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  1. So the highest seeded team with a win and no losses wins the tourney, right? Or is that just how I'm going to spin it?
  2. 67-63 IU. Gonna have a good game, hit some shots, play some D. Get a win. 😵
  3. Tough loss. Don't get to watch many games, but listening to Don Fischer for years and years, have never heard him this down on a season. Feel like he's ready to retire. On a more humorous note, was good to see Bobby back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BvKObO0EPQ
  4. All 4 years of high school I was our best outside shooter by far. Of course it was lunch basketball and not the real basketball team.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving! Now go sit over there on the group w bench.
  6. Miss my Give 'em Hell Bobby t-shirt I had in the 90's. Have never seen another one. Had a cartoonish BK throwing a chair.
  7. Stephanie White is the only person I've ever played against that is famous. She beat me by about 9 in a game to 10, one on one in front of all my friends, after I trashed talked her during a pick up game my side won pretty easily, way back in high school. Had never heard of her at that point. She was hanging out at a softball game I went to with my friends. Knew she was gonna be big, so got her to sign an autograph that I promptly lost, but remember exactly what she wrote on it... "Jason- Remember, girls can hoop too!"
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