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  1. IU is very open to the idea of both... and Cross. Definitely not one or the other at current writing. Things can always change in recruiting though, as everyone knows.
  2. You’re overthinking and confusing yourself Scott. Don’t worry about it.
  3. It’s a simple recruitment and IU was late to the party. Nothing else needs to be read into or combed over. #Next
  4. This has nothing to do with “the program”
  5. Purdue has little to no chance. Save yourself the time.
  6. If Duke pushes this will be long over with. Lives not far from me. Seen him a few times. Phenomenal prospect. Too good for IU at this time, candidly. 
  7. Matt Cross. IU has, at worst, a 33% chance. At best, they are the “leader” to land him.
  8. If I am following, someone was upset with me or judged me that Keion didn't go to IU? Is this accurate?
  9. “Only a matter of time.” FWIW...
  10. Final note on this: - If he is a commodity, why is no one recruiting him heavily? - What belief is there from his past coaches he is good enough for high-major basketball? - Turning “Pro” in France and make $70,000-$80,000 isn’t that impressive. I am NOT knocking the kid but his name has come up so few times in private circles. There hasn’t been a lot of belief he is that good from what some have said who have seen him or spoken with those who have seen/ coached him along the way. Anyone that says IU “needs” him is grasping at nothing, IMO. Strictly my own opinion.
  11. Don't see this happening for a variety list of reasons. Mainly: not sure he really wants to be at Indiana and not sure the staff views him as good enough. Texting and calling sporadically doesn't offer signs of real interest or intent.
  12. @3Ballin That's a new name to me. The best guy to ask for that is Nick Baumgardt. He is THE MAN when it comes to anything Evansville related. You can hit him up here: https://twitter.com/nick_baumgart?lang=en
  13. He has some unique tools and clearly some high-end athleticism. But, he needs a lot of seasoning before that kind of steak is served on a power conference menu.
  14. I put a little more stock into the coaches who are trying to get him on campus as opposed to the top-100, 200, etc... I loathe rankings and the people who push the narrative that they are important. A kids offer list and his actual impact on winning against legit competition is a lot more noteworthy. The coaching staffs trying to get Trey on campus to get a foot in the door says a lot more about his ability/ upside than does a ranking. He should be, and is, one of Indiana's top, top, targets.
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