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  1. Just need Penix to stay healthy the rest of the year. I can’t imagine any D coordinators left on the schedule are looking forward to game planning on how to stop him. Need the defense to start playing much better in these big games.
  2. Of course the refs miss the block in the back
  3. Oh look at that. Was that so difficult to do?
  4. What’s the point of having tall receivers if you aren’t going to take advantage of that height? Throw it up and let them go get it.
  5. Why would it be crazy to accept money from a rival company? It’s basically free money and you have no obligation to uphold your end of the deal. What are they going to sue or try to extort you if you don’t follow through? Not a chance they would make what they are doing behind the scenes public information. These companies take huge risks in performing these actions because there is no way they can be guaranteed anything from the other party.
  6. For those that haven’t read it yet. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/26786665/indiana-ever-really-move-bob-knight
  7. Very lucky Old Dominion is atrocious offensively. I’m looking forward to Nova ending their season on Saturday.
  8. If Old Dominion is the best team in Conference USA, then that’s one bad conference. This team looks awful. 19 points in one half, 1 assist on 8 baskets. They have as many fouls as field goals.
  9. I don’t believe he will get 25-30 minutes per game at Kentucky next year like he would’ve at IU. He definitely won’t be one of the focal points there. I don’t see him being anymore than a role player next year on that team. You’re right about IU being just fine next year. I honestly don’t care if he does well or not next year because I don’t have any interest in anybody that doesn’t play at IU.
  10. He will play 12-15 minutes a game next year, score 5-6 points a game. Declare for the draft because that’s dad’s plan, not get drafted because he’s not good enough yet to be OAD and end up in the G League (maybe even playing for the Mad Ants). Only time will tell if he becomes good enough to take up a NBA roster spot. I guarantee he would’ve not only played more at IU his freshman year, but he would’ve had the opportunity to showcase more of his game than he will at Kentucky next year.
  11. Well he’s not going to have 8-10 players like an Armaan Franklin or Jake Forrester here like he did at Dayton. That was my initial point I was trying to make. He’s going to have more talented players here compared to Dayton who might be playing with the NBA on the mind versus IU on the mind. I truly hope he succeeds because I’m ready for IU to become relevant every year again.
  12. My biggest worry about CAM is that he’s no longer recruiting 3 star types of players that will come into the program with a chip on their shoulder because most weren’t heavily recruited by power conference teams. I was curious what the recruiting rankings were of the players that committed to Dayton while he was there, so using Rivals as my baseline, out of the 19 recruits (including McKinley Wright) who committed from 2012-2017, only 2 were ranked as 4 stars. The remaining 17 were 3 or under. It’s a lot easier for a defensive minded coach to get through to these types of players because (A) most will be there for 4 years, (B) the NBA is a long shot, so they need to prove that they can contribute in all areas of the game, and (C) the play with something to prove to all the “bigger” schools who didn’t recruit them or think they were good enough. Obviously, CAM is no longer recruiting the “chip on their shoulders” player for the most part. The 5 star and high level 4 star athletes nowadays are all offense, offense, offense and then defense. They know the NBA is an offense driven league where the GM would rather have the next James “No D” Harden versus a Bruce Bowen type of player. These players are playing with the NBA on their mind. They don’t have to buy into exerting max effort on D or even showing that they have a basketball IQ on D. Most know that they just have to get through the 1, maybe 2 years in college and then it’s off to making money in the NBA. I’m all for giving CAM time to prove he’s the guy for the job and sincerely hope he is, but he may need to become more flexible and adaptable to his systems based off the players he’s now recruiting.
  13. He was ranked as the #8 pro style QB by 247. He was the 88th overall ranked player by Rivals and 51st by Scout. The link is courtesy of Rotoworld.com http://www.rotoworld.com/player/cfb/138485/jack-tuttle
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