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  1. I didn’t realize we were down at #58 in the NET rankings. Weak NCSOS, no decent true road wins...even if we do get to 19 wins this may be a lot closer than I thought on Selection Sunday.
  2. Need to expand this lead enough to sustain the inevitable 7 minute scoring drought. Defense has been intense tonight
  3. I might start watching again just to actively root for losses and laugh/enjoy the Devonte turnovers and Damezi air balled threes. A team this flawed, even with college ball taking a step back this year, is still not gonna go anywhere in any tournament. Let’s root for a complete bottom out—maybe it’ll lead to some change
  4. I hope everyone leaves. And those left start to BOOO
  5. Yikes. Ten teams from the conference making the tourney and we’ll be left out AGAIN. What a sad, pathetic team
  6. I want to see them score one point today before I turn it off. I might end up having to watch the whole first half
  7. I turn it on at 9-7 OSU, see a couple careless Devonte turnovers and 4 minutes of scoreless ball. I’m not sure what exactly I was expecting to see. Good stuff. I also love how Green just walks calmly back to the bench, no coach stops him to talk about his play. They’ve essentially given up on him but still insist on giving him 25 minutes a game. Disgusting.
  8. Friendly reminder that Damezi has missed his last 16 threes and is absolute garbage. He shouldn’t be playing, ever.
  9. @5fouls I’m a Psychiatrist, but I’d have to assemble a team of colleagues to get these kids to get these kids to shoot better. It’s bad
  10. Don’t forget Race. Need him back healthy
  11. Someone confirm for me that Rob is getting off the bench and walking normally
  12. Missing free throws, open threes while our opponents are draining triples. Par for the course
  13. That should have been an easy lob. Yikes
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