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  1. Indiana is not and has not over-recruited. Those who count scholarships or try to project future rosters are... people of old. Given the NCAA transfer rate, the willingness of some to seek professional opportunities sooner and the hordes of "me-first" kids coming into college... There's a reason every coach, to a man, will use the phrase "fluid" when referencing rosters. Indiana isn't over-recruiting. I expect a 4 or 5-man class. Enough about that.
  2. Just a few things to add here: When Indiana's coaching staff first arrived, one of the most pressing issues was to increase the talent level. The coaches didn't think the current crop of players was good enough and they wanted to bring in better players, more players as quickly as possible. NO ONE was looking to run-off anyone but given the NCAA Transfer statistics (an alarming rate) and the basic reality that kids leave when new coaches arrive, it was expected. Gelon goes, Curtis Jones goes, ROJO, Newark, Hartman graduate. Anyway, one thing the staff did realize was that they had certain areas/ positions of strength after the 2018 recruiting class started taking shape. As basketball has evolved now into "lead guard- 3 others - post man" the staff felt the "others part" was getting pretty good. They knew they had Langford coming but only for a year and Justin Smith's athleticism and muscle was something they liked. After the commitments of Race Thompson, Damezi Anderson and especially Jerome Hunter, the staff was left with where we are... The belief of the coaching staff was that Trendon Watford was and is a better high school basketball player than Keion Brooks, Jr. I think, even today, there's probably a point to be made that Watford can do a few more things on different spots of the floor than Brooks can. But, IU had two coaches I know of who kept coming back to a basic phrase "We don't need either to be a superstar from day 1." Largely, this belief stemmed from the fact that the 2018 kids would be good as sophomores and there was a holdover (Smith, Durham) that could also contribute meaningful minutes. So, some conversations took place and it was decided that Indiana would push for the better long-term target BECAUSE of what was already in the cupboard. Pushing for the longer-term gain rather than the known commodity. So, that's largely where we are. Keion Brooks Jr. has been the target and prize and main focal point of this staff. This current staff had better relationships with the family, an in-state player was easier to scout / visit more and the upside definitely leans his way. However... Two weeks ago I had an interesting text from an IU fan and a friend of mine. Said person has a cousin that plays volleyball at Samford University. Take a basic glance at the Samford roster and you see his cousin... and Trendon Watford's sister. How convenient? So, the gist of the text was that "Ernest isn't as sure of the coaching staff's that Trendon is thinking about. He doesn't think any of them can really develop him." And he was adamant that IF Trendon wanted it (the parents do), IU would start recruiting him very, very heavily. Not necessarily because they need him but because... rightfully... you don't ignore a top-level recruit who hits you up and wants to play for you. That said, this has to be Trendon wanting this. It's his life, it's his decision. But, Archie texted him and told him "If you want us to recruit you, we will. Pick a date." So, I do agree with some of my initial assessment that IU has not recruited him in a long time. And, I do think LSU has the better staff of his 3 southern schools. But, if Trendon really wanted to develop and really thought about his long-term future and can grasp leaving the South, then I do expect Indiana to get involved. But, I don't think it will happen and I'm ok with it. The parents won't push Trendon to do anything he is uncomfortable with. And, if this chatter is to be believed, there are a few in his circle who think he should take a LONG, LONG look at Indiana. But, he has to do it. No one can force him too. And, I think IU's staff has been very smart about prioritizing elsewhere as the roster has other/ more serious needs besides some of the wing and forward spots. Hopefully this helps.
  3. Just to chime in on a few things in relation to this... - One of the most important things for Leal is to prove himself when the IU staff is watching. In the games they have gone to this year (and in his career before this season) there hasn't been those "moments" where he turns the corner with the ball. His shooting, IQ, body, upside. Those concerns aren't there. It's his ability to make plays with the ball in his hands. When he needs to catch it, take a dribble, make a play. Catch on the wing, shot fake, one dribble and be at the rim. Those plays have NOT occurred when the IU staff has been on-hand. - Clearly, Indiana would be "THE" team to beat in his recruitment if they offered. For those who don't know, BOTH of his parents are employed by the IU Foundation. He's grown up an IU fan, loves IU and it is an offer they crave. - Stanford is interesting here. Anthony's a very, very high-level student. Those who have said "my fear is he goes elsewhere and crushes us." I'd subside that fear because Indiana and Stanford won't be playing each other except in an exempt non-conference tournament or in the NCAA Tournament. Both of his parents understand the value of education and Stanford is as good as it gets. I am expecting him to take a spring "official" to Stanford. - "What about him paying his own way?" It's pretty disrespectful for a coaching staff to tell a family "We think you are good, but only for a walk-on spot." I've never heard a staff do it. I don't expect any Division-1 coaching staffs are that out-of-touch / stupid. I know it can be tough to discern a tone over the internet. So, I hope I don't come off as rude. Just trying to be real here. Everyone who is thinking of it... don't say it. Don't think it. Just don't. It's not real life. I say this out of love for IU fans everywhere - Those who talk about IU's shooting this season and talk of how there is a "huge need" for shooters. I don't disagree. IU could use more. Damezi is a good shooter and Al Durham has shot it well this year. Even Robert Phinisee (40% from three-point territory) is doing well. But, those guys don't have tons of usage (cough*Romeo*cough) but there is a need for a few more guys to space the floor. Is Anthony Leal one of them? Of course. He can be. But that doesn't mean a player two years away from college should get an offer because a team isn't shooting it that well. I expect Indiana to have some roster turnover and some of the outside shooting to be addressed / cured in the off-season. - The rankings thing. It's not as easy to say "Well, he's a top-100 player in our backyard. Take him!" Just a few points on that: 1.) This coaching is staff is VERY, VERY competitive. They won't take anything just to appease someone else. 2.) IU projects to have a VERY small 2020 class. If Leal was a 2018, 2019 or 2021 I think an offer would be a big expectation. But, he's in a small age group (numbers-wise) and the staff has to be cautious and careful about how to do things. They would never settle to get a recruit and fans shouldn't want that. 3.) IU is in on better players. Ethan Morton looks like a better-passing version of Dakota Mathias and Caleb Love has 5* potential. Dawson Garcia could end up as one of the top-rated recruits in the country. 4.) The staff wants to be DEAD SURE on a local kid. The last thing they want is to take him, he has a bad experience and the talk around town is that one of Bloomington's own hated his time at IU. Would send some serious bad vibes around the town. I REALLY hope this doesn't come off as snooty or arrogant or some $h!t like that. I'm just trying to be as honest and transparent on what is going on. My best, SS
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