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  1. Just to chime in here... Probably a month ago or so, I just completely stopped asking all questions related to this recruitment. It just wasn't a real interest anymore. And, there's 4-5 people that I know that I think would have a real, good grasp on what is going on. I thought it would be better to use my time to help my wife (our child turns 1 month old in a few days), and spend more time watching IU and just cheering them on instead of being critical. Also, wanted to spend more time watching IU on the DVR and try to grasp some of the more intricate details of what they do on offense and defense. I'm quite a nerd when it comes to basketball and just wanted to spend more time on the actual team than worrying about this THIS recruitment. Other recruitments still interest me but something about this one... I don't know... Just kind of wore on and bored me, ya know? That said... just because I wasn't asking about things didn't mean I wasn't hearing about it. I think the pull of Keion wearing the Indiana jersey across his chest weighs on him as does playing for the big state school with a VERY good friend of his (TJD) and a guy he likes quite a bit (Armaan). Ultimately, it may seem I under-estimated the influence of someone in his inner circle. That isn't a good or bad thing for IU and isn't a good or bad thing for UK. Just seems someone maybe has a little more pull than initially and previously understood. I wouldn't overthink the public vs. private announcement. As someone else said to me, "Just because it's public doesn't mean it won't be UK." Also used the phrase "What if he picks UK publicly? Is someone at the Church going to kill him because they are unhappy with him choosing his own life? Probably not." So, I wouldn't word it like that (LOL) but probably echoes that I wouldn't overthink the location or time. Anyway, there's probably no one on earth that wants him to pick IU more than I do. Maybe someone. I don't know. I hope he does. But, if he doesn't the sun will rise and he'll have to really navigate the UK scene with development and their coaching staff if he thinks that is what is best for him. Or, if those around him think that is what is best and he buys what they are selling. Go Hoosiers.
  2. Totally pulling for the kid wherever he ends up. Whether it is LSU or elsewhere.
  3. Nods approvingly.... Second viewing in three weeks confirms that he is, at minimum, at the top of their 2020 board. Or, tied with Love. Phenomenal prospect. Phenomenal.
  4. You know that was accurate at the time, right? Hence why I said it...
  5. When you don't see a player and send some texts and call here and there, that isn't recruiting (as was the case, two weeks ago). Hence, why I worded it the way I did. Now, I'd say IU is showing a lot more interest, because they went to visit him. Someone of real note mentioned IU was "7th out of 7" in his recruitment. So, I won't get overly worked up in regards to this player.
  6. I was going to write some really long report. I watched 3 of his games, asked around to a bunch of people. Not worth it. My strong belief is that Indiana won't recruit him. I won't say more in this thread. Don't need to waste anyone's time. God bless. Go Hoosiers.
  7. Of course. And a few people I know that know a lot better than me think he will go to IU.
  8. Interested to see what happens down the stretch. I know I've thought it was ending in December. But, the tweet from the father and some of the things privately that have been discussed really make me think this is getting to be the end. Curious to hear more what the coaching staffs say and do. And ultimately what wins out in the end. Go Hoosiers.
  9. @IU_Realist I think you are very out of bounds. If I am following, you are saying I talk about IU basketball because I like attention? You are also insinuating you know a lot about the people I speak with and the people I know. Is this fair of you to speak with such certainty about someone or something you don’t know? 
  10. - You want to be in 5* battles. Not 3* battles. - Always want kids to make decisions with the clearest of minds and thought processes. - IU staff has pulled a lot of the right strings this entire recruitment. - If he comes (as I expect) great! If not, life goes on. He has a free weekend to watch basketball with good seats for good matchups to coaches recruiting him. Hard to blame him or his folks. You only get recruited once and it’s the most important decision of his life.
  11. Very down year in-state in 2020. 2021 looks to have four players (Lander, Furst, Thomas, Kauffman) that will all have multiple, multiple P5 offers. 2020 you can only say that with maybe a small, select few guys and none of the offers are, necessarily, top-30 or top-40 types of teams / programs.
  12. Sometime early next week I'll have a longer post here if anyone wants to read. Presumably, it will be the last time I talk about the player in question. It will detail a lot of things in his game, his future, his background, and his projections based on some personal observations and the gathering of information from a number of people. Go Hoosiers. -SS
  13. At current writing, no reason to think this won’t have the same outcome as some have thought for a long, long time. I said that was feels like a minute ago and it's like 4-5 pages ago. His season ends sooner than later and then some leaks should continue to be louder.
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