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  1. 16 minutes ago, rico said:

    Nice.  BTW, what are the regs/limits there?

    Rico, I belief its 5 a day. But the fish are in pretty rough shape right now. We released everything....

    I was throwing chartreuse arctic spinners with luck.. 3 kids on the other side of the river were float fishing with beads, and they were smoking them. I know they caught 8 in probably 45 minutes

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  2. 3 minutes ago, dgambill said:

    I think I said it a few pages back...."there is no problem too big that govt can't create...that more govt can't fix"-said by all politicians everywhere.

    I agree ! And exactly why a large portion of the world,does not trust much that comes from government.  We had a chance to come out of this covid deal better than we have ever been. Energy, pharma, food...Instead, we've pissed it away it seems. I had really hoped our government would have worked hard with Canada and South America to make this piece of rock self sustainable.  

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  3. 1 minute ago, dgambill said:

    That would be....well logical!! God forbid we get the Army Core of Engineers or the Coast Guard or National Guard to help....



    Just seems pretty obvious to me. It feels like we are getting squeezed by our own government here.  Firing medical personnel creating more of a shortage there. Watching the ships bounce up and down like big bobbers, as our supplies are being depleted...  there is zero need for either scenario to be an issue, in my opinion.  Mobilize and get this product to where it belongs

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  4. 5 hours ago, mrflynn03 said:

    When it comes to the bible I was taught the same way as you describe.  If it's your time it is what it is. I was also taught to fight and never give up.

    Jesus once said sell your cloak and get a sword.

    Well my sword is on backorder but can buy another one whenever I want. 

    I don't believe this shot is the "mark " but it feels like a friggen trial run. Passports to enter to eat, losing jobs, forcing people to choose the ability to raise and feed their family.  People who have been raised religious in any fashion, have to see warning signs. 

    Trust me I'm not a bible thumper in any manner.  I much rather post dirty jokes in the comic area, but holy hell this shit is literally written in a book. And it certainly to me feels like its playing out right in front of us

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  5. 6 minutes ago, mrflynn03 said:


    Almost 2 years in, no new hospitals have been built, no hospital ships or emergency overflow built but let's fire hospital workers who have been working unvaccinated for 18 months. 

    Seriously, think about it people. Holy F@#k. 

    Yeah, it makes zero sense. Very frustrating! I have multiple nurses and Dr's in my family.  Some have been vaccinated,  but say they won't take the boosters. The other's haven't taken the shot, and are preparing to leave the medical field when the mandate hits.


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