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  1. America East still has championship game left scheduled for Saturday. Big Sky, Big West, MAAC, MAC, MEAC, Southland, SWAC, Sun Belt and WAC are all in the middle of the tournaments.
  2. Big East is still playing as of now. 1st game already started.
  3. https://bigten.org/news/2020/3/7/2020-big-ten-mens-basketball-tournament-single-session-tickets-on-sale.aspx I found $6 tickets on StubHub for Wednesday. I looked at Ticketmaster and they’re listed as $25, but they have seat assignments with them. StubHub just says general admission next to theirs. I’m thinking Ticketmaster is just putting seat assignments next to theirs for tracking number of possible tickets that can be sold. Might want to call BLF ticket office to confirm. They are offering an all sessions ticket package for $210, so maybe it’s only general admission for everyone else who is only attending on Wednesday.
  4. Yes, they are general admission tickets for Wednesday for $6. No assigned seating and tickets are good for both games.
  5. Well considering we’ve fallen from 6th, to 9th and now to 11th in the past 3 years, a big jump would be back to 6th. Maybe even a winning conference record can be expected.
  6. What about the fact that they’ve gotten two top 15 out of state guys to visit this year? They’ve never had a top 50 ranked out of state commit and now they’re getting visits from these types of players 🤷‍♂️.
  7. Correct. They already have the #1 ranked RB from his class and a similar ranked 4 star. They added two more for this year that are ranked higher then he was last year.
  8. Nope, sidestepped the questions about the end of game officiating saying he hadn’t seen the tape yet.
  9. The same RPI that has Auburn currently 4th? Net they are ranked 28. Sagarin 37 and KenPom 38. Arizona St 21st? 41,45,55 in the other 3. Rhode Island 22nd? 37, 53, 44 respectively in the other 3. Northern Iowa 23rd? 46,67,43 in the other 3. Cincinnati 26th? 54,35,41 in the other 3. Richmond 29th? 49,68,52 in the other 3. USC 30th? 47,71,61 in the other 3. I could keep going if you want 😁.
  10. Well what are each teams offensive and defensive efficiencies? What about their scoring margin? Win/Loss record can be such a misleading stat to use and is only 1 of 5 parts of the NET rankings. If all teams played the same exact schedule than sure it would be very viable. If IU played that non-conference schedule, would we still be 18-9? Let’s say our record is 15-12 playing UTA’s non-conference schedule, do we definitely deserve to get into the tournament over a 18-9 team that didn’t play as difficult schedule? Would those fans be complaining if a 15-12 team was ranked higher in the NET than their 18-9 team? There’s no right answer because there are too many unknown variables when it comes to this. Does the NET make sense from a mathematical perspective? The answer is yes based off how it’s devised. Does it take into affect every possible variable or situational outcome? Obviously no. Do I agree that the net efficiency metric could be improved? Yes, because it’s not weighted based off opponent or venue. Is playing in the Big Ten going to hurt either efficiencies compared to playing in the MAC? I would like to think it would be easier to score and defend playing against MAC teams than Big Ten teams. But obviously there is a trade-off to that. If we are in the MAC, are we getting 5 stars to come play for us? Possibly if you look at the talent Gonzaga brings in, but they are the exception to the rule. So am I going to complain about the NET rankings? Nope because it’s the best system that they’ve come up with yet. Is it “perfect”? Of course not and I would venture to guess somewhere down the line a new system will be developed that is an improvement on this system. But it’s the NCAA, so I’m not putting money on it nor holding my breath.
  11. I’d say UTA had just a little more difficult schedule with Sagarin ratings next to each. One team played 1 top 50 team and a total 3 top 100 teams. The other played 3 top 25 teams and a total of 6 top 100 teams. Little Rock @: Missouri St (119), Illinois St (209), C Arkansas (247), Memphis (52), NC State (41), N Texas (101) H: SW Baptist (NR), St. Francis-NY (320) Alcorn St (338), E Tennessee St (51), Tennessee St (257) UT Arlington @: Nevada (65), Oregon (24), Gonzaga (3), Elon (255), Houston (19) H: TX Dallas (NR), Tulsa (81), Arkansas Tech (NR), N Texas (101), UC Santa Barbara (143) N: Furman (77) Based off Sagarin strength: UALR: 41,51,52,101,119,209,247,257,320,338 UTA: 3,19,24,65,77,81,101,143,255
  12. Absolutely and the reason this is the toughest conference. According to Sagarin through games yesterday, the Big 10 has 8 out of the top 25 rated teams. No other conference has more than 3.
  13. Which is why I’m neutral on CAM. Nothing I’ve seen says he should be fired, but nothing I’ve seen says he should be here as long as he wants. I’m basically Switzerland in a nut shell 😁.
  14. Although I love the optimism, 11-9 won’t be top 3 or 4. Teams 2-5 already have 10 wins each. 11-9 will finish tied for 6th or 7th. 10-10 and we’re looking at in the 8th or 9th range.
  15. My whole point was that it was a game at home I expected to win to a team missing a very important piece. If he plays and knowing how important he is to them, do I expect to win? Unfortunately, this year I don’t. However, do I hope to win...absolutely. They got down big and fought hard to take the lead. I can appreciate that, even if I’m rooting for the other team. Injuries are an important part of the game and can play a significant factor in how a game plays out.
  16. Well let’s take a look at our losses. @ Wisconsin no Rob - we lost by 20 and were never competitive. Arkansas everyone played - still lost. @ Maryland everyone played - not competitive. @ Rutgers everyone played - competitive for really only the 1st half. Maryland no Race - lost a game we should’ve won. @ Penn St no Race - competitive for only 1st half. @ Ohio St no Race - not competitive. Purdue everyone played - don’t think I need to tell you how that went. @ Michigan everyone played - not competitive. So what point are you trying to make? Have we been competitive on the road, like Penn St was today, with key injuries? The answer is no. When’s the last time we were down 15-20 points on the road with key injuries and fought back to take the lead or even make it competitive? Who is even our equivalent to their Jones anyways? Green maybe??? We don’t have a consistent 2nd option like they do. Did we lose against Arkansas at home solely because Rob was playing hurt? We haven’t been competitive in 7 of our 9 losses, so very tough to justify “injuries” as being the reason we lost.
  17. Absolutely and that should tell you more of what the “oddsmakers” think of this IU team playing at home than anything. Oh and the line shifted to IU being a slight favorite once it was announced he was out. How do I know? Well because I bet IU to cover -1 😁.
  18. Well I’ll always root for my alma mater. However, I can appreciate when another team’s back is against the wall and play like they did. How they competed was impressive with the circumstances they had to deal with. We also showed grit and toughness which was good to see. It was a good game to watch, outside of the officiating, between two teams that played extremely hard.
  19. Satisfied that we won, yes. Expected to win in this situation, absolutely. Jones is averaging 14 PPG. My God I hope we can beat them at home with him not playing. They were able to beat Michigan St and Michigan on the road with him in which he scored 20 and 16 respectively. To pretend that wasn’t a huge loss playing on the road without him is pretty homerish. I’ve been neutral on CAM since the initial day he was hired. I didn’t think he was a homerun nor did I think it was a bad choice. The jury is still out for me currently. This one game didn’t change how I feel about the job he’s done so far.
  20. This game really didn’t do much for me. They were playing shorthanded missing their 2nd best player. I would hope we’d be able to beat them at home in this situation. The fact that they got down big and came all the way back to take the lead on the road playing shorthanded was really impressive.
  21. They could’ve folded in the 2nd half after giving up the lead but didn’t. Love Race and TJD combo. This team needs a reliable 2nd ball handler so bad.
  22. And CAM thought the 2nd half was going to be different than the 1st with Brunk 🤣.
  23. Well that’s where he should be playing based off his talent level.
  24. They would’ve paid a lot more players that’s all I know would be true.
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