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  1. Here’s mine: Romeo — 18.1 ppg Juwan — 14.5 ppg Justin — 10.1 ppg Devonte — 8.8 ppg Davis could get there if/when healthy, but who knows what we’re gonna get from him. I want to be very clear about this, I don’t want Devonte above 10ppg. Maybe his senior year, but not this year. My hope for Devonte is that he averages over 4.5 assists per game and less than 1.7 turnovers per game. PPG for him are irrelevant to me this year. I want Devonte to become a pass first guy who has a good shot to compliment his game, not the other way around. Also because I want to see a healthy amount of Phinisee and Al on the floor. If they are seeing good time and Green is averaging 10+ then DG is likely forcing his shot like he did last year. I hope he lets his game and his shot come to him in time. That’s how he’s going to become a good player for us.
  2. How will they regulate this though? I don’t see how they’ll keep people from lining up.
  3. Congrats Mile! Fantastic selection.
  4. Aren't we all? Thanks for the info random dude lol.
  5. Sure, I never said Durham couldn't improve his shooting, but he has a long way to go in becoming a good shooter and more importantly he has a long way to go to have confidence in his shot. There were a lot of occasions last year when he had an open shot outside and didn't take it. That speaks volumes to me. I want to see that kid succeed so bad. After like 5 games last year I remember declaring him my favorite player because of his ability and willingness to take charges, scrappiness, IQ and demeanor. Unfortunately, some of that didn't carry-on throughout the season and his shot and confidence seemed iffy at best. His shot definitely can improve and I'm not in the business of naming a kid my favorite player if I think he'll clank it throughout his career, but he needs to believe in himself before I can believe in him.
  6. I simply put Anderson there because he's a SF and everyone else is PF. I haven't seen him play. All I'm going by is scouting reports and I'm not going to eliminate him from the roster without having seen him play. I put the whole roster on there. Obviously Blackmon and others won't play. I'm not comfortable with Smith at the 3, but he has some of the best athleticism and untapped potential on the team to be able to expand his game. Like I mentioned above, we need shooters who can stretch the floor. I don't see Hunter as a SF and if Durham is to backup Romeo at SG we'll be in trouble because Al simply can't shoot. If Josh, Al, Devonte and Phinisee aren't spending all day everyday working on their shots then we're in trouble without a grad transfer guard.
  7. Here's where I stand on the lineup as constructed assuming Romeo is on board. Maybe Hunter will be in front of Race or Davis will slide in and bump Juwan to the 4 spot. There's a lot of flexibility at the 1, 3 and 4 spots. Our 5 is kind of a second PF whoever is in there. I don't like Juwan at the 5, but I think it's the best we have. Either way, that's a very athletic group. D Green -> A Durham -> R Phinisee R Langford -> J McRoberts -> V Blackmon J Smith -> D Anderson R Thompson -> J Hunter -> J Forrester J Morgan -> D Davis -> C Moore Here's my lineup if we can land a grad transfer guard. The grad transfer guard can easily slide into the 2 spot if Romeo takes a breather or gets in foul trouble. We then have an even deeper front court. Personally I would prefer this. I like 3 guard lineups. I want more guys who can handle the ball and shoot in this situation. D Green -> A Durham -> R Phinisee R Langford -> J McRoberts -> V Blackmon Grad Transfer Guard -> D Anderson J Smith -> R Thompson -> J Hunter -> J Forrester J Morgan -> D Davis -> C Moore
  8. I'd love to see us get some kind of guard; ideally a combo guard as a grad transfer. A one year player would be fine, but if we could get a newcomer who can play beyond that it'd be even better. If Romeo leaves after one year we'll be in the same boat. I know that's a long shot, but it's true. Our strength is that we have a lot of players who can play the 3 and 4. Davis can potentially play at the 5 and you guys are right that he's not a perfect fit for Archie, but his talent can overcome that if he's healthy. Having said that, I think that you look at Davis as a bonus. You plan as if Davis isn't going to be there in the event that he doesn't recover well or gets injured again. Losing Davis was the first of many things that went wrong last year, but we managed on the interior. We didn't excel at it, but we did well enough against average competition. Michigan St embarrassed us with their size, but most center grad transfers are likely to be a bit one dimensional like Davis so that won't help us a whole lot there. We need to change the way that they play us and that's by spreading the floor. The biggest problem we had last year was shooting. Nobody could shoot the ball. Rob got hot in a few games, but we shined when Juwan and Justin took charge and drove to the hole or posted a man up. We need shooters more than anything. Let's play the dangerous game of saying Romeo picks us. Yay! Our shooting whoas are over, right? Wrong. We need more shooters than just one man. Maybe Devonte improves, but we still need more than that. Say Romeo plays 32 minutes per game. That's 8 minutes without a legitimate shooter on the floor. We need someone who can fire from outside and spread the floor. Devonte can't shoulder the load of that 8 minutes and you don't want your PG to have to. Plus, Devonte is as streaky as a player can be. There'll be enough minutes for a good SG or CG if they come on board. All of the UK and Duke teams who get the one and done players have multiple players who got their fill and their minutes. Heck they went there to play with good players. Duke just last year had Duval and Trent who are both SGs come in and play with Grayson Allen who's a SG and was forced over to PG. All players got their minutes and all are headed for the NBA this year. If we can add another shooter to help spread the floor it will open things up for Romeo, Juwan and others and take pressure off of any other deficiencies. We need to add depth behind Romeo and our other guards because that's something that's seriously lacking. Our forward depth is substantial.
  9. I watched The Last Days of Knight last night and was floored. It was a very well done documentary! It has the same 30 for 30 feel and quality and went deep into everything. If you’re one of the fans out there who thinks this stuff needs to be touched with oven mitts and you wear blinders when looking at Knight’s years then I could see it being hard to watch, but you need to see it. It greatly taps into the fear everyone had of Knight. Of course nobody wanted to cross him. I’m 32 so I don’t remember firsthand much of the late 80s - early 90s stuff that happened, but remember the scandal at its peak relatively well. It was a fantastic retelling of all that happened. There are a few incidents that I never knew of and it’s jarring that there was surely more than I knew about. The TDH says, that it’s largely about Abbott and it’s true that it’s a retelling of the process of finding the story. It wasn’t about him though as much as it was about finding the truth. It was generally the only way to go on this story without interviews from specific people (Collier, Recker, Brand and Knight). Regardless, believe me when I tell you that there’s more than enough. It’s an hour and 45 minutes and all of it is great! It really taps into Neil Reed and the human element of the story and I’ve gotta say that I came out of it with a different opinion of Reed. At times it was hard and sad to watch. As a lifelong Hoosier fan, I think they told the story well without being unfair. It’s solid 30 for 30 quality. I recommend that everyone watch it.
  10. Haha that’s how I am. I’m a firm subscriber in the too good to be true belief when things are swinging in my favor, particularly in sports when I really care about something. That’s why my Astros have no chance on earth in going back to the WS.
  11. Yeah, that’s what I thought. I thought women’s bball players have some ridiculous numbers up there. Not that 4,897 isn’t a ridiculous number.
  12. Oh that’s right. I had in my mind she’s from Indiana. Well my question now, is it Illinois or everywhere? That’d be an amazing bragging point. “I’ve outscored everyone.” Haha.
  13. When Tyra was shooting FTs at the end they showed a stat that she had 4,897 high school points, the most by anybody in male or female high school basketball history. That’s for the state of Indiana right? Not ever by anybody anywhere, is it?
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