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  1. CoachSS

    James Bouknight Commits to UConn

    I haven't asked and I think it's a bit too early to tell. They are both pretty affable, likable guys so I'd imagine they get on quite well. But, that's also an assumption.
  2. CoachSS

    James Bouknight Commits to UConn

    Same. Then I'll be curious how it goes, what he says, what he does. Then I'll know more.
  3. CoachSS

    James Bouknight Commits to UConn

    ^^^ Still early to say^^^. If he does, indeed, get to IU for HH then it becomes a lot more interesting to me.
  4. CoachSS

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    The second week of October is quickly approaching...
  5. CoachSS

    Jahmius Ramsey

    Just chiming in... I think the recruitment has been difficult to read/ follow because his communication has been pretty sub-par. He doesn't interview that well and he isn't great at getting back to people in, necessarily, a timely manner. It's not a dig at the kid or his coaches or his connections. Just kind of where they are at. Those predicting him to Texas Tech or to Louisville or anywhere are taking a big risk. Or, they believe what they are hearing is spot and legit as of right now. Ultimately, I don't have a clue where he'll end up. Just reminding myself it probably has a long way to go since the signals have been spotty, infrequent and without synchronization. Glad to see he is visiting for HH.... Should it occur.
  6. CoachSS

    James Bouknight Commits to UConn

    Bouknight popping for UCONN. Too bad as one of the folks on the IU staff thought we could end up having a real chance at him. That's ok. Plenty of others left and IU in very good shape with many more.
  7. CoachSS

    A few things...

    I think Brooks will be more of a November thing if I had to guess this second. @Billingsley99
  8. CoachSS

    A few things...

    - I've come to really enjoy (a few months ago, actually) what I perceive to be the development of Armaan Franklin. For those who don't know, he's had sort of an interesting HS career. He started at Cathedral and was on the JV team and didn't like it, so he transferred to Fishers. He was then basically playing PF because they had no size and he really didn't like that. Can't blame him. He transferred back to Cathedral his junior year (last season) and Cathedral's coach, Jason Delaney, basically let him play the position he wanted. He was very good last year and a few birdies at Cathedral (the best high school in the world) tell me that they think he can be the runner-up for Mr. Basketball. I know a few on here like to cite recruiting rankings (I loathe them) as to help in crafting their own opinion of Franklin. I'm pretty confident in saying that he'll be a very good three-year player from his sophomore-senior seasons. I view him as a more advanced, offensive-minded Remy Abell who can get to his defensive prowess over time. I've told a few friends of mine that if someone like that is your 8th-9th man then you probably have a pretty damn good team. - Trayce Jackson-Davis: I think I'd suggest people to watch this space on October 5th or October 12th....... (Edit* "Mid-October seems incredibly likely"- someone who would know) - Keion Brooks Jr: A few months ago I had an interesting screen-shot from someone that... Might have access and communication to certain athletes. I'll put it this way: When IU lands Jackson-Davis, they should be viewed as prohibitive favorites to land Brooks. If I was a betting man (I am) I'd be putting a few bucks on it happening... as of today. Per the usual caveat with 17-year-olds, things can change on a whim. But, if I was forced to bet on KB Jr... Indiana all the way. - Current team stuff: Langford, McRoberts, Anderson and Hunter have some really good battles going daily. Wonderful to hear how hard they are pushing each other. Was nice to hear Archie open up about Devonte Green. I'll say this, if Green isn't performing then Indiana's second-most-ready freshman, Robert Phinisee, is going into the game. And the coaches won't think twice about it. That kid is going to be a real diamond. - A bigger booster I know who speaks pretty regularly with... people employed by IU is adamant that "Langford will win the Big Ten Player of the Year. He's that f**king good." Happy Friday.
  9. CoachSS

    Armaan Franklin Commits to IU

  10. CoachSS

    Armaan Franklin Commits to IU

    Could be tomorrow now. Heard he will be tweeting it out so if you need to know ASAP, I’d suggest following him on Twitter and subscribing to this tweets. Hearing the decision is quite hard for him... Could be tonight, could be tomorrow. Not sure.
  11. CoachSS

    Armaan Franklin Commits to IU

    He isn’t considering Xavier, Brass Cannon.
  12. CoachSS

    Armaan Franklin Commits to IU

    DBM, I don’t like where this is going. I encourage you to take some time to be thoughtful in your comments.
  13. CoachSS

    Jahmius Ramsey

    I'll say this. - The kid has talked about (publicly? privately?) about wanting to be a part of a "big-time" college basketball atmosphere. Indiana, certainly hosting him at Hoosier Hysteria, will be able to put a really good foot forward. - I didn't take the recruitment serious enough because many were insinuating it was unlikely he would visit Indiana. Now that he is, I think IU has a puncher's chance. - My gut still tells me Louisville and Oregon are going to be tough to beat here. Maybe not as "big time" in terms of program stature, success, recent run-ins with the FBI (I had to...) but they have good fanbases and their coaching staffs have put some work in here. Ramsey's long-tenure with a very prominent Nike-based AAU team and his subsequent recruitment by Nike's favorite client, Oregon, could make them very tough to beat. As for the player. Interesting type. Built like an NFL Linebacker, not overly skilled yet, shot form isn't that bad and he is a relentless worker with a "f**k you" attitude towards opponents.
  14. CoachSS

    Armaan Franklin Commits to IU

    Armaan is a solid player and I can’t think of a redshirt candidate being anywhere in his lexicon given his skill set, trajectory and play-making ability. I don’t foresee a breakout freshman season. But, I do think he will be a very good player for IU or Purdue as he ages and grows.