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  1. Keeping Armaan and green in for the last four minutes was all the difference there.
  2. Rob riding the bench, smiling about who knows what.
  3. I can’t even comprehend losing to 7-24 Nebraska with a 2 man bench.
  4. I have always respected @FW_Hoosier but this is too much. Archie is a bulldog and he’s going to bat for our resume tonight. This man will lead us back to prominence and I’m drunk as hell but confident
  5. I was as tough as anybody on Archie through our slump in January. But guys have improved. Defense has improved. Turnovers have improved
  6. Anybody who blames this on Archie can go kick rocks. we just didn’t finish around the rim. Otherwise our defense and turnovers have improved drastically since the year started
  7. Blowing a 9 point second half lead. Watching the team I’ve hated more than any other win a share of the title on our floor
  8. I look forward to a time, likely years from now, where I don’t hate this team. Just so infuriating, another very beatable team and we can’t finish ANYTHING around the rim.
  9. Just garbage basketball. Can’t finish anything around the rim, everything short.
  10. Tough to beat such a fundamentally sound and good shooting team when the refs are on their side. They give up nothing in transition either. need to feed TJD in the second half
  11. It's not. Quad 2 since we beat em at AH and their net isn't 30 or better
  12. I believe this is a quad 2 win, quad 1 at home requires a net better than 30.
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