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  1. CoachSS

    DJ Carton

    I'm told Kansas will not be recruiting him. Duke is sniffing around and kicking some tires. UNC has a PG commit in his age group already so it's perhaps unlikely they get involved. UNC is short on PG's but it's a hard sell to add another in the same age group. I was told this should be viewed strictly as a 2-team battle that will become an OPEN battle IF he is not committed to Michigan or Indiana by July 11th. If you get to July 11th, then that means he has used two OFFICIAL visits on Michigan and Indiana and has not committed. I'd say it's a very open battle between a host of schools if he gets to July 11th and is not committed.
  2. I'd have no problem with Indiana opting out for bigger and better games. Ideally, they could sign a home-and-home with Notre Dame and take on bigger fish with the likes of future scheduling with Kansas, Arizona or Kentucky.
  3. Now that the Big Ten has 20 conference games, you are likely to see the B1G programs be even more prudent and tactful when it comes to scheduling in the non-conference. As you are now only given 11 chances, I would put the odds at IU using 2-3 games to play mid-majors (and even Purdue) at a neutral site at 0%.
  4. - Romeo has texted and called his Dad to heap praise on Jerome Hunter. Says he's super, super high on him. - Someone in the know texted me a handicap this morning for Carton as "Michigan 45, Indiana 45, Duke 10" - Fully expecting McRoberts to be starting when the season tips off (Yes, I know that is a long time from now). - Think we'll be looking at an IU, MSU, UK battle in the end for Keion Brooks, Jr. Might very well end up as IU vs. UK. Stay dry...
  5. CoachSS

    Brandon Newman

    Indiana currently leads for 2 of these 5 as I was told. So not worried about who is left out
  6. CoachSS

    Brandon Newman

    Indiana is planning on a 4-man class at this time. Cue the typical quote “things can always change in recruiting” but the staff is planning on a 4-man class. I would remind everyone counting scholarships at the high major level can be a frustrating waste of time. So best to direct your time and energy elsewhere.
  7. CoachSS

    Brandon Newman

    I was told an offer is expected when he visits Indiana next week.
  8. CoachSS

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    He's not reclassifying. Not a single person that knows him or his family thinks he will re-class so I'm inclined to believe them.
  9. CoachSS

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    No sir Billingsley. I haven't asked. I know some of the people who know him and his family well. They would probably know. Hope he keeps improving. I expect him to. Should make for a terrific college player, even if the time spent in college is brief.
  10. CoachSS

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Going to be watching this thread next for #IUBB recruiting. I think it will happen before Center Grove starts school in early August. When exactly? I haven't asked around precisely but I could see it happening anytime between June 1 and August 1. Either way, it should be a damn good moment for #IUBB fans. Like April 30th all over...
  11. CoachSS

    Romeo Langford

    I posted this earlier on a different website. I figured a few of you would enjoy. A brief recap: - January 14: "It's over." -Source after the IU-Northwestern game when Romeo showed up with his trainer. - "We think we're out of it." - Text from Kansas assistant to a coaching colleague of mine. - "We think he's ours" - One of the IU staff members to a big-time booster after the Maryland game. - "The Big Ten will prepare him for the NBA with the physicality, the scouting and the tougher road venues." - Source. - March 6: "There's a big gap to Vandy in 3rd in this." - Source - March 14: "Drew is scrambling because he thinks it's over. And he's right." - Source. - Source this morning: "Thank God this is over with after today." <------------------------- (Yes. 100%). There were 2-3 people that really knew what was going on that I listened to and it just so happens they were dead right about a lot of things said every step of the way. The point of this post and the clear intention is to be celebrating the fact Indiana University Men's Basketball is getting a great player and the fanaticism and love that our many, many fans have will be on FULL display. It will really be something to see. What an amazing day ahead. And, much more to come. Go Hoosiers!
  12. CoachSS

    Romeo Langford

    😀 As has been said, it's a great time to be an Indiana fan.
  13. CoachSS

    Romeo Langford

    What an awesome day tomorrow will be. Can't wait for it to be over, candidly.
  14. CoachSS

    Romeo Langford

    Like many, I'll be relieved when Monday is over with. Will be a great day for #IUBB. And really excited about what could come of this 2019 class. Go Hoosiers.
  15. CoachSS

    Romeo Langford

    Hope you're doing alright @milehiiu