we used to race all the time, at speeds way faster than X was going. We were lucky to not have any accidents, as it was a weekend routine. Put $10 in gas, race for $20 so the gf and I could go out to eat afterward
  14. I'm firmly on the he's the best pg we've had since Yogi group. Run him till he pukes, do some community service. Mandatory 1000 3pt shots a day, and get on with building this team around him. (TJD if back)
  15. Deal with it in private, over the off season. We definitely need X back
  16. If these games showed us anything, it should be we have to recruit on a national level. Wanting kids from Indiana, just because they are from Indiana is not going to cut it.
  17. I'm saying the whole conference needs to get with the current times.. our big Peter out come tournament time. They simply get ran off the floor
  18. I keep seeing people begging for a 7 footer. Bigs don't win in the big dance. The big ten doesn't win in the big dance... I hope Woody builds a roster full of 6'4-6'8 guys who can shoot and are above average athletes.
  19. I wonder how this will affect the Hoosier Hysterics guys... they seemed to latch on to Fife.
  20. Hopefully Woody can bring in a great recruiter and an offensive coordinator. I'm far from sold on Woody, even though I do like him and want him to be the guy. Woody atleast has the balls to make tough decisions. Props to him for that I guess
  21. Woody is the head coach... who will want to be an assistant when the assistance don't have much input? Fife isn't taking off after 1 year for nothing...
  22. Red Flags all over Woody. Obviously the rumors were true
  23. I hope so! Because having a kid from Montverde and IMG on the bench will be awesome for those pipe lines
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